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    Most charitable bazars have volunteers and a paid manager. In my 9 years of working with bazars, I am very confident when I say, you must have a paid manager. There are many duties expected from a manager, especially paperwork if it is a consignment store. Managers usually do the pricing because if everyone did, there would be real chaos. In addition they have to make sure the bazar is clean, tidy, safe and everyone is honest, train new volunteers monitor length of time an item doesn't sell etc. You cannot expect a volunteer to do or want to do that.. Volunteers practically all are retired and have the freedom of coming and going, work certain days etc. As for only going to charitable bazars, that is your prerogative and the way many people feel, nothing is wrong with that.. Some bazars, however, are owned and run by Mexicans. This is how they earn money to live.
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    We found the owner and yes it was stolen, so they were happy to get their car back and not deal with the police.
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    I see Tapatios line up at the Waffle House every weekend. They love it; to them, it's a specialty place. It costs more, so it must be better. Same reason as places like Wings Army are popular throughout Guadalajara: overpriced and "must be classy". Same reason big box stores here are treated like specialty shops, unlike back home where we count on massive buying power to keep the costs down: here, prices are generally higher than any local ferreteria.
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    Thank you, Tom. But why should we be chasing them, screaming "Take my money?" Let them tell us what they have to offer in services and infrastructure needs, and a lot more of us will then throw our money at them once we have an informed opinion. Hey, I'm not trying to be a d!ck here, I just like to know what I'm getting when I fork over some coin. As such, I'm looking forward to the Telmex meeting on Thursday. And, in my experience from 11+ years here, there is a lot more money in the wallets of retirees here than just from Social Security cheques.
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    I got mine last evening.i am not prepared to pay upfront but if it happens i will probably contract. I have big doubts.why should people have to finance projects ? Thats why banks and investors exist.Dont illox have sufficient funds to fund this from their own account? In the scheme of things the outlay isnt huge for a so called telecoms company or indeed for any medium size business.This is a strange way to start .never heard of this type of financing in my life. Also looking at the website the only two residential projects completed are in a few blocks in two small towns.i find this a bit disconcerting. There is a map showing distribution but no information. How reliable will after service be? If we cancel telmex and then find service is unreliable and need to return ,with the lack of infrastuture and internet capacity lakeside how long would it take to reconnect? Months probably. These are my concerns but i do hope the project get underway or at least gives telmex a kick up the backside to improve their service.
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    You are joking, correct. If the OP wanted to make their own, they would have asked where to buy supplies. Pardon me for sounding cranky, but it's late at night and I can't find a pizza place... so I'm driving to Guadalajara so I can find a store so I can buy some goods so I can come back home so I can make my own pizza.
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    I recommend Dr. Hector Valenzuela, at Quality Care/Medicos Especialistas. They have a website. Everything will be done safely in a Guadalajara hospital. Having such a procedure done at Lake Chapala is not a good choice IMHO. Nor would I respect any physician who would recommend that it be done outside of a full service hospital, where immediate emergency surgery is available.
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    Sounds very much like a scam.bitcoin is extremely high risk investment as are all the other crypto currencies.hope this was explained to you. Not helped by local businesses advertizing seminars with so called experts. They dont exist in these markets. Anyway am off to check on my ostrich farm investment !!
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    I had cataract surgery with Dr. Rigoberto Rios who has been discussed in a very negative way on this board and others. I'm not in anyway saying that those events didn't happen. I read all those comments and took them into consideration in my choice of doctors for my procedure. I am personally completely happy with the results. I didn't find him at all arrogant. I am eventually going to have the other eye done and will go back to him when the time comes. Consultation and follow up in Riberas - surgery in Guadalajara. Again this is just my personal experience and I am not at all trying to negate other's experiences. Choice of doctors in any area of specialization is an extremely personal decision. Lots of great choices available.
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    Exact same reports and same complaints every single time they do licenses here. Why do people go and then complain about it? Stop going. It is soo easy to do it at one of their offices, enjoy a leisurely drive, stop for a pleasant lunch and be home with your new license while people are still waiting in line for theirs here.
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    I was sent home from surgery with 1 weeks supply of very heavy duty pain killer. Dilaudid. I took one pill and not another. Your sister in law is correct for so many people. I lived with the pain. In a way I called my pain Joe my friend, and I healed quite well. When on pain killer after other surgeries I did too much, thinking I was fine and I wasn't , just numb. I paid the price. And when one is on pain killer for a week or so and doctor says no more you go cold turkey. Thats why so many people try and buy it illegally. I read an article that spoke of 75% of the medication taken in the world is by Americans. If that is correct, something is definitely wrong.
