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  1. rckrckr

    Web board in Manzanillo

    Tomzap Manzanillo: https://tomzap.com/ph5/list.php?15 Tomzap Barra de Navidad & Melaque might also be relevant and there are many more postings: https://tomzap.com/ph5/list.php?12
  2. rckrckr

    Need Aljibe cleaned ASAP

    Old thread I know, but I'm wondering who ended up cleaning the friend's aljibe and if they were satisfied with the work? TIA
  3. rckrckr

    Cataract Surgery : Mishaps

    I too used Dr. Vargas and am pleased with the cataract surgery he and his expert team did at Puerta de Hierro. He knows his stuff and is upfront about the pros and cons in each particular case. My surgery did not produce perfect vision, but the results were exactly what he told me to expect. Also, I had some small retinal tears post-surgery, which are common and which had been previously discussed as a possibility, and Dr. Vargas repaired those with no ill effects.
  4. rckrckr

    Breakfast at La Ankla?

    Sorry don't know the answer, but do you mean El Ancla?
  5. rckrckr

    Local Taxis

    I use Uber often and have never experienced those issues. Maybe I'm lucky, or they like me.
  6. rckrckr

    Dialing 844

    https://forums.att.com/t5/Other-Phones-Devices/Calling-844-toll-free-from-mx-to-us-from-cell-phone/td-p/4959324 Try these: 1 800 # replace it with 001 880 1 888 # replace it with 001 881 1 877 # replace it with 001 882 1 866 # replace it with 001 883 1 855 # replace it with 001 884 1 844 # replace it with 001 885
  7. rckrckr


    Just returned from DHL. No problem at all (other than finding a parking spot nearby) and was in and out in 5 minutes. I was asked for ID, signed and dated a few copies of the return invoice, and that was it. It helps if you take an extra copy of the mailing label as DHL wants to keep one locally.
  8. rckrckr


    I'm in the process of doing the same thing. After obtaining return authorization, you need to print out and affix the return label to the package, return shipping is prepaid. Amazon states they will arrange for item pick up by DHL the next business day after the return is authorized. In my case, DHL didn't show up or contact me on the assigned day - Friday. I contacted Amazon and said I would take the package to the DHL office in Ajijic this week - tomorrow, rather than wasting another day waiting for DHL to show up. Amazon then contated DHL to advise them that I would walk the package in to their local office. We'll see how DHL reacts tomorrow when I show up.
  9. rckrckr

    MiTelmex - online downloads of bills

    No access problems with Telmex this morning.
  10. rckrckr

    Help With Puff Pastry Dough

    La Comer aka Comercial Mexicana, smaller version of Mega. Major chain owned by Soriana.
  11. rckrckr

    Cost for screen door

    Ok, thanks.
  12. rckrckr

    Cost for screen door

    I really like this type of screen door. Who did it for you? Contact info please, if you still have it.
  13. rckrckr

    Where NOT to travel in Mexico

    "Dozens of Mexicans are kidnapped or murdered every year at lakwside [sic]. " Really? As you said before, "show me the facts".
  14. rckrckr

    Swimming Pool construction question

    Am wondering if anyone with plaster, gunite, or other solid type pool lining, not tile, can share up to date experience and how long your pool has had such coating. Any new recommendations for suitable contractors? TIA.