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    Hello. We just moved to the area yesterday and in need of home furnishings. We are looking for 2 modern comfortable armchairs, queen size mattress and a twin mattress, all in very good/excellent condition. Also, any suggestion of consignment stores or furniture stores would be most welcomed. Thank you in advance.
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    Gringal...sorry just couldn’t let that one pass on a rainy Sunday....and what pray tell makes you think for a moment that you could possibly hava a clue what” a very qualified Chef “ is .Oh..he must have told you so , what was I thinking ? Perhaps a little research is necessary try “So you wanna be a Chef “ by Anthony Bourdain may he Rest In Peace or the “The making of a Chef “ by Rhulman.Both will explain why it takes a Chef to know a Chef .I could count the real Chefs in our town on one hand and have fingers to spare .
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    Bandol. Apart from your impeccable judgement I’m intrigued by your nom de plume , I was kinda hoping you have some sort of affinity or love of Bandol wines a little known appellation in the Provence which produces probably one of the most powerful and tannic wines in France. If not you ought to find one in the States ...not easy....but worth it..let it sit and then let it kick your ### .
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    Some wear that restaurant critic medal too high up on their moo moos, eh!
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    Ian: Perhaps you did not see, among the booths at the border, the "Border Promotion Booth" it is right next to the bumper sticker booth. Anyway, there are expensive promotions and the very, very cheap ones like "restaurant critic"....that one sells like crazy.....some of the posters on here purchased those like crazy
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    O.K.....l give up.....”let em all eat cake “ ...just make sure it’s well done and nice and dry ! As for my border promotion to quote Angus MacTavish ask mr.google.....Ian Greenwood Chef...Florida /Vero Beach ,Superbowls ,Olympics and much more "....it does get a little boring though..fix a sandwich..make a drink....thank you and goodnight.
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    Gringal....the lady doth protest too much me thinks....I don’t consider the remarks put downs ,but more “ tongue in cheek commentaries “ My wife however does tend to agree with you . After thousands of posts I’m somewhat surprised you take them personally . I prefer to call it indirect sarcasm...the product of my English sense of humour plus over fifty years in international kitchens.You have however achieved your desired result....I am far too busy to participate in back and forth meaningless banrter so in the future I will probably only address absolute idiocies and post the odd positive review.
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    I have yet to buy anything at Barbara's Bazaar because the parking is awful and I find their prices much higher than the other stores. Even Todo Bueno could use some serious organization and marketing. My current favourite is "It's kinda Bazaar..and kinda not"... on the lakeside of the highway in Riberas. Stuff in there seems to move very quickly. Easy to park, easy to walk around and logically displayed. YMMV.
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    But what was the reference to the "menus"?
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    I'm okay with anyone's reviews until they claim "expertise".
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    Everybody eats, so everybody is a restaurant critic in his or her own way.😉
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    😉 You think?? Chances of???😄🙄
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    The difference is that British humour is amusing and produces a positive reaction. Doesn't look like that happened.😉 I had brunch today at a place with a very qualified chef and I asked him what he thought about serving bloody liver. He was appalled.
