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    Crackdown on golf carts, motos, ATVs, etc. In what other position would you drive any of those things?
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    contrary to popular belief here, most of things that appear here are not for expats but for the nationals.. Walmart was not for expats..this development most likely is not either. How about the fact that 2 hospitals are going to open here, where will all those employees live, and so we can go on and on and rant rant.. it is being built..love it or leave it..will generate lots of tax money for San Antonio I am sure. Things change..accept it..I have been here almost 20 years and most changes have been progressive and have yet to hear of one that the locals disliked..except the ugly gringos...
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    Such negative comments of Mexican people. All a gated community does is give you a false sense of security. A community does not have to gated to be regulated.
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    Great Cedros, there will be more space for us...
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    I read your earlier post, weeks ago now, about proper treatment of prepared food to kill bacteria. When I started paying attention, I realized that I was getting mild food poisoning at least one a week with bigger flare ups maybe monthly. It was such a constant condition, I stopped thinking of it as unusual. Sometimes it was only headaches with minor gastric symptoms, but just all the time. It was a complete mystery to me, because I've never had these issues. I used to be a huge consumer of the frozen home cooked, or restaurant prepared, food at Superlake and the local organic markets. I went cold turkey and just stopped buying anything home made. It's been months.. well, however long since you wrote the detailed post, I haven't had one instance of food poisoning. I've talked to a few friends who have had similar problems. Just an alert to pay attention and be careful.
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    My only concern regarding all the frozen entree and other "home cooked" items sold around here is the conditions under which they are prepared.
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    The phenomenon of lovely, affordable. little places morphing into crowded upscale places has been seen over and over again in the U.S. I'm thinking of places like Carmel-by-the-Sea in California becoming a favorite getaway, with a line of traffic stretching all the way to Silicon Valley. Then there's the charming Wine Country towns like Napa and Healdsburg turning from farming communities into expensive destination resorts. All across the country......same deal. What do people usually do when faced with their community going in that direction? If they own their homes, they might shrug and stay anyway. If they are renting, rising rents may force them to move on. One thing for certain, it won't be stopped because a lot of expats who are non-citizens don't like it.
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    Projects like this are inevitable. If you are not a citizen, you don't have much of a say. So you can either adapt or find another location that suits you. Finding a mix of all your convieniences and your low key life is going to be a challenge. And with the scenery you like. The tolerance levels of projects like this change as newcomers don't remember "the good old days" this will be the new reality for the future wave of expats arriving. Face it, the area is going to become more of a Guadalajara bedroom community.
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    Marseille is Marseille not Nice. My brain is fully engaged and I stand by my post. France over the US any day with respect to safety.
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    The inability to recognize satire is an early sign of Alzheimer's.
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    Who is the go to person/office for complaints about loud noise in the neighborhood? thanks
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    This, from the guy with the phone # in his "member info" section! Muy rica.
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    A timely offer to assist anyone in need, with proof of stability and community involvement, not advertising. Get over yourself.
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    Wow! I have enjoyed street food, home food, restaurant food and picked fruit & berries all over the world & even eaten dirt as a toddler, I suppose. Once, I did get dysentery from contaminated water caused by a sewer line break, but lived and am about to become an octogenarian, so the odds are with you if you allow your immune system to look after you. The fastidious are always ill, I think, and I have heard that there are studies that have established that as a valid point.
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    1/4" masonry drill to depth, plastic anchor and screw.
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    How will this tiny, tiny population growth going to effect traffic there in any way? I heard the same "The sky is falling" when Walmart was being built. As a builder don't you want to be near access to the highway, and also there will be a commercial element to the project. Get over it!
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    Trolling. Seriously?
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    You've issued plenty of them and you're still here. Along with a number of your friends from TOB who are also very good at getting personal. Unlike TOB where anyone to the right of Karl Marx is endlessly villified we try to give space here for both sides. However, getting personal is verboten and will remain so. This is out of hand and I'm dealing with it. Betty is on indefinite time out. It is ridiculous this thread about taking a trip to France turned into another personal slugfest. Some of us really have too much time on their hands. Feel free to use it volunteering, among other things we could use some new hands to help with graffiti control. Thanks.
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    What about all those unlicensed four wheelers the weekenders like to rip around town in? Too bad the local transitos can't find something to do with their time, you know like nabbing real dangerous drivers.
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    A crackdown on motor cycles might be more productive. I've never had a problem with a golf cart but motorcycles many times.
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    This is an absolutely untrue statement. Gimpychimp's comment are the truth. He is not commenting on Mexican people but on the lack of zoning restrictions. His comments describe the reality that folks in the villages live. I gather that Tiny either doesn't live her or hasn't been here long enough to understand the reality of village life.
