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    Soon Mainecoons will shut this down but usually after he makes the "last" comment. :-) On Mexican social networks extensive anti-American sentiment and rising. Today an American friend faced it a bank. I hear it daily in various offices. It will get much worse. As a Mexican who works with expats daily it is so easy for expats to live here legally and not a lot more effort than it takes for a Mexican to change planes in the US. Not even a background check is done by consulates 99% of the time which is so wrong. Expats get free healthcare, INAPAM; tourists in many places get a driver's license and can buy and register a vehicle. How much easier do you want it? Meanwhile, a significant number earn income illegally with no payment of tax and no INM approval including landlords. I even know of one posting here who has provided mortgages at lakeside and I am willing to bet he never paid tax on the interest received nor had the appropriate visa. I also meet expats who fudged their bank accounts to show income that was not theirs, some here with no legal right to do so. And while everyone thinks all expats contribute greatly to the Mexican economy I ask how is that so when I have met many making less than $1000 per month and a slow as 600? Now I see a silly comment below that states ... oh well not the same number of expats doing things illegal in Mexico as Mexicans in the US. Some will use anything to justify. If the US did not hire Mexicans few would be going there to work to provide for their families back in Mexico. But greed for cheap labor that can be easily taken advantage of prevails. And many of the Hispanics in the US are from Central America. Some may want to read: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/theta-pavis/decades-of-us-interventio_b_5610684.html Meanwhile, there are many INM staff including from SMA at Mexico's southern border turning back those from Central and South American trying to reach the US. Overall expats are a benefit but many are not just as many Mexicans are a benefit to the US but not all. Americans rejoiced when the Berlin wall come down. Oh how things change. Viva Mexico
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    Denise - you may need to understand the quantity of puppies and kittens being thrown out in the area, or half starved where ever they are living. There are times when euthanasia is a kind solution. Please don't condemn until you are the person who has just discovered 7 abandoned puppies and is responsible enough to do something about them, rather than just walk on.
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    I was raised going to bullfights, they are part of my culture so I can criticize them all I want. . My grand-father took us every Sunday in the summer. I saw all the famous bullfighters and saw several of them being hurt.. Bullfights and games with the fighting cows and acrobatics with fighting bulls are part of my culture and I vote to have the bullfights banned... In Boxing two consenting aldults are involved, their choice.. In a bullfight the bull has no choice, RV no point rationalizing that the meat is sold.. Have you ever tried to eat the meat of a bull afer it has been running fighting for 20 minutes?? The meat is horrible, it used to be given to hospitals for stews..The bull is tortures for 20minutes.. which means 6 bulls are tortured for 20 minutes each for the pleasure of humans.. In my grandfather´told us how they used to use old horses without protection and it was common to see a horse running as it was losing its guts stepping on them etc.. then they passed a law to protect the horses. Very few matadores are any good, they miss very often and the sword enters the bull totally and than the bull has to be made to run in circle to get the sword out , usually bleeding from the mouth as it is hit in the lungs and not in the heart and so on.. I have no problem with the bull being shot and butchered , I do have a problem with the bull being put through that. Bullfighting has been outlawed in Catalonia. It is outlawed in France except in a few cities where it is an old tradition like Bayonne or Dax but it will be outlawed eventually and really should be put away like feeding the Christians to lions was ... A lot more things should be outlawed but that one is totally gratuiteous for the pleasure of a few people and to enrich the breeders ... The cows are also used in games but they are not killed as a results they become very tricky and the games can get pretty funny but the bulls get the pictures past the 20 minut and become very dangerous.. A cow will attack and gore people but not trample them, a bull will tram´le people and gore them. By the way what kind of a fight is it.. the bull starts out wounded as his neck muscles are damaged so he cannot keep his head up.. Gives us games without the picadores and may the best one winn, let´s see how long the bullfighters will last..
