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    Pets are pets. Beloved most often, yes. But they are pets, not people. They will not die of loneliness when left at home for a couple of hours. They will not bother anyone when left at home. They will bother many people when brought into a restaurant. Pets stay at home millions of times a day, all around the world. There are reasons for laws forbidding pets in restaurants. Some here seem to believe that Mexican laws are not like real laws, and don't apply to gringos and expats. What BS.
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    I am quite bored with all the pontification about smoking and pets in restaurants. JUST DON'T GO! We are blessed with an abundance of restaurants here. Personally I do not smoke and MY dogs would rather stay home where they have a lovely large yard and plenty of food and water. GET OVER IT!!!
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    I am not going to mince words here. Yes, they are active again (or still ) in this area. After having a LONG visit (7 months) with my son nob, I have been back less than a week. Yesterday, in my Inbox on my private email was a "gift" from her... They must have seen me in the Avenida in Chapala or perhaps in the mall in Ajijic. She began posting here as 'Denise.' Then changed to 'Paschall1964', then to 'Peanut1964." Her gmail is Paschall 1964@gmail.com. She has a FB page, but I don't do FB. They arrived down here last July/August - she posting ahead looking for a cheap place for him to stay. Their names are Denise & Anthony Paschall. She is white & he is Afro-American. I have investigated both of them with the authorities in Florida. She claims to have been a classroom teacher (who specializes in teaching 'Shakespeare,' LOL), according to her FB page. If so, must have been voluntary, because there is no record of her on the Florida Classroom Teachers Association, nor the Retired Teachers Association. (My grandparents were teachers - I know where to look.). Likewise, since he claimed to be a parole officer, I checked with the Dade County & Ocala Police Departments, as well as the Florida Bureau of Pardons & Paroles. Never heard of him. He's 48. Awful young to retire. They said they had 30 years' credentials??? Really? Musta started at 18, then. I tried to warn about a year ago & was just shut down by the Admin/Mods. Nobody asked my side of the story at all. I don't participate much in this forum, but most DEF do not appreciate being stalked. Interact with them at your own risk. They got me one night (after I had shopped ONCE with her, so she had my phone number) after I'd taken my sleeping tablet, begging if they could spend ONE night because their car had exploded on the road from PV... Bullied & threatened me physically, etc. Never paid me anything like rent. Made a hella mess of everything. I had to have them removed by force almost 10 days later. I am a gentle person & had never encountered this "type" before. I was stupid. However, I stand behind every word I have ever said about this couple.
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    Very few Mexicans bring Fido to a restaurant. It's gringos (that includes you, Canadians). A feeling of entitlement (the owners, not the dogs) seems to be the driving force. "if they don't allow Fido, we'll just go somewhere else and show them who's boss". Thankfully, Tango says "adelante" to those boorish folks. Fogon, on the other hand, says "sure, we need the business, pase". At least half of the dogs we have seen in restaurants here are not well behaved and they and their owners should both stay home. YMMV
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    Good ole Texas, where the tea is sweet and the accents are sweeter, summer starts in April, the front porches are wide and words are long, macaroni and cheese is a vegetable, BBQ is the state food, y'all is a proper pronoun, chicken is fried, biscuits come with gravy, everyone is honey, someone is always getting their heart blessed, and we are all "fixin" to do something! God Bless Texas!!
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    Note to self: No religion, no politics, no gun control vs. gun rights discussions, and never, ever, NEVER again another Chapala.com discussion about dogs in restaurants.
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    I've always rather ignored the threads about dogs in restaurants until the other day when I watched a gringa pick up her scruffy little dog that was drooling and put it on a chair in Cafe Grano Cafe. The dog really looked as if it could do with a bath and it was rather revolting to think that others had to sit on that chair after she and the dog left. So, dog owners, if you insist on bringing your dogs to restaurants and putting them on chairs, please at least have the courtesy and decency to bring a clean towel with you to go between your dog's butt and the seat. But it would be nicer if you left them at home.
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    20 years living in GDL, I have never seen a dog in a restaurant.