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    The Tax Perks of Charitable Giving To Have Hammers Will Travel Carpentry School. Donating cash by credit card to charity can save you a bundle on your taxes for 2018 Charitable giving is good for more than just your soul and helping Have Hammers Will Travel Carpentry School. Play your cards right and it can be good for your wallet, too. Here's a crib sheet on how to make sure your good deeds get properly rewarded. Stepping Up to the Plate You probably know you can claim write-offs for contributions of cash to IRS-approved charitable organizations like United Way and Goodwill. But what you might not realize is that not everyone -- or every contribution -- qualifies. Documentation for Contributions of $250 or More to Have Hammers Carpentry School For contributions of $250 or more, canceled checks, credit card receipts or other evidence supplied by you isn't good enough for Uncle Sam. Have Hammers Carpentry will get to you written letter of acknowledgment from our 501©3 charity The Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities and if you don't get that from your charity and get audited, your deduction will go up in smoke even though there may be absolutely no doubt that you did, in fact, make all the contributions you're claiming. In addition, you must have those written acknowledgments in hand by the time you file your tax return. You can count on The Have Hammers Board of Directors to make sure you have a written receipt for 2018 from our charity Foundation For Lake Chapala Charities. We will send by email. IRS topic 506 "One document from the qualified organization may satisfy both the written communication requirement for monetary gifts and the contemporaneous written acknowledgment requirement for all contributions of $250 or more". Donation under $250 canceled checks and credit card receipts are accepted by the IRS. as proof of donation. Have Hammers Will travel will send you a letter. Help fund our goal of raising $200.000 pesos or $10.000 US dollars By Dec 2018 click on link below https://havehammer.com/ then click link for donations, fill in form then on drop down list Select Have Hammer Thank you for your donation and helping the Kids H . Wayne Renz Board Member Have Hammers Will Travel A.C Teaching Mexican Youth Valuable life skills through woodworking and carpentry "Money will be received by Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities 501©3 Then within a Few Days Deposited in Have Hammer Will Travel A.C Mexican bank account." if you have any questions or would like further information on HAVE HAMMER...WILL TRAVEL or want to have a project made please visit us at : Avenida Hidalgo 110, Shop Hours - Monday to Friday Riberas del Pilar, 9:00am to 1:pm CHAPALA Jalisco 3:00pm to 5:00pm 376.766.4830 For larger donations, or tax free donations from you IRA, or putting HHWT in your will please PM me Thank you for helping the kids learn life skills through carpentry and woodworking. ans if you have a great story of success of a young a Mexican youth boy or girl who has attended Have Hammer carpentry school please post it or PM me. I am collecting great stories about the successes at the school. H Wayne Renz any amount of donation helps
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    With a Lechter liver, I'd prefer a cabernet.
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    We have sold several many items for decent prices at Todo Bueno. Even some items we thought would never sell such as 20 year old scuba and snorkel gear. The parking is easy and plentiful, at least the times we have been there.
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    I am not going to mince words here. Yes, they are active again (or still ) in this area. After having a LONG visit (7 months) with my son nob, I have been back less than a week. Yesterday, in my Inbox on my private email was a "gift" from her... They must have seen me in the Avenida in Chapala or perhaps in the mall in Ajijic. She began posting here as 'Denise.' Then changed to 'Paschall1964', then to 'Peanut1964." Her gmail is Paschall 1964@gmail.com. She has a FB page, but I don't do FB. They arrived down here last July/August - she posting ahead looking for a cheap place for him to stay. Their names are Denise & Anthony Paschall. She is white & he is Afro-American. I have investigated both of them with the authorities in Florida. She claims to have been a classroom teacher (who specializes in teaching 'Shakespeare,' LOL), according to her FB page. If so, must have been voluntary, because there is no record of her on the Florida Classroom Teachers Association, nor the Retired Teachers Association. (My grandparents were teachers - I know where to look.). Likewise, since he claimed to be a parole officer, I checked with the Dade County & Ocala Police Departments, as well as the Florida Bureau of Pardons & Paroles. Never heard of him. He's 48. Awful young to retire. They said they had 30 years' credentials??? Really? Musta started at 18, then. I tried to warn about a year ago & was just shut down by the Admin/Mods. Nobody asked my side of the story at all. I don't participate much in this forum, but most DEF do not appreciate being stalked. Interact with them at your own risk. They got me one night (after I had shopped ONCE with her, so she had my phone number) after I'd taken my sleeping tablet, begging if they could spend ONE night because their car had exploded on the road from PV... Bullied & threatened me physically, etc. Never paid me anything like rent. Made a hella mess of everything. I had to have them removed by force almost 10 days later. I am a gentle person & had never encountered this "type" before. I was stupid. However, I stand behind every word I have ever said about this couple.