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  1. five of us are going from AJIJIC to Japan SEPT 8 2017 ON CELEBRITY MILLENNIUM OUT OF VANCOUVER. Wayne and Maureen Sydney Gay Brad and Roberta we heard a rumor that another couple is booked on this cruise from AJIJIC. POSSIBLE NAME DONNA OR DIANE, HUSBAND RON it would be nice to have dinner on the ship, TOGETHER WAYNE 766 1860
  2. I new idea Tequila tasting for bingo players 12 30 PM TO 1 30 PM AND AT 15 MINUTES BREAK. FREE TO BINGOLAGO PLAYERS TUESDAY AUG 22 2017. Maria Isabel Restaurant, AJIJIC * OLD POSADA, BOTTOM OF COLON BINGO CARDS GO ON SALE 1 PM BINGO STARTS 1 30 PM. DONATION 200 PESOS FOR 10 GAMES. WIN PRIZES AND TEQUILA All proceeds go to support the students at Have Hammers carpentry school. if you have a product you would life the bingolago players to taste, please contact us at bingolago at aol .com if the future we will have chocolate tasting, gourmet beer tasting etc, we are open to ideas to make our bingo more fun PROBABLY ABOUT ONCE A MONTH. its all about he kids
  3. For sale pair of folboat kayaks very good condition, $20,000 pesos. With equipment They are used extensively used, because they can be fitted into a float plane, small car or small storage space, while disassembled and have generous capacities and good stability, I believe it's necessary to treat them carefully and store them well. Included 6 hours kayak lessons with purchase, 3 sessions of two hours each, MONDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY MORNINGS, WITH lake Chapala kayak club member Wayne Renz. These 2 kayaks are for sale owners wife had a stroke, will not use them anymore. Needs money for medical and physical therapy. Please see them Todo Bueno Consignment and thrift shop in Riberas Phone 331 016 0619 Next to S and S auto , Hidalgo 231 on the Carretera. Mountain side today went through all the equipment bags , extra items that were not bought with kayak, they will included with kayak sale 1 rudder packages, 1 set foot rests, set of hold down straps, small camping hack saw, extra set of yellow float blow up that goes around edge of kayak for flotation, two sets white air bags for flotation, pump for pumping water out of kayak, if you capsize, tow rope, two small water tight bags, 2 sets of skirts to keep kayak dry when paddling, much more these items are worth over 500 dollars kayaks original purchase were about $3000 dollars for both kayak without extra equipment. one kayak id 13 1\2 ft, other 11 1\2 feet long. they can be delivered locally lakeside if sold separately 13 1\2 15,000 pesos 11 1\2 10,000 pesos
  4. update found out the driver, took responsibility and paid the cruz roja about 4000 pesos for xrays, medicine and ambulance transportation to Guadalajara. cruz roja asked for the be paid before transporting the injured person to hospital in Guadalajara. understand insurance agent was present said he will be reimbursed by insurance agency. does anyone have an update on the injured person and who it was
  5. Need to buy soccer shoes for 11 year Mexican girl, stopped by martes sports shop in laguna mall, did have her size. where in chapala or locally can I buy her a good pair of soccer shoes, that she can try on. wayne
  6. please contact Mainecoons if you have a compact night stand and lamp for our Iteso student from Oaxaca who will be returning in early August.
  7. What charity is benefited by this tour.
  8. Thank you all for support and donations to help local charities. Todo Bueno consignment and resale store in Riberas, next to S and S auto. is celebrating its one year anniversary |Aug 2, 2017. This is the day to put your items on consignment, they will sell quickly at a good price. We Will need inventory the next few weeks as we advertise and celebrate our one year anniversary. Donations excepted consignments needed There will be a lot of walk in traffic the next two weeks and on Aug 2 2017, if you need money and have items to consign this is the the time to do it. Thank you all the volunteers, and supporters its all about helping the local Mexican charities Come by and visit us. HILDAGO 231 Riberas del Pilar mountain side of the carretera, next to Have Hammers carpentry school, the 4 blue door on the right. All the proceeds benefit our community charities. phone 331 016 0619 also next door Have Hammers Carpentry school is celebrating their being at the new location one year. They moved one year ago from across the street, to where they are now. In the old location every time it rained water would flow though the school. what a mess it was. come visit and see the new location, the tools that were donated the rotary club.
  9. Robbery trick

    Sorry to hear about your stolen walllet. but please go to your bank manager and ask about banks ATM cards and rules. in mexico your screwed till you tell bank your card was stolen. they probably have a friend a soriana or other business, they know, they can empty your bank account with withdrawals. I know someone where 42,000 pesos were withdrawn in one day. follow up with video from soriana, and see if cashier was involved
  10. no i did not see one last week, but things change their are new donations every week. i stop by every week as i go by, just to see if there is something i can live without
  11. LCS thrift shop QUE GANGA needs hangers and about 15 feet of clothing racks. if you have any spare hangers please drop them off, even 10 will help. thank you for your donations. locate west Ajijic , lake side of carretera near LA Reserva. Great location its the best Thrift shop west of AJIJIC. donations of household items and clothing wanted Dirección: Carr Jocotepec-chapala 976, West Ajijic, Jal. Horario: Hoy abierto · 10–15
  12. Air quality

    i friend just moved to ajijic from GUADALAJARA, because their son had asthma, better air in Ajijic. but remember you are only 50 miles form Guadalajara, but the mountains crate a micro climate, except in month of may when its hot, but not as hot a Guadalajara
  13. FRAT auto repair in chapala near the turn to mezcala. excellent got the right born date on the tires and the size.
  14. Lorena and Mike Daniels the bingo blackout special Tuesday, 4 days off season in Manzanillo condo, compliments of the have hammers bingo they picked 4 days in October
  15. New lower speed limit on Libramiento

    On the way to the airport 3:30 am June 4th 2017 large white horse walking down librimento. thank good my cab driver was going slow and stopped to let him by. I have already met two other persons who have hit a cows on the way to the airport, do no drive faster than your headlights allow you to see, otherwise you will be late for your flight if you survive