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  1. I would phone him and ask if he can do what you want. Depending on the age of the home, the pipes may be in galvanized steel or copper or pvc. If the first two, it is possible to use a metal detector to perhaps find them. Sure beats the hell out of digging through walls or floors on a wild goose chase. My house is twenty years old and has the same problem with the logic of the piping (and electrical). Whatever you decide, I hope that you will post your results since others can benefit from your experience.
  2. How do you see the carts Bennie? You have stated many many times that you only shop SuperLake at night when there's nobody else there. Always check the dates no matter where you are in North America. But remember that "best before" does not mean "goes rotten on".
  3. You're not confused. http://www.cremora.com/elsies_story.html Oh goody, a butter thread... it's been a while. Anchor butter from New Zealand is still the best imho. Lurpak from Denmark is my second favourite. Not having either one available will be a disaster of catastrophic proportions.
  4. Even when you're doing a whole floor job, make sure you get boxes with exactly the same lot number and make sure it's specified if you are placing an order. One lot number can differ from another insignificantly until replacing a single tile then it shows up in the floor as a big red flag. Always, always (as pappysmarket states) buy extra tiles of the same lot number for the future. It's one of those Murphy's Law scenarios for me.
  5. Yves and The Waffle House.
  6. Nice find Julie. Thanks for sharing.
  7. You could have scanned them as a pdf as well. I like your last sentence very much and understand the sentiment. What a lovely keepsake!
  8. I am more looking for opinions of one company's product over another please. I can get across that I want anti-corrosion.
  9. Looking for the Mexican equivalent to the rust protection paint for metal. I know the brands Tremclad or Rust-Oleum. I am in full paint and refresh mode. The outside walls have been painted and look fab but have made my garage door look extremely shabby by comparison. It is presently green and I would like to change it to black. Looking for experience here with any of the local paint stores that sell this kind of paint and, hopefully, feedback on ease of use and durability. I don't want to travel to Guadalajara. T.I.A !
  10. Another vote for Ruben. He repaired the screen on a laptop for me. Took it in Friday and picked it up Monday. I was surprised because 17" screens are not popular.
  11. Urgent need to use the facilities is understandable. Ask someone to watch your cart next time. I've done it many times and a small tip is always appreciated.
  12. I also bought mine at Superlake. They were well hidden though so you may have to ask. In a pinch (like for the previous 18 years before I finally found them) you can freeze 1 litre (or 500 ml) bottles of water and put those in your freezer bag.
  13. I've been up to my butt in alligators ever since buying this house. Lots of work and I've enjoyed most of it. At the present time, I'm painting my outside walls... then I'll do the interior of the house... and then and then. If you don't mind I'd like to cheat for a bit and have somebody else make my piecrusts.
  14. There are pre-formed pie crusts available in the freezer at Superlake. However, nobody can tell me if they're sweet or savory. I can handle a dessert pie made with a savory crust. I cannot handle a quiche, tortiere or chicken pot pie made with a sweet crust. Anyone know for sure?
  15. This cracked me up. Anyway, I went googling and found this for anyone whose interest may have been perked. It's a good read anyway. Really excellent return on investment quite quickly apparently. And there's a machine made in Hermosillo for the American market... surely they would know about sourcing the rolled aluminum aspect of the problem. Scroll down to read the "Man and Gutter Machine" article. https://www.guttersupply.com/p-machines.gstml "In order to better compete on price, the company expanded to Mexico in September 2004. New Tech’s Hermosillo plant is being operated in the same manner as the Denver plant, and every Mach II gutter machine produced in Mexico is delivered to Denver for rigorous testing and quality checks."