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  1. I came in to the airport last night. A big mess. Fortunately my driver had the foresight to park well before the terminal. He came into the terminal and met me and we schlepped to the OXXO each toting one suitcase. It really wasn't that bad. If he had come in any farther, he would have been stuck in a very long line of traffic that was not moving trying to get out. The rain added to the adventure. Glad to be home. Whatever happened to "Beam me up"?
  2. I am assuming that the Oxxo is on the main highway? How far away is it from the Airport? I am coming in at 5:30 p.m. tomorrow (Wednesday) and I would like to give my hired driver the alternative location if there's a problem. T.I.A
  3. That unlimited calling is also available with Telmex on a landline with an internet package. I keep the Vonage ($19 bucks Canadian a month) with a number in Toronto so the kids can call ME with no charge to them. Even if the internet is down and they can't get through, I still get an e-mail voice message from Vonage to let me know they have called.
  4. Mine is 18 years old...but then I have always protected it with a surge protector and a voltage regulator.
  5. Lydia... Lake Medical Centre 766-2088 or cell 333-156-9080
  6. When you're talking about personal rain catchment systems, I assume you are referring to gutters into a holding system. I really wanted to do this on the coast. Then the reality of numbers came with the main one being that the rain really only falls for a certain numbers of months per year here...say four. 1 inch of rain falling on 1,000 square feet of roof is equal to 1,000 litres. So far this year we've had 34.68 inches of rain with the majority of it in the last three months. Assuming you have only 1,000 square feet of roof, that's 34,680 litres of water to store. 1 cubic meter holds 1,000 litres. So you would need a storage capacity of 3.25 meters x 3.25 meters x 3.25 meters (34.32 cubic meters) to hold it. And it has to be parged to be waterproofed. Then, if it's underground, it needs a pump to get it out which requires electricity. Then, that water is not flowing into the lake to raise its level. I have been round and round with these calculations and keep hitting a roadblock. If the precipitation fell year round, on a fairly regular basis, it would be more feasible. There are many ways to conserve water. Front loading washing machines use 10 gallons as opposed to 50 gallons for a top loader for ONE cycle. Being careful what you flush and how often. Military style showers (water on, water off, soap up, water back on to rinse off. Making sure your plumbing and fixtures have no leaks. Etc. When the San Pancho ladies committee went door to door to find out how many bathrooms people had, I laughed out loud at their statement..."you have two bathrooms therefore you're using more water than a house that has only one bathroom". I pointed out that it wasn't the number of bathrooms involved but the number of people using the bathrooms. They left.
  7. I found it on the Lake Chapala Personal Assistant website ... http://www.chapala-pa.com/#!online-store/c26h/!/Supplements-&-Vitamins/c/11388380/offset=9&sort=nameAsc second row down on your right. ...of course that doesn't mean they stock it in every store. I also can't see if it's Calcium Citrate or if the Magnesium to Calcium ratio is correct. Arjay, you may want to take a look at this Webber Naturals...the first link is Webber Naturals from Costco Canada which gives quite a bit of detail in the write up. The second link is from Webber Naturals site which is more bang for your buck/more product and higher concentration. You can order on line. and have it delivered to your home I don't think you have to leave them in the bottles. Many of our guests have brought down their supplements in a ziplock with no problems. http://www.costco.ca/Webber-naturals®-Calcium-Magnesium-with-Vitamin-D3----3-x-120-Tablets.product.100145038.html https://well.ca/products/webber-naturals-calcium-magnesium_5326.html
  8. 500 tablets. I can't see how much D3 is in each one.
  9. She read the label from her bottle purchased at Costco in CANADA which is where she is at the moment. She wants to know if the ingredients are the same if purchased from Costco HERE so she doesn't have to lug it down here in a suitcase. You're telling her to read the label...I suggest you go back and read her post.
  10. El Granero is beside Gossips Restaurant...or opposite the Ajijic Clinic...or a little west of Multiva but on the other side of the highway...or a little west of Actinver but on the same side of the highway.
  11. Well, those Telmex guys can eat at Mom's any time...I haven't had such good internet service on a Friday since I moved into Riberas 2 months ago. Knock on wood!
  12. Next to Ladrone's clinic and also the place in the same plaza as Lake Taco...at least for dogs.
  13. https://www.comfortis.com/ Comfortis is available for cats...I just don't know if it's available here for cats. It has been a lifesaver for me because keeping my girls (dogs) still to apply frontline by myself is darn near impossible. Comfortis is a chewable tablet that they think is a treat. Sit, dose, forget for a month. No fleas.
  14. This is what I bought from Amazon.com and had delivered by Hugh (with other things). It's still going strong and is BLACK as opposed to grey which is what happened when I had other cartridges refilled here. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NOA7UT2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Please note the price.
  15. I'll stick with Computer Guy Mike Reilly.