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  1. Ate there tonight. Thumbs up! Good pizza, good people, good space. Slam dunk. Recommended.
  2. Fire in La Cristina

    Ja! Like I said, "FWIW". What do I know? I'm a "towny". Good luck!
  3. Fire in La Cristina

    How about....give CFE the meter number of a house connected to the pole (yours or otherwise, whomever is attached) just to get them out there and then point to the problem? Just a thought FWIW. Good luck!
  4. I noticed them opening this afternoon. Wish I'd gone there tonight instead of where friend and I ended up.
  5. Oops. Apologies for the mis-direct.
  6. Road work starting in Ajijic?

    You're no fun Colibri. I preferred the laugh-filled, eye-watering speculation for which this forum is famous! EDIT/ADDITION: I live one block above Farmacia Guadalajara in central Ajijic. It's 10:30pm. I just stepped outside and I hear heavy equipment and demolition going on from below. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!!!
  7. This is Chiquita, not a great photo per bmh, but recent. Elderly, lots of white fur, several missing teeth, somehwat hard of hearing. Again, west Ajijic area, below Danza del Sol.
  8. If it's just a 2 week rental, who cares? Pick based on LOCATION, amenities and comfort/price. So what if you don't use a room or two? You're just auditioning the area afterall. Readjust your thinking and live it up!
  9. Who is sending this?

    Don't worry. The evil HA749 is only using Chapala.com for cover. The people HA749 are really after are Blackberry users and...oh, no...Student Nurses...and...egads!!! Entropians!!!
  10. Earthquakes

    This thread is from 2010.
  11. Mexican cheese recommendation?

    Now do you believe us?
  12. Scorpions

    Buy a packet of Cynoff powder at Jara or elsehwere. $60 pesos. Dilute with water in a garden sprayer and spray around baseboards of house interior and exterior. Repeat occasionally throughout the year. No more scorpions (or cockroaches). Safe for pets.
  13. Buying a new toilet

    Why not make your own?
  14. Elegante

    I have only eaten at Elegante once, so I can't speak to consistency, but... A couple of weeks ago a friend and I went there. She and I are both difficult to please. We each had the small caesar to start, and she ordered the beef filet and I had the lightly breaded pork tenderloin with spaetzle. Shared a creme brulee for dessert. It was all absolutely perfect, thoroughly delcious. We kept looking at each other with wide eyes, as in, "Is yours as good as mine?" Of course we each tried the others food and agreed it was all delicious. Service was attentive, maybe a bit overly so that night. And yes, the room is definitely minimally decorated to the point of being stark, but I don't care about any of that if the food remains this good. I hope they keep it up!