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    Huh? Huh? Huh? I think it's known as The Cost of Living. I've never been to Ajijic but I don't have to go there to know the CoL has to be higher than in El Salinas Oaxaca. I doubt there are many Mexican families of 5-6 who are kicked back with the tele waiting for their housekeeping mother to come home with the bacon. I'm also sure her kids and her husband would rather she didn't have to work. Many of y'all are just painly bent on giving as little as possible. What do y'all think of a Gringo who earns 1/5 your income and tips more than you? Is he insane, stupid, drugged, senile, what?
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    Rental agencies, especially right now, will not want to take the time to chauffeur anyone around to look at neighborhoods. Especially if they are not going to benefit financially. If you want to see the inside of a particular house(s) in contemplation of renting, that's a different story.
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    I've been following this ilox thread since it started, and I appreciate the time and effort tkessler has put into it for both the company and the Lakeside community. However, something has bothered me from day one: Where is the marketing from ilox? They're coming into a "wealthy" area, inhabited by 10,000-ish retirees with - generally speaking - a nice amount of discretionary income to spend. And they only get 200 prepaid pledges? Seriously? No ads in the Guadalajara Reporter apart from the ones placed by tkessler. No meet-and-greet information sessions to drum up excitement. No formal posts on local ex-pat social media with rates, packages, or links to their website (thank you for the link above, ComputerGuy), no hustling the many fraccs and gated communities who have dozens if not hundreds of potential subscribers. Come on guys, target your target market! I'm sorry to say this, but if they install and service their fiber optic Internet as well as they're currently marketing it... those 200 people who pledged may be disappointed.
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    As explained before in other threads they don't want to risk invest their money into something if they aren't sure if there are enough customers. That is why they want some prepaid customers for the first year. It is only a small company and it would set them a few years back in time if they would do the construction and not enough people would contract them. Telmex and izzi have loads of money and still don't invest in lakeside. Ilox just want to know there are enough customers willing to pay. The constructioncosts are much higher then those 300 prepaid customers they want so most likely they are already financing the construction with banks. And just don't cancel your telmex for some time until you are sure it works fine.
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    This is a good example of attacking the person instead of providing a rebuttal of their opinion based on fact and knowledge. It bespeaks a person who either can't handle an opinion they don't like without getting personal or can't make their own case said opinion they disagree with is incorrect. Fortunately, several here did explain the how and why of Mexico's interest in death and life after death. Closed.
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    Many things are not about closed minds but this comment is way beyond being uninformed. It is willful ignorance on a massive scale. It bespeaks a person going through life with fingers firmly plugging ears and screeching “LalalalalalalaICan’tHearYou!”
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    Oh, come on. It is so far from being about death per se... your statements are completely uninformed. It is about celebrating the continuation of life on "the other side" (la mas alla). For those unwilling to spend a few minutes on Google doing research, I recommend going to see the movie Coco.
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    "death cult"??? Wow. An incomplete understanding of Mexican culture or.....??
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    To isolate what is sucking all that electricity, turn off your main breaker. Not the one at the street by the meter, but the one on the electrical panel in your house. Check the meter. If it's spinning, someone is sucking off your electric. If it doesn't move, turn your breaker back on and turn off EVERYTHING that runs on electricity. That means you have to unplug the electronics, electric toothbrush, everything that has a little red light even when the device is turned off, unplug the fridge, etc. Then have one person stand at the meter and watch it as you systematically, one by one, turn each thing on again. If they see the meter suddenly starting to spin rapidly, they shout- "that's it!" You could also do this with each individual circuit breaker, as one circuit may be the problem, as opposed to an appliance.
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    http://www.cp-electronics.com/eng/ One of the best around...IMHO....
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    Whether I go out with my best friend and spouse of nearly 40 years or with friends I like to engage in conversation. Anything other than light background music that does not interfere with conversation is a deal killer for us in a restaurant.
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    Couldn't agree more, it's too bad there's no way to avoid having to even SEE the ignored"self indulgent comments" here! One or 2 posters seem to be able to hold all the rest of us at ransom.
