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    You call taking a half a grain of rice worth of cannabis oil before bed at night a "stoner"? I'll just call you unbelievably ignorant and stupid.
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    I would demand a DNA test particularly if you wern't even here. You are only responsible if it was an accident in many states and the DNA doesn't involve you.
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    Knock off the personal comments.
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    As long as you spend the better part of most every day at the job site, know what you are looking at (the different kinds of sand that are used for instance) and can spot a mediocre brick job from a truly good one then yes, you will "know" you have quality construction. Since most newbies have lots of experience in this type of construction, it's very simple, although time consuming, to assure you get a great house built. LOL Just don't be afraid to tell the Maestro it's not right and yes, you will pay extra to have it done over again. Been there, done that and once was a lesson of a lifetime. You do know the proper proportions that should be mixed into concrete, right? If they tried to save money by adding more cal and shorting the cement, you would notice and correct them, right?
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    I've used them both and would not now consider anyone but Dr. Briseno. Dr. Garcia may be a good cardiologist but he definitely got into gringo pricing in a big way. I have not found that with Dr. Briseno who did my last angiogram and has been my cardio for 5 years.
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    This is exactly how I've done it, very easy, ballpark figures work. However, when I moved here over 10 years ago, the peso actually was 10-11 per USD. A roast chicken cost 70 pesos, around 7 USD. Today a roast chicken costs around 120, which is still around 7 USD, although those rates are not pegged to eachother. In August 2008 I had an emergency hip replacement - during the Great Economic Meltdown. The day I cashed out of the hospital, the exchange rate was exactly 10/USD. 3 months later, the USD tanked but the peso tanked even more and stabilized at around 13/USD. I would have saved $3000USD if my surgery had been at that time, but that was not what the universe had in store for me. We USians have enjoyed a bonanza in the peso devaluation of the last 2 years. However, in the purely MX economy, this has been rather inflationary, and the people of the villages struggle with prices at the same time that we find them so low. So, please be generous with tipping, giving to the poor, and compensating your long time help.
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    OMG! Does it never end? Some of us have MUCH too much time on our hands! All I wanted was a ball-park figure for the cost to build. It doesn't matter where you are; here or Canada. If you want to manage your own building project you have to be onsite and know what you're doing - neither of which I'm interested in and/or willing to learn at this point. Option two is hiring a contractor or architect to complete the entire project, and again, Mexico doesn't have a monopoly on unscrupulous or incompetent contractors. Canada is full of them and there are any number of examples of consumers running into all kinds of problems. But to imply that there aren't any professional, ethical builders available at all, that will provide a completed project on time and on budget - here and elsewhere - simply isn't true. Of course there are, but usually at a price. But when it comes to building a home you get what you pay for and quality and professionalism rarely come cheap. The original responses seemed to indicate 7,500/sqmt and up, so if I push that to 9,000+ for turn key, I probably have a rough figure I can work with. All I want at this point is something in the back of my mind for comparison ,as I look at listings. Saludos!
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    Please, please, please, just Google for the answer. You'll get many answers and far faster than posting and waiting for someone else to Google it for you. If you can use Chapala.com, you can use Google.
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    I think Pemexs are a risky place to use a credit card. I never do.
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    For sixty years I lived with wall-to-wall carpeting but I would probably not consider installing any around Lakeside. Bugs, insects and other creatures getting under the carpet would concern me. Also, the amount of dust in the air, especially in the dry season would require vacuuming every day, perhaps? I guess in a high-rise apartment, carpeting would work. What I do like about wall-to-wall carpeting is soft, quieting effect. Too many hard surfaces makes these Mexican houses very echoey (sp.). Just thinking out aloud...
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    The dog's name is Dolly and she will be picked up tomorrow from the Ranch and returned to her owner. A big shout out to Team Joco for getting this done. This is what we can do as a community.
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    I have been involved with dog shelters for many years, both here and in the US, and I am just so FED UP with people who have done little themselves to deal with the unwanted pet situation but are full of criticism for those that do! I invite those of you who apparently know it all to start their own shelters and show everyone how it's done. Until then please keep your negative opinions to yourselves. Mtn Mama, your posts are full of wisdom -- and also with much more patience than I have for these people. Every shelter has the right to make its own decisions about what dogs to take. Here at Lakeside, they aren't government funded agencies. They're private non-profits with VOLUNTEER staff working hard to make life better for Lakeside animals. The different shelters have different philosophies but I can safely say that all of them make their decisions based on what they feel is best for the animal population. I have a friend whose friend worked in an animal shelter in Texas. It was a city pound, and the city council voted that the shelter MUST take every animal left there and MUST NOT euthanize except for extreme medical or behavior issues. Within six months the shelter was full of unadoptable animals. Leaving no place for adoptable animals to be left, to be able to find new homes. It had become a warehouse for unadoptable animals. Needless to say, the city council changed the policy. Everywhere, there are way more unwanted animals than there are homes for them. Tough decisions simply must be made, and I give full credit and kudos to the people who don't shy away from making them.
