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  1. The Snowbirds are back

    Gee, I've been baffled by more than a few Canadians and, gasp, Mexicans too, wondering why they need to talk so loudly.
  2. Dining Table

    Vintage caoba (mahogany) dining table. L 165cm x W 91cm x H 76cm. 3,300 pesos. Pick up in Villa Nova.
  3. Toscanos Pizza

    We've been there at least 6 times in the last year and have never seen another table occupied until yesterday when a family was at one of the outdoor tables. Apparently, they do sufficient delivery and take-away business to keep going.
  4. Halloween

    Same experience in Villa Nova.
  5. Each to his own. I tried the The Bagel Place quite a few times before giving up. They were always stale regardless of day or time. I thought they probably came from Costco once a week.
  6. Also in US now. Ditto Solajijic.
  7. Husband is artist Francisco Gonzalez, brother of Efren.
  8. Spotify service?

    No VPN needed. Just download the app. Good to go. Not so with Pandora last time I tried.
  9. Alfredo's California

    Resurrecting an old post , I know. But Alfredo's California is now at the Chapala Malecon, a few doors west of the gelato shop. I'd never heard of it before so perhaps it's been there a while.... I'm sure this board will let me know. Breakfast for two was excellent today - omelette, breakfast burrito, fresh fruit plates, licuado, coffee. All fresh and well-prepared, beautifully presented, with friendly service. The cost was reasonable at about 200 pesos, including tip. The lunch/dinner menu is extensive - will try it soon. This was a nice find for us and will bring us back to the otherwise dull & rather limited breakfast scene in Chapala. IMHO.
  10. Cocin Art Restaurant - Fantastic!

    Agree it's excellent and a great value. But it's new only if you haven't been in the area for several years.
  11. Uber taxi now lakeside

    Yes, have used them from Ajijic to Guadalajara and return several times in the past few weeks. No complaints yet.
  12. Try this for Inapam. Inapam Guadalajara Palacio Federal, Av. Alcalde núm. 500, Basamento A, Zona Centro, entrada por la calle Hospital. C.P. 44280, Guadalajara, Jal. Tel: 01 333 658 5254 y 01 333 658 2111 Correo: inapamjal@yahoo.com.mx Horario de recepción de documentos: Lunes a viernes de 08:00 a 11:00 horas. Horario de oficina de Lunes a viernes de 8:00 a 15:00 horas.
  13. I wouldn't characterize INM in Chapala as lazy. They gave me the option of listing CURP on my RP, although I'm not sure why one would not want it on the card.
  14. Sazon Restaurant

    She has a space in the food court. Small menu of Mexican dishes, but very tasty, and she'll modify or customize dishes when requested. Nice lady who could use more business.