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    Sounds very much like a scam.bitcoin is extremely high risk investment as are all the other crypto currencies.hope this was explained to you. Not helped by local businesses advertizing seminars with so called experts. They dont exist in these markets. Anyway am off to check on my ostrich farm investment !!
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    I had cataract surgery with Dr. Rigoberto Rios who has been discussed in a very negative way on this board and others. I'm not in anyway saying that those events didn't happen. I read all those comments and took them into consideration in my choice of doctors for my procedure. I am personally completely happy with the results. I didn't find him at all arrogant. I am eventually going to have the other eye done and will go back to him when the time comes. Consultation and follow up in Riberas - surgery in Guadalajara. Again this is just my personal experience and I am not at all trying to negate other's experiences. Choice of doctors in any area of specialization is an extremely personal decision. Lots of great choices available.
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    What were the other two doing?
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    My LearJet rattled a little. My runway cracked and threw up some dust. Five of the seven Playboy centerfolds who live here were frightened.
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    What do you do when you buy Bitcoin from a "specialist" who takes your money and strings you out for two months with excuse after excuse? He promises to give your money back and just keeps making excuses about "not being able to get your money out". Does this sound familiar to any body?
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    Oh sure it is. With the cast of The Apprentice in charge how can we lose.
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    I have earthquake insurrance in Chiapas.. The god and bad news is that is your house is not wiped out or has very serious damage the insurrance does not want to know about it. My roof was damaged and as it was raining I had a cascade in the living room and the insurrance did not work.. If your house does not fall down good luck on collecting. Lakeside I have flood insurrance but cancelled earthquake insurrance.
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    I love the trout at Cozumel's and the free margaritas are excellent. The bacon wrapped shrimp are fabulous too.
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    yes More Liana I know, some people are big experts from the distance, those earthquakes cause damage and really frighten people.Just because people in the valley of Oaxaca have no damage, it does not mean that other places did not get damaged, ie Mexico CIty which is further. I know my friends in Chiapas told me it was strong I am glad you are OK Good luck to us on the next one...
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    There is an election here in July. I would wait and see who wins before I would buy a lot of pesos.
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    there is always risk currency risk, country risk i live here and spend pesos. i am willing to take the risk. but also consider in the right bank, you can get over 8% safe return in interest. do not put all your eggs in one basket, lave part in US bank account. any prudent person would want 8% interest
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    Yeah, and the high school kids in Fla. And the bombing in Siria. Don't forget Baghdad. Russia just jailed 14 desodents. Kim Jong Un executed 11 yesterday. My bad. How thoughtless of me.
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    BUYER BEWARE w/stem cell treatment. Do your homework, ask questions. EVERYONE is on the bandwagon and some are either not qualified or using a proven approach. This is true NOB too so this is not just a bash Mexico post.
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    If it’s big dollars, and $50-100k meets my definition, and if I were risk adverse I’d be looking to put some of it NOB in a guaranteed account making peanuts..... but safe. If one feels that can be done in Mexico without any risk then flail away, but.....
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    What do you do when you buy Bitcoin from a "specialist" who takes your money and strings you out for two months with excuse after excuse? He promises to give your money back and just keeps making excuses about "not being able to get your money out". Does this sound familiar to any body?
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    Yes there is one who goofed and is quite arrogant, two botched surgeries and then he says he is too poor to pay damages, remember you have 6 months from operation to file criminal charges. Lots of bad doctors out there and too many people scared to take action
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    Isn't St. Louis the new murder capital of the US? There are problems everywhere. At least we can go to church, pass a school, visit a college or shop in a mall without dying in Mexico.
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    I’ll give the benefit of a doubt when there can be a doubt. There is none in this case.
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    I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Probably a character flaw?
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    Many things are not about closed minds but this comment is way beyond being uninformed. It is willful ignorance on a massive scale. It bespeaks a person going through life with fingers firmly plugging ears and screeching “LalalalalalalaICan’tHearYou!”
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    Oh, come on. It is so far from being about death per se... your statements are completely uninformed. It is about celebrating the continuation of life on "the other side" (la mas alla). For those unwilling to spend a few minutes on Google doing research, I recommend going to see the movie Coco.
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    The State agency that issues them is the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences or IJCF and there is one in the plaza in Chapala and costs about 105 pesos. Federal ones can vary. The federal letters for becoming a Mexican Citizen are only issued in Coyoacan, Mexico City, HOWEVER, I have seen federal letters issued for foreign immigration purposes by the local PGR office in 16 de Septiembre in Guadalajara where they will direct the letter to a specific consulate.
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    there is both a state certification and a federal one. To get the federal you have to go to Mexico City.
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    You get it in Chapala it is on outside of the building where the central market it. You pay 100 pesos, they take your photo and in a few minutes your certificate is ready. Bring identification
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    Vanguard tax free muni fund yielding 6.02% right now if your return would push you into paying taxes. Definitely dollars, the outlook for the USA is bright again.
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    Dollars. Simple decision..
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    The quake was centered on the coast in Oaxaca and there have been 150 tremors since the quake..
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    Hedge that bet. Put half of it in a dollar account and half in a peso account. Draw from each depending on the exchange rate. Don't claim to be much of a financial wizard...but...I believe the value off the U.S. dollar is currently falling in relation to other major currencies. Due to the close economic ties between the U.S. and Mexico, their currencies tend rise and fall together in comparison to other major currencies. The exchange rate between the peso and the U.S. dollar is currently influenced to a great extent upon the "Trump factor." Sorry, I can't be specific about that since the monitor of this board will get uptight and accuse me of inserting "politics" into what is an economic issue. Send me a PM if you really need more of an explanation. And, if anyone disagrees with my analysis, feel free to correct me. Like I stated earlier in this post, I don't claim to be a financial wizard. It's an interesting issue and very important to us expats living here in Mexico.
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    This is a good example of attacking the person instead of providing a rebuttal of their opinion based on fact and knowledge. It bespeaks a person who either can't handle an opinion they don't like without getting personal or can't make their own case said opinion they disagree with is incorrect. Fortunately, several here did explain the how and why of Mexico's interest in death and life after death. Closed.
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    Believe it or not, the rest of the world does not subscribe to the cult of death, Mexican culture or not, and is shocked by the violence. To celebrate that violence seems a little out of touch.