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    Similar situation in Mexico City, arguably the most expensive city in Mexico. The woman who works for me arrives at 7:30AM and leaves at 3:00PM or sometimes later, depending on her own schedule here. I pay her the going rate for domestic workers: 400 pesos a day. No one here--as far as I know--pays domestic workers by the hour. She brings something with her from the street for breakfast (coffee and a pan dulce, usually) and prefers to go home for comida with her family rather than eat a meal here. We have a purely business arrangement: I don't know her family, I don't know her financial circumstances--although I know that she has other domestic work every day--and I don't loan her money, bring her gifts from any of my travels, support her two children's education, or otherwise treat her as other than an employee. She's worked for me for about four years; she's happy, I'm happy. When retired foreigners ask me why I'm not involved with her personal life, I usually ask, "Remember when you worked? Was your employer involved with your personal life? Did he or she support your children's education, or bring you gifts from his or her vacations? Did your employer loan you money?" The answer is generally no--you did your job, you got your paycheck, you had a business relationship with your employer. Friendly in the office or the plant, of course--but that was it. That's certainly how my work life was. YMMV.
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    What were the other two doing?
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    My LearJet rattled a little. My runway cracked and threw up some dust. Five of the seven Playboy centerfolds who live here were frightened.
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    No numbers were given out to those turned away... Just a lot of wasted time...
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    Dear CCW, It is pathetic you are on your own to discover the town of Chapala. Chapala holds many attractive features unbeknownst to recent arrivals which for some reason or another are not voluntarily offered as an optional place to reside. Please, do not let that deter you. The promoters of Ajijic are wired within a radius of a goldfish bowl.. Unfortunately, that does not not extend beyond certain parameters to see another world. I would be willing to spend an afternoon with you to become acquainted with Chapala. Under construction, some roads are not accessible at this point in time however, it is still manageable to see much beyond the inconvenience.
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    An overnight trip from Ajijic to PV and back...?????? Its just over a 4 hour run to PV. (The airport) 2 hours or less wait time, and the 4 hours back to Ajijic... A round trip of 10 hours or less.. And he wants to charge you for overnight,,,, Would be finding another driver...
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    Has this place suddenly changed? I find the food awful, the atmosphere dismal and usually the music less than mediocre. Maybe this is the exception? Doubt it.
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    Meeting postponed due to conflicts in schedule, will reschedule ASAP.
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    Telmex board of directors for the state of Jalisco are coming this Thursday February 15th to the Real de Chapala to listen to our current internet needs, business leaders and community representatives are cordially invited, meeting to take place at salon Tabachines at 8:30 am. Please note, these folks accepted the invitation as long as the meeting stays on a positive, proactive tone. NO personal complaints will be tolerated.
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    Beach Smeach! We're now 6/6 snowbirds and loved a lot about Ajijic but I drove much too far to need a fire at night for 6 weeks. We're now in Colima and and love it. Lot's to see and do, very hot (its' not for everybody - you need AC at least in the bedroom), you can drive right across the city in less then 20 min and, best yet, the price of real estate is less than a third of Ajijic. And if you want a beach fix, it's only 45 min away. Muy Bueno!
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    What is this? "The pot calling the kettle black¨contest?
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    The good news is that no one is being forced to sign up or prepay. I'm going to do so with my eyes wide open. "Early adopters" face some risk but it sure is fun when you get the new toys to play with first.
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    This has already been discussed to death on this board. Simple answer? Don't cancel TelMex until you know.
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    That was long believed to be true. But, now they say it is a more complicated. https://pets.webmd.com/dogs/how-to-calculate-your-dogs-age
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    True dat. But in this instance, I have already been a guineau pig once in the past week, and I will take the selfish way out for now. I think I report positively on enough restaurants on this board that I can afford this little luxury.
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    Just curious, what is this, please?
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    Ned Small, I agree. I was one of those that had intestines punctured during this procedure and had to have emergency surgery to correct it. Would never never have this type of procedure done at Ajijic Hospital nor use a doctor that would recommend such a thing.
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    We happily used Cruz 3335981511
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    thank you for those who tried to help. I am not Constructional Dyspraxia. To those nasty people who had to comment on the misspelling, find a life.
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    Never mind Ned. This may help: It's Jimmy Barto and he plays sometimes at La Bodega on 16 de Septiembre in Ajijic. I imagine they have his contact information.
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    BEACH: There's relatively shitty weather there part of the year. HERE: There's relatively shitty weather here part of the year. ANSWER: Pick which feels relatively less shitty to you and you WIN the "Where to move in Mexico?" game. Congratulations!
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    Just so everyone understands: relocating a cat is harming it. Cats are territorial. Removing it from its territory will expose it to attacks from other cats whose territory it is now invading. It will not have the food and shelter sources it has established. Relocation is not as kind and harmless as it sounds.
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    Canadians seem to think differently than the US Liberals.