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    Maincoons We saw your house being built so we have been in Ajijic a whole lot longer that you have, my husband votes there, I vote in Chiapas and we have residences in both states and are Mexican Citizens so we have a whole lot more to say than you do. We stay in Mexico when sick , do not go back to the States , I work for a Mexican company from Jalisco in Chiapas so if someone has nothing to say it is you. I can see why you would not like San Cristobal.. ..a little too real for you... the number 1 tourists here are Mexicans number 2 are Europeans so you are a little bit out of your element here. My husband spends most of his time in Ajijic and I spend a lot of time in Chiapas we have owned a house in Ajijic longer than you have been around so really if one of us has nothing to say it is you... I could also say the same thing to you in Spanish a whole lot better than you could. It is pretty funny for a man who is always bragging about his house and wealth to say that San Cristobal is pricey.. must have been scared of eating where the locals eat. I live near the market and shop there every day and it is a whole lot cheaper to live here than in Ajijic..it should be , the town is full of poor people. who do not eat in restaurants downtown. You chose to see the tourists area and that is your business but if you live here you know better than eat in the tourists traps.. Comparing a 450 year old town to Playa del Carmen is pretty funny. , they are both tourists towns but the tourism between the two is very different. I can assure you that all the European backpackers are not spending a whole lot of money here. As far as the government affairs in Chapala you really do not have anything to say either and your accusing them of all kinds of things is getting pretty old. They are what they are, if you do not like it vote for someone else. Your doctor and gardner and all other service people are Mexicans , they have the right to criticize their government, you do not. By the way you have no authority to define who is full time or part time here and Ajijic is part of the Chapala municipality like it or not and Ned Small has the same right than anyone else to discuss Ajijic if that is what he wants to do Resident of Ajijic or not.
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    glitz in San Cristobal , even in the center, I have not seen it.. Gringo ghetto is also a poor descriptions as they are not many gringos living there , whatever that is except for the tourists that are all over the center. Say what you want it is a great town to live in and we enjoy it a lot. Chiapas is the poorest state in the union so no wonder it looks poor... Oaxaca is the same way and so is Guerrero in parts.. I really feel sorry for you guys who hate Ajijic and see all of its warts.. I am spending a couple of months in an indigenous village, working in that village and we really feel sorry for people who live in Ajijic...give us a break with all the complaining.
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    Really. For starters Gerardo Delgollado PRI got the Federal PAN minister of tourism to visit Chapala for the first time in over 20 years and convinced him to release funds for such things as finishing the Chapala Malecon. The mural by the sail which is on the front of a rock slide barrier and engineers were sent all over that slope. Your beloved Ajijic now has a malecon and a park rebuilt so it won't flood again. At relative expense and personnel he put together a recruiting programme to send 150 workers to a plant in Alberta for 2 years, where they were earning $19/hr. and some have become Canadian citizens and stayed in Canada.
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    Kudos to BMH! Very well stated. Please copy and paste that response somewhere because you're going to need it again in the future. Sigh.
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    Where did I read in the rules that there were to be no personal attacks...........you know, like this outstanding example?
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    I'm not going to get into a debate with Chapala residents, full (you) or part time about an issue that affects full time residents of Ajijic, me, my spouse and neighbors. I'm sure you think that about the local government since most of everyone's pesos (not dollars) go where you live but most of the money comes from where I live and the other communities of the Municipio. As I said, you are welcome to that opinion. Over here, it doesn't hold up to reality too well. I just look at the facts as they are being reported and as we are experiencing things HERE and the facts are that services have declined drastically where I live and I don't know anyone where I live including me who thinks the money from Pueblo Magico will suffer any different fate. We are concerned we will have still more congestion, more trashy potholed streets and noise and the money meant to deal with those things will "magically" disappear like our money does now. Let's leave it at that.
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    She and her husband Bubba are in "Mexico" full time and to my knowledge have not been back to the USA but do travel to her home country of France on occasion. You have the option of ignoring this as well,no? And I am not an apologist for the local government. I merely think they do the best they can with the tools and dollars they have.
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    It appears that you have copied and pasted this verbatim from one of your previous posts and you have also been informed on more than one occasion that bmh has lived in west Ajijic[6 corners] more than twice as long as you have been here and that they have a second home in San Cristobal.
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    If you reread her version of what happened, she stated she FAILED the breathalyzer test. Law broken, not innocent by her own acountl
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    Gringal's comment was most certainly not a personal attack. You'd frikkin' know it, if it was. You can't just call out someone for pointing out a fact.
