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    And Ned = Pedro
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    Court0503 is correct here, and has every right to be peeved. Those chastizing should be admonished. These records are public, intentionally so, so that owners, contracters, and anyone else can uncover legally-important issues. Neighbours have every right to know what's what when water leaks, trees grow past their boundaries, illegal businesses are operating... the list goes on and on. And realtors and their lawyers are the main clients of these files. Lot boundaries are one thing here that are fought over in court constantly, and signing a lease or a purchase agreement requires strict adhesion to the information contained therein. The woman that passed the info along is typical of the insiders' network, and should be fired for misrepresentation and using a government and public position to advance her husband's career. And he should be fired from his position with the realty company and blacklisted from ever working in the business again. These are shenanigans of the worst kind.
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    Wrong on both counts. We had a rave in the same place 3 blocks from my house. Nope, you're wrong Mainecoons. (In my very humble opinion because I'll probably be disappeared from this site if I don't say that.) You're wrong, in both your previous post in this thread, on many counts, and also in this latest one above which I'm only partially responding to now. And you know very well I've lived here as long as you have, and I lived in the house adjacent to yours three years ago. Yes, that was a loud music-filled event three years ago, but that was not a Rave. The event at the lakeshore in West Ajijic below seis esquinas a month or two prior to that WAS a rave. (And yes, it was truly awful, even all the way across town.) But that was the one and only "Rave". But I've learned, with respect, of course, there's no point in discussing or debating anything with you. You control all of the levers and switches on Chapala.com. And you're always right. Lastly, I hope you find a way to make peace with the local noise you'll never be able to change or make go away. Perhaps the famous quote below will help you. I hope so. -------- God grant me the serenityto accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.
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    You call taking a half a grain of rice worth of cannabis oil before bed at night a "stoner"? I'll just call you unbelievably ignorant and stupid.
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    Who is Pedro and who cares? He does not even appear on this thread. I am sure that I speak for the majority on this board that I am getting very tired of some of the same people (many on this thread) going of on rants that have nothing to do with the subject matter. Grow up and stick to the subjects or take your stupidity elsewhere.
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    I would demand a DNA test particularly if you wern't even here. You are only responsible if it was an accident in many states and the DNA doesn't involve you.
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    Truer words are seldom allowed on this venue...Hope they prevail the censor's fingers of doom..
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    The "party" -- which is actually a religious festival -- will be lasting 16 days this year in this "tourist town" (whatever that is) / "expat area" (which it's not -- it's Mexican). So have fun! http://semanariolaguna.com/32733/ The music that was here a couple weeks back was a national act, Chuy Lizarraga. It was advertised heavily. He plays in little bullrings all over Mexico as well as in bigger cities, which you can clearly see in the advertisements. (Check out their Facebook page.) They, of course, are not "from around here." And so? Most of the people who bought tickets for the show were from Ajijic or the neighboring towns. Anyone (Mexican) who wanted a ticket could easily buy one and many, many locals go to these events. Just 'cause you don't have any Mexican friends on Facebook posting live streams of the concert while it's actually going on, doesn't mean it didn't happen. Maincoons has entirely mischaracterized just about everything, including equating these events to "raves." I'm quite dubious he's ever been to one of those. But he's obviously never been to the rodeo. Anyway, the general consensus among the Mexican crowd (just so everyone knows) is that you guys complain a lot about stuff, like the fiestas. This was just voluntarily confirmed to me (for the bazillionth time) last night by someone specifically regarding the noise and the fiestas.
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    I lived on Hildago, just a couple of houses from 6 corners. parking was always at a premium. There was a family that owned a bodega across the street and we had a deal. They parked their truck in front of my garage. If I wanted out I just walked across the street and they would back the truck out, I'd get out and tell them roughly how long I'd be gone. When I came back, I'd beep the horn and he'd move the truck, I'd get in the garage and he'd park in front of the doors again. It worked great. He had a guaranteed parking spot and I knew who was parked there. The kids played soccer in the street and they'd kick the ball over the wall. I'd let them in to get the ball and if it was in one of the trees, go get a pole to get it out. They were always polite and always said thanks. In a year, I never had any problems at all. About 6 months after I left, the people that rented it next saw me and were bitching and moaning about the neighborhood. He had called the cops several times about people parking in front of the garage and he said he had a big collection of soccer balls. They had been robbed twice and were very unhappy. I never had any of those problems. The kids stood guard while I was gone. They knew that I was a good guy that always got their ball back. Being a good neighbor works almost everywhere in the world, including Mexico.
