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  1. What happened to the Lomas del Manglar thread? There was one started yesterday and now I can't find it. Either I've lost it, or it's lost. Thanks.
  2. Bike Lane Completed

    Look on the bright side. At least the controversial, dangerous, potentially catastrophic "bike lane project" has replaced the truly bloody and divisive "Dogs in Restaurants?" debate. For now anyway.
  3. La Pacena Restaurant

    Two times there. Recommended. It is good and different. I had some mess with fresh tuna chopped up, mixed with avocado and a "serranito" sauce (not spicy) that is normally served on Jicama, but they were out of Jicama and asked if watermelon would be okay. "Yes." It was more than okay. It was perfect. That was just a starter, but great hot weather food. I'm told "La Paceña" means they are from La Paz, BCS. The menu is definitely different - not sure about the "Mexican-Japanese" fusion thing - but I also recommend trying several items to see what you like. Good service, pleasant space, not expensive given quality.
  4. Garafon water deliveries

    Zeb, this is one of the most confusing threads I've ever seen here. Let's see if this works: --NOBODY is paying for garafon deposits when they have an empty bottle to exchange, regardless of water provider. --The price you pay (if exchanging an empty bottle for a newly filled one) depends on the water provider, and should be the only amount you're paying. Good luck.
  5. Garafon water deliveries

    Across the street from "Mom's" restaraurant in Riberas, lakeside of carretera, in the mini-mall where Dr. Pinto and others are located. At least, that's where I see their sign when I go to physical therapy. (Ulloa)
  6. New pizza base crust

    I agree. I'm too busy. But it still looks like "barf in a bag". The photo is not helping....it looks like truly shitty strawberry pie.
  7. Restaurante Bar Jamon

    Easy to find coming from Chapala/Ajijic, etc. Well worth the trip to San Juan Cosalá! A few minutes past the Raquet Club entrance, RIGHT next door to the OXXO, lake side of carretera. Go there. It's good.
  8. Have a friend who recently moved to town who is a classically trained French Chef and former restaurant owner. We were lucky enough to be invited to dinner at his and his wife's house last night and, boy, it was spectacular. He's looking to outfit his kitchen....has already been to the likes of Liverpool and Palacio de Hierro and Andares, etc. He's looking for some specific things. I figure there has to be high-end commercial quality kitchen stores, and also restaurant supply places in Guadalajara. I know this has been discussed before, but I can't find the threads. Can anyone give me the names and location of specialty kitchen stores? And also, is there one particular area of Gualalajara with Restaurant Supply stores? Today I bought some saffron for him, and I'm trying to guild the lily with some more info so that we're sure to be invited back! Thanks!
  9. Just google "Guadalajara Smoke Shop Vape" and you'll see a lot of places. I'm not an expert, but was on an errand run with a friend who wanted to get some things so we stopped at one. They're not hidden. The one we went to was in a two-story strip mall on top of an OXXO on the west side of Guadalajara. Don't know if it was high-end but they had all kinds of things I'd never seen before. Guadalajara has everything.
  10. Golf Cart Rental

    Thanks! That's me! At the moment I'm not renting golf carts because I have to focus on physical therapy after a couple of surgeries. I hope to be back in business in a month or two.......but I'm not re-opening until I'm ready. My health comes first! Sorry to disappoint, but thanks for understanding.
  11. Wedding Present

    Well, I consider that "horrible practice" a godsend. That way I don't have to think about it and the couple actually get what they want to begin their new lives together. So it depends.......on the wedding and where it is and who it's between. For a wedding in Guadalajara among some, they may very well be registered. Just ask. For a local wedding, it depends on the participants. (And Cash $$$ is always appreciated when given appropriately and respectfully). Have fun! Mexican weddings are just about the best party on EARTH!
  12. TOP 5 Restaurants

    1. Donas Donuts. Never disappointed! 2-5. TBD
  13. CFE Online Access Problem

    After trying a few different approaches on their horrible website, I finally got through to the "normal-looking" page where it should show current bill, but it was the last bill from December. The lower left hand corner of same page showed that the new pdf for Feb. bill was available, but it wouldn't download as a pdf, only an undreadable xmlwhatever thing. So then, FROM THE SAME PAGE, I clicked on the "pay on line" button. (I have never paid on-line and have no intention of doing it, but...) at least it took me to a different page that showed me my account # and the current amount due for this billing cycle. The problem is on their end.
  14. Renewing Drivers License Today

    Was planning to do it today in Chapala but then had something else I had to do. I'm so glad I skipped it. Thanks for the report hensley. I'd much rather do it more quickly, efficiently and with less pain/waiting in Guadalajara next time I head that way for something else.
  15. CFE Online Access Problem

    I just got my e-mail alert this morning that my bill was ready but when I click on link and go to website message reads "not available at this moment, please check back later". So yeah, CFE. Empresa de Clase Mundial!
  16. Masayume

    The mixed Teppanyaki I had with grilled vegetables and rice today was delicious and couldn't have been more fresh. The place is spotless. Monday-Saturday 2pm to 10pm according to sign in window.
  17. Beach vs Ajijic

    BEACH: There's relatively shitty weather there part of the year. HERE: There's relatively shitty weather here part of the year. ANSWER: Pick which feels relatively less shitty to you and you WIN the "Where to move in Mexico?" game. Congratulations!
  18. Burglaries

    Burglary is a fact of life everywhere. It happened to me in the US, but so far hasn't in Mexico (10 years). I don't keep dick worth anything in the house. It's an easy form of security.
  19. Mario's in San Antonio Tlayacapan

    Re Birria: Funny, in the land of fine birria - Joco plaza - they offer both types. I wish I had some right now... ...and back to the reason for this thread: I look forward to trying Mario's in San Antonio for dinner. Thanks for the update!
  20. Tried to send you a pm but it was rejected saying, "MtnMama cannot receive messages".
  21. From the initial post in this thread: "As a fellow Senior (1947), I am interested in sharing this Internal Art..." Sharing is nice. Sharing is beautiful. And sharing is always free. "...I will be moving to Chapala in early February, and I am available for initial free Demonstrations." Oh. That's different.
  22. Chicken Wings - where do you go?

    Wings Army.
  23. What Closed Restaurants Do You Miss the Most?

    Cafe Magaña. That's about it.
  24. Yoga mat for sale?

    Thank you both! I'll check at the miraculous Dollar store first since I want to go there for something else also.