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  1. Lakeside Friends of Animals: folks who run the pet store and cat shelter in Riberas
  2. And the good news is... word on the street is that Pancho hopes to open his new store (east of Maskaras) 22 September.
  3. MtnMama


    I don't think Ecologia handles dog poop issues. They are charged with stopping animal cruelty and mistreatment and from what little I have seen, do a good job.
  4. MtnMama


    Chef Andrew 331-517-8930 He does small dinner parties as well as large gatherings
  5. Patrick is too big to fit in a photo! (Just kidding). He is about 6 years old, and was found abandoned, though fairly healthy. Patrick loves to go on walks, get pats, and hugs. A Great Dane mix, Patrick is truly GREAT and would love to be YOUR BIG BOY! CONTACT US
  6. Here are a few of the pups who will be at LCS Adoption Day: CHRYSTAL & BABIES! We've got the mommy, so people can get some idea of the adult size the pups will be. Chrystal is a 4 years old poodle mix. Chrystal and all pups have medical records and vaccination history available. All are willing lap sitters. Pups (female) Amber, Demi, Duffy – (boy) Wesley. Pups are 3 months old. Of course Chrystal is just as sweet as her babies, all need great homes!
  7. Eric, you don't know for sure that the tumor hadn't already metastasized prior to the surgery. I suggest you find out about Mexican libel laws before you go any further. The lives of our pets are almost always shorter than our own. That is a fact we must all accept.
  8. Just an FYI The generic brand doesn't cause a cough, at least for me.
  9. I absolutely agree. I have been active in animal welfare way too long to support back yard breeders selling their poorly bred kittens and puppies. THANKS
  10. MtnMama

    Magnesium Bis-glycinate 200

    For me, additional potassium works well. I drink a little coconut water each day. Also drink lots of water. When I was using inhaled steroids for asthma, I had serious leg cramps because the medicine leaches minerals from your body. Changed asthma medicine, fewer, milder leg cramps.
  11. If you want it to last, try Amazon or Amazon Mexico. Depending on the size of the dog, baby gates work well.
  12. PLEASE help, we need towels for the Ranch dogs
  13. Though not a Great Dane of the cartoon variety, our Scooby is a one-year-old, large, gorgeous and playful guy! He's a striking mix of perhaps Blue Heeler, Border Collie, and Moose. His eyes are particularly striking, of two different colors, a pigment characteristic known as Heterochromia Iridis. He was found on his own, living under a car in San Juan Cosalá. Rather than living under a car, he can live in YOUR HOUSE as your big, happy, goofy boy! CONTACT US
  14. What a pair of beauties. Thank you for rescuing them, they'll bring such laughter and joy to some lucky family.