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  1. Thank you Miguel - you guys will be greatly missed
  2. Yes he did - the cone of shame - and he hated it. When my mostly mini Schnauzer had surgery, I used a towel collar that worked just as well. She decided it was a fashion statement and actually liked it. Unfortunately my Corgi spent most of his time removing his and hiding it in the garden. . M
  3. Dra Berenice did surgery on my 15 year old for removal of a cancer tumor on his back leg a few months ago. He did well and she did a wonderful job. He was unhappy about the meds she gave him and refused to eat his arthritis meds with peanut butter on the chance I might try to sneak one of those nasty pills. Other than that no problems.
  4. Very sad news. I understand there were between 40 and 60 cats, most of whom had been someone;s pet, or had lived at Anita's all their lives. What will happen to them
  5. I have a 15 year old Corgi, and I give him daily Glucosamine/MSM combination and MSM powder. I have avoided prednisone because of the side effects. He is also on a RAW meat diet and I think that helps as well. He still runs (not fast you understand) and seems to feel pretty good.
  6. Our neighbor has been singing and drumming and setting off rockets to 'summon the rain'. Unfortunately the rain started just as he set off the loudest of his cash. I expect now he thinks he started the rain. Who knows - maybe he did.
  7. We all know Chocolate isn't good for dogs, but "Chocolate, the Dog" could be GOOD for YOU! You know the old saying: "Put 'pat chocolate' at the top of your list of things to do today. That way at least you'll get one thing done." Oh wait, that's "eat chocolate..." Oh well. Adopt our Chocolate dog and do both. This handsome fellow was abandoned. His breed mix is perhaps Basenji and Australian Cattle Dog? This affectionate "large side of medium" 2-year-old is energetic and wants lots of love. Roaming about on adventure hikes would make Chocolate quite content. Why not let him sweeten up your life!!! CONTACT US
  8. I have a busy Wednesday and can't stop by the Tianguis but I have a few suggestions. I imagine you are feeling pretty overwhelmed at this point. First, reach out to the Joco gringo and Mexican community. Anita focused on the animals and I didn't see that she used the community much. Start with the Racquet Club and get to know your neighbors. I think you'll find them a wonderful resource. Second, add those bios to the Web page. Give people a good feeling about the levels of experience of your team. Good luck
  9. Check with an attorney. I seem to remember that there is some little glitch. As far as Mexico is concerned, I don't think there is a problem. Do check to be sure there is no problem receiving the benefits outside the US. Google says " One big question many people have is whether Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are paid to eligible people living outside the United States. You may be able to receive SSDI if abroad, but not SSI if you leave for 30 days or more.
  10. Art House, in Chapala, is NOT OUT OF BUSINESS NOR CLOSED! There has been a malicious rumor circulating to that effect, and it could and probably has, hurt their business! This information is false, please discontinue circulating it.
  11. Sue you may have left out a step. Fill out the form. Choose 'print' <CTRL> P and select 'Microsoft Print to PDF'. Save it to a thumb drive. Take the drive to any print shop - the Copias store is a good option - and they can print it for you. You can also send the PDF as an attachment to an email if needed.
  12. Veggies looked as fresh as always last Tuesday. Maybe you came right before they restocked?
  13. Here is tomorrow's lineup. First our puppies: Bruno is Mamacita's puppy and she looks like a Cattle Dog mix. She has found a home but Bruno is still looking. He is mostly black with a bit of grey shading, medium coat and great long-haired ears. He is about 6 months old and maybe part spaniel? Hermanito,, Katie Perezosa (Lazy Katie), and Mandy – Two of the pups have found forever homes but we still have these 3 mixed-breed brother and sisters. They are about 3 months old, and ready to romp, cuddle, and do all sorts of amazingly cute puppy things! They were abandoned, but luckily, a volunteer found all of them together, healthy and happy. They are most definitely SOCIAL PUPS! And we expect them to be medium sized dogs. Looks like there may be some Shepherd somewhere on their pedigree. Maisie, Malia and Mayra were also abandoned at the Ranch. <very big sigh> They are almost 4 months old, purebred MSD (Mexican Street Dog) black variety. They have some unusual white accents. And are about as cute and playful and affectionate as puppies can be. They are growing fast and we expect them to be medium sized dogs. Rosie is a new arrival and pictures don't do her justice. I'm not making this up - she looks like a blue brindle Whippet mix. She was found in SJC, sickly and alone. Our special volunteer nursed her back to health and what a beauty she is. Rosie is about 4 months old and is going to grow up to be one gorgeous dog. Here are this week's adults: Whiskey is a year and a half old, purebred MSD (Mexican Street Dog) reddish brown variety. She was brought to the Ranch with her litter-mates when the owner could no longer care for them. She is a happy, medium sized, high energy dog who will add fun to your walks and humor to your life. Sophia is a very recent arrival who looks like a Golden Retriever mix. Smaller pale blond variety. She is about 2 years old, and medium in size. Sophia was tied to the Ranch gate but panicked when the car approached and got loose. She wandered around near the Ranch until our “dog whisper” employee gained her trust. She is deciding people are OK but would like her very own people now. Molly is a young Spaniel mix found running on the Caraterra. She has medium silky black fur with white toes and we think she is about a year old. She is a medium sized dog with lots of enthusiasm and energy. Hobbs is a handsome, young Mini Schnauzer mix who was returned to the Ranch when his owner decided to move on. GRRRRR Hobbs is a sweet mellow little fellow who seems to love everyone. He will always have a home at the Ranch, but would rather have a home with you. All our Ranch dogs are neutered, current on their 6 way shots and rabies. Puppies have had some shots and been wormed, but most are not yet altered. We will pay for altering when they are old enough. There is no charge for adoption, but donations are gratefully accepted. For photos and pictures of all our dogs please see our Website:
  14. I will put you on our wish list. Thanks for your interest.
  15. And if you don't want a canine company right now, come by and get one of our t-shirts with our striking new logo. We have a nice selection of colors and sizes but they are selling fast.