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    Thank you Xena. With the closing of Anita's Animals we are reduced to three main shelters: Lucky Dog, Friends of Animals and the Ranch, with a variety of others, including several local Vets, taking in animals. The spay/neuter clinics had made a significant difference, but there are still way too many needy dogs and cats in the Lakeside area. Do I always agree with some of the decisions made? Of course not. But we are all in this together. Several things could make a significant difference. People need to stop stealing dogs pretending to rescue them. If the dog (or cat) isn't in danger, don't take. Leave it where it is. Period. Once you "rescue" a dog, it becomes your responsibility. Don't expect to dump it off at an already overcrowded shelter. People need to make a forever commitment to the dogs or cats they adopt. Don't just "adopt" for the winter or until something cuter comes along. Spay or neuter your pets. Unless they are part of a planned breeding program, don't breed them. Getting an animal neutered is so inexpensive here compared to NOB there is no excuse. Off the soapbox.
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    I'd be embarrassed to admit I knew so little about medical marijuana. Don't worry Ferret, the cool kids understand what you are going through.
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    Alpha1, Ilox is an established business grade carrier that already runs a fiber optic cable ring that loops around Lake Chapala on its way to Guadalajara. They have wired up a few areas on the south end of the lake, namely Zamora, with a state of the art GPON network thats working well. Such networks are expensive but very reliable. For them, its just a question of running an extension from Jocotepec towards Chapala. On the other hand, they also learned purchasing power in these communities isn't quite what they thought. Bottom line, business services are more lucrative and after some of their residential investments, they were focusing more on that. Which would have been a tragedy for Lakeside, because the purchasing power here is a lot higher than in Zamora. So they told us, show us 300 people willing to prepay for a year, and we'll do the build out, which will cost a lot more than the roughly 3 million MXN that will raise. And we did. We're at 330 pledges today. Ilox is a federal carrier with many millions invested in their network. They're financially strong, but prudent. They're not going to risk their concession over scamming a couple of hundred residential contracts. Now that we have the signatures, they're working on the contracts, lakeside presentations, and implementation plans.. You're welcome to sign to the pledge form. If you do, you'll be prioritized for service and have the cost guaranteed for a year. You can also wait until they normalize their monthly offering and sign up that way. We have the signatures, they've seen the interest is there...Plans are to go ahead. I'm done. BR, Tom
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    Welcome. I took a look at your website and you have some really nice examples. I'm not in anyway trying to discourage you or trying to talk you out of any of your ideas. Sounds you guys would be very happy living in our area - and definitely seems like you would fit in and adapt (or "re-adapt" in your case - haha) very quickly. My only thoughts are on the amount of money you need/expect to make here. Most things are less expensive than in New Orleans but incomes are a MUCH different story. Some comments - There are LOTS of people in the area already doing what you are looking to do - and not all of them are busy all the time. It looks like you have a very high level of skills but you will be competing against lots of well established workers. The going rate down here for what you are looking to do is more like $500 PESOS per day (a bit over $25 dollars per day) - not $500 dollars. A very small number of highly skilled craftsmen might make up to $1,000 pesos per day but not that many of them. There are a number of places that sell handmade furniture right in our area with many more in Tlaquepaque, Tonala, Guadalajara, etc. I like your examples a lot but I think the market is relatively full. I could certainly be wrong but I think that is pretty accurate. Since you are Mexican I wouldn't expect that you would have a problem with working here - no visa or other requirements. If your wife is also looking to work in Mexico make sure you know what she needs to do so she can do that legally. Not really too difficult but I suggest you make sure you understand the steps - and the opportunities. Again - I hope I don't come across as negative or that I am trying discourage you in any way. Just trying to provide some thoughts as you requested. We have been here for almost 13 years and absolutely love it. Welcome to the web board and (hopefully) back to Mexico.
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    You really think using Sr. Google can equip you with enough knowledge to oversee the building of a masonry house in Mexico? I don't.
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    Many Mexican businesses do not accept American credit cards for one simple reason: The card owner can "challenge" any transaction for any reason and that puts a hold on the funds. A real hassle for a Mexican to go through the dispute process with an American bank. Bars and restaurants are the biggest targets, especially when tourists have too much to drink and then try to insist they couldn't possibly have run up that big a bill. It's the old "for every action there is a reaction" principle. Perhaps Pemex is aware some of the employees short people on their gas purchase and don't want any disputes after the fact, LOL.
