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  1. looking to buy a foldable shopping cart

    That would be great...I look forward to seeing it.
  2. looking to buy a foldable shopping cart

    no....I will give that a shot.
  3. I need a foldable shopping wagon with decent wheels for our cobble stone streets. Thanks
  4. Wild Cherry Juice

    I buy it thru immunical....my Mexican neighbor represents the line.
  5. Ranger's BBQ

    But you guys look so alike....except for the scar and the wooden leg. Fred Habacht
  6. any bilingual job opportunities?

    He needs to get a work permit before any legit company will hire him. Fred Habacht
  7. Costco Hearing Aids

    On Lopez Mateo....the english is poor, but the young lady can call for a more bi-linqual man if you ask her.
  8. Perry's Pizza

    It would seem that most complaints come from a few folks that believed his political beliefs did not match theirs...so they attacked his food product. We eat there every few weeks and have never been unhappy. Fred Habacht
  9. That is like saying that Gallo wine and French Burgundy or Bordeaux wine is the same because it is just alcohol produced from grapes....and therefore the process or skill in fermentation is just a waste of time and money! Fred Habacht
  10. U$D-MX Exchange Rate

    Yes...I noticed it. They are still one of the best options for me to use. I am always willing to look at any other offers out there. Fred Habacht
  11. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    The street is Matamoros Sud and it is one way towards the mountain. Parking us usually tough. Fred Habacht
  12. Peso on the Move ... Where's It Headed ?

    Currency moves have always been easy to predict....actually no.....stocks on the other hand....easy to predict....okay so they are not either. That is why my wife and I invest in ant races and have never lost as the ants refuse to wear numbers and they all look alike. Fred Habacht
  13. MX Peso fell below 18 to 1 usd

    Angus...sounds like you want to borrow any weapons and clan robes that are available. Anger doesn't become you, although you do flaunt it. Fred Habacht
  14. Seguro Popular

    Why did you ever tell them you were in IMSS? Also ask for the new white book that list all services...it is in a stack near the Caja window...all in espanol. Fred Habacht