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    Maincoons We saw your house being built so we have been in Ajijic a whole lot longer that you have, my husband votes there, I vote in Chiapas and we have residences in both states and are Mexican Citizens so we have a whole lot more to say than you do. We stay in Mexico when sick , do not go back to the States , I work for a Mexican company from Jalisco in Chiapas so if someone has nothing to say it is you. I can see why you would not like San Cristobal.. ..a little too real for you... the number 1 tourists here are Mexicans number 2 are Europeans so you are a little bit out of your element here. My husband spends most of his time in Ajijic and I spend a lot of time in Chiapas we have owned a house in Ajijic longer than you have been around so really if one of us has nothing to say it is you... I could also say the same thing to you in Spanish a whole lot better than you could. It is pretty funny for a man who is always bragging about his house and wealth to say that San Cristobal is pricey.. must have been scared of eating where the locals eat. I live near the market and shop there every day and it is a whole lot cheaper to live here than in Ajijic..it should be , the town is full of poor people. who do not eat in restaurants downtown. You chose to see the tourists area and that is your business but if you live here you know better than eat in the tourists traps.. Comparing a 450 year old town to Playa del Carmen is pretty funny. , they are both tourists towns but the tourism between the two is very different. I can assure you that all the European backpackers are not spending a whole lot of money here. As far as the government affairs in Chapala you really do not have anything to say either and your accusing them of all kinds of things is getting pretty old. They are what they are, if you do not like it vote for someone else. Your doctor and gardner and all other service people are Mexicans , they have the right to criticize their government, you do not. By the way you have no authority to define who is full time or part time here and Ajijic is part of the Chapala municipality like it or not and Ned Small has the same right than anyone else to discuss Ajijic if that is what he wants to do Resident of Ajijic or not.
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    Next time just offer to take the dogs without the personal attack.
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    you missed a few adjectives - whiny, self-centered, entitled, .......
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    When I I got up this morning and was getting ready to run some errands I couldn't find my wallet. I looked all over the house, in the car, etc. and couldn't find it. I was thinking about all the hassles to get a replacement driver's license, INM card, credit cards, etc. not to mention some cash I had just gotten out of the ATM machine, What a mess. I started thinking back and finally determined that the last time I was sure I had it was when we went to a movie at Interlago Mall on the libramiento yesterday afternoon. I went by there about 1:30 today and they were all locked up as movies didn't start until later in the afternoon. I went back by again about 6:30 and talked to a couple of very pleasant and helpful employees. They went and got a young lady who introduced herself as the manager, I explained what I was looking for and she asked me a couple of questions - and then told me to wait for a couple of minutes. She unlocked the office and then opened a locked desk drawer. And out came my wallet! Absolutely everything was there - including all of the cash! I thanked her profusely and tried to give her a nice reward - which she refused. In fact she said that was not even working yesterday and wasn't exactly sure who had found it. I insisted that she accept the reward and we finally agreed that she would use the money I was offering to buy drinks and snacks for everyone. There are people that will take advantage of you anywhere - and people that will exhibit exceptional kindness everywhere, My experiences in Mexico have been overwhelmingly positive. Another great day in our little bit of paradise.
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    Denise, with all due respect, you have NO idea how many more puppies and kittens are born every day here than homes exist. And that's NOTHING compared to how it was 20 years ago before S/N really got into gear. If you are so outraged, after you pick up those pups, perhaps you'd like to drive out to Anita's and take on the 50-plus cats and kittens that will be put down because there are no homes for them either........ (and yes, we have 5 cats and 4 dogs, all rescues, and our inn is full) Euthanasia is never a nice prospect, but it beats the alternatives in many cases.
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    For those who ridicule people for some of their honest answers, and who think you should go back to Canada or the United States for wanting some of the things you had there, think back to the city you came from. Did you ridicule the Italian immigrants for all their stores in "Little Italy"? Or did you shop there sometimes for some of their great products? Did you ridicule the Chinese immigrants for what they had going on in "Chinatown"? Or did you go to their restaurants for some fantastic meals? All the cities have areas where immigrants of a certain nationality like to spend time together. You probably understood that it is human nature to want to be with people who speak your language, and to buy products in stores that suit your way of cooking, etc. There's comfort and familiarity in that, and there is nothing wrong with craving things you enjoyed in your home country. Why can't you see that it is the same for people who have immigrated to Mexico to want to eat certain foods, and buy certain things they grew up with? That doesn't mean that they're not enjoying their life in Mexico, and that they should go back. It means they are human and they feel comfort from certain things they grew up with, that's all. There is nothing wrong with that. Let me tell you who else wants many things from the U.S. Rich Mexicans. Take a look around in Superlake and you will see Mexicans who can afford it in there buying all those imported products at high prices. Take a look around in Guadalajara and you will see many American stores and chain restaurants, and who do you think they opened those for? The foreigners from Lake Chapala? No. It turns out that Mexicans like that stuff too, if they can afford it. MaineCoons had a good point above, I must say.
