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    We can help prep you, check papers and make the appointment at certain consulates. We have helped thousands of people and when we work with someone and prep them we have not heard of them having problems, even when rejected doing it themselves or at another consulate and they come to us after for help. When problems arise we file lawsuits and appeals. Immigration may not think I am their best friend but they respect us. We arent the cheapest nor most expensive and go to immigration daily in Chapala and every 2 to 3 days in Guadalajara so if there is a change we know about it right away which happens randomly. Our Chapala office is 2 blocks away. We have dedicated staff, one person, Denise (native English speaker born in San Francisco but Mexican) has worked for me for 6 years and all she does is prepare immigration documents, Luis at my office has worked for me for 5 years and his job is to go to immigration every day and present documents. We have others as well to jump in and lend a hand when someone is out or when representation is needed by an attorney or translator or when immigration wants another copy of something we run it over right away. My wife and I are official court translators if the need arises, no need to send anything out as we have it all under one roof. I own the building we are located in so I will never move and we are stable. We have US phone lines and a US fax in the event you need your bank or medical provider to send you documents which due to their privacy / security policies cannot email. I am a real attorney who studied here in Mexico, worked in the local courts and State Supreme Court and also on the list of attorneys of the US Consulate as well as on their list of translators as well as on the list of the Jalisco Courts and Federal Courts.
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    Thank you so much. We followed the instructions, put up flyers in Spanish and English announcing the reward and now have her safely home with us.
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    Angus Mactavish, I hope this is polite enough for you. If you have nothing beneficial to say, please be quiet. Some of us actually want to find out real answers.
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    If you couldn't care less then don't bother joining the conversation. You add nothing to resolving the problem so STFU.
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    Get reservations NOW as many places are full. SeƱor Google can help you find a place.
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    The Bagel Place upstairs in Bougainvillea Plaza
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    I have one thing to say. PLEASE NEVER EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, use a public restroom. NEVER. I am sick to death of dim witted bimbos who must put their paper in the toilet not the basket and clog up public toilets so the rest of us can't use them. If you go to a friend's house, if there is a basket next to the toilet - use it. Or don't use the bathroom. You are just not important enough to clog up someone else's plumbing.
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    Do just the teensiest bit of research to understand what a foolish statement you just made.
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    There are regular buses between Chapala and Ajijic; cheap! Lived in Ajijic 2001-04 Livedin Chapala 2004-14 LCS wears off really fast, once you get to know your way around and find friends.
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    You were the one complaining about others not being polite, yet you've exhibited two examples thus far of how to be rude.
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    How many times Mactavish? Should she go more than the ten times that I did?
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    We will be looking for a long term rental late next year. I do not want my first question about the rentals I will looking at to be "Can I flush toilet paper here"? We will probably use a real estate company for our first rental to feel a bit more comfortable. I understand that there is no law for the agent/landlord to disclose any problems. I would hope that they would tell the truth so a plumber doesn't have to come and visit.
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    Actually there are septic fields here, depending on where you live. We are in a newer home in a gated community and saw the septic arrangement the day they were building it. We can flush toilet paper but not Kleenex. Over 10 years with no problems so far!
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    I think this is another Mexican myth that freaks out Gringos here. Yes, there are some problems in the barrios but in the more "livable" areas there should be no problem. I have lived in a maybe 50 year old house for 10 years with absolutely no problem. If you are concerned why not test to see if there will be a problem. If there is then a plunger or a Rotter Rooter type guy can take care of it, but at least you will know. If you are in a rental and there is a problem, I would think that any plumbing problem will be covered in your agreement. Another "The sky is falling" scenario that so often happens here. Don't believe it!
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    Except those that don't and haven't.
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    We always took the bus from Guadalajara to chapala then a taxi to Ajijic. Ajijic is more expensive to live and crowded, than San Antonio and Riberas del pilar. We loved Hotel Perico, great for kids lots of space, cheap, pool, walking trail. If you dont have a car they will take you to walmart where you can get the bus.