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    You will not do better than Dr. Briseño.
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    Cerrajeria Aragon Morelos # 172 Chapala 765-3252
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    This has got to take the cake for this week, I think.
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    You are responsible for paying her "regular wages" for the six weeks before and six weeks after her baby's birth. If she works for others they will have the same obligation and hopefully everyone will "step up". That way she gets her regular pay from everyone - no more and no less. But of course she would appreciate anything extra that anyone is able to do. I would respectfully hope and suggest that everyone involved look at the maternity pay itself as the "floor" and not the "ceiling". Others may see this differently but there is no doubt that the minimum is her regular pay for that period.
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    Our grand-kids now 7 & 9 come for that same week between Christmas and New Years every year - oh yeah - and their parents come too. We always enjoy the malecon in both Ajijic and Chapala - very different but have lots of fun at both of them. The Chapala malecon is a lot busier with more stuff going on. And while the Ajijic malecon is a little smaller there are always lots of families with kids out enjoying the area. If you feel like driving into Guadalajara the zoo is great They love it and have talked about it several times since last year. We have been to Tlaquepaque with them - they enjoyed it since they can walk around but not all that much for kids to do. The parents probably enjoy it more than the kids. We usually go to the Ajijic tiangues on Wednesday. Again not a lot for the kids to do but they seem to enjoy it. Nothing like that where they live NOB! Their dad likes to play golf so he usually goes to the course in San Antonio (Chula Vista) and the boys walk the course with him. He has also played the Vista del Lago course (other side of Chapala) and the boys like it because they have carts at that course. A couple of restaurants have open areas where the kids can get up from the table without being disruptive to other guests or the waiters - Yves's. Avocado Club, Peacock Garden and Nueva Posada. Not really playground areas but at least some open space where they can move around a little. The boys look forward to seeing the donkeys at Yves's - as well as the peacocks and chickens at Peacock Garden. Sometimes we go Avocado Club while the dad plays golf - with or without the boys - and then he can walk across the street to join us when he is finished. And of course horseback riding - in La Floresta and possibly a couple of other places. Hope that helps. Our grand-kids don't seem to be bored and still look forward to coming every year. We are enjoying it while we can since they will be teenagers before too long and will be bored with anything we suggest. Have fun!
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    I fully agree with Mt. Mama. I only hope that someone will step up and open another dog shelter. Since Anita's closed there is an unfilled void. When Theresa Jasper and her ilk criticized and tried to go around the govt. set limits, I suggested that they open a shelter. She has been gone quite a while and I see no shelter that is so desperately needed. I only hope people "rescuing" pets and then expecting someone else to take care of them will think about the animal and not how good about themselves they feel. Perhaps the answer is to foster in place if a needful dog is seen.
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    My thanks also go out to Tom for his efforts to this point. This is an extrordinary opportunity for all Internet users from Joco to perhaps Chapala. As is often the case, the best opportunities come with a certain amount of risk. The successful introduction of a new player along the lake will not only make life easier for early adoptors but would most likely affect Telmex and Telecable/Izzi who have been complacent for a long time, neither having a compelling reason to do better than the other. More competition is always better for the consumer. The monetary risk is minimal compared to the potential reward that we'd see with successful implementation.
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    I've noticed that legal advice is very freely given by non-lawyers on web boards. I suggest that the poster invest in some quality time with a real lawyer re this question. The labor board is very much on the side of the worker in this country and the last thing you need is to end up dealing with that. This is especially true since this maid is clearly not a full time employee. In any case, best of luck.
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    Tomas, unless you are willing to take this dog (and the next one after that, and the next one after that...) into your home until an owner is found, you have no right to judge the people who dedicate hours and hours of effort each week to animal rescue. Shelters have to draw a line somewhere. Without ALL the lovely rescue shelters in the area we would be overrun with sick and starving and sometimes dangerous dogs. Unfortunately, there just aren't places for all of them. In the USA, shelters euthanize 1.5 million dogs a year, the vast majority due to human irresponsibility. Nobody should "rescue" a dog unless they are willing to keep that dog until the owner or a new home can be found, in case the shelters can't take the dog. The shelters can't do it all and some of the rescues are, as mentioned before, simply free-range dogs.
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    Tom, thanks for all the work you have done on this. Just ignore the naysayers, they will always be somewhere on this board. You've put a lot of effort into moving this along. I, and I know many others, are very grateful to you for that. Looking forward to the next steps.