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    unlike yourself, of course
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    Sorry to call you out MOD2 ,But I am the source on the other board. For a fact I have spoke with Pancho and Carlos as well as been in El Barco and seen all the new shelving. Before calling someones post a rumor I would strongly do some due diligence so not to discredit yourself. Thanks
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    Hi... it is actually a list with contact information of about 14 Chapala (only Chapala) landlords, who all together have approx 100 properties. It is up to the expat to contact them and check what is available and what is not. Prices of those rentals start at 2000 pesos and are in mostly safe areas (not all,... but mostly Mexican prices). I know most of these landlords/properties and can share the good and the bad. In the last (almost 20) years, I have moved around quite a bit myself (Chapala and Guadalajara). It is not a list with rentals. This list makes it easier for newcomers to get something fast. I dont send it around, as I like to give some personal/verbal info/advice with it (sometimes, I happen to know of additional places, that actually are available). And I do adapt the info on the list regularly. Every Tuesday at 1 pm, I stop by at the Chapala American Legion, with some copies . The barman will tell you, who I am. Unfortunately, I look older now, than on this picture. I have tried to change it (the pic), ... but have not been able to. Just a few pesos for the copies, and a smile. It is 3 pages and an additional map of Chapala. At this moment, it does seem to be more difficult to find something (last week, I knew of 4 places,.... and they are all rented now). Still.... with patience, time and networking, you can still find excellent deals in Chapala. And as mentioned in previous posts,... do your homework before signing. Happy Thanksgiving, Rony
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    Food snobbery. I myself will eat only the finest hissing Madagascar cockroaches. I think Michael is to be commended for bringing in a lobster tail at a reasonable price (for lobster tails...).
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    Huh? What you talking about? For six and a half years I lived in the house directly behind yours, closer to the Charro Ring than you. Since then, I've lived just as close, but above the carretera, well within earshot. If anything, for ten years I've been hearing it as loud or more loudly than you. Sound travels up. And in an effort to reduce any further distorting of fact, exactly where in my post did I ever suggest I "support" the noise? (Your word.) That's right, I didn't. I simply tolerate it and understand there is nothing I can do. You can't and don't. With all due respect, goodbye.
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    The "Mexican culture" yarn is just a bunch of nonsense spouted by a few clueless expats and the people making money off the noise IMHO. Let's look at the latest round of sleep shattering over amplified racket: Is it being put on in the middle of the Mexican community? In this municipio that is Chapala. No, it is being put on in the middle of east Ajijic/La Floresta, largely an expat area. Who do you see attending? The locals? No, if you actually go out and see where the crowds are coming from they are coming from out of the area in a lot of nice cars and buses. Who are the promoters? Not from here apparently. They didn't even bother to advertise these concerts around here, you don't see the advertising wall on the carretera painted for it and you don't see posters on the telephone polls locally. Nor do you hear the advertising cars/trucks going around the local streets soliciting customers. It is nonsense to pretend this is being done to "give" the local Mexican community anything. This is pay for play and it is put on by outsiders for outsiders. I am told by prominent local Mexicans that what is going on here is a sweetheart deal between our abusive local government and promoters to bring in concerts and customers from GDL and elsewhere and they know they can get away with it here. As you know, this sort of thing has largely been shut down in GDL and of course our municipio doesn't want it in the only town that matters to them (except at property tax collection time), Chapala. I also wouldn't be surprised if this is also retaliation by the Chapala government against La Floresta and Ajijic for stopping the high rise towers, trying to get a recall election, and roasting them about their failure to provide basic services here. There is a reason it has drawn censure from a Jalisco government that isn't much better and there is a reason why the Mexican community tried to unseat this government and is mounting a serious reform effort. What I know for certain after 10 years here is the racket is escalating, the pot holes are proliferating and the streets are getting trashier and trashier. A visit to other heavily touristed towns in this area reveals a jarring contrast between the quality of services in those locales versus here.. This is a very badly run and corrupt municipio by any standard and they view Ajijic as a cash cow and a place where they can operate with near total impunity. And they do.