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    These kinds of posts really irritate me. Monica 40 posted asking for help but her question was very vague. People tried to figure out of what she was asking in order to help her out. Rather than clarifying what she was looking for she pretty much said "never mind" because she had gotten her answer somewhere else. Rather than enlightening the rest of us as to what she was looking for and where to find it so everybody could learn, she signed out of the conversation she started. To my way of thinking that was very rude. This webboard is a community where we can all help each other and learn. Monica40 did nothing to help anybody but herself. I say kudos to those who tried to help this newbie and shame on her for her selfish way of handling this topic. Hopefully she will learn and be more considerate of other participants in the conversation in the future. The same sort of postings bug me on the pets forum. People post about a lost or found animal or one needing to be adopted but then never follow up with updates or resolutions. It is not right to tug at people's heartstrings to get them to care about the welfare of these animals and then leave us dangling. Please, people, finish the story!! Just my humble observation and opinion.
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    I should definitely stay out of this but I am not smart enough to do so. I find this pretty funny so here I go. I must be bored tonight. Let the flaming begin. I personally can't imagine asking a restaurant to measure my wine to prove to me that they are serving some pretty arbitrary amount that I have decided is "correct:. Has anyone really done this??? Wow. Never seen that happen anywhere. But that is a great idea so I am going to start asking restaurants to weigh my mashed potatoes, green beans and the slice of pie I order for desert. Here is an interesting idea. Maybe someone can go around town and measure the "pour" at all the restaurants so we will have a chart. We can then determine the cost per ounce, factor in the exchange rate for various currencies, and update it frequently, After all we are talking about serious money here - typically about $3 for a glass of wine most places around town. I have another well tested approach that has worked for me. I only order wine from restaurants in small fishing villages in Mexico where there is a credentialed sommeliers on duty. So far that strategy has been flawless. I've never been disappointed. I am sure that many of you will not find this at all funny but I think it is pretty hilarious.
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    Love it. Keep these checkpoints coming! Nobody tolerated drunk driving NOB , why are we not all clapping hands and supporting this effort here. Too many lives have been lost to this. Make the penalties as high as possible I say! Viva Mexico!! Set em up all over Lakeside every weekend all weekend and maybe we will get less "party crowds from the city" on weekends. We all need to support and encourage this effort. Well done Jalicso!!!!
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    Most crime is not reported. Be concerned. Very dangerous. Cancel trip
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    But you do win the award as most negative comments regarding this area of Mexico, in my opinion. Fred Habacht
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    I'd be happy if the streets and main roads weren't full of potholes that destroy small cars. Some of the above answers are leaving me gobsmacked: More lousy fast food restaurants like the U.S.? What ARE those people thinking? Why did they move here, anyway?
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    May you always pay attention, never get old and confused, never be ill and make a mistake, and always remain confident and certain. If any of those things do happen to you may you never be considered stupid or foolish by smug people who think they would never let something like that happen to them.
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    Nana, actually REC's sarcasm IS funny -- well, to some of us anyway. We don't take ourselves too seriously and forget that others may. You are missing the point. There is something funny about a person "trained by a master sommelier who has worked in many large cities (New York, Montreal, San Francisco, etc)" trying to apply her standards to a restaurant called the Avocado Club in a former driving range on a two-lane road in the middle of Mexico. They do measure their wine and maybe your way would be better but the way they do it works for them. I understand how you feel but still the humor does not escape me.
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    And Ned = Pedro
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    Court0503 is correct here, and has every right to be peeved. Those chastizing should be admonished. These records are public, intentionally so, so that owners, contracters, and anyone else can uncover legally-important issues. Neighbours have every right to know what's what when water leaks, trees grow past their boundaries, illegal businesses are operating... the list goes on and on. And realtors and their lawyers are the main clients of these files. Lot boundaries are one thing here that are fought over in court constantly, and signing a lease or a purchase agreement requires strict adhesion to the information contained therein. The woman that passed the info along is typical of the insiders' network, and should be fired for misrepresentation and using a government and public position to advance her husband's career. And he should be fired from his position with the realty company and blacklisted from ever working in the business again. These are shenanigans of the worst kind.
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    The OP didn't pretend they hadn't made a mistake. Why be so ungracious? They were simply giving us a heads up. As far as any relationship about Mexico not being someone's place and this unfortunate mistake, this can and will happen just about anywhere. Let's try and not be constantly telling people this isn't their place or they should leave when they post something we don't like. Thanks OP for sharing your story.