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    People need to stop stealing dogs. Picking up a healthy dog that is not in distress or danger and taking it away is theft. STOP IT! That woman could have been responsible for the death of this animal. She is responsible for the distress of both the dog and her people.
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    Nothing unless they deliver something to your house. Delivery people get tips not clerks or workers inside an office type envirorment. Tip the gas delivery guys, furniture delivery guys when they are at your house and garbage men at Christmas time, grocery baggers, Pemex gas jockeys and taxi drivers only if they haul your stuff from the car to your door, otherwise no tip is normal for them.
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    Computer Guy said, "Oh, they do their job, but that is about it: no besdie manner at all." Is that some Canadian speak for a waiter's skill?
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    Except for the fact that I don't think anybody in this thread is talking about the Wednesday tianguis in Ajijic. So many markets, it get's confusing. And they're all social. I think they go this way: Monday: San Antonio Tuesday: La Huerta Evento, west Ajijic Wednesday: Traditional Ajijic Tianguis on Revolución
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    Haha, nothing has changed since we first visited the Ajijic tiangus in 2001. Super Lake also, they think they're at a social function.
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    Sorry to cause confusion for the OP by disagreeing with this, but my experience was definitely not good.
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    My current gardener has changed his cell # and I have been calling for 2 weeks with no response. I live in San Antonio and need a gardener for approximately 2 hours every 2 weeks. He needs to have his own equipment and able to haul away the yard debris. Some English would be great, but if not, that is OK. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Muchas gracias.
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    I multiply by 6 and then shift the decimal point two places to the left. Example: 200 pesos x 6 = 1200, shift decimal place two to the left, $12.00 U.S.
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    The people devoting a large portion of their lives to dog rescue get to decide how best they can do it. Since there is tsunami of dogs needing rescue and limited resources there are only a small percentage of dogs that can be saved. All shelters have criteria for dogs they take in. This is especially true for no kill shelters where the dog will remain forever if not adopted. The Ranch had a dog for 11 years before it was adopted. And, here you do not entirely agree with Tomas. He criticized the shelter for housing “a large group of essentially non-adoptable dogs.” You say they don’t take dogs who aren’t “cute enough to be adopted quickly.” What is it you two want? I am amazed at the time, effort and their own money all the shelter VOLUNTEERS put into doing the best they can to lessen the suffering of dogs here. Then when some princess from across the lake snatches a dog from its environment, the shelter people are expected to hop on it and relieve her of her self-imposed burden.
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    Urban legend. Just connect the batteries and start the car!
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    You have obviously made your own decision. Any friends you may have can decide for themselves if they want to spend time on your roof. As for the dogs you already know accidents happen ... With people as well as animals. But, of course, they would have to be stupid enough to put themselves in harm's way.
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    I would be more worried about my wife getting pissed and falling off than my dog thinking it can fly.
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    Yes, folks my age would definitely enjoy Armando‘s, as we grew up in the 50s and had our first children at the end of that decade. Times were different then, and moving to Chapala reminded us of those times, in many ways. So be it......Asi es.
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    The question is about Christmas Eve, Noche Buena, the Mexican family‘s time to be together for religious festivities and/or a large family meal. Many places might be closed for that reason after about 5PM or even earlier. Restaurants may, or may not be open on Christmas day, but several will be catering to expat retirees for a Christmas dinner, as mentioned above, on the 25th. Christmas day is, otherwise, pretty quiet as Mexican families are either sleeping late and/or enjoying family time at home or at the beach resorts on the coast.
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    If the OP wants to be successful in their potential building project, the last 10 posts are extremely important. This is just another case of the cost of something playing only a small part in the value of the experience. We had lived in Mexico for nine years before building our home on the coast and had a number of renovation projects under our belt as well. It ain't just about cost per square meter.
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    Lived in Mexico for 6 years before building my house here and was experienced with cement and concrete construction for many years before that. I realize that not everyone is, but one can inform oneself about anything these days via internet if one has the interest and motivation.
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    Elegante, for sure! To me Armando's is depressing.
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    No it makes PERFECT sense. If one person calls maybe it is a problem with the wiring in his house. If 50 people call, they know the problem is theirs.
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    Use an airport taxi van. If they blockade the airport parking like they did last week trying to get picked up in a private vehicle was a nightmare..
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    I don't know if they would or not. You would think so but...... This morning I asked a neighbor, who has lived here for many years, if she had reported the power outage. She replied that she never reports them as they will look after it. By they I thought she meant the Board but maybe not.
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    I tried google translate but that didn't help me. Thanks for the effort though.