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    That poster was particularly obnoxious. He didn’t even make a claim. He just asked which of the brothers went north to make money and came back to set everyone else up. Because, of course no one can make money in Mexico unless they start with NOB dollars and Mexican families do not have hard working, enterprising members who together build businesses and create good lives. What a bigoted, close-minded jerk.
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    So much gossip...........Stop it already.
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    In the recent net neutrality ruling as in so many other current US issues, It`s more than painfully obvious that the current US "administration" is making whatever grab they can make for their 1% contributors before the needs and rights of the average person once again gain priority which will be in November of 2018. All hats off to the remaining part of government in the US (judicial) which still functions in the interests of basic human rights, after the recent failure of the executive and legislative branches in that regard.
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    Net Neutrality was killing investment in Internet infrastructure. Good riddance. If you drive a car a lot, you pay more for gas. If you use more electricity, you pay more. Why is bandwidth usage any different?
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    Please, please, please, just Google for the answer. You'll get many answers and far faster than posting and waiting for someone else to Google it for you. If you can use Chapala.com, you can use Google.
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    I've used them both and would not now consider anyone but Dr. Briseno. Dr. Garcia may be a good cardiologist but he definitely got into gringo pricing in a big way. I have not found that with Dr. Briseno who did my last angiogram and has been my cardio for 5 years.
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    Knock off the personal comments.
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    As long as you spend the better part of most every day at the job site, know what you are looking at (the different kinds of sand that are used for instance) and can spot a mediocre brick job from a truly good one then yes, you will "know" you have quality construction. Since most newbies have lots of experience in this type of construction, it's very simple, although time consuming, to assure you get a great house built. LOL Just don't be afraid to tell the Maestro it's not right and yes, you will pay extra to have it done over again. Been there, done that and once was a lesson of a lifetime. You do know the proper proportions that should be mixed into concrete, right? If they tried to save money by adding more cal and shorting the cement, you would notice and correct them, right?
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    Utilitis and Gents, Sorry for my late reply I've been travelling. But to address a few points: - Its costs several hundred thousand dollars to build out a GPON fiber to the home network, over $600 dollars per subscriber. Assuming a couple thousand subscribers at Lakeside eventually, eventually a few million dollars. Ilox told us: "Show us 300 willing prepaid subscribers between Joco and Ajijic" and we'll make the investment (for much more than the $150K that represents). And we did. We're at 316 pledges. We're done. This is now in Ilox hands. They have begun working through the planning, the contracts and performance guarantees, etc. They'll be contacting the pledges who will obviously have priority. Beyond that, they'll work towards normalizing a regular monthly service. There is, rightfully, a lot of concern about quality of service. Ultimately its only as good as the company behind it. But there are other factors too. GPON fiber-to-the-home networks are far more reliable than copper phone lines and cable TV. Unless you have a cable cut, they don't fail much. Ilox, like all the other alternative carriers, has to use CFE poles or make other arrangements. Sometimes the CFE poles aren't the best option. I have fiber service at my house in Guad and a couple of time these big trucks barrelling down the street take out the fiber. The carrier is at the mercy of CFE. Telmex has a monopoly on their own poles and have been fighting the government who want's to open up the last mile to all the carriers. So my point is, if you're worried about quality of service, your energy is better spent trying to ensure good ducting and infrastructure in your development. At my place in Rancho del Oro, I'd like to propose some underground ducting, at least in the more vulnerable areas. On speed and quality., fiber is inherently high speed, no relationship to DSL. You're not going to have speed bottlenecks between your house and the Internet backbone. Within the greater Internet, ISP's have to pay for peering and connections can be shared. So if you're an Ex-pat from Madagascar trying to stream your long missed channels, you might have an issue... But the biggest providers like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Netflix extend their networks and peer directly with MX carriers, so you don't have to worry about quality of service with them. Huge fiber links keep turning on all the time so I don't think it's an issue, but it is a reasonable negotiating point with Ilox. Summary: If you want high speed internet and are willing to prepay (and receive priority), please sign up. You can still sign up if not willing and show your location and this will help the planning. There is no legal obligation. All the people who have signed up will be receiving communications from Ilox shortly... thanks, Tom
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    Yes of course the next election will be fought on this premise and is top of mind awareness for all the voters here.
