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  1. Ocumicho, Michoacan Crafts Town

    .....and, many of those pieces display an extraordinary sense of humor. Wicked, even. (If I'm thinking of the right town, and I think I am. More Liana?)
  2. More High-rise Projects

    Here you go: http://altolagomx.com
  3. American Chips?

    Look in ANY store here. OXXO, 7/11, any grocery store of ANY size, including neighorhood abarrotes. "Frito-Lay" = "Sabritas" here. Doritos nachos con chile....Corkscrew Cheetos con chile....etc. And then the other brands with jalapeƱo etc. They are EVERYWHERE. I hated those products in the US. They are a million times better here.
  4. Two Chapala restaurant gems

    What??? Hahaha, oh wait... What I meant to say is more inaccurate information distributed freely via Chapala punto com. Whatever. Provecho.
  5. Oaxaca City

    ericurmudgeon just wants to know it it's OK to visit Oaxaca right now. I'd go in a minute. The rest of this thread is about Mexican politics, frustrations, and problems that have been going on forever. Go to the Feria, and GO to Oaxaca.
  6. Probably what's called "sheet lightening". Did it look like this video? "Another neighbor said a similar light was reported in Mexico City just before the earthquake. Is there such a link?" There is no doubt.
  7. Caribbean/West Indian stores

    Talk to Ismat at restaurant "Gossips" in Ajijic. If anyone knows, he would, since the menus at his two restaurants in our area are far more adventurous and interesting than, well, any of the others.
  8. In an effort to try to keep this helpful.... For those with a large stationary tank, in our area it's most commonly called a: tanque estacionario. For those with the tall skinny cilinder ones that get swapped out: cilindro. Both easy/direct translations! And below is a good translation website where you can even hear how individual words are pronounced: http://www.spanishdict.com
  9. Sunbrella

    Several years ago, I walked into Orli and bought fabric as a retail customer, then had Oscar in Chapala make the cushions for some furniture. It was kind of a large order (sofa, loveseat, two large chairs plus pillows). They definitely, even then, were geared more for the trade, and now they're in a different location, so don't know if you could do it now. http://www.orli.com I walked in and walked out with the fabric the same day. That also eliminated any "I'm still waiting for the fabric" delays from Oscar.
  10. Morelia restaurant recommendations?

    Fonda Marceva on Abasolo a few blocks south of Plaza de Armas.

    Had the same lunch yesterday. Tasty as always. Wanted to try the pie but none available until B returns from up north. Good reason to go back!
  12. Map (if correct) is pretty clear when enlarged. Also there's a storefront photo hiding in that yelp link. And a phone number - 33 380 84353. Looks very close to Viva Mexico. Happy hunting.
  13. RequestingReviews on Jetomate next to Ancla

    Wow. I liked the one I had today. Nice crust, FRESH tomato sauce was delicious and lightly distributed, mozzaela was good quality, etc. Adorn it however you like. Gerard also mentioned he had home-made fig ice cream. Nice! That's two of the new pizza places tried by me in the last few days. I liked them both, but no more pizza for me for a while. *burpito*