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  1. No Bullsh*t Coffee at SuperLake Grocery

    I like Cafe Grano beans in Ajijic. I've always been under the impression that their product is also fair trade and organic, or as close as we can get here.
  2. I've bought a clear varnish (barniz) at Jara before. Imagine any hardware store has it. Isn't that the same thing?
  3. Both ATMs at HSBC out of money

    I filled up my wallet and gas tank on Wednesday. I'm not gloating, it just comes from being caught short before. A lesson from experience, that's all. Only necessary a few times a year, but this is one of them.
  4. Holy Thursday Events

    Another Easter Miracle (the audio)! Thanks. I'm just trying to avoid peak traffic...
  5. Holy Thursday Events

    I'm out of it. Was the Ajijic Passion Play today? Or is it tomorrow, Saturday? Thanks.
  6. You bought a new car. Did the dealer handle getting it plated and registered the first time?
  7. Dishwasher repair?

    Great! Always good to get confirmation. That you both!
  8. Dishwasher repair?

  9. I can no longer turn on my dishwasher. I suspect the electrical sensor panel is shot. Does anyone around here repair them? I asked at Electroventa and they said no. I know to check at Tio Sam's. Anywhere else?
  10. What happened to the Lomas del Manglar thread? There was one started yesterday and now I can't find it. Either I've lost it, or it's lost. Thanks.
  11. Bike Lane Completed

    Look on the bright side. At least the controversial, dangerous, potentially catastrophic "bike lane project" has replaced the truly bloody and divisive "Dogs in Restaurants?" debate. For now anyway.
  12. La Pacena Restaurant

    Two times there. Recommended. It is good and different. I had some mess with fresh tuna chopped up, mixed with avocado and a "serranito" sauce (not spicy) that is normally served on Jicama, but they were out of Jicama and asked if watermelon would be okay. "Yes." It was more than okay. It was perfect. That was just a starter, but great hot weather food. I'm told "La PaceƱa" means they are from La Paz, BCS. The menu is definitely different - not sure about the "Mexican-Japanese" fusion thing - but I also recommend trying several items to see what you like. Good service, pleasant space, not expensive given quality.
  13. Garafon water deliveries

    Zeb, this is one of the most confusing threads I've ever seen here. Let's see if this works: --NOBODY is paying for garafon deposits when they have an empty bottle to exchange, regardless of water provider. --The price you pay (if exchanging an empty bottle for a newly filled one) depends on the water provider, and should be the only amount you're paying. Good luck.
  14. Garafon water deliveries

    Across the street from "Mom's" restaraurant in Riberas, lakeside of carretera, in the mini-mall where Dr. Pinto and others are located. At least, that's where I see their sign when I go to physical therapy. (Ulloa)