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  1. Golf Cart Warning

    There still is. http://www.lakechapalagolfcarts.com (I'm the owner of Lake Chapala Golf Carts ... thanks for announcing its early demise?) In order to be "street legal", a golf cart needs a license plate, AND insurance, which you need a license plate to get. In order to get a license plate for YOUR golf cart, you must have a FACTURA from the purchase. Very, VERY few local golf cart owners have a Factura since most are bought via private sales, and NOT from a company that can issue a Factura. (A Factura is just like the one in your car if you bought it in Mexico - the original receipt from dealer - the "title", effectively.) A "bill of sale" or "receipt for purchase" is worthless. Just to be clear and to eliminate JayBearll's unfortunate announcement, I am the owner of Lake Chapala Golf Carts, and all of my carts have license plates and insurance. They are legal in town. (They are NOT legal to be driven on the carretera, but it's legal to cross...best/safest at a light!). Lastly, I'm not currently renting golf carts because I have too much personal business that requires my attention. Perhaps that is why JayBearII is confused. I get inquiries daily, thanks for your patience. Will be back open Sept./Oct. Thanks!
  2. Good for you! I'm hoping to renew mine in Chapala on Monday. Was yours done at one of the mobile units that occassionally roll out to the provinces? Or done at a permanent facility?
  3. Fast/ Mexican Food

    And Pepsico spun off YUM 20 years ago. And who cares... "Yum! was created on May 30, 1997, as Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc. from PepsiCo's fast food division as the parent corporation of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurant companies.[4][5]"
  4. I had an MRI and EMG done at Grupo RIO in Guadalajara.
  5. Don't know, but I'd bet 50 breakfasts at (anywhere but) Salvador's that only a TINY fraction of foreigners here understand the differences between the driving laws here and the driving laws in their previous country/state/province, etc. (Like how if the tránsito is standing in the middle of the carretera in one direction it means one thing, and if standing in the other direction, it means the opposite.) Of course tránsitos are opportunists. And I am not defending them, but as opportunists they naturally use every tool at their disposal, including traffic law. Good luck out there!
  6. Garden Services On Offer

    I have that need. Where is he and where are you? I live in Ajijic with a small but overgrown garden so wondering if he's in the area. Thanks.
  7. Elegante on Constitucion

    Can't wait to try it Elegante! I'm not that particular about lamb provenance as long as it's good! Constitución #59, Ajijic, means not much to me, and I used to live a few blocks away. Are you between Galeana and Javier Mina on the mountain side? Where Jardín de Ninette used to be? Just trying to help others locate your restaurant. See you soon.
  8. Elegante on Constitucion

    Or the lamb at Costco is from New Zealand....at least it was the last time I bought lamb from Costco in Mexico, or even way back when in the U.S., at store #1. Either way, the menu looks great. Look forward to trying it!
  9. Most drone stuff bores me but that was very nicely done. Thanks for posting!
  10. local Uber

    Hmmm. Not sure I'd trust that phone number to be legit. I don't think Uber operates in this area (yet). And as far as I know, you have to request a car using their smartphone app, not by calling. Has anyone else heard of this?
  11. Mexican Ice Cream

  12. Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Available Lakeside?

    I was making a caprese salad one time and I could almost swear I found a cheese labeled "buffalo mozarella" at Walmart. Whether or not it actually came from buffalo milk I have no idea but it worked well enough. The label of the cheese brand linked below looks vaguely familiar, and since that brand comes from the Los Altos area of Jalisco, it may have been the one. No idea if Walmart stocks it regularly. http://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-556880933-queso-mozzarella-asadero-panela-cajeta-adobera-fresco-chedar-_JM
  13. "What would you suggest that might make living at Lakeside even better?" More trees.
  14. DNA testing

    Why not just have it done here?