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  1. DNA testing

    First, what are you wanting to find? The results on where your DNA comes from are a very new science and the results are ONLY accurate to continents not countries. That part of the test DOES NOT give you anything approaching a family tree. Plus you only inherit from all ancestors for 3 generations, so a 5th or 6th great grandmother who was Native American or African or... may not have passed any DNA to you. Doesn't mean your are not related. Your DNA cousin matches may be very useful if they have a family tree. It helps a lot of you do too. If you are wanting primarily health related information, get 23andMe with the health report - about $169. They have a genealogy only test for about $99. They sell in many countries worldwide but not so many customers are interested in genealogy. The have several tools for evaluating your matches. The other test cost about $70 with lower prices during frequent sales. Ancestry has the largest database but only sells to US, Canada, UK and I think Australia so it your ancestors are very recent European immigrants, you may have very few matches. They also lack any accurate tools for evaluation of matches - I have possible matches and probable matches, but not one provable match using Ancestry DNA alone. A second rate product with good marketing. FamilyTreeDNA sells all over the world but has a smaller database. They do provide a number of valuable tools for evaluating matches and more European matches than I have with Ancestry. They accept uploads from other companies for a small fee. MyHeritage DNA sells worldwide, is very new but accepts free uploads from other companies and is growing rapidly. They have some evaluation tools and show a great deal of promise. All the companies data can be uploaded to GEDmatch, a mostly free database with loads of comparison tools so you can compare results with other who have uploaded their data. No other companies provide anything of real value IMHO and usually charge more. The number of Hispanics who have tested is smaller than for example Irish or English, but is growing and may provide useful information. iShop or Sol y Luna can accept the packages.
  2. Restaurant meals delivered

    Food Lake Container Restaurant offers delivery (not sure of the delivery area) and they have very good food for reasonable prices. https://www.facebook.com/foodlakecontaninerriberas/
  3. Lana is a happy, friendly energetic 2 year old. She appears to be a black Border Collie or Australian Shepherd mix. Lana was shy when she came to the Ranch, but our volunteers quickly convinced her that people and other dogs could be her friends. Gentle and affectionate, Lana has lots of loyalty and love to share. Need anything herded – cats, kids, sheep? Lana would like to apply for the job. CONTACT US
  4. buy cow milk for kefir

    Deena uses LaLa brand milk. She says it works as well as anything else. Several vendors at the Tuesday Market also sell kefir, one I especially like uses goat's milk. No need to use raw milk to make kefir.
  5. What Would You Do?

    A similar thing happened to some friends. They climbed the wall and broke in to find a body. Do talk to other neighbors because the man could have gone away for a few days and left lights on. Excellent reminder to get to know new neighbors.
  6. Need a puppy fix? WE HAVE NEW PUPPIES! Lots and lots of puppies… They come from two different litters, recent arrivals at the Ranch. The puppies are all about 4 months old and all are sweet, playful, cute and loving. They all like laps and give abundant puppy kisses. We expect them all to be medium in size. Puppies in the Puppy Pen Our first litter consists of Jazzy, a dark brindle girl with a soft, plushy coat. Her brother Rocky found a home at the last Adoption Day as did Maddox from the terrier litter. Jazzy appears to be a purebred MSDs (Mexican Street Dog) Our other litter are generic terrier mixes. Mama Trudy is a medium sized, blond terrier mix. The puppies all have medium wiry terrier coats. The gang consists of: Bijou, female (light caramel and white) Willa, female (dark brown, subtle brindle with white on face) and Wynona, female (brindle all over) We still have a few older puppies left from our previous Adoption Days. You can come to the Ranch to meet the others and mama Trudy. Older puppies and dogs on leashes Bentley is irresistibly cute! This 6 month-old-fuzzy boy was rescued from the street. When grown, he most likely will be medium to large in size. He looks like there may be some purebred MSD (Mexican Street Dog) brown variety in the mix. A wonderful home hopefully awaits this adorable little guy. Courtney is a very recent arrival at the Ranch. She is still a little shy and so new we don’t even have a photo. We think she is about 6 months old and we think she’ll be medium sized. She appears to be a Border Collie or Australian Shepherd mix. Courtney has a silky black coat with some white accents. Like hikes? Courtney does too. Lana is a happy, friendly energetic 2 year old. She is a black Border Collie or Australian Shepherd mix. Lana was shy when she came to the Ranch, but our volunteers quickly convinced her that people and other dogs could be her friends. Need anything herded – cats, kids, sheep? Lana would like to apply for the job. Victoria is a stunning red brindle girl, about 10 months old. She was found starving on the streets of the Village, but she is young and she’d already been spayed. Someone loved her once – what happened? Only Victoria knows the whole story. She is friendly and affectionate and will make someone a real treasure of a dog. All our Ranch dogs are neutered, current on their 6 way shots and rabies. Puppies have had some shots and been wormed, but most are not yet altered. We will pay for altering when they are old enough. There is no charge for adoption, but donations are gratefully accepted. For photos and pictures of all our dogs please see our Webpage: http://www.lakesidespayandneutercenter.com/ranchdogs.html
  7. This topic has been discussed at length recently on this forum. I searched using 'airline' and got these posts: http://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/search/&q=airline&type=forums_topic&nodes=14&sortby=newest
  8. Her name is French for "Jewel". She is a terrier mix, (sister to Willa, Wynona and Maddox, who was recently adopted). She's about 3 months old, and we expect her to be medium in size. She has a lovely wiry, brindle coat with white accents on her face chest and tummy. We know that because she is partial to tummy rubs. Bijou is a cuddly bundle who can sparkle up your life and home! CONTACT US
  9. Contact any of the local Real Estate companies (Coldwell Banker is the sponsor of this Web board and you can view their Webpage if you click Chapala.com on the menu above) and ask if someone has time to drive you around for an hour or two
  10. I have several friends who have had to jump through many time consuming hoops to get work permits. YRMV
  11. where for passport photos?

    She does a great job, ready the next day, speaks a little English, and no stairs Estudio Zaragoza Lopez Cotilla #290 Chapala Tel: (376) 765-3495
  12. Her name comes from Native American Dakota, "Winú?na", meaning "firstborn daughter." While we don't know her birth order, we do know she is an incredibly striking brindle, perhaps smooth wire-haired terrier mix. Wynona was rescued with 3 other siblings (Bijou, Willa, and Maddox, who was recently adopted). At about 3 months old, we expect her to be medium in size. These puppies are loving, lively and active but not hyper. Your love for Wynona can grow, when she becomes your best girl.
  13. Lost Dog

    What a doll. Please read the pinned article at the top of this section with tips on finding a lost pet. The suggestions work. Crossed paws for a speedy home coming.