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  1. The dog's name is Dolly and she will be picked up tomorrow from the Ranch and returned to her owner. A big shout out to Team Joco for getting this done. This is what we can do as a community.
  2. Thank you Xena. With the closing of Anita's Animals we are reduced to three main shelters: Lucky Dog, Friends of Animals and the Ranch, with a variety of others, including several local Vets, taking in animals. The spay/neuter clinics had made a significant difference, but there are still way too many needy dogs and cats in the Lakeside area. Do I always agree with some of the decisions made? Of course not. But we are all in this together. Several things could make a significant difference. People need to stop stealing dogs pretending to rescue them. If the dog (or cat) isn't in danger, don't take. Leave it where it is. Period. Once you "rescue" a dog, it becomes your responsibility. Don't expect to dump it off at an already overcrowded shelter. People need to make a forever commitment to the dogs or cats they adopt. Don't just "adopt" for the winter or until something cuter comes along. Spay or neuter your pets. Unless they are part of a planned breeding program, don't breed them. Getting an animal neutered is so inexpensive here compared to NOB there is no excuse. Off the soapbox.
  3. I'd be embarrassed to admit I knew so little about medical marijuana. Don't worry Ferret, the cool kids understand what you are going through.
  4. Thanks for the warning. Crossed paws for your dogs safe recovery. A friend wrote a recent blog post about her dog eating a prescription pill she dropped on the floor. She immediately induced vomiting and the dog is OK, but this is an important heads up. Watch your meds and learn how to use peroxide to induce vomiting if needed.
  5. There are different philosophies regarding no-kill animal shelters. Who's to say what's best? The "other shelter" takes in highly adoptable, mostly smaller dogs and had a high rate of adoption. That means many needy dogs find homes and this is good. We at the Ranch are less selective, take more large to medium-sized dogs, have a much larger facility, and, thanks to the community, our adoption rate has been steadily increasing. And this is good. When I lived NOB, I volunteered for Corgi Rescue. Boulder Humane had a very stringent testing program for the dogs they would accept. A young Corgi didn't pass so they called us and I was sent to evaluate the dog. He was a sweetie who walked well on leash, was nice to other dogs and people so I recommended we accept him. Turns out he failed the test because he wouldn't allow them to touch his feet. The Humane Society didn't have to put him down. We found him a wonderful home so it was a win-win all around.
  6. Pregnant Maid

    Your ethical obligation is to pay her for the several months she is off on maternity leave. Believe me she will need the money.
  7. This sweet, shy girl appears to be a Wirehair Terrier mix, and is about 2 years old. She is large in size. Today a volunteer was brushing her, and she so enjoyed the attention! Sandy is learning to walk on a leash, as well as learning trust – of both humans and other dogs. She deserves to be won over by a special someone of her own. She will need an extra dose of patience and love. Could she be YOUR new fuzzy friend?
  8. posting this for my friends at Lucky Dog
  9. I should have mentioned, this was a joint effort with Lucky Dog (mostly smaller dogs) and Friends of Animals (mostly cats). We each had several adoptions - overall a very successful day. A big thanks to Friends of Animals for organizing the event.
  10. The medical clinic has moved to a building next to the TelMex office across the street from Salvadore's.
  11. YIPEEE! Bruce and two puppies were adopted. The turn-out was great and lots of fun was had by all. Thanks community.
  12. I think I see some kitties who would love to go home for Christmas. Now is a perfect time to adopt - before the holidays get too busy so the kitty can settle in.
  13. Here is the line-up from The Ranch. These are only some of the dogs and cats who will be available. All our dogs are singing “I hope I’ll be home for Christmas”. Come by and meet them, fall in love and make it happen. Adults and big puppy on leashes: Harold His name has ancient origins in several languages, meaning "king", "leader", "of royal blood". We can't exactly claim all that for this boy, but Harold loves to be treated like royalty! He's a large German Shepherd mix, 2 years of age. He was abandoned with a group of other dogs who were rescued and now live at the Ranch. He would much prefer to live in YOUR CASTLE however! Bruce, who says we can call him “The Boss”, is one big handsome guy. His top half is black and bottom half is white with a few spots. He has a Pointer look about him and the high energy and enthusiasm of a hunting dog. We think Bruce is about 2 years old and he is currently hunting for a forever family to love. Pola, along with her siblings and mom-dog Julia, was rescued from a neglect situation, but she is now a happy and healthy pup, all ready to go to her forever home. She is about 5 months old, loves playing, cuddling, and napping. Her breed is hound/pitbull mix. Based on the size of her mommy, we expect that she will be medium sized when all grown up. Angel is a pretty, young, blond Chow mix with a soft, very pat-able plushy coat and striking black mask, She was found abandoned with several other dogs in a field but when she was taken in to be spayed, it had already been done. She is a dear dog who someone loved once, She needs to find another someone to love. We’ll have assorted puppies in the pen, all are cute and playful and are mostly expected to be medium to large sized dogs when they’re grown. Some appear to have some Shepherd in the linage, and some most likely Rottweiler. Here are some puppy pictures to give you an idea of what we have. Your new BFF is waiting. All our Ranch dogs are neutered, current on their 6 way shots and rabies. Puppies have had some shots and been wormed, but most are not yet altered. We will pay for altering when they are old enough. There is no charge for adoption, but donations are gratefully accepted. For photos and pictures of all our dogs please see our Website: http://www.lakesidespayandneutercenter.com/ranchdogs.html
  14. Raw bones are good - just be careful about the size and as always, watch the dog. If they seem too aggressive about the bone - to the point of breaking a tooth - take it away.
  15. Bentley is irresistibly cute! This 3 month-old-fuzzy boy was rescued from the street. When grown, he most likely will be medium in size. He looks like there may be a purebred MSD (Mexican Street Dog) brown variety. A wonderful home hopefully awaits this adorable little guy. Bentley will need lots of love and training, as would any pup – could YOU be the person he NEEDS, because YOU need him? Don't wait! CONTACT US