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  1. barbara habacht

    Mexican Citizenship test

    No attorney...used Spencer for translations and certifications. Had a friend go with us for voter's card and appointment for new passport.
  2. barbara habacht

    Mexican Citizenship test

    The man with the "cleft" palate is the current director. He is a serious block to understanding Spanish....yet his english is clear. You are ABLE to request a different person for the test. His assistant, a lady with crystal clear pronunciation gave us the Spanish test after we failed the first time at his desk. Senior Heraldo did stand behind her as she asked us questions but was polite when she declared that we were able to speak and understand her. Note...that he is retiring at the end of this year and she will replace him.
  3. barbara habacht

    Car Wash just west of Roberto's torn down

    I think you did a review of the the "fighting cocks" or maybe not. Fred Habacht
  4. FYI! My insurance agent offers Pet insurance. You PM me for further info...or at least what I know about it as of now.
  5. barbara habacht

    Specialist Doctor Required for COPD Patients

    My wife and I would most certainly NOT use him! Fred Habacht
  6. My home owner policy was delivered to me written in english. My agent photographed every room and every item in it. I do not, and it is in writing, need receipts. I am given replacements at full value. Can I collect...I don't know but I sleep better thinking that I am covered. Fred Habacht
  7. barbara habacht

    Jocotepec Voter registration office has moved.

    OKAY....do you know where Rochettas Bakery is? Right on the same street as CFE......now you are heading out of town on Vincente Guerrera...towards the Guadalajara Highway. The new office is on that street next to the new OXXO...where the drugstore used to be. There is a fertilizer store on that same street and on the lakeside also. PM me and I can add more detail Fred
  8. barbara habacht


    DANGER! You may be banned for discussing this subject. It is probably best to bring this up at private dinner parties or while shop lifting. Fred Habacht
  9. There are now three voter locations. The old one....with zero parking has now dropped it's voter card registration office as has the 2nd location near CFE and the municipal office location. Now you continue going out of town....there is a light at Indepencia....park anywhere after that and next to the OXXO on the lake side is the new office. Wait time was greatly reduced due to space and number of employees. You will have to return in one week if this is your first card...renewals are next day. Fred Habacht
  10. barbara habacht

    New Sister City agreement signed with Jocotepec

    I know that Jocotepec was a 100% receiver with their first sister city. The same will most certainly be the result of this new city to city. The number of Jalisco born employees that work the vineyards of Amador County California was the reason that Plymouth Ca. asked to make the relationship. I have a copy of the proposal on this latest deal with the Driscoll peopleand it mentions how much the local people have done to make the success of the growing of Blackberry....Rasberry....strawberry a reality. This is a form of payback and a goodwill gesture to keep these pickers, planters, field owners as happy participants. I hate :"border" promotions but if you want to talk to me about the Zinfandel grapes and the conditions of the vineyards because of the local people that take care of them as legal workers or visit one of my fields here that grow the fruit that goes all over the world....pm me. The number of Jalisco born people in the business is staggering. Fred Habacht
  11. barbara habacht

    New Sister City agreement signed with Jocotepec

    Investment to Mexico; business tourism; USD-(in this case), for local charities, local pride which grew after the first California town joined Jocotepec. Donations of surplus Bombero equipment and hospital material.etc. Driscoll and it's sister companies are the largest employer in all of lakeside and further to Ciudad Guzman and parts of Colima. Either way....no sister city agreement has ever caused material harm nor been canceled because the "sisters" found that they did not like each other any more. Fred Habacht
  12. Last night, after long negotiation, Watsonville California signed the formal agreement to join as a sister city with Jocotepec. During ceremonies in the near future our municipality will be named the world capital of rasberry production. This agreement will and does include: San Pedro; San Juan Cosala; San Cristobal; Chantepec; Zapotitlan de Hildalgo and other incorporated villages within the municipality. Fred Habacht
  13. We have 2 IMac computers and each one has a MagicJack. The modem is installed on the 2nd floor through concrete, cement, tile and steel support beams. Many times callers to the IMac and MagicJack on the 1 st floor were unable to hear us or we were unable to clearly hear them. While reading any newspaper...we were sometimes greeted with the dreaded spinning wheel.......on both computers. We were told that Steren sold extenders that are wireless and do not require drilling or blasting, and they do...BUT they, no kidding, suggested that TelMex had similar units for less money, and they do. So I bought one! I found an honest to goodness person who didn't claim to be anything more than someone who could "probably" help and was willing to drive out to Jocotepec....and he did! He installed the units; made sure that our signal had increased greatly and tested our phones and computers for any other problems. He also took care of several problems that were beyond our very limited abilities. Is he busy...sure. Does he set up appointments and keep them, yes he does. I will share his name and telephone contact if you pm me. Fred Habacht
  14. Total resurfaced and widened. Dips seem to have been filled and new lines being painted. Fred Habacht