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    When I I got up this morning and was getting ready to run some errands I couldn't find my wallet. I looked all over the house, in the car, etc. and couldn't find it. I was thinking about all the hassles to get a replacement driver's license, INM card, credit cards, etc. not to mention some cash I had just gotten out of the ATM machine, What a mess. I started thinking back and finally determined that the last time I was sure I had it was when we went to a movie at Interlago Mall on the libramiento yesterday afternoon. I went by there about 1:30 today and they were all locked up as movies didn't start until later in the afternoon. I went back by again about 6:30 and talked to a couple of very pleasant and helpful employees. They went and got a young lady who introduced herself as the manager, I explained what I was looking for and she asked me a couple of questions - and then told me to wait for a couple of minutes. She unlocked the office and then opened a locked desk drawer. And out came my wallet! Absolutely everything was there - including all of the cash! I thanked her profusely and tried to give her a nice reward - which she refused. In fact she said that was not even working yesterday and wasn't exactly sure who had found it. I insisted that she accept the reward and we finally agreed that she would use the money I was offering to buy drinks and snacks for everyone. There are people that will take advantage of you anywhere - and people that will exhibit exceptional kindness everywhere, My experiences in Mexico have been overwhelmingly positive. Another great day in our little bit of paradise.
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    If we would all just follow the teachings of Covfefe there would be no illness to treat and this thread would be moot!
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    I've never had a problem, in Walmart, with either receiving change or the actual products that I've bought. I'm in there at least once a week. Maybe it's something about the aura that emanates from each of us.
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    It was nice meeting you at LCS yesterday. Feel free to join me when ever you see me siting there.
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    Please READ the message again .. she is NOT looking for a therapist...she is looking for friends ...,
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    Walmart's thousands of employees don't have families?? Just saying.
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    The streets in Chapala are a mess and the road from Chapala to Guadalajara should be an embarrassment to Jalisco terrible !
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    The definition is just a sidebar that could not be ignored. The real issue at this point is the accusations against everyone and everything Mexico, the attack on this very "blog" ("fogeys seeking lala land"?), the baseless accusations against the newspaper, and the incessant negative rhetoric. These do not belong in a thread about Chapala's finances. And in fact, this whole discussion is pure politics, which of course isn't allowed here.
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    Just got home. Thanks for the well wishes!
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    If you're Canadian, you'll need socks with those sandals
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    FIRST OF ALL LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR I'M A PATRON OF THE BARS. In my 11 yrs here Harry has done nothing about the noise.. If you research previous threads on noise you will read how he tells us the Mexicans are complaining about the noise, they are getting up a petition to take to the administration.... Well what happened to the petition..?????? He will tell you "We stopped the loud music in this or that place. bar". BS... he or the noise police did nothing. The reason the music stops is the bands move on, get a better offer to play somewhere else.. Or we got them install soundproofing.. More BS. they put a roof on because we seem to be getting more rain now and they were losing business. They held a meeting which I believe was at MC's place..a couple of people showed up. If it was such a concern what happend to all the people..? The truth being it only concerns a few old gringos who want to roll up the carpet and turn off the lights at 9pm, 8pm on a weekday. They were going to organize noise patrols in the different neighborhoods so if they heard people enjoying themselves they had the phone number of someone in the Chapala administration who would then send in the police to break up the fun. What ever happend to that... Could Harry or MC respond..? I LIVE BEHIND THE PEMEX NOW, SO I HEAR NOISE. When I moved to Mexico I realized it wasn't going to be like living in "Any town Idaho" And that I would have to deal with the issues or go home. I have never felt it was my place to try and change the culture. If you read the post of a few weeks ago. One of the gringos on this board wanted to stop the tradition of serenading Mexican mothers early on Mother's Day. In my travels through Mexico I haven't found Ajijic to be any noisier than other places.
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    One has to care. Caring is what we do because we are caring humans. It does not matter whether the local govt. cares or not--it does not matter if one is Mexican, Canadian, US, European or whatever. Granted, we cannot always find a solution, but that should NOT discourage us from caring! Taafe, please persevere! This is how change occurs: one determined person, 2 determined people, etc.
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    Well said. Thanks for what you have done. I know it must have been very difficult. Giving some money to a charity is all well and good, but the ones who go in and get their hands dirty, and put in the long hours, and face the realities of whatever sad cause is the one being helped, seeing it personally and actually dealing with it, are the ones who are really helping the very most. You and your Transition Team are to be admired for everything you are coping with and I thank you wholeheartedly for your time and effort.
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    I want to thank you all for your very hard work and all of the difficulties you are facing. I am also so sorry that some persons chose to verbally attack you rather than to help you. Again, I wish you the best during the future having to make these and other more difficult decisions.
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    If you're not Mexican, or into drugs, or into other illegal stuff what difference does it make? - I'd bet you're as safe there as in most places. Oh, and yes, if it's reported in US MSM (main stream "news") then it's probably 80% likely to be fake, they've lost the ability to be journalists, basically journalism is dead.
