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    I really wonder what all the bitching is about. If you are American your dollar goes pretty darn far here in Mexico. I am a Canadian so my dollar doesn't go so far. I wonder if you were back in the U.S. or Canada would you be bitching so much or just accept that this is what you have to pay and if you don't want to pay then don't buy it. I really get fed up hearing all this crap that goes on here about the cost of living. You are so lucky to be in a warm climate, with nice people , close to Guadalajara that has great concerts, opera , shopping. So please understand where the pesos is and when Superlake or now Poncho's buy from the U.S. it costs them a lot. So if you don't want it don't buy it , but please stop bitching. Jackie Sandler
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    No one gives a rat's ### about how you rate women's bodies. Get lost.
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    I don't see it as politics at all. It is, as Angus and other point out, a question of equality. And it is only one small area in need of massive reform among the many, many issues that people of North America face today. It wouldn't even be an issue if it weren't for testosterone. And to get upset about it is silly when you begin to think globally, because it sure isn't restricted to this continent. When you toss in the general inhumanity around the world, from slavery to religious extremism, it hardly amounts to a hill of beans. Yet it is the hill of beans we need to deal with.
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    Seems to me O.P. would be better off joining a forum consisting of 15 year old boys. More in his league. Mods- why do you allow this guy to keep posting his misogynistic and xenophobic rants? Not to mention his personal attacks on other posters.
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    Jackie.....do you realize that some of the folks who moved here are living on their Social Security checks, on amounts which would be considered well below the "poverty level" back where they came from, and that the reason they are "bitching" is because they are living so close to the bone here that any price increase is painful? If you consider that, perhaps you'll understand that they are just letting off some steam since they have little control over their economic lives, and maybe you'll not feel the need to "bitch" about their "bitching". However, there are also some who are financially secure that complain about anything and everything, and probably always have.
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    Thanks to all for your work putting this together - I look forward to thanking you in person tomorrow. RV, with all respect, if you don't understand something, it is entirely appropriate to remain silent. The board does not require your comments on issues outside of your understanding.
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    Still advertising? It all looks pretty silly to me.
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    Here we go again...the same posters going way off topic and blabbing on to the point that most of us, I am sure, questioning their sanity let alone their intelligence.
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    Perhaps it would be better if modeeper spoke only for himself, many of us are more tolerant and forgiving. I (also a Gringo) try to be somewhat less rigid in my "rules."
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    You do realize no one gives a crap about your diatribes? No, you probably don't. The need to feed your troll is just too big.
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    No kidding.. Walmart is a Mexican company and has many Mexican employees who would not have a job otherwise. Walmart Mexico has to follow the labor laws of Mexico just like does Costco or any other chain.. It seems to be fashionable by do gooders to put down Walmart Mexico like if it were the same busines as Walmart up north. Yes by moving to Mexico you chose a corrupt country to move to so you could live more cheaply so please drop the self righteous attitude. I was happy to see Soriana move to Chapala moved there and happy to see Walmart when they moved here. They support many local families and I am happy to shop there so local families have jobs, I also support local shops one does not have to exclude the other . If you like Costco shop there but do not take the moral high ground because you do.
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    There were political comments made about the U.S. administration in that thread so I closed it. Even though this "movement" has a definite partisan agenda we left the simple announcement up. Since, believe it or not, everyone here does not agree with that agenda it is the policy of this board to avoid partisan discussions altogether. You may have the view of this movement you described but it appears most of its adherents do not share that view. It is political and partisan to them. You have the option of going to TOB for one sided partisan discussions and attacks on those who dare to disagree. Here that is off limits. Thanks.
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    I don't think that the family of the person you shot in self-defense is going to let you off the hook. Staying alive after that is the tricky part.
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    The Tuesday Market has organic produce, although due to the costs involved, not may are certified. The produce is locally grown and is wonderfully fresh. Some of the other food products are organic, all are healthy, but not necessarily organic. If you are a person who only eats organic, you might want to remember that we are living in small Mexican fishing villages and either be realistic or reconsider your move.
