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  1. Pfeffernusse cookies?

    Dang. I had to google it. They sound wonderful. https://www.daringgourmet.com/pfeffernuesse-german-iced-gingerbread-cookies/
  2. Tuesday Market

    Except for the fact that I don't think anybody in this thread is talking about the Wednesday tianguis in Ajijic. So many markets, it get's confusing. And they're all social. I think they go this way: Monday: San Antonio Tuesday: La Huerta Evento, west Ajijic Wednesday: Traditional Ajijic Tianguis on RevoluciĆ³n
  3. Gaucheria Has Reopened

    Excelente! Thanks!
  4. Nasty email on Prodigy

    Whoa! That was quite a detour this thread took, me included. It reminded me to look at your original post: Either ignore your 'prodigy threat' email or contact Prodigy directly to see if it was legit.
  5. Nasty email on Prodigy

    And that one, irregardless, has always bothered me as well. Ever since that word was beaten out of me as a teenager, I've always choked on it. Regardless, "living languages" do change and evolve, otherwise they die. "Phishing" is a great example of a newish word, etc., brought on by technology and change that move faster than all the dictionaries in the world. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/irregardless Is irregardless a word? Irregardless was popularized in dialectal American speech in the early 20th century. Its increasingly widespread spoken use called it to the attention of usage commentators as early as 1927. The most frequently repeated remark about it is that "there is no such word." There is such a word, however. It is still used primarily in speech, although it can be found from time to time in edited prose. Its reputation has not risen over the years, and it is still a long way from general acceptance. Use regardless instead.
  6. Nick Names

    Yes, which always makes me laugh given what I presume is the irony.
  7. Nick Names

    OK. Let's play this the other way around/fun way. Who gets the nickname "Chino"?
  8. Has anyone driven this road recently? I may use it as a short cut this afternoon, but don't want to jeopardize my otherwise new suspension if it's in horrible shape. I've never taken it before so don't know what it's like "normally". Thanks.
  9. THANK YOU EVERYONE! Crisencio (?sp? - "Cris"), the man who walks all day everywhere and sells baskets, magically appeared at my office this morning. Just ten minutes earlier I had gone to Diane Pearl's shop and the guys there pointed him to where I work. Word gets out! Thanks to them! Yay! Bought a beauty this morning and delivered it to friend at 2:30pm this afternoon. (And, for the record - before I read your other comments later today - even Crisenscio told me how it should be held/used to prevent braking it. And how to fix it.) So....another Mexican Milagrito. Sometimes living here, in this small town, is really nice. People help people. And you all helped me. Thanks! P.S. Adjustable metal canes similar to those described above are available at Lidia's medical supply store in Ajijic on the carretera across from Sky Fitness. Mine was $380 MXN a month ago. My generic, style-deficient stick is named "Rosy" on account of her pretty paint job, and her temperamental personality.
  10. A very good friend was in a serious accident and will soon need a cane/walking stick. He is far too young and stylish to use a generic, ugly cane from a medical supply company (like the one I'm using now! ). He asked me today if I knew where to get one one of the cool hand-painted ones, but I don't know. I see them around town, so I know they're available... Anybody know where they are sold in either Chapala or Ajijic area? Thanks!
  11. Thanks! We are the same height, so it's easy.
  12. Thanks for the kind words, Camille. But over the years this friend has given me far more than I'll ever be able to give back. I'm just trying to help. Soooo....where are the "coolest" canes/walking sticks in town?
  13. Thanks! Someone else contacted me about him and of course I know who he is. I seem to see him every day....and now that I need to see him....I'll still probably see him tomorrow. He's that consistent! (That man must walk 8 miles a day, every day.) If anyone else knows where these kind of canes are sold that is in a store that isn't a moving target, that would be super helpful too. My friend can't leave his bed for another week, so this is for when he's ready. Thanks.
  14. I got re-routed this afternoon so didn't need to use it, but may want or be tempted to take that short cut again in a couple of days. Good to know I'll be dancing with potholes, etc. Thanks.
  15. No I didn't. Anything else?
  16. Huh? What you talking about? For six and a half years I lived in the house directly behind yours, closer to the Charro Ring than you. Since then, I've lived just as close, but above the carretera, well within earshot. If anything, for ten years I've been hearing it as loud or more loudly than you. Sound travels up. And in an effort to reduce any further distorting of fact, exactly where in my post did I ever suggest I "support" the noise? (Your word.) That's right, I didn't. I simply tolerate it and understand there is nothing I can do. You can't and don't. With all due respect, goodbye.
  17. Recommendation for hand painted furniture

    Yes. Still there, still extremely talented.
  18. Wrong on both counts. We had a rave in the same place 3 blocks from my house. Nope, you're wrong Mainecoons. (In my very humble opinion because I'll probably be disappeared from this site if I don't say that.) You're wrong, in both your previous post in this thread, on many counts, and also in this latest one above which I'm only partially responding to now. And you know very well I've lived here as long as you have, and I lived in the house adjacent to yours three years ago. Yes, that was a loud music-filled event three years ago, but that was not a Rave. The event at the lakeshore in West Ajijic below seis esquinas a month or two prior to that WAS a rave. (And yes, it was truly awful, even all the way across town.) But that was the one and only "Rave". But I've learned, with respect, of course, there's no point in discussing or debating anything with you. You control all of the levers and switches on Chapala.com. And you're always right. Lastly, I hope you find a way to make peace with the local noise you'll never be able to change or make go away. Perhaps the famous quote below will help you. I hope so. -------- God grant me the serenityto accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.
  19. Ocumicho, Michoacan Crafts Town

    .....and, many of those pieces display an extraordinary sense of humor. Wicked, even. (If I'm thinking of the right town, and I think I am. More Liana?)
  20. More High-rise Projects

    Here you go: http://altolagomx.com
  21. American Chips?

    Look in ANY store here. OXXO, 7/11, any grocery store of ANY size, including neighorhood abarrotes. "Frito-Lay" = "Sabritas" here. Doritos nachos con chile....Corkscrew Cheetos con chile....etc. And then the other brands with jalapeƱo etc. They are EVERYWHERE. I hated those products in the US. They are a million times better here.
  22. Two Chapala restaurant gems

    What??? Hahaha, oh wait... What I meant to say is more inaccurate information distributed freely via Chapala punto com. Whatever. Provecho.
  23. Oaxaca City

    ericurmudgeon just wants to know it it's OK to visit Oaxaca right now. I'd go in a minute. The rest of this thread is about Mexican politics, frustrations, and problems that have been going on forever. Go to the Feria, and GO to Oaxaca.
  24. Probably what's called "sheet lightening". Did it look like this video? "Another neighbor said a similar light was reported in Mexico City just before the earthquake. Is there such a link?" There is no doubt.
  25. Caribbean/West Indian stores

    Talk to Ismat at restaurant "Gossips" in Ajijic. If anyone knows, he would, since the menus at his two restaurants in our area are far more adventurous and interesting than, well, any of the others.