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  1. I already saw, just last week on our table at Cocinarte in Ajijic, a container of straws with a little rope/string tied around some plastic straws saying they're not offering them any more and will be prohibited in the future. Good for them. Let the educating begin. As anyone who's from anywhere environmentally aware up north knows, you have to hope there is an initiative to educate the young kids in schools. It's going to take a long time.
  2. Travis

    power out Ajijic

    Same here, above Farmacia Guadalajara in Ajijic. My Telmex line (and internet) are also out. Using cell phone to access internet. Brown out at my house.
  3. Travis


    Interesting. I assumed it was part of the chain as well, and thought Ajijic a strange location choice. Condesa this ain't.
  4. Travis

    New President in Mexico

    Four sentences. And each one contradicts the Mexico, and Mexicans, I know.
  5. Travis


    I don't consider myself qualified to have an opinion about who would be the *best* next President of Mexico. I have friends who voted both for Manuel Lopez Obrador, and friends who voted for one of the others. But I'm glad AMLO won. It wasn't very long ago that the PRI had a strangle-hold on everything in this country, for a very long time. On the national level the PAN breakthrough with the election of Vicente Fox was significant. Then Calderon. Then Mexico went back to the PRI. This is different. No matter what comes, the election of AMLO means Mexico is a fully-functioning democracy. The votes were counted. (I have a couple of friends who were at the casillas/polling places til 3 am last night.) If you believe in democracy, as ugly as that mess is, this election represents a victory for Mexico.
  6. Travis


    Until the most recent from Bookworm, all the posts in this thread are a year old, and much has changed at the Smokehouse....for the BETTER! They've been very consistent for the last several months.
  7. Travis

    Fido in Restaurants

    Note to self: No religion, no politics, no gun control vs. gun rights discussions, and never, ever, NEVER again another Chapala.com discussion about dogs in restaurants.
  8. Travis

    Cafe Montana, Chula Vista

    Ummm...maybe because they enjoy the company of their pet? And they love their pet? And they know their pet loves them and would prefer to be with them rather than not? Maybe those reasons? (FWIW - I am neither in favor of, nor opposed to, people bringing a well-behaved pet to a restaurant, especially if there is outdoor seating away from the kitchen. I just don't care; it doesn't bother me.)
  9. Travis

    World Cup. Mexico v Germany

    Stick your head out the window and you'll be able to hear the TVs on. As a friend said, "Ese dia a este hora nadie en México trabaja". Sunday the 17th at (I think) 10 a.m.
  10. Travis


    The retaurant Masayume in Ajijic has tasty fried gyozas if you need an easy, not-at-home, fix.
  11. Travis

    Xolo Cocina

    Thanks. Sounds interesting and potentially delicious. So happy to hear it's not the rumored "another Italian place" that I was hearing a few months ago. The food scene around here is definitely improving.
  12. Travis

    Baja Tacos

    Yes, two different places with different food. I like La Paceña a lot, too. (It's across from Superlake.) In fact I was just at some friend's house this evening at which they served something they brought home from La Paceña. Delicious! I got both places today. Winner!
  13. Travis

    Baja Tacos

    I ate there today for the second time. I like Tacos Doraditos a lot. (A fried corn tortilla folded filled with shrimp and some kind of cheese.) Nice salsa/condiment bar. Spotless and new, pleasant, covered outdoor eating areas. And....COLD beer! There was even a breeze up there on this deadly hot afternoon.
  14. San Antonio is geat (but I've never lived there). All areas here have their pros and cons and they are all a bit different from each other. And what you think is the only thing that matters. So I would encourage you to try not pre-determine "where is best for you" based on the opinions you read on the internet. Visit all areas for yourself. Only you will know which is right for you and your opinion is the only one that counts. Good luck!
  15. Travis

    GOOD chinese food anywhere?

    To answer the original question in this thread: No. There is not.
  16. Travis

    Chicken in mole sauce

    Teocintle in Ajijic on Constitucion at Miguel Blanco (Javier Mina).
  17. Travis

    Cost of plates for golf cart?

    There is already so much wrong/innacurate information in this thread - starting with post #2 - I'm unwilling to participate further. I'm too busy. If anyone is truly interested in factual information on the topic, I suggest you look somewhere besides this thread. I'm out.
  18. If it helps make you feel more comfortable, Pátzcuaro is neither "non-touristy" nor "off-the-beaten-track". Nobody can guarantee your safety, but I would drive there with whatever-plates if I wanted to visit it again.
  19. Travis

    Phone still down in Riberas

    Not limited to residential. Had an appointment today at physical therapist (near Mom's, on carretera) and they lost both phone and internet while I was there. They said It's been going on and off for days.
  20. Travis

    Ricki's Japanese and Thai

    The shrimp tempura at Ricki's was beyond the beyond good. Heaven. I like the restaurant Masayume a lot. But their shrimp tempura is only just fine compared to Ricki's. On the other hand, the vegetable tempura at Masayume is miraculous! Food is so personal...
  21. Travis


    Agree. I like it a lot also and eat there regularly. Not sure about the "friendly owner" bit, but I don't care about that stuff. I'm not looking for a friend. The food is good!
  22. Travis

    Bobby's prices

    Appeared to be open when I drove by tonight. Let the food fight begin!
  23. Travis


    I can't even tell which version of the bread - Bolillo or Birote - the OP is looking for at this stage. I'm out. Good luck!
  24. Travis

    reputation points

    Well, I never saw "Groundhog Day" but I still understood the reference. It's sort of like every day I log onto Chapala.com I read that ned small isn't Pedro. Over and over again. Different day/same day.
  25. Travis

    Carretera trivia ?

    I thought of Sybille Bedford's book, A Visit to Don Otavio, as soon as I saw the title of this thread. It is a great and fun - and very funny - read. For anyone interested it's still in print, deservedly. https://www.amazon.com/Visit-Don-Otavio-Travellers-Mexico/dp/1458759776