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    I agree more with Mainecoons. If our infrastructure was better maintained, I would be happy. To be honest, I hate to see this area become a series of store malls. Guadalajara has most of what we really need and is closer than a flight to the states. just my opinion.
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    I have it on good authority that the fence picture is actually showing families on the Mexican side trying to touch the hands of their families on the American side. Nothing at all to do with gratuitous attempts to cross the border that would showcase this sense of "entitlement" that Mexicans supposedly feel. Sonia, right on.
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    Maincoons is wrong. Hacienda del lago has aquired their license and are open for business. i think its time to let it go and should consider looking for something else to complain about. Hacienda Del Lago is a wonderful restaurant with great food and an exceptional staff. come visit and find out for yourself.
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    Wrong on both counts. We had a rave in the same place 3 blocks from my house. Nope, you're wrong Mainecoons. (In my very humble opinion because I'll probably be disappeared from this site if I don't say that.) You're wrong, in both your previous post in this thread, on many counts, and also in this latest one above which I'm only partially responding to now. And you know very well I've lived here as long as you have, and I lived in the house adjacent to yours three years ago. Yes, that was a loud music-filled event three years ago, but that was not a Rave. The event at the lakeshore in West Ajijic below seis esquinas a month or two prior to that WAS a rave. (And yes, it was truly awful, even all the way across town.) But that was the one and only "Rave". But I've learned, with respect, of course, there's no point in discussing or debating anything with you. You control all of the levers and switches on Chapala.com. And you're always right. Lastly, I hope you find a way to make peace with the local noise you'll never be able to change or make go away. Perhaps the famous quote below will help you. I hope so. -------- God grant me the serenityto accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.
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    Let's give this guy, tkessler, some thanks for taking this on.
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    To all those complaining about the “Golf Cart” problem and how it’s not fair that they don’t have to pay referendums, get plated or have insurance. And that they get in the way of the rightful users of the roads and parking spaces - cars. Allow me to retort: Cars, not golf carts, are by far and away the biggest problems at Lake Side – no need to look further than the highway any day of the week or the “no place to park” situation in Ajijic. Polluting, expensive, proven to be deadly and massively oversized for the tiny, narrow side streets, cars deal destruction and pain here on a daily basis. Kids, old ladies, dogs and cats all fall victim every year and it’s like, well, so what? I need to get around, don’t I? And these damn golf carts – always getting in my way… Golf carts have a 3.5 horse power electric motor and normally can’t even hit 15 mph, hence no need for all the safety equipment. On the terrible back roads here, they usually go much slower. And I agree, that’s where they belong. Not on the highway or the bike path. But on the frontage roads? Give me a break. You can park 2 golf carts in a parking spot and they are being used in many small tourist towns all over the world as smart transportation. In my mind, car users should give way to golf carts, not the other way around. Golf Carters are doing their part to make life better here by reducing congestion, lowering pollution levels, making less noise, saving energy ($10 USD per month in electricity to run), adding to the fun and interesting flavor of the area and generally being good citizens. They are ideal for shopping and making short trips. And oh yeah, not killing anybody – don’t forget that. Zero is the number of golf cart related fatalities for the last 10 years. Why should we serve as a target for the self-righteous, self-centered and self-serving car population? Seems like it should be the other way around…
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    I thought some people would find this interesting. If you're not, I am good with that. Although, I don't understand why you bothered to post about something you don't care about.
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    Betty,....' lower skilled non skilled & less educated people party all night '.... this has to be the greatest insult to any people. Go out in the sunshine, take a deep breath and be thankful you are able to live here. The alternative is that place between here and Guad and can take you anywhere you want.
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    Dr. Mireles is a hero and his treatment since he became a political prisoner is a disgrace. Many, many people are following his legal case and supporting the plea for his immediate release. The real criminals in Michoacán were released from custody years ago while Dr. Mireles lies closer and closer to death.
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    Right. Because house walls, walls around a property or a development are just exactly the same thing as a 2,000-mile border wall. Exactly. The. Same.