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    Both my homes in northern California have proper US style septic systems, and I use the same eco-TP as the state parks that surround us, and while it is 'ergonomically' inferior to the normal commercial stuff, it does the trick and seems to just disintegrate in water. I will be designing a home at the top of the hill in SJC eventually, and hope to overbuild all it's systems to have the least negative impact. The street is so steep, using the sewer system US style would be like attacking Poland flying a Stuka...
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    I've been here so long and go to the USA so seldom that it's hard for me to adjust to flushing paper when I'm there. I'm always looking around for the basket and then--oh yeah, it's different there. Weird.
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    I built my house from scratch and have a pre-digester tank which then goes into a seep tank (built of concrete blocks). I have always flushed poopy t.p. The pee paper goes in the basket so as not to overload the system, which has never required pumping or any other maintenance or repair in the 10 years since it was built. I could not live with poopy paper in a basket.
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    But the Lake may have had a BEEEG problem!!!!
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    Let's restate your "people adjust "...a few people may but I would suggest the majority do not. A disgusting special feature your real estate agent will not share
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    CCW you also need to take into account whether the house has it's own septic tank or is part of the municipal system. How high is the water table where the house is? No such thing as septic fields or two part tanks. So it's just easier DON"T FLUSH PAPER.
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    Please see the instructions this page on seeking lost pets...... especially the REWARD /RECOMPENSA part! And good luck.
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    If you are on Facebook post this on this page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/884995861533687/
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    Each Consulate have different rules for application for Residente Temporal/Resident Permanente. No attorney here will know the rules the consulate near you is applying. Also, as RVGringo said, Mexicans are notorious for not returning phone calls or answering emails. You must go to the Consulate yourself and speak with them. Chapala Law can assist you AFTER you are here to complete the process of getting your Visa from INM. You don't need to send anyone any $ now. IMHO, Spencer and his team at Chapala Law are the best at dealing with INM whose office is a block away from theirs. Spencer has been assisting expats with INM for many years.
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    Mexicans do not generally return phone calls or e-mails. That is just the way it is.
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    Currency moves have always been easy to predict....actually no.....stocks on the other hand....easy to predict....okay so they are not either. That is why my wife and I invest in ant races and have never lost as the ants refuse to wear numbers and they all look alike. Fred Habacht
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    Has the "Table of Knowledge" at Salvador's ever been wrong? To quote some dialogue in Casablanca, "I'm shocked, shocked...."
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    You haven't had a problem... yet. You will.
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    Flush all the TP you want, and ignore the lakeside communities as a whole, who suffer in response and may never know why.Take a look around at the leaking and flooding and ruined wet roads when it is not raining, and understand that this kind of attitude is responsible for an already-overloaded infrastructure failing even faster. And then just continue to deny it. I love the way people make up their own facts.
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    Currency traders follow the news. That has not been reassuring for Mexico lately. Rampant crime, an avowed socialist leading in the presidential polls, the depressed price of oil, rampant corruption with Mexico now ranked the most corrupt in Latin America and the NAFTA talks not going well with both Canada and the U.S. insisting on an end to the paying of starvation wages in Mexico's export industry. And inflation in Mexico up to over 6 percent annually. All of that probably plays a part.
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    It isn't as bad as it sounds. It does not smell. Change the bag with the poopy parer often.
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    You missed the biggie. T bill rates are up because the Fed has been raising rates and signaling more increases on the way. In a rising interest rate situation, the capital value of fixed rate bonds issued before the interest rates went up are going to fall. This constant drum beat of big-time corruption and tax money theft by the political class here sure hasn't helped things. Mexico is actually continuing to fall in rankings of national corruption. Interestingly remittances are up, over $29 billion per year annual rate now. However I would expect drug sales are down due to all that legal pot up there these days. Tourism remains very strong, when compared to most other places in the world, Mexico is a screaming bargain for the U.S. tourist. I confess I don't understand why the peso is actually dropping in relationship to the declining dollar. I would have expected it to rise or at least stay the same. Maybe the trade issues are having more of an impact as well. Another factor may be the publicity being given to the upcoming presidential race, with polls showing socialist Morena well in the lead and the constant barrage of big time corruption stories about mainly PRI politicians. Currency traders don't like political uncertainty. And the screaming headlines about crime and natural disasters can't be helping.