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    Ditto to that. Harry is one of the people who steps up and makes a real difference in this community. Best wishes for a fast recovery Harry!
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    To all of those volunteers trying to give those animals a great temporary home, now that Anita was forced to go home because of health problems. I want to thank you very much, like many here I want to know exactly what is happening and how bad it was and or is. BUT you volunteers have a great deal of work to do, and frankly you can not take the time to answer all of our questions until things are up and running again. So I shall wait and not bother you with my questions. I hope to be back by the end of the month and at that time will volunteer in some manner or way. I wish you all (to include the animals) the very best during these difficult times.
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    I recall north of the border, a wonderful town, trash collection was once a week, worked just fine.
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    Where were you when Anita needed help? We saw you at the tianguis last week and haven't seen you before....Anita, the two Jackies and Tulu have been working the stand by themselves for years and you come in and denigrate their work. And alienate their support base. Sure 3000p doesn't seem like a lot,but the date you are basing your info on was in our hottest season, no one around, Anita gone and they still brought in that much from items that cost them zero and sold with volunteer labor. By my calulations at the very least that would bring in 21,000p,but a better way of figuring would be this: i give approximately 50p/week/52 weeks a year = 2600p. according to your 3000p for the worst day of of the year, if I am average,which I think I am, there would have been about 60 people donating on that day. If that is pretty much average, which we know is the lowest figure, the tianguis books/clothes bring in 156,000p per year, which is not insignificant. Anita has worked hard over the years to build up good will in both the gringo and mexican communities and you are willing to throw it all away because of some misguided idea that narrowing your scope to exclude these fundraisers and the people who dedicated their time and efforts every week is some how an improvement is??? I personally have 12 cats dependent on me and donated to Anita's mainly to support her and her crew's work.Good luck finding your base.
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    Let's don't get sidetracked into an argument about language. Betty, "botched" is standard English usage so let it go and move on. Thanks.
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    I think the transition team deserves a vote of thanks from the community for having the courage and compassion to step up to the plate and take on this situation - you get one from me certainly.
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    I am certain that you didn't offend the majority of posters so let your post stand. There are more than 2 members on this board.
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    I have a different opinion. I don't understand why people who don't care keep intruding upon those sharing their grief in an online community of people who very much care. There are many people who don't want to hear the rather sad, bitter commentary of outliers with no attachment to or caring for anyone but themselves.
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    Yep, Chapala is the "playground" for Guadalajara. Anything goes here. Rarely are Federal Laws enforced. And, extranjeros complaining are like flies in the kitchen: a nuisance, but nothing of a real concern in Mexico.
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    I dunno about that, Pete. The baggers know us for who and what we are. I think a more doable solution to the matter is alertness at the register and an appropriate tip for the bagger's service. This is their living.
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    Any contract can be written in any language and any currency as long as it is agreed upon by both parties. USD has been accepted currency in majority of rentals here for close to 50 years.
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    I can't even begin to fathom how people can find fault with a place that charges 99 cents for everything, let alone argue about it in public.
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    You've been here a long time so when are you going to realize that the transitos are state and none of the ticket money they collect goes to Chapala?
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    As a generalization brown people have less money so it makes sense they would not be stopped as often... It is not racism just practal.. Those transitos are the best at knowing where and how to extract money..
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    There is nothing wrong with questioning when the information is given in tiny bits and pieces. Why would anyone just take the word of strangers and continue donating money and food? Just because people do not go up to the shelter does not mean they are not helping. Myself and many others give on a monthly or when they can basis, that is helping out. None of this would be happening if only they had done it properly by notifying the community with all the pertinent information. When I hear things like, well most of the cats are sick and will probably have to be put down and many of the dogs are in bad shape and who knows what will happen. If this is not the case then please state so because this is what they will continue to get without information. No one is against these volunteers but who the heck are they and what is their long term plan for the shelter? You can achieve more when you let the community in as to what you are planning. Saving the shelter should include the community and not just a few people calling themselves the transition team. It is the community that helps feed and gives cash donations for medical care so we have every right to ask questions. I hope you can understand that.
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    Amanda, I would like to meet you too, I would love for you to come and paint watercolor with my 18 students, as my guest, We are the No Stress School of Art, and have lots of fun, I talked to everyone, and they are interested in meeting You, I am going away tomorrow, will be back July 4th, PM me...Ken
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    No not attacking, If the shelter looks neglected then it could be she hasn't been there. Most of your posting is how the "transition team" is going to clean it up, get the dreadfully sick animals well . Nothing to indicate why you and the team are even doing this. Very little mention of all the years of Anita's kindness and sacrifice for the animals, the fact she would take a disabled dog or cat because it was a shelter. . A cleaner place would certainly better but these posts of you and the team making everything so much better, does reflect on Anita and her volunteers and doesn't make you seem like very warm or caring person, just judgmental.