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    i saw this person in action one day and prefer not to again.
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    it was a smart marketing move to steal the name "reporter". that has fooled many people over the past few short years. it specializes in stirring up controversy.
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    Not all expats are retired with their funds coming in in dollars. Some of us live and work here for pesos, and do not translate everything into its dollar value, believe it or not.
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    Interesting as this may or may not be, "This board is for people with interest in the Lakeside area and in moving to Mexico." or so I thought. Just sayin'
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    Racism runs rampant with the trumpansies.
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    Sir, I think RickS is referring to you in his post: "Sometimes I just shake my head in wonderment...."
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    If you wish to apply for a Mod position, contact the Admin. Suggest you unlock your caps lock before doing so to increase your odds. Have a nice day.
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    Please Google it. If you had, you would already have your answer instead of waiting for someone else to do the work for you. Have a nice day
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    No one minds disagreement here. Your posts are arrogant and dripping with disrespect to other posters.
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    In one post, you stereotype both Americans (pay well) and Canadians (cheap) habits. Then, in your next post, you, an American, advise how not to give a raise. Neither has addressed the OP's posting. Moderator, please note the off topic and offensive comments.
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    I did not mean to insult you or set off a nerve for you. I made the statement that I choose not to give Walmart my money for my purposes. You disagree with me and that is fine. You seem to have thought I did not understand that all people and businesses have both good and bad. I don't see the world as black and white but as shades of gray. Walmart is not pure evil and I am well aware that some people have jobs because they exist. When US Walmart moved into the south in the 70s they devastated locally owned businesses and even entire downtown areas of small towns. So don't tout that they give communities jobs because I have seen how they destroy entire segments of communities and cause substantial unemployment. Walmart is not evil but they do harm to locally owned stores and shops. I don't blame them for "all the world ills [sic]" but have seen first hand the loss of jobs and business when they move into town. I live near Jocotepec and a couple of times shopped at Bodega Aurrera until I learned from Mexican friends that they treat their employees even worse than Walmart with lower pay and treatment even though the store is owned by the Walmart corporation. So I stopped going there and instead found all sorts of other places to buy the things I wanted or needed. It became an adventure which has really opened up my experience of living near Jocotepec and other towns. If each person who bought things at Walmart instead frequented a locally family owned tienda it would support a local family instead of a corporation. We all might find a richer relationship with the community in which we live from seeking out these stores. I see value in a local family having a slightly more successful business than having a corporation become richer. This is what I mean by using my money to express my morals. I still shop a lot at Costco and will continue to do so because there are some things that can only be found there. Most of my other purchases will be made at a locally owned store and not Walmart. This is the beauty of knowing my moral choices are not a black and white choice but a gray. It isn't perfect but guides me toward doing the best I can in a moment and it likely will evolve into a more refined expression as I learn and do more. You don't need to agree with me but you don't need to insult me either. I have very close friends who shop at Walmart regularly. They know I don't shop there and why. We respect each other's choices without feeling a need to insult the other's character or choices.
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    Some of us wondered about the emphatic proclamation: “In the 12 years I've lived here Superlake as ALWAYS been closed on Christmas Day. Nothing new. It's the ONLY day of the year they are closed.” Some of us even found it a touch snarky, as though anyone who did not know this was a fool. Perhaps we misinterpreted. Anyway, we found it interesting when you said you never go out on Christmas Day and so, in reality, had absolutely no way of knowing that Superlake was open. It is interesting. That’s all.
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    Why do people insist on picking up dogs they have no intention of keeping? It's one thing if the animal is obviously in distress and you can't find the owner, but this dog looks like it is in good shape- not starving, injured, or covered in mange. There are many thousands of street and beach dogs in Mexico and some of them are perfectly happy doing what they do. There's a big difference between being a good Samaritan and poking one's nose into business that doesn't concern one.