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    Computer Guy why always negative. Breakfast - Moms has more than adequate service. Several lunch places but the best would be Paninos. Dinner - there are several depending on the style of service you want - Adelitias, Tango, Elegante, Pale, Remy, Tecomintle. The consistently best service around for us is Goshas. If a server hasn't had the experience of sitdown middle-priced restaurant meals that are both good and bad experiences they haven't any frame of reference for the timing and flow of waiting table.
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    ISO: Long Term Rental beginning September/October 2018 $18,000 pesos. 2/3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms Small yard Terrace or Mirador Internet We will NOT have a car, and would like to walk to restaurants, shopping,etc. No gated communities. We prefer a neighborhood with a mixture of Mexicans and Expats. Locations: Upper/Lower Ajijic, San Antonio, Chapala Centro/Cristiania Park Thank you
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    I have only seen 1 (obviously Mexican) instance of a dog being brought into a restaurant in PV in all the years (10) we have lived there. It's always foreigners or perhaps my ability to discern has eroded. After my cataract surgery I can see 20/20 and an American or Canadian accent is pretty easy to discern even with less than perfect hearing. The one time involved a Mexican woman with a tiny dog in a shopping bag! The foreigners drag 2 and sometimes 3 medium to large size dogs in. Then the preening and looking for approving glances usually begins. I think FlyFree nailed it: the dog is their best and only friend and probably because it doesn't cause them the problems they have had in the past with human interactions.
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    Dogs in restaurants can cause noise-induced hearing loss... in the dogs.
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    I've been having a hard enough time doing what you describe in our rental car......safely I mean. I can't imagine doing it in a golf cart, lol! My wife surely would not be sitting next to me!! Best of luck to you. Make sure your medical insurance and your will are up to date.
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    Some of us cannot eat a whole meal at one sitting for a variety of reasons. What is wrong with taking home food you have paid for but not consumed to eat later? I always do that and, yes, one meal becomes two of more for me.
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    We sort of ate dinner here last night. There are too many "kinKs" to be worked out. They need waiters and most importantly they need a cook that knows how to cook. This may be longer than some want to read but others that are going there and spending over $150 for a meal might like to be careful. It started with a waiter that spoke no English and couldn't seem to understand our Spanish. To be fair he was a very young man ... still in his teens and we found out later that "Our waiter didn't show up today, bless his heart" I was going to indulge in southern sweet tea so I ordered sweet tea and my husband ordered tea without sugar. We both received tea without sugar. When I told the waiter that I had ordered the sweet tea (it is listed on the menu and is much different than adding sugar and having it go to the bottom of the glass) ... he pointed to the packets of sugar on the table. Okay, fine. My husband was all geared up for some fried catfish. There is fried fish on the menu but since it didn't say "catfish" I assumed that it wasn't. So, we asked the waiter if it was catfish .."Oh, yes" was the answer in English no less. When pressed about this he decided to go ask and came back with the information that, no, it was bassa. We ordered chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, vegetables, gravy and biscuits; and, grilled liver and onions (well done... told him twice well done with NO BLOOD on the plate and he actually went off repeating "well done, well done, well done", baked potato, corn on the cob, and biscuit. 1. The chicken fried steak came out chicken fried chicken, the mashed potatoes were extremely lumpy and a light orange color, there was no gravy or bisquits. Asked for the gravy and they brought an Italian tasting tomato based sauce in a bowl. When we told the waiter that this was not gravy and didn't they have cream gravy, he then brought out a beef brown gravy for the chicken. Still no biscuits. We ate the chicken fried chicken instead of sending it back even though that was what we had the day before. 