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  1. barbara habacht

    Bike Lane Completed

    Wait until the first motor scooter passes on the right and takes down a few walkers.
  2. barbara habacht

    citizenship question

    Thanks.....Bmh's answer seems the easy way...but I want to be sure...since I won't be going with her and HomeLand Rude may pick on her. Fred Habacht
  3. barbara habacht

    citizenship question

    So you do not get an exit stamp on your MX passport? You do not get an entrance stamp on your USA passport? Fred Habacht
  4. barbara habacht

    citizenship question

    My wife is flying from Guadalajara to the USA and then back to Guadalajara: Does she leave with her Mexican passport or her US passport from Guadalajara? Does she leave from the USA with her USA passport or her Mexican passport? Thanks for your responses. Fred Habacht
  5. barbara habacht

    House/pet sitters that are here year round

    Claudia has been great with our pets. This will be the third year we have used her.....We value her as do our pets!
  6. barbara habacht

    New CFE extortion scam

    Take your meds!
  7. barbara habacht

    Drivers License Renewal

    How early can I pay for the renewal that is scheduled for 15 febrero?
  8. barbara habacht

    looking to buy a foldable shopping cart

    Thank you. I was contacted by another poster and I purchased theirs. Fred Habacht
  9. barbara habacht

    NEW Mexican Citizenship Exam 2018

    I salute you, sir! I know what my wife went through and this sounds worse. Now sit back and wait, and then wait for your final paperwork. Fred Habacht
  10. barbara habacht

    Joco property taxes

    There is no INSEN discount in Jocotepec. unless you are a citizen
  11. We need to make an appointment to apply for our Mexican passports. I have been told that Guadalajara is the nearest office and that an appointment is necessary....any information as to address and telephone number would be appreciated.
  12. barbara habacht

    looking to buy a foldable shopping cart

    That would be great...I look forward to seeing it.
  13. barbara habacht

    looking to buy a foldable shopping cart

    no....I will give that a shot.
  14. I need a foldable shopping wagon with decent wheels for our cobble stone streets. Thanks