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    Mexico may be playing its cards this way because Nafta will be renegotiated and the darn wall isn't off the agenda. Just food for thought. We live in a global economy and It is pretty clear to the rest of the world that the USA can't be trusted anymore to keep its word or agreements except if you are Saudi Arabia
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    I know and like Tony very much. That doesn't change the fact that putting open air music venues with big sound systems in the middle of residential neighborhoods is simply wrong. We wouldn't tolerate someone taking crap from their property and dumping it in our living rooms, why is taking noise pollution and doing the same any more acceptable? IMO it is not. Regardless of time of day. This thing will most certainly be violating the daytime noise laws as well. It is one thing to have fiestas and celebrate holidays, which is a Mexican tradition. It is quite something else to operate for profit venues making a racket week in, week out right next to where people live. Tony, noise vandalism is even more obnoxious than the graffiti vandalism against which you were and still are one of the stalwarts here. Please keep that civic mindedness in mind.
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    One thing you can take to the bank : the noise problem here is many times worse in the last 5 years than in the 15 years before that.
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    No I am not going to PM you. I have been there several times recently and since you have all this experience, maybe you can share what experience this "transition " team has. Who will foster the kittens that are only 4 days old? Oh, that's right , you just won't take them. Who will take a sick animal to a vet if one can't come. Who is the one designated the boss ? And the dogs or cats who are not adoptable?? A blind dog? an animal with 3 legs? an old animal that cannot get around well? What happens to them? "There will be tough decisions ahead for the existing animals as well as future intake". No kill right??? I was up there recently and there was at least 7 weeks of food. So they are not starving. Is there going to be 24 hr watch? Does the transition team own your new shelter? All you seem to speak to is cleaning up and diseased animals ".Diseases that are rampant there". Really ? bit of an exaggeration.!!! You cannot condemn the whole shelter if a few animals get sick. You have secret revenue sources so you are not accountable to anyone. If you plan on being an AC , you will have to account financially.I know she had quit a few pesos I never worked at the shelter but was a close friend of Anita's and adopted a clean, neutered dog who had all the shots. Your whole approach is offensive.....more an attack on Anita and the condition of the shelter ( which is questionable) Well white knights it is yours now.
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    Seriously? A woman reaches out for our help, and you include that second sentence? Amanda, best of luck. I am not single and I am not retired, and I hope you can connect with someone right here. ... Mike
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    Another noisy music thread. Great! I was starting to miss one. It's been a couple of days.
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    rustico means garbage? soooo they dont pave to please some old men? seriously? save it for guad reporter.
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    No, you won't. Both of you please desist with this.
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    The OP is still linked to a two-year-old story. As for recent news, aren't you glad you don't live here but instead in the safe, secure, stable US of A?
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    This post edited by moderator in response to complaint and, no, not from Ned either. Unnecessary snarky.
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    Barrbower , 3 years ago the same thing happened to my husband and the cardiologist offered to drive my husband to Guadalajara on a Saturday to get a pacemaler. We said no thanks, on that Monday we saw two different heart specialists at Puerto de Hierro and they both said no pacemaker was necessary and some electric shocks to the heart was what was needed, we went for it and 3 years later my husband´s heart is still fine.. Lots of sugery and pacemakers are done that are not necessary.. Hopefully yours was..
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    Each person needs to be confident in their selection of medical advice and procedures. What works and makes one happy is many times not the same for others. No one should be "put down": or "chastised" for a choice or experience that works for them that is different from someone else. (why am I hearing that type of statement so much now-a-days?) There is no "one size fits all" in anything in life. Be happy for the other person if they are happy with their choice.
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    How did you come up with the ridiculous idea that people who don't want to "dine with the dogs" are "dog haters"? Many dog owners are simply considerate enough of others to not bring them to the restaurant, where some diners are allegic. You're way off base, and........I'm sick of the subject, too, but I think that needed correcting.
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    Medical is a biggie for us over 70's. In the last 3 years, for example, we've spent over $25,000 U.S. on two medical emergencies that we couldn't return to the U.S. to handle. Medivac wouldn't have helped with either as both required immediate surgical and hospital care. The quality was good in one instance, not so good in the other. Looking into catastrophic insurance as a back up but thus far it seems the options for insurance for people our age are limited. This may account for the fact that, at least from this area in my direct knowledge, medical is a major reason people leave here and return to the U.S. The other reason is to be closer to family.
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    Maybe people should start piling their garbage in front of the presidente's office building. He surely knows where all the money has gone.
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    Tallow is rendered suet and I know very well that McDonald's had been using it as i dealt with George Cohon and other personnel at McD's in the 70's and that's why I was hired by my friend in Edmonton to help look after the A&W account in the early 80's. Is there any other information that I can help you with that doesn't require me to use google which I didn't do here? as to my use of google for suet use, after you said you googled and couldn't find anything, I was merely helping you find the right question so that you wouldn't have the same problem again. Nothing like personal experience and just so you know almost every food joint, from small to fancy, used beef tallow and eventually switched when all the powers that be told us that it was a no no. A little known fact even if you didn't ask, rendered goose or duck fat is healthier than any other animal fat for cooking. Use it for Yorkshire pudding instead of beef drippings for example. The added bonus to this is that you can rotisserie BBQ your prime rib roast instead of doing it in the oven.