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  1. Bingo cards go on sale 1pm bingo starts 1 30PM Have Hammers carpentry school teaching mexico youth life skills through carpentry and woodworking special blackout bingo under 59 calls win a 4 day stay in a condo in Manzanillo Maria Isabel restaurant, old posada bottom of colon, left of malecon
  2. love the fresh carrots at superlake last week
  3. Have hammers carpentry school charity would love to have your donations, teaching Mexican youth life skills through carpentry and wood working also the bingo fundraiser needs prizes of artwork, crafts, jewelry etc our thrift shop is located next to S and S auto in Riberas. I personally can pickup small items if local, i live in near laguna mall AND CAN HELP ARRANGE FOR LARGER ITEMS 766 1860 WAYNE
  4. we will have 10 sets of 26 cds from the academy awards, 4000 pesos in prizes of handmade item by the ladies of tepehua community, jewelry, hand made wood by the kids etc much more. we are giving back to all you who supported the bingo. could even be more door prizes if we have high attendance
  5. thank to all who donated prizes, we will have 20 door at the event tomorrow , you can pick from over 7,000 equivalent in door prizes we will have 26 cds set from the academy award movies, 10 sets. jewelry etc we are saying thank and giving back to everyone who has supported the bingo
  7. i took my check made out to to check makers bank written on check, with proper id they cased it for me, no problem at all no other bank will cash it
  8. The fisherman sank the last swamp boat as it was to noisy a ten years ago. in the middle of the night whoever does the hovercraft better make you hire local fishermen to work for you the port captain has the history about that. I have a friend who gave me a ride a two person hovercraft on the lake. it has several patches form hitting obstacles in the lake not a good idea lake to shallow, still many fences under water with barbed wire
  9. thank you KEN GOSH. i picked 9 beautiful watercolors to be put on sale at the bingo. getting them framed right now. still need other prizes we need about 20 more prizes for our i year anniversary bingo Tuesday may 2 2017 1pm i can pickup
  10. i second norm, he the best.
  11. Have Hammers carpentry school bingo fundraiser every Tuesday 1pm is having its one year anniversary May 2 2017 . we need more bingo prizes as we will having more persons winning on May 2 2017 Will be giving out many bingo and door prizes, so we will have many winners that day. we need prizes such jigsaw puzzles,, mystery dinner games, Talavera pottery, crosses etc. if you have acrylic paintings or water color painting we can frame. example ken Gosh is donating some watercolors, asked us not to gave them away, but have put on sale and can be purchased with bingo points. KEN GOSH paintings once framed sell for 1200 to 2500 pesos we will frame youR watercolors to make them more attractive. Nice Jewelry , if jewelry not in perfect condition we can get it repaired and cleaned board games scrabble, chess sets etc or anything other things you donate that you think would be a good prize for a bingo player. we have bingo blackout prize every week where we always give a prize away that over 1000 pesos. if you want to donate an item that very valuable we could use as a blackout prize, WE USUALLY USE PAINTINGS OVER 1000 PESOS AS BLACKOUT PRIZES thank you for helping the kids Please drop off prizes next Tuesday the 25th at the bingo at maria Isabel restaurant 12 30 to 3pm or at the school in Riberas or i can come and pickup. wayne
  12. i hope there is one more volunteer, who wants to help the kids at Have Hammers Carpentry school by helping at he bingo.
  13. it 4 days in a condo sleeps 4 1 bedroom with a fold couch in the living room. 4 couples have already won a visit to the condo in 2016. see facebook bingolago
  14. even if you volunteer two hours a week or a month its helps