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    Hud; I was starting to provide a well thought out answer to you about human/animal behavior and stealing. But, then I thought I might look at your post history and discovered you seem to have a negative troll like answer to just about everything. At this point I feel logic would fall on deaf ears. People might think your posts have to do with the areas you list you have lived: Oklahoma and Texas as both are known to produce more than it's share of narrow/negative minded people. But I was born and raised in Oklahoma and moved here after 20 years in Texas so I know the states can also produce those with positive attitudes. And for the record, every town I lived in in OK and in TX had more than it's share of thieves. The only explanation for you not having any problem because you "didn''t pick a bad place to live" was that you lived in the Eastern Oklahoma hills as a hermit. Or that you were that one crazy angry man in town whom no one talked to or got near. Thieves and bitter people are a fact of life - everywhere.
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    Maincoons We saw your house being built so we have been in Ajijic a whole lot longer that you have, my husband votes there, I vote in Chiapas and we have residences in both states and are Mexican Citizens so we have a whole lot more to say than you do. We stay in Mexico when sick , do not go back to the States , I work for a Mexican company from Jalisco in Chiapas so if someone has nothing to say it is you. I can see why you would not like San Cristobal.. ..a little too real for you... the number 1 tourists here are Mexicans number 2 are Europeans so you are a little bit out of your element here. My husband spends most of his time in Ajijic and I spend a lot of time in Chiapas we have owned a house in Ajijic longer than you have been around so really if one of us has nothing to say it is you... I could also say the same thing to you in Spanish a whole lot better than you could. It is pretty funny for a man who is always bragging about his house and wealth to say that San Cristobal is pricey.. must have been scared of eating where the locals eat. I live near the market and shop there every day and it is a whole lot cheaper to live here than in Ajijic..it should be , the town is full of poor people. who do not eat in restaurants downtown. You chose to see the tourists area and that is your business but if you live here you know better than eat in the tourists traps.. Comparing a 450 year old town to Playa del Carmen is pretty funny. , they are both tourists towns but the tourism between the two is very different. I can assure you that all the European backpackers are not spending a whole lot of money here. As far as the government affairs in Chapala you really do not have anything to say either and your accusing them of all kinds of things is getting pretty old. They are what they are, if you do not like it vote for someone else. Your doctor and gardner and all other service people are Mexicans , they have the right to criticize their government, you do not. By the way you have no authority to define who is full time or part time here and Ajijic is part of the Chapala municipality like it or not and Ned Small has the same right than anyone else to discuss Ajijic if that is what he wants to do Resident of Ajijic or not.
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    I'd agree with your observation Lakeside7. IMHO there are two primary causes: 1. Mexican car ownership has skyrocketed. In Jalisco for example car sales are increasing annually at a rate around 20 percent or higher. Put that with the renewed popularity of a newly mobile of the city of 6 million we live very close to and that translates to a lot more visitors. I note people observing similar impacts in places like Mazamitla, Tapalpa, Puerto Vallarta and other popular recreational destinations. The Tapatios have wheels and money in their pocket and they like to get out of town. 2. Unfortunately this influx has not been met with increased and better services and management locally. Quite the contrary. Whether it be trash removal, road repair, addressing traffic issues outside of Chapala the local government is AWOL. It is noteworthy the Pueblo Magico visitation committee commented on the general trashiness and obvious failure to manage solid wastes and other environmental issues. And they've been handing out building and business permits for ugly and damaging projects like candy not to mention the ear shattering concerts. Look at the broken benches and the rotting bridges on our Malecon. Together with the trash and the potholes the overall presentation of this town has gone down. Way down. When we moved here 10 years ago, street repair was systematic and consistent. Yes we had cobblestones but those were kept in far better repair. As for trash removal you could set your watch by it. Major streets like the carretera and around the plaza were swept regularly. No more. Jalisco in general has gone backwards in environmental protection and road maintenance. Let's face it Chapala highway is a bone jarring, car wrecking nightmare. Just about every road in this state is nearly as bad or getting so other than those pricey toll roads. The current Jalisco government cut road maintenance nearly 30 percent and it shows. It shows locally too since they are responsible for the maintenance of the carretera and there basically isn't any at all. After two years of failure to provide reliable and consistent trash service Ajijic is a lot trashier than it used to be. The Pueblo Magico people noticed it, my visitors notice it and we notice it. It is a regular occurrence to have to bring the trash back in on missed pick up days. Unfortunately not everyone does that so the stuff gets scattered all over the place. No, if we came today for the first time and saw this we probably would have looked elsewhere. The situation is manageable IMO but this local government isn't going to do it. Given the reformers can't seem to understand that running 5 candidates is a sure bet for reelecting the current regime I don't see a lot of hope for a better municipal future here.
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    Some years back, all the restaurants started hiring musicians to play during supper, then lunch. And lost a lot of customers. Salvadore's restaurant came close to going under after he started playing music at lunch. Tony's became the place to avoid while he was singing at 8pm. I will never go to a restaurant that plays anything more than background piano, or quiet jazz records, during mealtime. A singer-songwriter duet, such as recently advertised locally for 6pm? Forget it. Dinner out is the perfect place to chat with friends and renew old acquaintances, not to shout over your food.
