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  1. Seeking a hip surgeon

    A big vote for Dr Gonzalez also. He is kind, efficient and does an awesome job. Replaced my hip in 2010, and I am well recovered. I highly recommend.
  2. US passport renewal at Lakeside?

    At the Legion Pick up of passports is also done first or sometimes a separate agent for such. No photographer there, but well organized. I have renewed at both places and quite frankly I prefer the Legion.
  3. Yes health care is cheaper than in US but a catastrophic illness, cancer or such can wipe you out financially even here and even with insurance. Many things may not be covered with Seguro Popular so just be aware. Also no matter how clean or well kept, there is a language barrier and shortage of supplies in Seguro Popular or Imms. You should know this.
  4. US passport renewal at Lakeside?

    You are welcome Xena...mine expires Feb. but I wanted to get a jump on it, so am happy next Weds is just pickup. I arrived at the legion at 8:30 and was # 6 in line for renewal. My check was for wrong amount so just paid difference in pesos. My fault as I had planned to go month earlier so was different amount. I was not aware needed copy of passport so thankfully was early and ran and got one, it can be color or black and white not important. Good Luck Xena.
  5. New wheel needed on luggage

    The place in Chapala is great for suitcase, bags or shoe repairs...have had much work done by them.. Yes a great job repairing a zipper on a suitcase as well. That reminds me I think I forgot an item there oops..
  6. Francisco's number is 3317375292. He lives in San Antonio. Quite close to me
  7. US passport renewal at Lakeside?

    Next visit to Legion and LCS is Dec 6th. Bring original passport, filled out document you get online, copy of your passport, check from Banamex for amount Consulate states, if incorrect they will let you pay in pesos the difference. USA passport photo, Farmacia Guadalajara does them , very quick and cheap.. Picture ID like drivers license, or permanente. Legion they arrive at 9:30 ( be early or you will wait a long time ) 10:30 ish they go to LCS ?? I think correct time. You have to go the next month to pick up your passport with your receipt and photo ID...See you there, I am picking mine up Dec 6 at Legion. LOL.
  8. advice for TV service

    Way over my head, feel like I am watching my lousy basic cable spanish channels reading this thread. SKY tv is this new?? Do they speak english at their office, costs, equipment needed.??? English channels??? All the other info is all greek to me..way too techie for us non techs to understand. I am still lost,, tv is horrible, internet telecable wise is up and down, even telmex up and down.. Can't anyone just put into easy kindergarten language, how and what there is available>? costs and channels in english?/

    truly it varies by house, area, what you use, who might or might not be tapped into your line, quite common here..the list goes on..... 2 bedroom, 2 bath home, nothing running ..hahah..500 plus pesos every 2 months, now how can that be, but it is for a house I am taking care of..
  10. Insurance- What to get????

    My insurance costs me roughly $4000-4500 USD per year, a bit more each year. This is for myself and my 27 year old son. It is private insurance with top hospitals, private room. Can never be drooped against the law in Mexico unless you do not pay of course. I have gotten well over my costs of insurance as I had cancer and follow up for 8 years. My son also had a major accident requiring surgery and follow up. I get a bone injection 2 times a year it costs over $500. an injection.. just as an example. Manana here also means anytime after today!
  11. Insurance- What to get????

    Bottom up in Mexico..Seguro Popular, then IMMS then Private insurance. Unless you are fluent in spanish and are okay with less than half par nursing services the Seguro Popular or IMMS may work for you. I have had one experience with IMMS, I am an RN, they were ore than kind but..not my idea of health care. Seguro Popular had another experience with an elderly parent...no way Jose...7 hour wait for a life or death issue... Think over your health insurance needs and costs thoroughly. Some of the catastrophic illnesses can bust you. Even with insurance. Yes I know it will not happen to you...I said the same..now with private health insurance we are still in debt thousands from a cancer diagnosis....yes I am alive but in debt , thank goodness I had private insurance, 9 years later the costs still keep coming...take heed.
  12. I have not tried as yet but I heard glycerin will remove the spots..
  13. Hospital del Carmen most certainly has and has had for years mammogram machines and bone density. I have been let u scall it a frequent flyer there for many years now and had a bone density just this past October. I assume you would need an appointment with outpatient.. They bought the equipment I am sure years ago......I have been going there over 9 years now...It is a major hospital!!!
  14. amazon prime mx

    Thank you..