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  1. CREMAS DE MEZCAL TASTING 100% NATURAL for Bingolago players Tuesday OCT 31 2017 1 pm to 1 30 pm and during the 15 minute break, WE WILL TASTE PISTACHIO, CAPUCHINO, and IRISH CREAM FLAVORS. Made locally by Alfonso Hernandez. A special tasting for bingo players MARIA ISABEL RESTAURANT
  2. contacted LCS several spaces on bus still available
  3. Great thank you, exactly what I wanted, I save money by traveling with a group. fits my budget perfectly
  4. i am looking for the next bus trip up the the USA and back, would like to stay at least two days. does anyone know when next one is, i would like to find under $500 US dollars. i prefer going with a group by bus which much safer. also will need some space under the bus to brings some things back.
  5. Airline Tourism Tax Rebate

    i made mistake and put my US address on the website for buying airline for american airlines. i was charged the tourist fee. within 3 hours i realized it when i read my booking flight costs on the email they sent me i called them and gave them my permanentee number the number AND THEY CORRECTED IT. NEXT TIME I CHECKED THE BOX RESidENT OF MEXICO WHEN BUYING ticket form the a,merican airlines site , THEY DID NOT CHARGE ME THE TOURIST FEE.
  6. A new phrase i heard for the first time, when i was shopping at Diane Pearls SHOP. I overheard the words AJIJIC PUEBLO ARTISTICO I think its a great idea, I work with Have Hammers carpentry school, the kids now have become artists and carving and painting and monarch butterfly's and humming birds on wood carvings amazing young artists. yes I truly believe Ajijic is a Pueblo Artistico. I WILL GET SOME PICTURES AND POST. ANY OTHER EXAMPLES OF GREAT ART WORK done locally , please post pictures or links. thank you wayne
  7. Pelicans are back

    A video of a visit last year to CHICKS ISLANDS west of Chapala to see the pelicans who live all year around there.
  8. who makes raspberry wine at lakeside

    Thank for the pm and suggestion on cheese. The selection will fresh swiss cheese, I will be buying a 3 kilo block of it, to go with the raspberry wine. will follow your suggestion and cut it and put tooth picks in each sample
  9. more info celebrity cruises has a cancellation policy were you get 100% for your deposit back if you cancel before 90 days before the cruise departs. so you can lock in the price, and call in if it drops for lower price, this way yo locked your cabin choice and then see if you can find airfare and hotels to meet your needs. celebrity created a web site for getting good prices on airfare and guarantees if you use their CHOICEAIR if the plane is delayed they will get you on the ship. http://www.espresso.cruisingpower.com/choiceair/protected/home.do?brand=C see above link to search fares. Many times I find it easier and lower price to fly to US by volaris or interjet then pick up a flight in los Angeles. i have found difficult using choiceair or other service to get a direct flight from Europe to Guadalajara at a fare price. Thus using a stopover point in USA CHOICEAIR had a great flight for me back from japan, to Guadalajara. it appears united airlines opened up a new route from japan to Houston. it was $794. see link above to choiceair to search airfares
  10. End of Chapala weather (sad)

    Thank so much for your accurate forecasts, The Lake Chapala Kayak club members used your site to plan the day of kayaking, your weather predictions were always right on, reliable. specifically wind direction and miles per hour we will miss you .
  11. who makes raspberry wine at lakeside

    yes thank you , I ordered six bottles of raspberry wine for the tasting Tuesday 1PM.
  12. i look forward to being in Barcelona in May 2018
  13. yes time is long to Singapore from here but if you can get Los Angeles or San Francisco and stay overnight United has a great flight out thats 17 hours for less than 500 we are flying out on united 10 35 PM ARRIVE mar 29 SINGAPORE 6.45 am hopefully sleep part of that.
  14. Bancomer Account for Non-Residents