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    Amazing how small this community is.. who cares who the managers or owners are... If the store is a good one I'll go there , if not I won´t.. it is that simple no need to have a personal campaign one way or the other..
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    I really see no reason to kick Superlake no matter who is the manager. SL is one of the top expat resources here. To me they are more important than the American Legion where I am a member and the LCS where I did not renew.
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    Love it. Keep these checkpoints coming! Nobody tolerated drunk driving NOB , why are we not all clapping hands and supporting this effort here. Too many lives have been lost to this. Make the penalties as high as possible I say! Viva Mexico!! Set em up all over Lakeside every weekend all weekend and maybe we will get less "party crowds from the city" on weekends. We all need to support and encourage this effort. Well done Jalicso!!!!
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    Most crime is not reported. Be concerned. Very dangerous. Cancel trip
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    But you do win the award as most negative comments regarding this area of Mexico, in my opinion. Fred Habacht
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    I really wonder what all the bitching is about. If you are American your dollar goes pretty darn far here in Mexico. I am a Canadian so my dollar doesn't go so far. I wonder if you were back in the U.S. or Canada would you be bitching so much or just accept that this is what you have to pay and if you don't want to pay then don't buy it. I really get fed up hearing all this crap that goes on here about the cost of living. You are so lucky to be in a warm climate, with nice people , close to Guadalajara that has great concerts, opera , shopping. So please understand where the pesos is and when Superlake or now Poncho's buy from the U.S. it costs them a lot. So if you don't want it don't buy it , but please stop bitching. Jackie Sandler
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    No one gives a rat's ### about how you rate women's bodies. Get lost.
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    Court0503 is correct here, and has every right to be peeved. Those chastizing should be admonished. These records are public, intentionally so, so that owners, contracters, and anyone else can uncover legally-important issues. Neighbours have every right to know what's what when water leaks, trees grow past their boundaries, illegal businesses are operating... the list goes on and on. And realtors and their lawyers are the main clients of these files. Lot boundaries are one thing here that are fought over in court constantly, and signing a lease or a purchase agreement requires strict adhesion to the information contained therein. The woman that passed the info along is typical of the insiders' network, and should be fired for misrepresentation and using a government and public position to advance her husband's career. And he should be fired from his position with the realty company and blacklisted from ever working in the business again. These are shenanigans of the worst kind.
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    The developers of Puerto Arroyo have no obligation to obtain phone lines for the houses they build. The realtor has a moral but no legal obligation to disclose that phone lines are not available currently. Buyer beware everywhere in North America; but especially in Mexico where there are few consumer laws. IMHO the OP did not perform due diligence before moving to Mexico as he should have understood that phone lines are problematic at Lakeside and the non-existent legal obligations of realtors to disclose potential problems .
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    I wonder why there is need for other people to pontificate and suggest they are born again experts of the culture in which we live....it's your monkey keep it on your back
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    When any of these services - or any individual - takes money or a "negotiable instrument" (a check, for example) across the U.S./Mexico border in either direction they must declare if they are transporting over $10,000 USD or equivalent. Look at the customs forms you complete going in either direction. The person or business transporting those funds much declare the amount if it is over $10,000 USD. You can transport more but you absolutely must declare it. If not the funds are subject to confiscation and the person or business is subject to a fine. I personally wouldn't carry anything for anyone across the border in either direction without knowing what it is. People and business do so all the time and almost always get away with it. But they do face some serious consequences if something goes wrong. If "getting away with it" works for you then go for it. For a while HandyMail had a policy that they would not accept mail containing a check of any size. That was after the problem they had that was mentioned above. Certainly sounds like a reasonable response and absolutely no doubt that they have every right to set any policy the want and to charge whatever they want for any service they provide. And they can change their terms, services and prices any time they want to. Just like any other business. When HandyMail or anyone else takes things to the border and "imports" it into the U.S. so they can take it to a Post Office on the U.S. side they REALLY are importing it. Pretty black and white. If you took some mail NOB for someone and there was a big check that got confiscated then would you reimburse the person who asked you to carry the check - and also pay the fine? Even if you didn't know you were carrying it? I'm not sure what anyone that is up in arms about this expects. No "advanced warning"? Blindsided? So HandyMail should send out a notification to everyone that might ever use any of their services just in case I might want to use them someday and wouldn't want to be "blindsided". Wow!!! Just plain silly. How on earth were you so irreparably damaged and personally offended by being quoted a price you didn't like? When you go into any business and ask them to do something or to sell you something they tell you how much it will cost. At that point - and only at that point - you have the option of saying "okay" or saying "no thank you". Seems REALLY easy and straightforward. They can't rip you off whether you say okay or no thanks. Just walk away if the deal doesn't work for you. If you say yes they didn't rip you off - you had a choice. If you went in and said you wanted them to do something for you and you would pay them $10 pesos and they said "no thanks" would you be ripping them off? Let me throw out another scenario. HandyMail charges you a fee - one that you like better or even the "exorbitant" amount they quoted you. They ignore the possibility that the funds can be at risk and just throw tour check in a bag along with other mail that happens to contain checks and get that bag to the border - in an hour, a day, a week or a month. At the border the bag is opened, the funds are discovered, they are confiscated and HandyMail gets a big fine. Would you expect HandyMail to cover your lost money? Would it be reasonable to expect them to just eat the fine? Much ado about nothing! If you don't like the price then make other arrangements. Using terms like RIPOFF is really inappropriate and offensive. I personally think HandyMail deserves praise for protecting us from ourselves. I personally wouldn't use anyone that didn't take this seriously - and they get to charge what they want for providing this service. And I get to say okay or no thanks.