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    No problem, quote the post you think I cut and pasted. Also, my post was responding to bmh, not you. I am confident in his/her ability to respond unaided. bmh is not here full time. We are. And the same suggestion applies to you--if you don't like the topic, threads or poster it is easy to ignore all here. You are welcome to continue to be an apologist for the local government and we are equally welcome to not share your opinion on same.
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    Too bad this thread is about to be closed because it is getting very entertaining.. I think the fat lady has sung several times so it will close soon unless we need to hear about more defenders of the downtrodden victim...
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    It was an attack on the allowing of personal attacks.......by anyone, of anyone else. How about this one; "The "elitests" have started piling on"? by another poster? That's name calling. I would like to see this board's members post in a civil manner to one another; disagreeing about ideas, not calling a person by a pejorative label. "Know it all" certainly qualifies for that category; as does "elitist". We don't have a "Octagon" on here; we are expected to behave like adults on all the threads, even when we strongly disagree. When things get personal or insulting, one of the mods usually closes the thread. I would like to see this one treated appropriately. ,
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    The problem with all this is it was badly handled and people were not well treated. I spoke with one person who was stopped, cuffed to a chair for hours, then jailed. She was shoved and mistreated. It took hours for her to get her phone to make a phone call. That entire group of people was charged, no one was fined or charged as they passed the breath test, then because the car was impounded was forced to pay quite a bit of money to retrieve the vehicle. This is how an innocent person was treated. For those of you who thinks these stops are a good idea, I'm not so trusting as the police typically abuses its power and that's exactly how this was handled. You may think it's a great idea until you are the one who gets treated this way. Why in the world would an innocent person have to go to jail, then pay to get their own car, when it was clearly established there was no law broken. Her vehicle should have been returned with no fee and an apology. I'm not interested in hearing about how this is Mexico that's the way it is. If no one objects to this kind of abuse and treatment , then it will continue. It doesn't matter what country you are in, this is not a proper way to handle a human being. No food or water in the meantime. Yes. Very humane treatment.......
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    Why so sarcastic? Some people are just soooo rude
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    If you would, please share number of treatments typical for a knee, how long is a treatment and procedure, costs, name of doctor. Is a similar treatment available for hips? Some of this is experimental but to finally see a positive is encouraging.
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    Did you use your telephone to order any soft drinks?
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    bmh, you don't live here. This board is a local board here and you should expect that local issues will be discussed here. As others have been advised, it is very easy to ignore threads, posts or people on this board if you are not interested or don't agree. What you label as "complaining" from afar is to us affairs that affect our every day life here. I used "gringo" in the broader sense. When we were in San Cristobal, the streets downtown were crowded with Europeans. Reminded me of Playa del Carmen, pricey and packed with young foreigners. I'm glad you like it there. We were not impressed as it appeared to us as a small old town core surrounded by a lot of graffiti covered slums. The general level of prosperity in Jalisco is a lot higher, hence many more resources are theoretically available to provide services, and it is reasonable for those of us paying for those services to expect to receive them. When one visits the tourism oriented towns around us that are similarly prosperous, one sees clean and repaired streets and sidewalks and modern trash pick up services, indicating that this is not an unreasonable expectation for THIS area. It is ironic that of the many local Mexicans i know and interact with here regularly, none of whom are on the local government feedbag, the opinion of the local government from Gardener right on up to Doctor is a great deal harsher than you see expressed here. I wouldn't presume to pass judgment on what you find important in San Cristobal, please accord the same respect here. What you label as "complaining" from afar is to us affairs that affect our every day life here. We have a very real basis for believing that a "Pueblo Magico" designation for Ajijic would simply result in more congestion and tourism and most of the money for improvements would magically disappear without results as most of our tax dollars do now.
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    The answer to the question of "what would the status bring to the town", besides more tourism? The fact is, all kinds of state and federal money, and that would go into the coffers of the current presidente, and that is the only reason he keeps trying this. If he cared a whit about the towns, then instead of floating foolish and expensive projects like "the bike path" with money "he" doesn't have... he would FIX the roads and infrastructure here.