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    Alex Peterson emailed me and asked me get a message out to his customers waiting for his January delivery. He's at the border with our goods, but has run into a delay with Customs. It's a major delay, involving his new van. Right now, he's confident he can work through it, but doesn't know exactly when he'll be back Lakeside or able to contact his clients individually. He is really concerned that we know he's doing his best. I'll try to keep people as up to date as I can with new information. PM me if you have questions. For Alex, thanks for your patience and forbearance.
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    Alex just told me this about the January delivery: UPDATE SAT. 12:09PM: Alex bought a huge van to bring down a huge order from his customers. It had previously been imported to MX by someone who didn't want to believe that you can't do it legally by having someone get you plates from CDMX. That route is simply not legal and so now when Alex tried to cross back into MX his plates were run by aduana and they were confiscated for being illegal. He was sent back to the United States. This huge order for his customers is his priority. He has left everything in a place he feels is safe and is coming back today on the bus to get his old van, plus he needs someone else with a second van to go back with him and help bring everything back. If you know of anyone with a van who might be interested have them contact Alex. He would like his customers to know that he is doing his very best to get their products back to Lakeside ASAP. Please bear with him and he apologizes for any inconvenience caused by the late delivery.
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    Hope you're better on computer systems than on telecommunications. SunFan
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    Actually RV many men are declaring themselves as feminists - including Barrack Obama and Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.
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    In both the US and Mexico, crime tends to be vastly under reported. One thing the US has a lot of and Mexico very little is random mass shootings. USA! We're #1! Over 10 years of living in Portland, OR, I experienced car break-ins and a car theft, a garage burglary with a loss of several hundred dollars of equipment, a drive-by shooting on my street, armed police surrounding the house next door to arrest a couple of young thugs, and death threats from a biker living on the other side of my house. I wasn't living in a bad neighborhood, either. Over 10 years living in Ajijic and traveling all over Mexico, I have experienced one minor home burglary where I lost nothing. During that decade, I have encountered the grand total of two unpleasant Mexicans.
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    Right now I find what I need at SL and have to go to Pancho and SL to get what I want so SL is for me. Good luck to Pancho. I have been going to SL for 17 years and so far I will continue.. old habits die hard. The other place is too small to jammed and does not have everything I want. The parking is a pain, the area is too crowded and I am not crossing the carretera to go to that place.
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    This web board specializes in sharing information. The controversy is a natural byproduct of humans offering information and opinions. The snarkiness is just a bonus. At least this board is monitored and people reined in when they go too far. Oh, and it’s free. No one is pretending to be a “journalist” while peddling half truth and innuendo and charging money for “subscriptions.” Also, it is here all the time and not just when the “publisher” is bored or needs money.
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    Many of my friends are suffering from some kind of virus, flu etc...Seems this always coincides with the returning Snowbirds..I wonder if they should be put in some quarantine before being allowed to mix and mingle
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    With all due respect, I feel it could and should be done here, that is why I posted. The need for women to be able to call for help in an emergency is very real. The Tepehua community is one where women are second or third class individuals and need help and/or protection for themselves and their children. The cell phones can be used for emergencies even when there is no money on them. That is why the cost of putting a SIM card in each donated phone is of importance. I posted to make you and others award of this need and perhaps someone who reads this knows which avenues to take in order to implement some sort of program to accomplish this.
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    Personally I chose citizenship because I chose Mexico as “my” country. Never cared about benefits or advantages. Natasha said it well, in essence while in Mexico you are Mexican; while in your country of birth or alternative passport you are solely a citizen of that country. So to me it’s not a dual citizenship. From what I’ve read on this board many reflect a love for Mexico and respect for its culture, such as Angus, and would take pride in citizenship. Others, simply adopting a ‘whats-in-it-for-me’ attitude would be better off not to chose the route of naturalization In my sole opinion of course
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    Ned, would you start a discussion about your cooking? What is your favorite dish? Could you share your recipe?
