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  1. Toilet paper flushing

    100 posts. Is this thread circling the drain yet?
  2. Toilet paper flushing

    Ode to the Septic Tank... Though things that are flushed, are often hush hushed, It's important that you should know In the city, you're not, when you sit on the pot Lest you block what is known as "the flow". Foreign things at the junction, often cause a malfunction, If the contents aren't bodily made. And while you seek relief, you'll cause nothing but grief... And the management's lengthy tirade.
  3. Toilet paper flushing

    There may have to be a crackdown on TP disposal.
  4. Happy Birthday, RVGRINGO!

    I'll second that! Happy Birthday and many many more! Have yourself a wonderful day!
  5. Phone/Internet problems

    If you couldn't care less then don't bother joining the conversation. You add nothing to resolving the problem so STFU.
  6. Phone/Internet problems

    How many times Mactavish? Should she go more than the ten times that I did?
  7. Phone/Internet problems

    It IS a Telmex problem but they're just too lazy to climb up a ladder and check the connections... or it's beneath them or they just don't give a damn. Don't bother waiting for them to do the right thing. Even if you took a picture of the problem, they'd probably just shrug their shoulders.
  8. Phone/Internet problems

    Your problem is EXACTLY what was happening to me for seven months. And, like you, I was also calling my landline with my cellphone to reconnect both the landline and the internet. imho, you DO have a loose connection which is causing you to lose connectivity. You will wait a month of Sundays and then some for Telmex to even make an effort. Hombres MUY flojo! My problem was solved by Jose Luis Gonzalez, who found the corroded connection and fixed it and it took a half an hour... 300 pesos. The corroded connection was around the corner from my house on another street and up at the top of a pole. His cell phone number is 331-326-4662
  9. Permanente Status

    The whole system has been enormously improved and streamlined. I just wanted to point out that it has not always been that way for those who scoff at the need for facilitators but don't understand the reasons behind them. YMMV.
  10. Permanente Status

    Until the next time that the Chapala INM is closed for one reason or another. It's easy until it's not. I'm just a realist.
  11. Canadian butter tarts

    Keep it simple Derek and within what you can control. No point having to explain to other people why a "supplier" of another product didn't come through on a particular week. Love all the possibilities so far. Butter tarts, Nanaimo bars, Perogies.... please, can you do Date Squares too? And, if the "desserts" were done in smaller than normal portions for the holiday season cocktail circuit? Damn, I may have to buy a chest freezer... and I just drooled on my keyboard.
  12. Permanente Status

    Lots of ways to deal with the bureaucracy and whatever way you choose to do it will be fine. We always did it ourselves until we moved to the coast. There, the immigration office was on the second floor... walk up, no elevators and my husband couldn't do it. I am so glad that I'm DONE with immigration. Getting our "Inmigrado" in Guadalajara in 2012 was the last straw. We were warned to empty our bladders before getting up to the 7th (?) floor because there were no public washrooms up there. Still, we had to wait so long, that I had to take the stairs down to the basement level and WALK back up to the 7th floor... because the elevators were now not running. Wait some more and then, finally, be done and ready to leave. Except the elevators were still not working and there was no way in hell that my husband could walk down seven flights of stairs. Some executive took pity on him and let him use his private elevator. So, yeah, the "process" can be simple and doable all by yourself.... it's all the other things that happen that can turn it into a nightmare.
  13. Need a washing machine

    Yesterday, at 10:08 am, the OP asked about repair as well. I responded.
  14. Need a washing machine

    I have no idea.
  15. Need a washing machine

    Best repair of appliances (all) that I've come across is a father and son team. They fixed what Electroventa sold me. Gualberto Real... landline 765-5653 and cell phone 331-026-5450