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    And you will see more and more of this and as I noted on social meeting anti American comments are very common. Now there is pressure on government from social media to increase expat visa requirements. In SMA the outcry on FB pages is growing. This anti-Americanism is not directed at any one person but out of fear, frustration and fierce pride. It is directed at the American government. It is like one has an issue at say WalMart and you take out your frustration etc with the cashier as that is the nearest person. When you have the leader of a country implying we are all thieves, lazy, rapists, drug addicts, etc people will strike back and they do so at the nearest person who is of that nationality. http://time.com/4651464/mexico-donald-trump-boycott-protests/ I have never seen or heard of an expat having an issue by simply protesting. IN SMA there are many very active expats who are very involved in protests etc. This includes FB pages, newspaper articles, public demonstrations, publicly calling out government representatives, mayors, councillors etc. It is big myth. And geesh cars.. you can have a foreign plated car here for all the years one is a tourist or TR. You think I can do that in Canada or the US? As to prices Mexican cars are now often cheaper and for expats thanks to exchange rates an out right bargain. Our 2014 Lincoln MKX with 13000 miles with every option 420000 pesos or about $17500 + tax very recently. In the US ten thousand more. 16% tax is IVA and is no different than the tax many states impose as well as Canadian provinces except one. Majority of Mexicans pay no income tax so there is a sales tax. We order every week from Amazon.com and often on orders of $65 or more no tax and no shipping cost. I suggest those with an issue need to look at other sources. Mircrowave replacement tray shipping and import fee is 13.54 delivered from Amazon to your address in Mexico. And Extending Lives Mexico owned by Ross MacDonald would deliver from their address in Texas to SMA, Chapala, Qyeretaro, Oaxaca for $3.60 a pound, $7.20 total. Cheese with "whine" a little more. :-) The countries taking the most immigrants are European thanks to the disaster created in the Middle East by people who should be tried for war crimes. I do not understand how some who have so many complaints stay here?
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    Same old, same old: things here are not going to change because YOU want them to. So, you have a choice: become angry, ruin your state of mind or go with how things are done here and live in a peaceful state of mind. Torito is not going to spend more money paying its employees to keep its posted prices up-to-the-minute current, Proseco is not going to come to Chapala. So, for heaven´s sake, put the darn item under the scanner and save yourself an early heart attack! The country is NOT going to change to suit your American sensibilities. You live in a country with different priorities, get used to it. And save the rest of us this useless complaining.
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    You call taking a half a grain of rice worth of cannabis oil before bed at night a "stoner"? I'll just call you unbelievably ignorant and stupid.
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    Who is Pedro and who cares? He does not even appear on this thread. I am sure that I speak for the majority on this board that I am getting very tired of some of the same people (many on this thread) going of on rants that have nothing to do with the subject matter. Grow up and stick to the subjects or take your stupidity elsewhere.
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    I have serious doubts about the quality of care if it's run by Santiago Hernandez.
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    Hugs get old when the food is less than good Fred Habacht
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    MC, I read the whole article. It doesn't quote me nor do I care about what you or others think about me. I was simply sharing an an article that I came across that suggests that there are other ways to skin the cat. Period. We very much enjoyed our 6 1/2 years in Ajijic. We learned very well what we needed to do to get what we wanted. As innkeepers we watched and learned how newcomers gained a foothold in the local community. Volunteering in a charity or removing graffiti was a great way to move up. No problem. Hire someone to take your trash and relax. Life is short. We miss our friends in Chapala but don't miss the mosquitoes, bobos, long drive to Costco, traffic, noise and the lack of really good restaurants, Tango excluded. Yes it's warm right now but we use ceiling fans and have never needed A/C. Our yearly CFE bill is $25 US per month. You need to sincerely relax. Our life is mucho mejor a la playa. We never need to check the level of the ocean. We get trash collection 7 days a week but if we didn't we would pay to have it done. Do as you all wish but keep in mind that life is short. Suerte.
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    I completely disagree. Are you living in the real world or some kind fantasy world? I have been travelling to México for over 25 years and live here now for 9 and this is complete nonsense. Have you ever been in a Mexican's home? Have you ever looked at the immaculate children going and coming from thier schools in thier spotless uniforms? Do you even know what you are talking about? Yes, maybe the streets might not be as clean and the garbage not picked up as in your perfect hometown, but have you ever heard of the phrase "behind the walls"? I suggest that you take a look some day before you spout your "Ugly American" reteric. And even if you are not American I suggest that you reconsider your offensive remarks or maybe think about why you are here in the first place. Just my opinion.
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    What I would call exciting would be the return of Johnsonville brats.
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    I don't think it is so much that Virgogirl complained but with how much bitterness she complained and how generalized her anger was. Maybe she was just having a bad day. However, to say it is INSANE that a business would be closed on a major holiday, part of a three day weekend, shows a lack of cultural understanding and a sense of entitlement that rubbed some people the wrong way. I live in Chapala and avoid going to Ajijic whenever I can due to even ordinary traffic and parking issues. However, calling the place many people live in and love "Ajjifreak" and "filthy" was unnessary and rude. You reap what you sow.