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    IMSS does not "rule out" pre-existing conditions. Rather it applies a waiting period during which they are not coverd. IMHO if you're going to live here dump Medicare part B, part A is no-cost. The prices of real estate may be up but they're not yet at the level they were in 2005/6. There's plenty of affordable housing here.
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    Infrastructure changes are measured in decades, not years. Then, it will still depend upon which house, on which block, how far from the corner Telmex box, and how tight the wires were twisted, and how long ago they were twisted, and how long since the box got wet, and if it gets sunlight to help drying out, and your luck at winning the Publisher‘s Clearinghouse jackpot while in Mexico.
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    Any time you are driving on the cuota (toll road), you are given a receipt when you pay your toll. Don't just crumple it up and put it in with your car trash. That receipt is an insurance policy that covers damage to your vehicle caused by the condition of the road. Several years ago, I was driving from Morelia, Michoacán to Guadalajara and hit a pothole; the edge of the pothole ripped the sidewall of my driver's side front tire, one of those run-while-flat tires. I stopped at the next toll booth (Ocotlán, Jalisco) and told the attendant what had happened. She called the adjustor, who arrived within minutes and shook his head over the deplorable condition of the autopista (big highway). He called the Ocotlán repair shop affiliated with the highway insurance. The repair shop sent a flatbed truck, loaded my car onto it, and took the car, my passenger, and me to the repair shop and subsequently took me and my passenger to the Ocotlán bus station and they (not we) paid for our bus tickets home. Due to the type of tire and the time of year (it was the week before Christmas), it took about two weeks to find and replace the tire. The repair shop called to say it was ready, we bought a one-way ETN ticket to Guadalajara (the nearest ETN stop), and persuaded the bus driver to let us off at the Ocotlán toll booth. I called the repair shop, they came immediately to pick us up, took us to the shop, we inspected the car and the new tire, and we were on our way in just a few minutes. The total cost was over 6000 pesos. We paid only the cost of the bus ticket to retrieve the car in Ocotlán. Hang onto your toll receipts!
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    bontepar, I'm happy that you're retired.
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    It's neandertals like him that made me move back to Mexico and the reason i do not go to the gringo bars.
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    The maker of the noise. If you are not Mexican, it would be best to get ear plugs.
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    Foreign residents (not residing in Mexico) who are landlords etc. subject to tax payment in Mexico generally fulfilll this obligation when the person (tenant, etc) who pays them withholds the tax and pays it to the Tax Administration Service (Servicio de Administración Tributaria). How does a tourist comply with this? SAT wants electronic filings and payments via electronic transfer and tourists cannot open bank accounts nor have RFC numbers as they dont have CURP numbers. I dont see tourists really being able to comply as Mexico wants to be so high tech they block out any low tech options and therefore lose out on millions of income. Tourists could report rental income but it is made impossible. Too many here watching Mission Impossible reruns and not thinking logically.
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    When I look at that high rise at El Dorado sitting next to that hole they are trying to turn into "Radisson" condos I really have to wonder just how smart these developers are. I hope we don't end up with yet another half built impossible to sell hulk just down the hill. The site really isn't attractive for much so I don't see much of a loss here. Since it is being built anyway, we can only hope that it succeeds. Better a success than another hulking failure.
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    You are such a nit picker, Angus, and totally not adding to this discussion.
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    And you have the power to change what? It is what it is so get over it. I' m sure there will be other projects in the future to cause hand wringing and gnashing of teeth.
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    Nice idea, Camille, but some people really don't have any interest in cooking (hard to believe for those that do). I can and do, cook perfectly well, but there is nothing about it that I enjoy. At any given moment I can think of about a hundred other things I'd rather be doing. My kids' big compliment to me used to be, Wow, Mom, you didn't burn the rice tonight. Even though I can prepare very tasty and healthy full course meals, it bores me to tears- I usually wander off to do something else, hence burnt pots.
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    And some people's dogs are better trained than some people's kids
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    Let me explain my "position". I refuse to be held hostage by companies, here's an example: Years ago as a salesman one of my silver microfilm products was Agra-Gevaert from Germany, a great film, easily comparable to Kodak, the standard. WalMart Corporate used Bell & Howell cameras and I sold them my film. I got a call to answer a problem, I immediately went to Bentonville Arkansas, and if you've never been to Bentonville, you have to go there on purpose, it's not "on the way" to anywhere. I met with the customer and he explained that they were running out of film before 100' (supposedly) according to the cameras. Of course the B&H technician said it was the cheap foreign film, that we only put 95' in a roll. I knew AGFA put 110' in a roll to accommodate leader/trailer lengths. I smiled and reached into my case, pulled one out fresh box, opened it and took it out - being original silver film meant it was destroyed - the customer looked a bit surprised. I stepped outside his cubical which had a tile floor with 12"X12" squares, and cast the role down the isle rolling out 16MM film as it traveled - people were looking out of their cubes to see what was happening. I said "well, the tiles are 12", do you want to count them and see if there's 100, or more? He laughed and said no (problem solved) and I packed my case, shook hands and we walked to the front door leaving 100' of film laying on the floor. It simply exposed the B&H technicians were tinker with the film footage counters on the camera. I understand your position, you've become known as the "go to" guy, and that's good as long as you're solving problems, but, your convoluted solution only puts a bandaid on the problem, it doesn't cure the problem - mine does. The point being, don't allow the MFG to dictate your life, you're the customer, act like it, your money is the only "lever" you have, take it somewhere else.
