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  1. Never a better time to negotiate a fee than during a heart attack! Re the car wash that's gone: Who knows what's coming? Nobody on this webboard, or nobody who's willing to say. Best bet: more than the car wash that was there.
  2. Travis

    Pet Peaves

    I very rarely go to Walmart any more but I forced myself today. A Saturday afternoon. Ugh. Parking lot was pretty full, I gritted my teeth. I had a weird list of about twelve items and figured if I got nine out of twelve I'd claim victory. I found EVERYTHING. Carmex lip balm in abundance....eye drops....bigmouth size tooth brushes...tons of OFF Mosquito repellent. Even a simple shower curtain with no ugly design or "art" on it. SCORE! Riding that wave I rocked over to the cereal aisle and filled my cart with almost their entire inventory of plain Cheerios. (Apologies to patient family who stood there waiting while I reached all the way to the back of the upper shelves.) And they had tons of checkout lanes open, no waiting. I felt like I'd won the lottery. (Admittedly, not sure about the Gala apples yet, they look suspicious...). PET PEEVE: I guess CFE. They is all messed up this year.
  3. Travis

    Bobby's prime rib

    I tried it a month or so ago when it was a special. Amount of prime rib was fine for me, but cut thin. Quality mid-range-ish. Came with half a small baked potatoe on the side that had some kind of cheese and five black beans in it to make it special. Others at table seemed happy enough with what was brought, but I wouldn't go back. (Full disclosure: many friends have made it very clear for a long time I'm picky.) The positives: The horseradish slaw to go with the PR was very tasty, and different for me. And the black cherry ice cream for dessert will melt your eyes it's so good. That was weeks ago, so not a recent review. Hope you enjoy it. Provecho!
  4. You do NOT need a Tax/RFC # to buy a house here. If you don't believe me you can ask some nice people from Iowa who closed on a house yesterday in the Raquet Club. (This thread started in 2014 and there's a lot of shit information in it, even some posted recently. Time for it to die.)
  5. Travis

    Car Rental/Ajijc

  6. Travis

    Fido in Restaurants

    Ja! Well it has been a few months since we tackled that topic...
  7. Travis

    Fido in Restaurants

    FIVE pages on this topic. Again! Congratulations Chapala.com!
  8. I already saw, just last week on our table at Cocinarte in Ajijic, a container of straws with a little rope/string tied around some plastic straws saying they're not offering them any more and will be prohibited in the future. Good for them. Let the educating begin. As anyone who's from anywhere environmentally aware up north knows, you have to hope there is an initiative to educate the young kids in schools. It's going to take a long time.
  9. Travis

    power out Ajijic

    Same here, above Farmacia Guadalajara in Ajijic. My Telmex line (and internet) are also out. Using cell phone to access internet. Brown out at my house.
  10. Travis


    Interesting. I assumed it was part of the chain as well, and thought Ajijic a strange location choice. Condesa this ain't.
  11. Travis

    New President in Mexico

    Four sentences. And each one contradicts the Mexico, and Mexicans, I know.
  12. Travis


    I don't consider myself qualified to have an opinion about who would be the *best* next President of Mexico. I have friends who voted both for Manuel Lopez Obrador, and friends who voted for one of the others. But I'm glad AMLO won. It wasn't very long ago that the PRI had a strangle-hold on everything in this country, for a very long time. On the national level the PAN breakthrough with the election of Vicente Fox was significant. Then Calderon. Then Mexico went back to the PRI. This is different. No matter what comes, the election of AMLO means Mexico is a fully-functioning democracy. The votes were counted. (I have a couple of friends who were at the casillas/polling places til 3 am last night.) If you believe in democracy, as ugly as that mess is, this election represents a victory for Mexico.
  13. Travis


    Until the most recent from Bookworm, all the posts in this thread are a year old, and much has changed at the Smokehouse....for the BETTER! They've been very consistent for the last several months.
  14. Travis

    Fido in Restaurants

    Note to self: No religion, no politics, no gun control vs. gun rights discussions, and never, ever, NEVER again another Chapala.com discussion about dogs in restaurants.
  15. Travis

    Cafe Montana, Chula Vista

    Ummm...maybe because they enjoy the company of their pet? And they love their pet? And they know their pet loves them and would prefer to be with them rather than not? Maybe those reasons? (FWIW - I am neither in favor of, nor opposed to, people bringing a well-behaved pet to a restaurant, especially if there is outdoor seating away from the kitchen. I just don't care; it doesn't bother me.)