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  1. Us today article on mexico

    Maybe that's why so many people continue to pronounce it wrong, including this writer.

    Later works too. During Mexican lunch hour they are selling so many birds they practically fly off the grill, never sitting long. It's not the time of day so much, it's length of time it sits on the grill staying warm after cooked. I've always wondered how many chickens they sell in a week...
  3. Engraving a small plaque

    If your needs are basic and not fancy... A trophy shop. There's probably one in Chapala. You could ask at that sports store one block east of the traffic light. Even a regular print shop could probably get it done since they also do all kinds of novelty items, and send lots of jobs to get printed in Guadalajara. There are two on each side of the carretera west the stoplight.

    Isn't Lety's rotisserie chicken? I'm glad you love it, and not that it's not good, but I taste a HUGE difference between pollos rostizados and pollos asados (BBQ), with the "Dusty Chicken"/Pollos El Amigo de Don David being the tastiest in the latter category. Something about the rub they put on it.

    The delivery info and phone numbers are HIDDEN on the giant poster at their location for those who don't "do Facebook". ('Cause I don't do FB either unless under extreme duress. ) No matter how or where you get their great chicken, or what you call the name of the place, get that chicken! It's so good.
  6. Residente Permanente

    Ha! Amazing even in Mexico City! Good for you! You've just made a lot of hand-wringing foreigners out in the provinces....and beyond....a little bit jealous.
  7. I'm also happy with Jesus Tejeda - especially now that I've had a couple of large claims. He came to my house yesterday. My policy is with AXA. Jesus has a new email address, phone #s are the same. jesus AT tejedainsurance.com
  8. Construction on the libriamento

    That is a BIG space...
  9. Puerto Vallarta Info.

    I grew up on the beach in Southern California. I LOVE the beach, and miss it. As much as I would love to live near the ocean again, I did NOT move to Mexico to experience living day-to-day in shit weather six months out of the year. (That's what I left in Seattle, my last stop in the U.S. before moving to Mexico.) So Mexico and I have a happy agreement. I visit the spectacular beaches of this beautiful country on my terms. When it's comfortable for me and I can enjoy it. It's easy!
  10. Mexican Citizenship

    OK. The phrase "not allowed to solicit assistance of any kind from the USA Embassy or its consulates in Mexico" caught my eye, particularly "of any kind". I've known about this in general, and I certainly don't expect (ha!) the US Government to save me from peril, but what about little bureaucratic stuff? The US Consulate can help me renew my passport on occasion. And evidently in Guadalajara they can help facilitate enrolling in Social Security, assuming I live long enough to receive benefits and there's anything left in the US Treasury, etc. So I'm curious. It's difficult to imagine that becoming a Mexican Citizen excludes that kind of assistance from the U.S.? Anybody know? Just wondering, don't think it will change my plans.
  11. Singsong Spanish

    "Spinach" sounds like gutteral vomit, "Espinaca" almost like a love song.
  12. What is The Chapala Reporter?

    I've only been here ten years, but in that time I don't think I've seen anyone earn a bigger reputation faster.
  13. Maybe you relate - maybe you think I'm crazy.

    Very entertaining blog post. You and your poodles are off and running. Enjoy!
  14. Water in garfons

    I have one I use upstairs so I don't have to haul the big one up there. I just get it refilled at one of the "water stores". The closest one to me is in Ajijic at Constitucion and Donato Guerra.
  15. Ask at the Interlago office at the entrance if you don't get the info elsewhere.