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    Dogs in restaurants are prohibited, by law. Street dogs are generally something you step over, as they sleep on the sidewalk. Some can be a bit territorial, so don‘t offend them. Cross the street. “Furbaby“ people are weird. Normal dog owners are well behaved. Hotels generally do not permit pets. Some no-tell motels will allow them; or do not know you have them. Plan your stops early enough to find a place to stay.
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    Mudgirl, I am starting to like you. Especially when you take on moshallow on other threads. Many people live and work here for pesos, not any kind of dollar. Those who do feel the rising costs just like the locals. I give my cleaning lady a bump when I feel the pain and I know she must be feeling it too. But I won't put up with some, like a friend's maid who demanded a raise from 50 (already the top of the scale as far as I am concerned) to 60, or she'd quit. I say let her quit; there are lots of people willing to work for an acceptable hourly wage. All she is going to get is jobless and no termination money.
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    Unless it was priced incorrectly to begin with... This is a small store and they do not buy in the same quantities as, say Walmart or the Mega etc. etc. Therefore, they pay more for the imported product to begin with... then there's the 16% import tax and then the transportation to get it here. Then finally, the calculation for mark up . If you want or need it then you'll pay for it. If you don't want it or need it then you won't. I'm grateful that the option even exists because my returning suitcase (twice a year) used to be full of things that I couldn't find in Mexico. Each to his/her own.
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    Crime is big business. They copied the US system but hide the identities of the bad guys, prosecutor is way underfunded, the government is a willing accomplice in crimes due to knowingly underfunding and hiring untrained people. They make it hard to report crimes and revictimize people, true the new law helps people get out for minor crimes, i.e. someone steals a soda pop and no longer spends 2 years in jail awaiting trial. We need more police and higher pay for them, as well as more people and experts working in the prosecutors office. They need to clean house and probably jail 1/3 of public servants, another 1/3 fire and the other 1/3 give a pay raise to. Too much bureaucracy as well as too many people profiting off crime. Attorneys love criminal law as it takes no brains just bribes and people need to steal to pay them and the cycle continues. Nothing is a slam dunk. I have seen people drunk driving no license and insurance and mysteriously the prosecutor makes errors or loses the file and the easiest cases are not tried or thrown out while the guy who drops his pants and says kiss my a$$ to his neighbor has an arrest warrant out promptly. It is a sort of poetic justice when the corrupt ones have family members who are crime victims but they still dont get it that that promote this bad system and every brinbe they make or take that gets a bad guy out is one more to commit crimes against all people.
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    Waiting and paying full price is beginning to sound like a good idea. Standing in line for two hours or more to save 52 pesos has no appeal to me.
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    I detect envy here and rightly so because the women of Jalisco are beautiful and know how to apply make up and walk gracefully on high heals unlike some envious gringas who look like clowns,colour their hair blonde or brunette even though they're 90 years old and NEED to wear sneakers.
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    Early on it was distressing to hand a police officer money. As a single man it's not a good idea to impulsively think it's alright to form a friendship with someone's wife. Wrong country! Loaning money. Loaning anything. Sometimes it worked out, but mostly not the thing to do. Mexicans will prolly give you the benefit of the doubt for language flubs. I've done some doosies (sp). Age deference is a powerful force. Damn if it isn't easier to get along now that I'm old. People are waaay more pleasant. It's easy to overlook the pecking order. As an Yank I've formed the habit of talking about things I have. That doesn't usually go over so well. That's what nacos* do. Mexicans are the World's best slangsters. They love to play with their language. Using slang is a flag that flies over a clique. I often flew my flag too soon. Learn to be able to talk about food. I still haven't. I often assumed Mexicans needed to be informed about what's happening in the USA. They already know. They have TVs. If you're invited to someone's house bring something with you, bring a lot of something. I hung out with children for my first 2-3 years. They were at my language level. That paid off. Took awhile to figure that out. I had legal problems my first three or four years, even been jailed. Not knowing how things work round here is a pit to fall into. Mexicans are sentimental. I learned how to fake it. As a teacher it's too easy to see how the boys get preference. I thought I'd change that. Big mistake. Your coworkers and/or student's parents will just think you're weird at best or a pedo at worst. But the same goes for everyday social interactions. The gender role divide is strong, boy child with men, girls with woman. *What is a naco? Depends on the region you're in. The best definition I've read/heard is this: If you have Mexican friends who like to be seen with you, who defer to you, who dress like you, speak English ... they are nacos. Even the furnishings in one's home can define him/her as a naco; Gringo wannabes. They were hard to avoid early on, when alone in a foreign land it's easy to gravitate to any soft spot to land. They are the brunt of humiliation to the hard core Mexico Mexicans. These days I don't know any ... the company you keep and all that stuff. I know y'all are mostly older retired married folks who prolly have't the need to bury themselves in Mexican culture. But what the hey, eh?