2. The liver was not cooked and still cool in the middle ... blood was all over the plate, the baked potato had been cooked hours earlier and stuck to the peeling so much that you could not cut it off ... was lukewarm from a microwave with a dollop of sour cream which made it even colder; the corn was not fully cooked and no biscuit. Sent the liver back to be cooked well done. It was then brought out by an American woman that spoke English and she was very sorry but was the liver now o.k. because the cook was afraid that it was going to be too hard to eat. When I cut into it blood once again oozed out onto the plate. I told the woman that we were just going to forget this ... no more cooking of the liver. I asked if we could please have the biscuits and cream gravy and that would be sufficient for me at this point. She is the one that then told me that the waiter had not shown up "bless his heart" and they were still trying to get the kinks out. Fine. 3. The biscuits and gravy were delivered. The biscuits turned out to be cornbread instead of biscuits (you are supposed to be able to choose which one you want). I told the waiter that we ordered biscuits and were told that these were biscuits. They were actually mini corn muffins that had not risen. They were an off white color, flat (about 1/2 inch tall) and rubbery from being heated too long in the microwave. The gravy was the consistency of milk (and, I am not exaggerating). The woman, along with a Mexican man that spoke English came to the table then to see how everything was. I told them to please just bring our check that we were finished trying to find something that was edible. I told and showed them all the things listed above and took a spoon and showed them that the gravy was warm milk. She again said they had kinks to work out. Fine. They were not going to charge for the meal. Since we had eaten the chicken fried chicken and drank the tea, we paid $200 pesos, tipped the waiter and left. It will be a long, long time before we go back. I will say that everyone was pleasant. The woman is probably from the South somewhere because she has a Southern accent but I truly do not know if she ever learned what good southern food tastes like. Until we saw and spoke to her we figured that this restaurant was owned and run by Mexicans who had been smart enough to pick up on the fact that a restaurant that advertised Southern cooking would be a big hit ... but didn't know the first thing about how to cook it. The place is very nice and if they get the kinks out and the hammering and racket from continued remodeling is finished and you can sit down to a well cooked meal with a real waiter and no construction noise ... you will enjoy your meal. When this happens for someone, please post it and we will stick our toe in the water again.
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    The only positive thing I can say about the transitos is that they don't sweat much.
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    You are in luck, at least for a few months. It ended last night. It accomplished its job; the rains came.
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    You are in the wrong place, I'm afraid. You must ask at either of the two well-known fish stores here, and you won't always get the most honest answer. There are several other fish mongers, a couple in Chapala, but they do not bring in specialized fish. They bring in local and nearby catch, none of which includes salmon. You would have to go to the fish markets in Guadalajara, and/or the abastos market, and again rely on the honesty of the seller. This area is not sophisticated about most fish. A typical giveaway is when you ask at a restaurant what the fish is, and you are told "bass". Whatever that is, and it is usually "bassa" or bagre, which is catfish. I have purchased wild frozen salmon in WalMart for half the price of the redder, larger filets, and it definitely tasted wild to me. And not nearly as good as the commercial stuff. Having lived on both coasts of Canada, I can testifiy as to my tastebuds for certain things. But what I was sold as wild, so labelled on the package? Who knows. There is little to no information on the package, and certainly not from the fish stores.
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    Deleted. Tired of silly arguments with silly people.
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    Listen to what I am saying, please. If you cannot eat the whole meal, then fine, bring it home. I am saying do not expect a restaurant to give you enough food to bring home for another meal.
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    I didn't say it would be impossible, just difficult. According to Trip Advisor, there are at least 119 restaurants in Ajijic. The vast majority are disorganized and unprofessional. When I want to impress a visitor or even myself, I have a difficult time deciding where to go. Then, for me personally, other things come into play that have nothing to do with service, per se. But that is a different topic.
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    I've been advised to buy in Chapala then your warranty is local.
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    Why would you go to a restaurant and expect a ´to go´ box. You are paying for a meal, you went there for a meal- not two meals. Are you looking for leftovers when you dine out?
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    I know of no one who is 100% anything. Especially if from Slavic countries where invaders trampled borders and Muslims and Christians moved around and fought each other as well as invaders.
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    Ummm...maybe because they enjoy the company of their pet? And they love their pet? And they know their pet loves them and would prefer to be with them rather than not? Maybe those reasons? (FWIW - I am neither in favor of, nor opposed to, people bringing a well-behaved pet to a restaurant, especially if there is outdoor seating away from the kitchen. I just don't care; it doesn't bother me.)