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  1. Excuse me? WTF does that mean?
  2. The town of the eternal spring

    Relatively accurate except for the pronunciation of the name of the town. *sigh*
  3. Who is Moreno?

    It's MORENA.
  4. Possible Answer To Maincoon's Question?

    Pedro Malo, I'll ask you the same question I asked in the closed thread: are you a Mexican citizen? You surely know why I ask--and why I believe the other thread was closed: It is forbidden by the Mexican constitution for a non-citizen--no matter his or her Immigration status, no matter the length of time he or she has lived in this country, no matter ANYTHING--to participate in any way in Mexican politics, including offering opinions or making comments on a web forum. The penalty for doing that is usually immediate deportation--no legal recourse and no matter your Immigration status. If it were me (and at one time it was me), I'd be very careful about offering political opinions. Despite having been a life-long political activist in the USA, I reserved doing anything that could have been construed as political in Mexico until I received citizenship--including participating in Gay Pride activities, which in Mexico are considered to be political. Quote: Article 33 of Mexico's constitution "The Federal Executive shall have the exclusive power to compel any foreigner whose remaining he may deem inexpedient to abandon the national territory immediately and without the necessity of previous legal action." It also states: "Foreigners may not in any way participate in the political affairs of the country."
  5. Who Is this AMLO guy?

    Mainecoons and Alex, you are both Mexican citizens?
  6. need new roof top water tanks

    This is quite a drift from a question about a water tank, but mudgirl and everyone, please read this link. EVERY word in Spanish is stressed on one of its syllables. There is no word in Spanish that does not have a real and necessary stress on one syllable. Here are the rules. https://www.enforex.com/language/word-stress.html
  7. need new roof top water tanks

    Mudgirl, I know you're emphasizing the pronunciation of "tee", but capitalization is usually reserved for the syllable where the stress falls on a word. "tee-NAH-koh", for one. "ah-hee-HEEK", for another.
  8. Whole Fresh Frying Chickens

    Thanks, Ned! His stand really looks snazzy.
  9. Whole Fresh Frying Chickens

    The chicken guy at the Ajijic Wednesday tianguis carries the best chicken at Lakeside. When I was there his stand was on the right-hand side near Constitución. If he's still there, ask him.
  10. Asking about hot water heaters again.

    I have used (or tried to use) several different brands of on-demand water heaters. They have been nothing but trouble. Yesterday a friend told me she has a Rheem 13, as big as a box of Kleenex, that is fantastic--and ELECTRIC hot water heater that uses almost no electricity and gives her exactly the hot water temperature she wants. It's not cheap (Amazon.com.mx has them for about 7000 pesos) but she says the savings in gas is remarkable. You might want to look into the Rheem 13 electric. I'm just quoting her; I have not used this hot water heater. https://www.amazon.com.mx/Rheem-RTE-13-Calentador-eléctrico/dp/B003UHUSGQ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1519571839&sr=8-2&keywords=rheem+calentador+de+agua+electrico
  11. Earthquake just now?

    Two blocks from me in Mexico City, an entire building collapsed. Half a block from me, another building is leaning dangerously out over the street. In my own apartment, a wall--recently repaired after the September 19 earthquake--cracked open again. This earthquake was an oscillating one, so in spite of its strength, damage was less than in the September 19 quake. September 19 was what is called a dip/slip quake, where one tectonic plate 'dips' below another plate, allowing the higher plate to slide across it. The damage in Oaxaca was not in the CITY of Oaxaca, it was primarily in the Pinotepa de don Luis, where many houses collapsed. The Pinotepa de don Luis is approximately 100km from the city of Oaxaca, much closer to the Pacific coast. ETA: Crosspost with bmh.
  12. Waffle House

    There are also EIGHT Waffle House places in Guadalajara--and another in Vallarta. Somebody loves it.
  13. How much do I pay my Cleaning Lady?

    The most common Mexican term for one's female domestic help is muchacha. No, it isn't "politically correct". But it is what's used. Try thinking of it in the same way one calls a waiter joven, regardless of his age.
  14. How much do I pay my Cleaning Lady?

    If you decide to let your housekeeper go and hire Spring Clean, remember that because you are firing her without cause, you are liable under Mexican Labor Law to pay her a finiquito. You'll need to figure out (based on labor law) exactly how much that is.