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  1. Gas fireplace service person

    Totally agree El Saltos. Thank you for the number because I misplaced it when I transferred numbers to a new book. edited to add: uhm...are there too many digits in the cell number ???
  2. Gas fireplace service person

    Strom Moving is where they also sell gas logs and Napoleon barbeques, etc. and they do installations... Just about across from Roberto's Restaurant in West Ajijic.
  3. LadiesĀ“bathing suits

    Thanks for the website Suegarn. That's a keeper for sure. Nice styles and good prices too. And, you can buy one size for the top and another size for the bottom... that's really wonderful to find that kind of flexibility in an online store.
  4. Propane tank repair?

    You could try the Z-gas place opposite El Torito. They have a guy who comes in (don't know which days any more) and he can work wonders with mechanisms and valves that don't work on tanks. On the other hand, depending on the age of the tank, it may be safer to just buy another one.
  5. Hotel la nueva posada hotel

    La Nueva Posada was always our hotel of choice when travelling to the coast from San Miguel de Allende. Great location, great restaurant and comfortable rooms.
  6. Rain

    And in Riberas and in Jocotepec. Let's be grateful it's not snow.
  7. They said the same thing just different ways. $.32 is 32 cents. Just like $1.32 is a dollar and 32 cents.
  8. Natural peanut butter & Greek Yogurt

    Isn't the brand "Oikos" Greek yogurt? If so, then it's available in Walmart and SuperLake in various flavours and plain. The homemade peanut butter is also available at SuperLake... in a plastic tub alongside the other peanut butters... and is available in both smooth and chunky styles. edited to add: I also think I spotted Smitty's greek yogurt in the SuperLake cooler. It just comes in a larger size than the Oikos.
  9. Can propane tanks be painted?

    Say it again Oatsie... LOUDER! My mum's brother lost his life to the metal fatigue of a tank he was filling... he was 27. These tanks clearly state that they are only guaranteed for 10 years. My concern is also the gauge... obviously reading incorrectly in my case. So, when they stuff propane in there until it reads 85%, I wonder what the real reading is and how much extra pressure is involved when it's "overfilled". I would also like to tell everyone that propane eats through the white Teflon tape on connections. I purchased a roll of "yellow" tape specifically for natural gas and propane use from Amazon.com... it cost $1.26 U.S. I could not find the yellow tape here... although maybe the pale peach one is for the same purpose?
  10. Can propane tanks be painted?

    I didn't ask because I didn't want that size. The 180 litre tank cost 3450 pesos. When I get it installed (if I ever run out of gas) I will post it. I can tell you that this size tank is 4619 pesos on the Home Depot website.
  11. Can propane tanks be painted?

    That store is Amutio and, as of yesterday, they were out of stock. The tanks are "expected" soon. I went to buy a new one too but, after hearing the story, on my way out I asked if there were any other stores that sold them. They said across the street... not Jara's but the other one directly across the street. They had all sizes... 300 litre, 180 litre and 120 litre. It has taken me 18 months to get through "300" litres and I wanted the extra space in the area to put three garbage cans. So I chose the 180 litre and it was delivered within an hour. I am also interested in the answer to Cedros' question... how low do you have to go before replacement? My gauge on the old one (twenty years old) has been reading 0 for two days now and I am still burning off gas this morning with four burners going on the stove. Wasteful except that it's been keeping me warm too. Glad it's December and not May
  12. Photo on desktop

    If it's the latter, she may not be familiar with the categories. Right click somewhere on the "background" area, then click on personalization, then choose background and have fun choosing any photo that exists on your computer. In other words, you can't delete a background but you can replace it.
  13. Photo on desktop

    A little clarification please. Do you mean that you have placed a file of a photo on your desktop? Or do you mean that you have somehow replaced the entire wallpaper background of the photo on your desktop?