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    Word of warning to those who do their annual IMSS renewals themselves. Arrived today to learn that "because we have a new computer system in place this year, we require BOTH you and your husband to be present so we can take your pictures". Of course, he was not with me. Of course, I had just driven 1 1/2 hours in mostly rain, and did NOT want this obstacle! Also, had more chores to do in Guad after this one. The following conversation ensured: Me: Nobody in Chapala clinic told me about this. Why can't you use the photo on his tarjeton or else on his IFE? Him: We require a photo with no encumbrance -- like the hologram in the IFE, or the staple that is holding his photo in place in the tarjeton. Me: (smiling and polite) But that is a SERIOUS inconvenience for me --- how am I supposed to know this in advance? And do you expect me to go back to Chapala, find him, and return? Besides (holding up my cane) I am partially disabled and this makes it harder. Him: Why don't you take out your cell phone and show me his picture from there? Me: I don't HAVE a cell phone! Him: (incredulous look on his face) Is there a way you can contact him to HE can send ME his photo from HIS cell phone? Me: He doesn't have a cell phone either! We are OLD not technologically savvy! Besides, he's at work. That's why I'm the "titular".... because he is not free to drop everything and come to Guad. This conversation goes back and forth a while longer, until he realizes this polite, smiling, agreeable but apparently determined lady is NOT going away any time soon. So he finally caves, takes MY picture, takes one (I guess he manages to ignore the staple) of hubby's tarjeton, and we proceed to finalize the procedure! (Does he want a photo of hubby NEXT year? NO. This is the only time they will need it....... for now ) Of course, fluent Spanish and long-time familiarity with the system helps. But be sure if you don't both go, the bearer has a cell phone or actual photo to present---- and expect a little fuss about it first! (No idea how facilitators handle this issue.)
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    That sounds like a lot of fun. However as a Mexican expert I'm sure you know that different communities have different standards. This thread started with a discussion of what is going on in an equally Mexican community, Guadalajara. Earlier, similar crackdowns in Zopopan have been reported by the Mexican press. All of this being pushed and carried out by the Mexicans who live in those communities. Somehow I doubt the party you went to would have happened there these days. So what is the relevance to this area or this thread? And why is it always that when people express different views that you have they are "complaining?" BTW, I have a family of Zapotec artisans from Oaxaca right now staying with us and they are looking to relocate their business out of the state because it is so lawless and corrupt and all the "manefestacions" and "bloqueos" have basically destroyed tourism there.
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    funny I just returned from Oaxaca where I attended a quinceañera fiesta. I am talking about a party in a village here we were the only white faces. The day started at 7.30 with breakfast. When we arrived my husband was shown the men's table and I was shown to the women's table where we were served corono beers and shots of mezcal.... then on to a reception where we congratulate the family and gave them gifts and blessed al the food and alcohol that guests had brought. Then on to hot chocolate with a mountain of bread and doggy bags to take the leftover food. then on to a caldo de pollo with eggs and atole. The home to take the leftovers and then to church where a full brass band was awaiting us.. Fabulous music but very loud was played during the mass and them procession following the band back to the party home.. We were about 500 people.. then full mariachi band and oaxaca band taking turn at playing.. very loudly. Both bands were good but very loud... Then the hors d'oeuvres were served around 3pm delicious crickets with lemon and hot sauce and peanuts and more beer and mezcal.. then a birria with more mezcal and beer then traditional indigenous dancing where each guest had to dance with a bottle of alcohol in one hand some wild smelly plant in the other. The plant was used in pre hispanic days and is called hierba de borracho. Maybe called this way because as the story goes it can be found near a river in a very deep cañon where the pressure is so low that you have to drink shots of mescal in order not to pass out.. the music went on very loud from these 2 bands until midnight , then the third band a rock band started and ended at day break ..It blasted the whole town.. No one complained as everyone was out to have a good time. There were no foreigners around so you cannot blame the foreigners for the loudness of the band or the choice of music or say that all that music is not traditional. Everyone had a great time.. Too bad none of you guys complaining about loud music were around because the complaints would have had zero effect, the police was not called , actually they were at the party as well and the whole town was quiet for a long time in the morning so that the people who did not sleep at night could sleep in the morning, which I though was very civilized but then I alway thought Zapotecs were more civilized than most people.
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    I can't see their screen.
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    My limited research seems to support your 'style' over substance to an extent in Centro. "House" music (electronic dance music) lasts all night, uses subwoofers that shake the ground and penetrate walls, doesn't respect occupancy max, changes locations when busted.
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    Thank you for the clarification..Yes I thought they all failed the test...... that's why they were taken to jail!!!!...Why do folks distort the situation
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    Welcome to the board, RFC. I hope you get some useful information from these pages. Unfortunately, I can't make sense out of your post; some points in there may be related, but I don't see a connection. And might I respectfully suggest you don't use ALL CAPS unless you are REALLY, REALLY ANGRY...
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    I think I hear the Fat Lady singing.....
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    I did it with a local quack, not available to people he does know...
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    Thanks Liana. That makes sense now. He is saying Cómo amaneció?
