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  1. Our experience with Benno's

    yes Benno is very busy, it worth the wait and time, he fixed my computer and also built one for me. yes he may get things done manana, but he work and expertise a few times he did not charge to look at my computer it had a simple fix. i gave him a tip. i highly recommend him. complain all you want, your computer wont get fixed any faster. I always willing to wait and work on his schedule. yes i had special ordered parts that may have taken two weeks to get them, but worth the wait. his expertise help me pick the right part to order, happy, happy Benno is great
  2. Concession land

    would becoming a citizen help you get your concession quicker
  3. Recommendation for good chiropractor

    i second Alejandro Castaneda, been using him for over 8 years, when needed, like from ;lifting potted plants, or shoulder bothering me from lifting kayaks or when my wrist is bothering form using the computer to much. or just a tune up wayne
  4. i go fund me sight for kurt , i just gave $100, please give what you can, he a great guy and friend https://www.gofundme.com/kurt-vidal-recovery-fund wayne
  5. Expat Tax

    chapala coty has a sign you must have a certain elderly card, you must be a Mexican citizen to get one o believe different form inapam
  6. we had the same thing had to attached voltage regulator to it, our bought one for us 1500 pesos used shop in riberas
  7. attn all kayak club members Kurt had motorcycle accident in PV, He is in San Javier hospital in PV just got news just had surgery last night Stable in ICU brother terry visiting him now or on way Bad accident broken clavicle, humerus, femur, fibula, 9 ribs , punctured lung Keep him in our prayers and thoughts. I do not know if he allowed visitors yet, if you are in PV or close please check for visiting hours. but when he is transferred back to Ajiijc, he will need our help and visits, i called chick our kayak club commodore on the phone he knows Kurt you are our prayers with affinity H Wayne renz and all kayak club members
  8. swimming in Lake Chapala

    Harvard university did a study about 5 years on the lake fish , said ok for pregnant women to eat the fish the lake has waves and is shallow , so near the shore its murky form wave action, go about a mile where its 10 feet deep the water is much clearer
  9. swimming in Lake Chapala

    its safe people were swimming in Ajijic next the malecon in front old posada. Also fisherman are near the shore waste deep casting their nets, water is cleaner then the east cost of the united states. Tod stong drinks the water every year in front of a crowd of 200 people with a little chlorine in it.
  10. R.E. Offer to Purchase Contract

    yes make contract out in your favor see spencer
  11. if you are using EA insurance make sure the hospital is direct pay, to save you alot alot alot of paper work nightmare if not direct pay check wit blue angel on hospital make sure its direct pay, get [permission ahead of time. i had trouble with WEA validating factura's appears they can not read a factura correctly , i had to verify factura's for WEA. claim on web site said factura invalid when i filed claim. afyer 60 days of finished processing save time make you use a direct pay hospital and pay the dr fees etc through the hospital. other wise WEA is OK
  12. Fiber optics

    i am waiting for telmex to create a plan they will meet the competition, and create demand at a lower price
  13. bought my bars in the hardware next to farmiaca Guada;ajara in Ahjic. big strong could hold 250 pound man, weight tested, they had them in stock,
  14. wanted jewelry making supplies


    mu;ltiva is the best bank in town, when a few years ago other banks would not cash US checks, multiva had no problems. they speak English and can solve anything, and really care about you and want your business they must be number 2 in banking they try harder. They have 2 teller, can get money out at any tine with proper ID i cancelled my account at intercam, they do not allow withdrawal in the afternoon, and were difficult to work.