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  1. desafinada

    Ricki's Japanese and Thai

    We had a hankering for tempura last week and set out for Ricki's. The doors were closed around 1230 on Friday and the signage has been taken down. Have they moved or are they gone?
  2. desafinada

    ISO CD Envelopes

    I have found them at the China junk store on the plaza in Ajijic
  3. desafinada

    Hotel or B&B with pool

    Quinta del Sol has a pool as well
  4. For the cardiologist Dr Hector Briseno try qcdoctors.org email is drbriseno at gmail tel for the office is 376 766 1870
  5. I did this a year ago. When they came to Chapala, the test was in Spanish and everyone was required to do a parallel parking test. When I went to Guadalajara with Luzma, the test was in poorly google translated English. It involved identifying the meaning of traffic signs. There was no driving test required if you could show a driving license from anywhere. (One person's was expired and that didn't matter). I don't remember what the cost was but Luzma was able to get the cost I paid in Chapala discounted because I was over 60.
  6. desafinada

    Authentic Tai Chi/Pushing Hands coming to Chapala

    What time and where does the LCS group meet?
  7. desafinada

    Window/glass cleaner without ammonia

    We use Sprayway glass cleaner. It comes in a blue and white metal can and is available at Walmart. Made in the USA so it is pricey.
  8. desafinada

    Skylight domes

    We need to replace a couple of skylight domes. Does anyone source them locally? Thanks
  9. desafinada

    Pase for tolls on Cuotas

    Do you know if they will still be doing recharges? We are using ours more with the new macrolibiermento.
  10. desafinada

    Plastic Ice cream buckets

    I have several of the 1 kg yogurt tubs with lids if they will help
  11. desafinada

    details Pancho and Superlake

    We were in there several days ago. The lady in front of us had a bag of bagels with a large tag that said 79 pesos but no bar code. The cashier punched in the code for bagels and the price came up as 109. She called over to the person sitting at the desk to ask the price and was told 109. That is what got entered. The whole thing was surreal including the fact that the lady didn't disagree.
  12. desafinada

    Fishing line needed

    Try the shop on the Ajijic plaza. It carries the darndest stuff. I don't know its name but it is on the south side.
  13. We have a Sony Bravia model KDL 32FA400 lightly used to sell.  We are asking 3200 pesos.  You pick it up.  We are in La Floresta.  Phone 766-0095

  14. desafinada

    ReSound hearing aids

    If you are looking at ReSound, considering adding the purchase of their Minimic. It's a small device that you can clip to the collar of your dining partner to make restaurant conversations possible. It can also attach to your tv to transmit the audio to the hearing aids. It allows the person with the h.a. to adjust to the necessary volume while the non h.a. person can set the volume at their comfort level. The last time I discussed h.a. with Pollo, he wasn't aware of the benefits of this accessory.
  15. desafinada

    Macro Libramiento

    On Sunday, the entrance to Tepic from Lopez Mateos was still blocked off. The entrance to the east bound lanes was blocked with one of the pieces moved to the side so it wasn't clear if it was open. They do have temporary signage up indicating it should be open.