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    Wrong on both counts. We had a rave in the same place 3 blocks from my house. Nope, you're wrong Mainecoons. (In my very humble opinion because I'll probably be disappeared from this site if I don't say that.) You're wrong, in both your previous post in this thread, on many counts, and also in this latest one above which I'm only partially responding to now. And you know very well I've lived here as long as you have, and I lived in the house adjacent to yours three years ago. Yes, that was a loud music-filled event three years ago, but that was not a Rave. The event at the lakeshore in West Ajijic below seis esquinas a month or two prior to that WAS a rave. (And yes, it was truly awful, even all the way across town.) But that was the one and only "Rave". But I've learned, with respect, of course, there's no point in discussing or debating anything with you. You control all of the levers and switches on Chapala.com. And you're always right. Lastly, I hope you find a way to make peace with the local noise you'll never be able to change or make go away. Perhaps the famous quote below will help you. I hope so. -------- God grant me the serenityto accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.
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    Let's give this guy, tkessler, some thanks for taking this on.
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    To all those complaining about the “Golf Cart” problem and how it’s not fair that they don’t have to pay referendums, get plated or have insurance. And that they get in the way of the rightful users of the roads and parking spaces - cars. Allow me to retort: Cars, not golf carts, are by far and away the biggest problems at Lake Side – no need to look further than the highway any day of the week or the “no place to park” situation in Ajijic. Polluting, expensive, proven to be deadly and massively oversized for the tiny, narrow side streets, cars deal destruction and pain here on a daily basis. Kids, old ladies, dogs and cats all fall victim every year and it’s like, well, so what? I need to get around, don’t I? And these damn golf carts – always getting in my way… Golf carts have a 3.5 horse power electric motor and normally can’t even hit 15 mph, hence no need for all the safety equipment. On the terrible back roads here, they usually go much slower. And I agree, that’s where they belong. Not on the highway or the bike path. But on the frontage roads? Give me a break. You can park 2 golf carts in a parking spot and they are being used in many small tourist towns all over the world as smart transportation. In my mind, car users should give way to golf carts, not the other way around. Golf Carters are doing their part to make life better here by reducing congestion, lowering pollution levels, making less noise, saving energy ($10 USD per month in electricity to run), adding to the fun and interesting flavor of the area and generally being good citizens. They are ideal for shopping and making short trips. And oh yeah, not killing anybody – don’t forget that. Zero is the number of golf cart related fatalities for the last 10 years. Why should we serve as a target for the self-righteous, self-centered and self-serving car population? Seems like it should be the other way around…
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    I thought some people would find this interesting. If you're not, I am good with that. Although, I don't understand why you bothered to post about something you don't care about.
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    Every time I feel frustrated driving East into the village I am still appalled watching most;y local vehicles throwing trash out the window. When I feel very frustrated I take a trip back to the US. I am terrified of driving on 4-8 lane highways. I cringe at restaurant prices. I quake at housing prices. After four days I long for Ajijic again with all its faults.
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    Regardless of living or moving to Mexico, I am surprised if your work depends on good internet you did not ask that question and if there was service to check its speed etc
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    on our forum "let's talk about our furry friends" a dog breeder has offered a yorkie for hundreds of dollars, and made a sale. i for one don't think this forum should be used as free advertising space to sell high priced dogs. mod 2 had reason to think it was ok, but i'm hoping he reconsiders. i don't believe he really wants to see more dog sellers using this forum as ad space and promotional copy running into hundreds of words. this newbie member and dog breeder is actually now protesting some posters' opinions. i really have nothing against a legit and responsible breeder selling their high priced dogs, just not on this forum intended for discussion, guidance, advice on pets--and especially for finding homes for needy dogs and cats. the thread is: "yorkie puppy looking for a good home" on our furry friend forum. i've expressed my opinion there on this matter. lexy
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    Seems to me O.P. would be better off joining a forum consisting of 15 year old boys. More in his league. Mods- why do you allow this guy to keep posting his misogynistic and xenophobic rants? Not to mention his personal attacks on other posters.
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    You call taking a half a grain of rice worth of cannabis oil before bed at night a "stoner"? I'll just call you unbelievably ignorant and stupid.