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    What Pancho did was a smooth operation with incredible knowledge of the timing of orders and delivery. If his Uncle doesn't get that then Superlake will go down the tubes. On the other hand, Pancho may just be tired of being under appreciated and he has been doing that job for over 20 years. I hope they patch things up but if not... Thanks Pancho for your many many years of hard work and efficiency. Good luck in any future endeavours.
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    As far as I am concerned "organic" at these weekly events is just a scam to raise the prices of the same things that you can get at the local Tianguis at half the price. At Walmart or Superlake you have to spend a little time searching for the freshest fruits and vegetables but again the same products at a much lower price. If it makes you feel better believing the "organic" claims (what is the proof?) then go for it.
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    This has nothing to do with bandwidth. Now you will have to pay to access certain websites and services. You might not even be able to access this website. It changes the entire internet as we know it. https://www.vox.com/conversations/2017/12/14/16776236/net-neutrality-made-internet-awesome-fcc-vote It will affect the entire world, not just the US: https://www.theverge.com/2017/11/23/16693840/net-neutrality-us-fcc-global-effect All this stuff is freely available for y'all to look up, instead of just posting uninformed statements/questions here on this forum. At least for a little while longer.
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    Agree, but people were talking about why some vendors are giving up at some of the markets. Too many "customers" are just there to see and be seen, not to buy anything.
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    This is exactly how I've done it, very easy, ballpark figures work. However, when I moved here over 10 years ago, the peso actually was 10-11 per USD. A roast chicken cost 70 pesos, around 7 USD. Today a roast chicken costs around 120, which is still around 7 USD, although those rates are not pegged to eachother. In August 2008 I had an emergency hip replacement - during the Great Economic Meltdown. The day I cashed out of the hospital, the exchange rate was exactly 10/USD. 3 months later, the USD tanked but the peso tanked even more and stabilized at around 13/USD. I would have saved $3000USD if my surgery had been at that time, but that was not what the universe had in store for me. We USians have enjoyed a bonanza in the peso devaluation of the last 2 years. However, in the purely MX economy, this has been rather inflationary, and the people of the villages struggle with prices at the same time that we find them so low. So, please be generous with tipping, giving to the poor, and compensating your long time help.
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    OMG! Does it never end? Some of us have MUCH too much time on our hands! All I wanted was a ball-park figure for the cost to build. It doesn't matter where you are; here or Canada. If you want to manage your own building project you have to be onsite and know what you're doing - neither of which I'm interested in and/or willing to learn at this point. Option two is hiring a contractor or architect to complete the entire project, and again, Mexico doesn't have a monopoly on unscrupulous or incompetent contractors. Canada is full of them and there are any number of examples of consumers running into all kinds of problems. But to imply that there aren't any professional, ethical builders available at all, that will provide a completed project on time and on budget - here and elsewhere - simply isn't true. Of course there are, but usually at a price. But when it comes to building a home you get what you pay for and quality and professionalism rarely come cheap. The original responses seemed to indicate 7,500/sqmt and up, so if I push that to 9,000+ for turn key, I probably have a rough figure I can work with. All I want at this point is something in the back of my mind for comparison ,as I look at listings. Saludos!
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    OK. If it's not in your dictionary, it's not a word. Go ahead and respond to the email.