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    More absurdism via Chapala.com. A national holiday / three-day weekend that started Friday-ish ending this Monday-ish. Celebrating Benito Juarez birthday (look at the 20 peso bill in your wallet, lakeside7). Yes, traffic has been awful, but not just today. Restaurants have been busy all weekend.
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    It sounds like you did complain, and just from your original post, I would imagine you like to complain a lot. I'm sure the decision to cancel your order was not made lightly. There is a notice on their webpage that clearly states there is an extra store charge if items comes from another store. And, I know in the weekly emails I receive that clients are reminded repeatedly to review the information page or to ask questions. 50 pesos seems like a reasonable amount to pay for someone to go to another store to buy something you ordered and deliver it to your home. What would you charge someone to do this? I think your post was totally uncalled for and spiteful on your part. I have used their service for several years and found them to be honest, caring, dependable, punctual and thoughtful. In other words, they offer a wonderful service with integrity! She went out of her way to find several items I'd been looking for but couldn't find. When I ordered an item by mistake, they were happy to return it with no problem or charge. You said you weren't going to use the service again, so just move on. Your post was just trying to hurt their reputation. Shame on you! I hope you have a wonderful day!
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    SuperLake IS a local market owned and operated by Mexicans. Don't look now but SuperLake IS part of the local culture and experience.
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    Denise, you express a realistic concern for how the new administration in Washington might cause ripple effects for life down here. Despite the euphoria being experienced by some, no one can tell you there will be no problems. When a president is ignorant or delusional enough to threaten sending troops into a bordering sovereign nation all bets are off. The types of actions being taken by the current U.S. leader are the types of action that lead to international repercussions no matter how loudly his fans sing "Everything Is Beautiful." Life here now is as wonderful as it has been for the almost a decade I have lived here. Continue making your plans but keep a realistic eye on what is happening.
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    How much time would you take to make an important financial decision impacting your lifestyle, your family, and tax implications? More than 48 hours I'll bet. Do you, or will you in 5 years, speak fluent Spanish? If not why take a "touristy" drive around the lake? I think most of us who moved here considered other countries, their financial ramifications, climate and culture. For us the winner was Lakeside and for most to locate within the municipality of Chapala. I would take these considerations into play as if analyzing a stock prospectus. Then I'd come down for a couple of weeks to check out the immediate area. Then, consider renting and visiting the outlying areas of Guanajuato, San Miguel etc. for a year. Just my recommendations and ideas.
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    Mudgirl it is not fair to convert to what you think is the american equivalent. The maid was given a 10% raise pretty decent by any standards,
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    It is amazing how threads are deleted for just about zero reasons when serious accusations and attempts at destroying someone´s reputation are ok...
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    Here I go again. My wife is yelling at me to stop but I am hard to train. I give her so many reasons to yell at me that I have a certain amount if statutory immunity built up. I'm convinced that she doesn't really expect me to stop but she still yells at me. I actually have been told by the owner about the "wine pour" training at Avocado Club and Gossip (same owner). He has determined for himself the "correct pour". Amazing that he didn't need our help. In fact all of their beverages are measured and consistent. So he has a cup that is the amount to be served and the servers follow a very detailed and extensive process: Pour wine into cup Pour contents of cup into wine glass Serve Their wine serving training used to take 3 months and included an apprenticeship under a wine pouring expert with decades of experience in delivering $3 glasses of wine. But they now have the training down to 12 seconds. Most of that time is "here is the cup". Last time I was there I tried to hide their cup to see what they would do but they had a backup. I'll have to find another way to annoy them.
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    Maincoon you do not seem to get it, no zoning reg in the villages, businesses are not shoved in, they have the right to open..it is part of the inconveniences of living in the village.There are lots og B&B i and other businesses in town including right next to your house and a loud business accross your house as well, you should know that there is nothing you can do about it, That is life in the village. If you want protection by in a condominium or a fraccionamento that enforces their rules.. Wether these people have a legal permit or not is another issue that is up to the government not to a foreigner on a cruisade. The neighborhoods in villages are mixed because many of the people run theri businesses from their home. I heard they had an ordinance in Ajijic that you could not raise pigs in the village but I do not even know tif that is correct or no. IThe president does not need my support to get an ordinance passed, he has plenty of friends of supporters who can do that. I vote in San Cristobal but not here and PRI is not a party I support no matter what.