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  1. Actually, the last time hurt my pride more than my nose. I was throwing fireworks and the cops got after us. It was dark so we pulled into a driveway in a rural area, bailed out and started running. I was running down a path and looked back to see where the cops were and when I looked forward again, I found out where the path led. To the outhouse. I hit it wide open, face first.
  2. I broke mine 3 times during my high school years many years ago. They stuffed my nose with cotton and sent me home each time. You may be looking for a plastic surgeon rather than a regular surgeon
  3. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    Peachtree City, Ga was set up for golf carts. You weren't supposed to drive on the regular roads but you could go anywhere on golf cart trails. Only place I ever saw
  4. Chair Glides....Where to Buy?

    print off the picture and take it. Works better.
  5. Telmex

    2233? (AADD)
  6. Help - ant invasion!

    When I lived in Albuquerque, I had a pest service in a couple of times and they sprayed. The ants just ate the stuff and grew stronger. I really haven't found anything that works other than the baits. My gardener sprays something for scorpions and wears a filter mask when he sprays. When my gardener wears a mask, you can bet the stuff is not good for pets or humans. Even that stuff doesn't seem to deter the ants. The baits are harmless to pets. Short of nuclear blasts, I don't think anything will kill the little buggers
  7. Gas Leak detector

    The flex lines that connect most appliances in MX are only rated for 10 years. If you have someone out, they should all be replaced while he is there. Cheap insurance......
  8. Computer guy HELP

    Pete, Are you back terrorizing our little community?
  9. Altitude at the mountain chapel

    Height at my house which is almost at the top of Villa Nova is 1586.4 meters. Best I can do for you.
  10. Altitude at the mountain chapel

    Which one? There is one in Chapala and one in the hills above Ajijic http://www.heywhatsthat.com/ That app will give you all the heights anywhere
  11. Help - ant invasion!

    Even if you put it on pancakes, it won't really hurt you. Not great for you but boric acid is used in a lot of foods for preservative. I do mark the bottle
  12. Help - ant invasion!

    A small bottle 469 grams is what this one says As long as you don't put too much boric in, it will work. The object is to get it back to the nest. The workers collect the food and feed the queen, killing her. Ants have a short lifespan so when the queen dies, the whole place dies out. It generally takes about a week to work. The little bastards are impervious to insecticide. I've sprayed them with everything over the years. They seem to love RAID ant and roach killer. You can spray a whole can on them and they survive. Windex works good for a direct spray. I think the soap drowns them. Boric acid is also good to kill roaches in powder form. Just put it out where roaches hid and they will end up dead. I live in Villa Nova and there is a vacant lot 2 houses down. When I moved in, I was covered up with ants, so I've become an expert to survive. There were several nests in the vacant lot and the ground was literally black with them. I've slowly killed them off over the years but they just come back. Ants leave a scent trail for the others. If you spray ammonia around the house, they won't cross the ammonia but it wears off within a few days. The only real solution is death by boric acid.
  13. New residents driving tips

    Actually, those are the RULES of the road here, the reality is something different. If someone wants to turn left, slow down and let them. If a light is out, it probably means that it is "green". Be careful because the whole light may be out and the cross traffic thinks the same thing. Bicycles obey no rules. Just because YOU have a green light means nothing to them. Motorcycles may or may not obey the lights. Motorcycle helmets are to be worn when raining, anytime else is optional. Dogs, cats, horses, cows and humans jaywalk without looking. People open car doors without looking. I only obey 2 rules absolutely: Don't hit anyone, don't let anyone hit you
  14. Help - ant invasion!

    Here's the formula to make the stuff: Go to a hardware store and buy boric acid, a white powder. (Acido Borico) Go buy a small cheap bottle of pancake syrup. Put the pancake syrup in a measuring cup and warm in the microwave. Add 1 level tablespoon of Boric acid and stir in well. Put the pancake syrup back in the original bottle and put 1 drop where ever you see the ants. Wait!!!! In a few days, they will disappear until a new nest moves in. If you want to kill them on surfaces, Windex works well and is safe. The syrup compound is also safe for humans and pets. You find boric acid in a lot of foods as a preservative. If you will take ammonia and put it in a spray bottle and spray all openings, the ants will not cross the ammonia lines. The recipe for the boric acid is critical. Put too much Boric in and the ants will die on the way back to the nest. They have to return home and feed the queen to for this to work. If you can find the nest, which will be in the ground outside and bait around it, it will work quicker or if you can find the trail and bait in it it will work quicker.
  15. I got a call today from the friendly Microsoft fraudster with the Indian accent. I swear the quality of these people is slipping tremendously. His English was so bad that he had no idea what a "Fraudster" was. I told him that I knew his mama and she was terribly disappointed that he had turned out to be a con man and a fraudster and he didn't catch on. He was just no fun at all. If these people want to call and annoy me, they are going to have to improve their language skills. Otherwise, how can I lead them on?