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    What's up with the personal attacks? Not funny!
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    Has anyone had experience in getting the authorities to respond to a violation of the Federal Noise control NOM-081-SEMARNAT-1994 which sets noise limits as 55dB between 6 am and 22 pm, 50 dB between 22 pm and 6.00 am. Can anyone recommend a lawyer with experience in this field.?
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    Hi, Gerry. I have been posting the same questions and received some helpful suggestions, as well as some snide comments. Ignore the nasties and be grateful that there are some nice people on this forum. PM me, as I have some info that may helpful.
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    Following up and thanking you for replying, how do I PM you? Cyber bullies I don't wish to hear from you. Please go an see a therapist rather than spewing your vitriol on the internet.
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    This is really better than the "who shot JR" Dallas episode in the eighties. Will Miss Lisa be able to evict Sue Ellen from the Southfork Ranch and where will her horse take her next. Is the sherrif waiting for her or not ? Stay tuned. Next ! ( in Belgium you die of boredom, here you pray for a boring day )
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    Really, Mainecoons? Sarcasm and snark from you? Maybe it is time to lock this thread.
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    Thank you Lucky23, for being nice enough to alert us to your experience and reminding us to stay aware and cautious.
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    "We people" don't go on Facebook for various good reasons. Maybe we saw the future of Facebook early on, and knowing that there is no free lunch, didn't feel like giving our personal information to an entity which would then turn around and sell it. Point being, this isn't Facebook and when people post something on here, it needs to be clear without needing background from an unknown source about something we know nothing about. I will now head for TOB for the rest of the story. 😎 BTW, I did see the UTube you posted about a bar filled with people listening to some kind of "music" being played at an unknown amplification in an unknown location, which was supposed to prove something about something regarding noise and its favored audience somewhere. Huh? However, I completely agree that there isn't a thing we can do about it.🖖
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    How about the new Chapala Transitos not getting the authority to do it until January 1 of this year. Did you conveniently forget this in your haste to falsely disparage this government once again like the proverbial broken record. So go ahead now and mention all the zillion other things that you keep regurgitating like your cat's breakfast.🤤
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    They should do fine in west Ajijic. We love their pizza, but their location is too small and waaaay too hot inside. The new location is great with parking and outdoor seating. They may be loosing some of their walk ins, but many people don’t want to drive into Ajijic. They will have many new customers.
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    Maybe outside the organ donor clinic in Guadalajara.
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    Aww, then stop reading. Right now. Go ahead, try it. Stop. It's a story, it's getting bigger, and I want to know. For reasons previously stated.
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    Isn't it a lawyer's job to represent criminals? 🤔. 😄
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    Thank gawd for all the music we get to hear in Lakeside. If you can't appreciate it, adapt, use earplugs or go back from where you came from. These are the options you have in lieu of trying to control everyone else.
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    I am not the one with different standards for different posters, Mainecoons. Got a mirror handy? 😁 I find it disconcerting when the primary proponent of civil discourse on this webboard gets down in the dirt like a poster who does not know any better. I come to expect certain behavior from some posters and not from others. I certainly understand being provoked and resorting to personal attacks. I just don’t expect it from the primary proponent of keeping this board a refuge from the nasty discourse allowed on other forums.
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    Found this on FB - To celebrate our anniversary as Tripadvisor’s NUMBER ONE restaurant in Ajijic, ALEX’S PASTA BAR is happy to announce the debut of our fresh new menu when we reopen May 10.
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    We get personal on occasion but we've never had a section specifically for that.
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    Wouldn't it be convenient if we could just lump all the people of a particular race or nation with labels of "good and helpful" or "up to no good and will scam you whenever they can"? Some do exactly that, but reality doesn't work that way and it is NEVER simple. For example, two friends of mine from SMA decided to take a road trip in Mexico in one of their new cars. Both single ladies over sixty. One spoke fluent Spanish; the other was a relative newbie with none. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere as dusk was falling and miles from the town they were going to overnight, the transmission went kaput and there they sat in the "lemon". Time went by and eventually, a truck stopped and a big Mexican man approached their car. Needless to say, they were "uneasy". However, the end result of it all was that he arranged a tow into town, took them home for a good meal with his family (restaurants closed) and took them to their hotel. He refused any payment. In Lakeside, several ladies have been convinced to give a young man a ride, during which he stole their wallets. Keep on having good feelings toward your fellow residents of the planet while keeping your eyes, ears, and most of all, your intuition in good working order. From my POV, the elements of her story convinced me that it was just too much of a coincidence that she'd just been to an ATM, followed by having a flat tire and all too amazingly, a young man appeared with a can of air. She did the right thing.
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    Please take a number and have a seat. When your number is called you will have a one minute interview with the Admin for a Mod position. Please be patient, there are a large number of applicants.
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    Hey Ned - I did view your video. The venue that it was taken was in Guadalajara, I believe specifically in Zapopan. I think most of the complaints here are about noise lakeside. I have performed at most of the clubs in Ajijic and San Antonio in the past several years. We have an end time of 11pm. The owners always let us know if the volume needs to come down. We don't use large amps. My bands are usually a mix of Mexicans and gringos. We play blues, perhaps similar to the band in your video. On nights that I'm not playing I often hear rock bands playing gringo music at different venues. I understand the frustration of some folks that might live very close to Eventos, where the music can go on until early morning, but that's how it is. The clubs in Ajijic and San Antonio rarely have "insanely amplified music" especially after 11:30. Most of the folks that come to my gigs are over the age of 60 and they come to dance and enjoy the music. I'm sorry that some of you don't like gringo music, but it's here to stay, just as the Eventos are. Blue Jay Slim
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    Heard five of six gunshots last night around 2:30 am . Didn't sound like a celebration. Rapid and in a row. More like a pistol than a rifle. Live in the Rancho Del Oro area. Anyone hear anything.
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    Anyone who has followed the Mexican and English media for at least 1 year or maybe more knows that Chapala started negotiating with the state to take over traffic policing within the municipalities but not the state highways between. It was finally granted towards the end of 2017 to start January 1, 2018. visually one can no longer see state operating in the munis and no munis on the state highways.Neither one has the ability to issue tickets in this area because the state has not cleared up that issue yet. ALL the media on this backs up what i said so what pray tell backs up your present misinformation. anyone that has read your many comments on this board about governments and specifically this one has not seen any empirical evidence produced by you when asked to do so. Instead the thread is miraculously locked.
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    Tell us more about the problem. You do know our municipal government at this time could care less about the noise law? They are quite happy to hand out permits for mega-amplified concerts, bars with loud music next to peoples' homes, etc. Whatever puts money in their pockets. My guess is any competent attorney will advise you not to waste your time and money.
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    WOW , lets hang, draw and quarter the rule breaker