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    Just ask the moderators about how much everyone here agrees with everyone else all the time and how we can’t handle disagreements. Reminds me of a new employee in my office. He was rude, arrogant, obnoxious, and insulting. He also happened to be very overweight. So guess what. He complains to the managing editor that he is being discriminated against by the other employees because he is fat. Editor asked me if that was true. I said nobody cared how much he weighed. They didn’t want anything to do with him because he was an a**hole.
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    “If I divide your likes into your posts I get 2.3. With mine I get 4.3.” The sad part about this is that a grown man actually looks up how many “Likes” he has received and compares his count to someone else’s. He even takes the time to do some math and claim superiority over the number of “Likes” his posts have gotten as though somehow that count makes him a better man. I am not sure sad is even the right word. Maybe pathetic is more like it.
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    My help gets theri pay raises on their anniversay and we do not need some two bit poster to tell us what to do. I do not give a darn what maid make in the US what has it got to do with anything anyways. People in Mexico get paid by the day not the hour.. this hour thing is a foreigner´s idea. Cleaning people here make more than teachers, give me a break..about thee automatic raises and minimum wages and God knows what else.. Mind your own business we are going just fine Modeeper.
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    We paid 950 pesos for Costco executive membership when we came down here two years ago. It has gone up to 1100 and we consider it well worth it. We never, ever shop at Walmart as we don't want to support a company which treats their employees so poorly. We do prefer buying from locally owned stores for most things we buy from paper goods to cat food and litter. But the quality of many things at Costco far outways what we can find locally so we make the 45 minute drive once a month. From Costco, we regularly buy frozen veggies and chicken, grains and spices, quality cleaning supplies (instead of watered down crap), and beer and wine. We buy some very nice wine for around 90 pesos with the discount we get with the executive membership. We also tend to buy nice gifts for people when they are on sale there as the quality is good and is often not something available in the local community. Just after moving here we bought a rocker chair with a foot stool that everyone who sits in it wants to know where we got it. But it is no longer available at the local stores. So just like other Costco stores, you need to buy some items when you see them as they may be gone next week. We sign up for Costco at LCS. They come about once a month and you get a 50 peso discount when you sign up there. The first time we had to get our picture made at guest services and pick up our card there. Since then we just renew at LCS. I don't know about the cost of the non-executive membership because we recover far more than the cost of the executive membership in a few visits because it gives us a discount not available with the other memberships. Please note that you need to use the card of the primary account holder in order to get the discount. Non-primary account holders don't get the discount. We use our Mexican Costco membership card in the US and Canada without any difficulty. The only challenge we have had is when we wanted to use it for Costco Travel to book a cruise. We had to call three times and finally a person knew how to enter our number and set it up in a way that allows us to use Costco Travel now. Finally, let me reiterate that - as someone who struggled to earn a decent living and was able to retire in my 50s because I was lucky enough to be hired by decent employers - the way a company treats their employees tells a lot about their morals and qualities. I try to spend my money in keeping with my morals and that is another massive difference in Costco and Walmart. Walmart has a terrible record of how they treat their employees and Costco has a very, very good record.