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  1. Ferret

    Ilox Update

    Thumbs up!!!!!!!!
  2. Terrific. Just what we need... less parking space.
  3. Ferret

    Help for a newbie

    It's a matter of choice. When all the mess of the "occupation" was going on, my ride had to park opposite that OXXO. Shlepping wheeled cases in the rain wasn't a choice... but I did it anyway... and survived.
  4. Ferret

    rain amounts so far this year

    Between 7:45 and 8:45 pm this evening, I have received 1.2 inches of rain. Lower Riberas just down from the 711.
  5. Ferret

    When a Motel is not a "Motel"!

    You forgot to mention the very limited selection of offerings on the TV. Really? You don't know what "motels" mean in Mexico? We were told over 20 years ago what their purpose was... think large families with very limited privacy and space. They serve a purpose and it's not just for gringos cheap overnight accommodation and secure parking.
  6. Ferret

    Pet Peaves

    Went by there today and there is a long section of YELLOW painted curb in front of the new location for the bus depot. Now, whether the bus driver will pull his butt off the road or whether people will actually not park in that space remains to be seen. The traffic was backed up today because of people double parked (sort of) on the highway... but the large space for the bus remained empty.
  7. Ferret


    LOL! And a heavy sprinkling will also end up in the pads of the offending neighbour's dog... and be tracked home... where it will dry and fall out on the neighbour's floor. That is assuming that the dog could care less about the smell.
  8. Eric, it happens with humans too. All it takes is one tiny cancer cell to get loose and it will start multiplying elsewhere. Some short version of a light dose of chemo should always be administered after "they got it all". I now have four people in my life who have passed on after "they got it all".
  9. Ferret

    Lake level

    Damn and I was having such fun too.
  10. I'm sorry for your impending loss as well Eric. It's hard. Always is. But, if she's in pain, you can set her free to go and play at the Rainbow Bridge with all the others who have gone before. She'll wait for you there.
  11. Ferret

    Lake level

    Perhaps there's a lot more rivers feeding the ocean everywhere in the world than feeding the lake?
  12. Ferret

    Contact info for Hugh Roberts?

  13. Ferret


    I've had no trouble getting an English speaking person when calling the Mexico City 1-800 number. Simply stay on the line and say "Ingles por favor" when a live person comes on the line. Adds about 5 minutes to the call. But don't bother calling on a weekend.
  14. Ferret

    Internet speed Puerta Arrooyo Wow!

    Let's just say that competition is good for consumers.