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  1. How much do I pay my Cleaning Lady?

    We raised our maid's pay in January to $300 for 4 hours. We will pay what we can and what we feel she deserves, WITHOUT concern about the damage we're doing to the local economy. Sorry, but capitalism does allow the freedom to pay what you feel is appropriate.
  2. UFO siting

    Indeed, the past four days made me homesick. Like the Oregon coast in June!
  3. UFO siting

  4. UFO siting

    Spotted a UFO this morning in West Ajijic. On careful examination, however, turned out it was the SUN!

    I second the recommendation of Arturo! He does very good work.
  6. Our taxes NOT at work

    the last 2 or 3 times I've walked down to the lake front on the west side of town, I've noticed overflowing sewers draining into the lake at the base of Rio Zula and Libertad. Perhaps this happens more often than I had thought and I simply hadn't noticed or gone down to the lake frequently enough. The stench was overwhelming. Is this something the city prefers to overlook? Given that it's the dry season, I'm curious as to why these sewers overflow.
  7. Cost for screen door

    Can't give you a price, but suggest you contact Pablo Nunez, a local carpenter. He does en excellent job at a very fair price and I'm sure he'd be happy to provide an estimate. Pablo's cell is 331-247-6426. Additional plusses are that Pablo is always on time and stands by his promises.
  8. timer for sprinkler

    What brand is it? I have English instructions for ours (Orbit, I believe). We're away at the moment but return to Ajijic on Monday (1/15)
  9. Duck parts wanted

    No comment. (obviously)
  10. Banco Azteca

    Will they accept/convert US checks for deposits? If so, how long before the funds are available.?
  11. Lamp repair

    Anyone have a suggestion for a reliable table lamp repair person in Ajijic? It's likely a simple matter of replacing the socket or redoing the wiring. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  12. Looking for an Art Class/Art Teacher

    Plaza la Montana, RV. Feliz ano ;-)
  13. Looking for an Art Class/Art Teacher

    I don't have a contact number for Javier, but his class currently meets Saturday mornings from 11 - 2 on the second floor of the Plaza Montana in central Ajijic. He plans to add an addition day to the schedule very soon. Fees for the class will increase from 250 pesos to 300 pesos in the New Year. I have been taking Maestro Ramos' classes for over four years now and can attest to his outstanding skill as a teacher. (Plaza Montana is located at the NE corner of Colon and the Carretera - stairway is located next to the café on the end.)
  14. Gas fireplace service person

    Number provided seems to be an old one, as I get a "no existe" when I dial. I'll try Strom. Thanks for the help.