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    It's been our experience that the majority of the "street dogs" pose very little issue. The larger issue are the ex-pats who feel they have the right to walk their dogs off leash. Many of them are not well socialized and do attack smaller dogs. Just take a walk down the mailcon in Ajijic - far too many being walked off leash.
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    Locally, the square footage estimates by real estate agents includes more than enclosed, interior areas. Any outside covered area attached to the house, such as covered porches, patios, terrazas, balconies, miradors and carports are included. Not sure about covered detached areas, such as a garage, carport or bodega. At any rate, my point is that the square footage estimates you are seeing are probably not just enclosed, interior areas of the home. A home with 1100 interior square feet could easily show as 1500 or 1600 when including unenclosed areas with a roof.
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    I hate to tell you this, but his comments are absolutely ludicrous. What you have done is add a working WiFi router that is not in need of either repair or maintenance; that's all. Think of it this way: if the TelMex modem/router couldn't handle the WiFi, how on earth could any other router be different? No, you might have seen a decrease in speed and throughput because multiple devices are accessing the Internet at the same time, that is all.
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    "BTW, is it really okay on this board to refer to other posters as "crawling out from under their rocks" ? Sounds pretty personal and insulting to me. You think it might be possible for us to disagree without snarling?" It appears that personal insults are tolerated more when the person doing the insulting leans in the right direction.
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    The "elitists" have crawled out from under their rocks again here. If you don't agree with them you are always in their sights. Sorry, that dog won't hunt anymore here. Elitists get respect ONLY from other elitist. They only read and hear what they want. Their futile attempts at putting people down now become "laughable". What a sad end they reap.
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    Hud, I know I am a newbie here, but your statement seems a bit harsh. People with education can mispronounce, and people without education can pronounce correctly.
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    While there is a comprehensive guide to Mexican laws and tips for Jalisco drivers from Spencer posted here, I want to suggest a very short list of points for new residents. This is a selfish post as I've nearly been hit 3 times in one week by cars with tags from WA & FL states, and one from Ontario. You know who you are! The lights on the carretera at La Floresta have a white and black sign hanging in both directions. On it is a diagram of a 'glorieta". That is a roundabout. It means that you cannot turn Left in front of me as I'm driving in either direction. Instead you need to turn Right, drive around the big tree, wait for the light and then cross over to your lower or upper La Floresta destination. If you would have hit me (great brakes on my car) you would have suffered a large degree of inconvenience and discomfort. If you want to turn against the traffic from the carretera, you are required by law to move over to the right (unless this is in a narrow passage that would prevent this), turn your left blinkers on and wait until traffic is clear in both directions. I have seen traffic backed up for kilometers because someone has stopped traffic while waiting to turn. Oh no no no. I'm not posting this as an invitation to malign other drivers, especially the Mexican ones. This is, after all, their country and if they choose to break the law, they will deal with the authorities in their own way and time. However, if you are not used to sitting in a Mexican jail for 24 hours, without your phone, water or food, then please, learn how to drive here. It's not the same as where you came from.
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    Many Mexicans who can afford it, especially those with children, choose to live in gated communities as they feel safer. YMMV
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    Electroventa has reconditioned with one year warranty.
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    We have eaten there three times and Tony was there each time. He was doing the cooking and even signing once. As in, signing for the hearing impaired? I knew he was talented, but.............
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    And, yet, they are very successful. Funny, huh?
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    The Ssecond Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the right to possess firearms ""in order to maintain a well regulated militia."" The SCOTUS has affirmed the government's right to regulate possession of firearms, even in its most definitive decision on the subject, in which the high court overturned an outright ban on handguns in Washington, DC. Only illiterate people and the willfully ignorant among us accept the gun lobby's alternative interpretation of the Second Amendment.
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    We use USAA and they have not stopped reimbursement of fees.
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    Thanks. By a few private emails and the post from bezerk above, it seems like there are other's who could use some home cooked meals. I was thinking along the lines of a single mother who come make some money and take part of the meals home for her and kids. I wouldn't mind youngsters being brought to my home with Mom if she didn't have daycare/family help. I just don't know how the logistics of menu planning and ingredient shopping would be. A couple of people have suggested meal sharing if I find someone and that sounds like a great idea too. It is just figuring out how to make it work. Thanks again!
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    It is ridiculous. You are correct about that! Total police state.