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    Bisbee Gal, I read the introduction to the photos on that link. It's always a surprise to me to see what mistaken ideas foreigners have about catrinas. Here's a link to an article that explains the origin and history of the catrina, why the skeletal figure is called by that name, and why it is neither emblematic of death nor connected to Day of the Dead celebrations other than by recently popular use. http://mexicocooks.typepad.com/mexico_cooks/2016/10/the-catrina-mexicos-iconic-legacy-from-josé-guadalupe-posada.html
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    I would rather sit in a hot box in the sun than spend an hour in Sayulita, with its' constant noise, polluted water, and raw sewage running in the streets! My group and I used to go for tacos in the street at least once a week, but no more. Just too gross. Check out San Pancho, excellent restaurants there, and Guayabitos just down the road.
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    And the timing of that Doctor's report in Bucerias? What year? Swimming in the open ocean is hazardous. I remember body surfing with two of my stepkids on the south end of San Pancho Beach, when one of them asked what the fish were eating. There was a lot of rippling on the surface of the water. I said it was more important to know what was eating the fish... and we motored at top speed out of the water. Never swim on the north end of the San Pancho beach because there is always an undertow there.
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    Cedros, you have to be a guy, if you don't think all those boutiques in Sayulita aren't any fun. It would be helpful when making comments, if people would say the timing of their last visit to a place. Sting rays... never encountered ANY in Bucerias from yearly "visits" between 1999 and 2013. Last visit to Sayulita and San Pancho 2013... lived in San Pancho year round from 2005 to 2011. Both places hoppin' in March but the kids (50's) like Sayulita the best. Neither Rincon de Guayabitos nor La Penita de Jaltemba are my cup of tea. Neither is Puerto Vallarta. There are many places on the coast to go if all you want to do is sit on your butt on the beach... and that's not my cup of tea either. Everybody's different and there's something for everyone.
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    Yes I have had them over a period of 18 months, My knees are back to my 20,s Now I have to work on the rest of my body to conform to great new knees
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    You guys are so negative you should get out of town and see many other towns, lots of pitiful ones around and see how nice it is when you get back.. So they are building some buildings that are not to your taste, have you see what they did to Guadalajara in the 60´s?Now that was bad.. Yes the place is corrupt and money talks go to the redneck riviera and look at the Destin to Gulf Shores and around there, I remember the place with beach cabins on stilts and now it is sold condos.. I remember Cancun with a few high rise hotels and so on.. that is life things change and that is the way it is. Since most of you are foreigners you have nothing to say about it and most Mexicans do not seem to care or have enough money to fight it.. All of us retirees do not have that many years left so enjoy what you have and let the young people worry about the rest.
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    Local nationals in Ajijic are very proud of where they live. The impetus to gain this status is quite strong in the Mexican community, and not just with politicians. It really is a source of pride to them.
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    (1) so people could say they actually live in a Pueblo Magico to their NOB friends/family? (2)so that double the tourist business will come, along with higher real estate/rental prices, higher food costs, LOTS more traffic, etc.?
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    What? I thought all notarios in Mexico were lawyers but most lawyers here aren't notarios.
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    I am sure the Mexican police will take your expectations into consideration. Be sure to let them know that first thing when you get stopped.
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    I applaud this effort to keep drunk drivers off the roads. We expected the same in Canada. I do however expect to be treated with dignity and respect at any roadside checkpoint. Would also be great if the Police would check for those famous "burnt out tail lights" that are as well dangerous and so very common here.
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    Will the piles of garbage help or hurt in getting that status?. Perhaps they will disappear like magico.
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    Restaurante Petrita in Chapala.
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    Of all the restaurants mentioned herein and although we've been to everyone of them over the years and.............. have only been to Elegante once in the short time they've been open, they would, definitely be our choice for Ajijic. However, Bistro Ofelia in Guadalajara is always our special occasion choice........hands down! It's so good that it's worth the cost of a hotel (La Mansion del Sol, as and example) and the unbelievably low cost of convenient Uber rides to and from the restaurant of choice (in Guadalajara). As mentioned in the earlier post, the retirement a few years back of the tired owner/chef of Armando's Hide-A-Way and then, after a tremendous resurgence of business and many accolades by the new "very hard working and skilled" mother/daughter operators, the unscrupulous owner decided that he wanted his restaurant back........and promptly kicked them out. Many, like ourselves have never crossed the threshold since and despite good reviews (by those who don't know the history) likely never will!
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    Warning. You can't remove the stripes from a skunk! A number of local people were scammed for a very substantial amount of money to the extent that several had to seriously change their retirement plans. Newcomers beware!
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    Apparently this cat is used to being groomed. No matter what anyone thinks about whether a cat should be groomed or not this vet should never have given medication without a history and permission. Thank you so much for posting this as we had considered using this location for grooming of our dogs when in a pinch at our normal vet's as we had seen recommendations.
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    And are squatting and not paying rent.