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  1. Pfeffernusse cookies?

    My mother made them every year for Christmas. They are delicious, especially dipped for a second in a cup of tea. If anyone would care to make them, they're very simple and all the ingredients are readily available at Lakeside. If you can't find whole wheat flour, you can use all purpose. https://www.curiouscuisiniere.com/pfeffernusse/
  2. Photo on desktop

    If you Google "unable to delete desktop photo windows 10" (no quotes needed), that should do it. Welcome to Chapala.com, ballbabe.
  3. Hotels in Mexico City

    If you fly into Toluca, you'll want to make sure there's a shuttle into the city. There used to be one from Toluca Airport to the World Trade Center here, check for it. Then you'll still need either a taxi or an Uber to wherever you'll be staying. You're adding another more or less 2 hours onto your trip. IMHO, faster and easier to fly into Mexico City--look at the Interjet schedule out of GDL. There's a flight just about every hour of the morning, till 10:00AM, and then a flight just about every hour after 3:00PM.
  4. Hotels in Mexico City

    Another vote for the Red Tree House. It's a fantastic B&B, and if you want to stay there, book NOW--they are always full. Such a lovely place to stay. The hosts are wonderful, the clients are always interesting, and the breakfasts are delicious. Re a tour guide: I know just the man for you, if you want his contact info let me know. Mexican, 100% bilingual, knows everything you would want to know about architecture, history, religious art, the city itself, and then some.
  5. Musicians/Mariachi Needed

    Does the trio Los Flamingos still play at Lakeside? They are so wonderful...
  6. Hotels in Puebla

    If you want charming, historic, mid-downtown Puebla--in the antiques district--I'd pick El Mesón de la Sacristía. A little funky, but more shabby-chic, and just delightful. Courtyard restaurant for breakfast... http://mesones-sacristia.com/espanol/english/index.php
  7. Nick Names

    Me either.
  8. greñas

    Mudgirl, you taught me something new! Thanks, I didn't know that.
  9. They're Back

    Pan Bimbo brand packaged thin rather than puffy buns for hamburgers or other sandwiches.
  10. The temporary import permit for a car is never for 10 years. For a motor home, yes.
  11. Nick Names

    As far as I know, every name in Mexico has a standard nickname. More for the list: Guillermo=Memo Francisco=Pancho or Paco Ignacio=Nacho Cuauhtémoc=Temo Alondra=Alo (Alondra means lark--beautiful name from a telenovela) Rosario=Chayo Graciela=Chela Soledad=Chole Antonia=Toña Cristina=Cristy Antonio=Toño Gabriel=Gabo Manuel=Meño Alberto, Norberto, Roberto=all usually Beto etc etc Consider nicknames in your home country--not nicknames like "Shorty" or "Curly", but the standard nicknames that you immediately would call someone if you know his/her actual name. For example, most men in the USA named Robert are Bob or Bobby. Most men named Thomas are Tom or Tommy. Most men named William are Bill. You can think of many more examples without thinking too hard. It's the same in Mexico; standardized nicknames for most first names. IMHO, Mexico's nicknames like these are based on baby talk. Before a toddler can say Tío Guillermo, he can say Tío Memo. Before that toddler can say Tía Rosario, she can say Tía Chayo. Again IMHO, the pronunciation of these sorts of nicknames approximates what the child hears and what he or she can pronounce. Nicknames based on a Mexican person's physical attributes are different: you all know "El Chapo"--the short guy. Short people are also affectionately called "Chaparrito"--little short guy or woman. Pecosito or Pecosita is Freckles. Mercedes Sosa, one of the most famous and dearly loved singers in Argentina (QEPD), was always known as La Negra, as was a Mexican singer, Toña La Negra. The list goes on, depending on the person's physical attributes. Same in the USA: Shorty (for a short person), Stretch (for a tall person), etc. Then there are special nicknames given by the family, with no standard explanation.
  12. Oaxaca for Christmas

    Sounds like a great trip, Dennis. Seven hours from Lakeside to Mexico City, then six southeast to Oaxaca. Should be beautiful. Be sure to keep checking to see if there is any trouble--teachers' strike, etc--in Oaxaca for when you want to be there. It's been pretty difficult recently, hard to know when or if it will calm down.
  13. RIP

    Sad news indeed. QEPD Sparks.
  14. Garam Masala

    Thanks for the correction!
  15. Excuse me, snowyco, but you didn't post any of this information in your earlier posts. You only posted incorrect information about where the new minimum wage would be paid. CYA all you want with big bold letters, but the facts of your earlier posts are still incorrect.