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    I believe Guadalajara!!

    This is a 5k walk/run which will start at the Central Plaza in Ajijic, go down to the Malecon, along to the end of the Malecon and then up to the Carretera, the along the Carretera to the Cemetery at La Huerta. At the Cemetery the participants will retrace their step back to the Central Plaza. You can email ron.howardson@gmail.com for further info on registration and such... I will be there and hope to see many walkers and or gain more sponsors...this is a wonderful cause for everyone..Breast Cancer is taking too many lives..female, male, young and old.
  3. I thought they changed rules, no bank account unless temp or permanent resident but not positive.
  4. donate eyeglasses

    I actually would like to know where to donate eyeglasses..now..funny this topic came up as I found two pairs already to donate..LOL

    not yet, was supposed to be yesterday but not ready. It is 250 peso registration or 150 with 2 sponsors paying 10 pesos per KM , it is 5 km walk or run. I am awaiting more info.. walkers get a shirt and drinks ( water I assume)...
  6. US passport photos

    Thanks to all...any idea on cost?? and do we need one or 2 pics for renewal?
  7. Best,and easiest place to get passport photos taken? USA passports..
  8. RFC number

    Okay thanks Spencer. I need to renew my passport this coming month and will go see you when I get it back. I was under impression I could just do this in Chapala where? with my RFC number and they give you a code. More than frustrated with everything hitting at once..LOL. Things were whatsoever easier in some ways years ago..dating myself.
  9. Gardener Needed

    I have a gardener I can recommend for you his name is Francisco, has his own transportation and I believe equipment, speaks quite a b it of english as well. Very honest and trustworthy. Hard worker and he also takes care of pools. I have known him and his whole family for 19 years! Mendoza Garden Maintenance, 331 1737 5292. You can tell him the mother of Sean referred him.
  10. Telmex Line for sale

    amazing...exactly how it was when I moved here 20 years ago..no phone lines unless someone had one for sale..and telmex charged hefty fees to get a line when they became available. I guess some things never change..LOL
  11. Does anyone have a cook?

    I do not have one, but please share your info when you get some... I would love to have a cook...more so than maid which I do have!
  12. RFC number

    Honestly I have no clue how I have one..but I do and do not remember the process. I have been here almost 20 years so who knows. I can go into online system and see my number but not print. I need a printed one for my insurance company..
  13. contrary to popular belief here, most of things that appear here are not for expats but for the nationals.. Walmart was not for expats..this development most likely is not either. How about the fact that 2 hospitals are going to open here, where will all those employees live, and so we can go on and on and rant rant.. it is being built..love it or leave it..will generate lots of tax money for San Antonio I am sure. Things change..accept it..I have been here almost 20 years and most changes have been progressive and have yet to hear of one that the locals disliked..except the ugly gringos...
  14. RFC number

    I have an RFC number but am unable to print it...was told I had to go to somewhere in Chapala to have them give me a code3 or such to do so the first time..anyone know about that???
  15. Recovery time varies on a person to person basis. Stairs will not be doable at first..move bed on main level. A walker at first is necessary progressing to cane. Raised toilet seat and I also had handicap bars put near toilet as could not get off. Showering might be best if have help, though depends on person I was fearful as I fell and broke my hip. Shower chair is comforting and a good idea. I was out of bed next day but was difficult and muscle spasms were intense. Other than that pain tolerable but fear intense. I would never have both done at same time unless absolutely necessary. Putting on shoes, socks, and things such as that will be impossible for a long time.. Definite PT needed. I had surgery done by Dr Gonzales at Mascaras, am very happy with results. Think I was in hospital 3 or 4 days but again was compromised. I had just recently finished chemo so was in a weakened state as it was... unable to drive for a good 6 weeks or longer , was my right hip. Good to have ability to prepare physically and mentally. Best wishes.