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    ficklepie the insult you wrote was way out of line. Do it again and you will be banned Mod5
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    he didn’t provide any ‘help’ ... . Since I hadn’t gone to Town Hall looking to hire an agent my only issue is with his not being upfront & identifying himself as a realtor during two phone calls& convincing me to meet with him with a murky story. If he’d simply explained he was a realtor , contacted by his wife a TH employee standing a few feet from me & offered to be of assistance I could said thanks but not right now. other than the slimy feeling of being manipulated only harm was some wasted time - for both of us. One can dream though and In a perfect world (ha!)the realtor - and for sure the owner- might have said something like “gee, I’m sorry about the misunderstanding. we’ll try to clearer next time and I hope you’ll consider us if/when your needs change”
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    Update: As of 11/26 7:11 PM we are at 299 pledges. Many of these are developers who will be negotiating bulk packages of many services. Its appearing that we have succeeded in showing Ilox that the interest is very real and the purchasing power there to support the buildout. If you have not signed up please do so and keep spreading the word. If folks beyond San Antonio towards Chapala, say, in places like Riberas want service there, we need more signups from those areas. If you did sign up, Ilox will contact you in a few weeks for the next steps. Note the contracts are still being finalized for this case and proper consumer protections. BR, Tom Kessler
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    I live in Villa Nova and occasionally, there will be a "marching band" practicing somewhere around here in the middle of the night. They definitely need the practice. The very first night I was in MX, in April 2008, there was one practicing at 4am on Guadalupe-Victoria just outside my window. That's when I knew why they didn't let me bring my gun into MX.
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    The level of innuendo has just about hit the ceiling. Would it be possible to conclude that it's none of our business and no good purpose is being served by this speculation? I wish Pancho well AND it's none of my business.
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    I found this FOUR year old thread: http://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/48227-noise-in-mexico/ I do not think a non-Mexican, land owner or not, has sway. I think it is time to give up or move.
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    Be clear about what you are supporting Travis: http://www.cnn.com/2015/03/06/health/hearing-loss-loud-music/index.html Simple calculation shows that if the noise level was 85db three blocks away, it was over 100 at the site. No one gets disappeared from this site for having differing opinions so stop pretending otherwise. This site doesn't tolerate personal attacks/libel. Differing opinions are welcome with that caveat. As I suspected, you weren't anywhere near while this was going on so, also respectfully, I'll suggest you don't have the first hand experience that me and my neighbors had with these increasingly loud and frequent commercial concerts at the Lenzo. Had you actually been here in the neighborhood, it would have been clear that (1), it was conducted for profit at ear damaging levels and (2) it was conducted largely for the benefit of outsiders by outsiders. Admission to these things isn't free or cheap. Sorry but I don't see these concerts as anything having to do with either supporting the local community or Mexican culture. Those concerts are put on for free as part of local celebrations and usually done at the plaza. As for the rest of your post making personal comments, kindly keep them to yourself. Consider the possibility that making personal comments suggest one's arguments are weak. The truth is the larger Mexican community is enacting laws against noise pollution and beginning to enforce them around the country and right here in Jalisco. Hopefully at some point our Mexican neighbors will elect a local government that puts the local community first and the peddlers of loud, ear damaging noise last.
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    Monday, a holiday, yet another loud banda concert/charro evento after the last 2 Sundays very loud....??? Harry, now I'm really curious. Exactly who is putting on these events at the Lienzo Charro? 2 days in a row with much more to come, this is insane! What is the Charro's Assn. relationship to the Lienzo? They have "no control" over what happens there? Does Chapala put on these Sunday night concerts??? Can you get us more info??? Muchisimas gracias!!!
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    At least they could have given it to you in a box to go.
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    I like the sign that says Respete Mi Entrada Y Yo Respetare Su Coche (Respect my entrance and I'll respect your car). A friend used to have a stack of business cards in his vehicle to slip under the windshield wipers of those folks who can't seem to manage to park their cars in a space without being over the lines, therefore taking up 2 parking slots. It said "If you f**k like you park, you'll never get it in".
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    I don't think anyone cares if your offended or not. The poster was asking for advice.. So I wondering how many times you have walked form the Hwy to the airport...? I have walked to the airport when the blockade was on.. On a hot day it's a long walk.. And with luggage it would not be pleasant... And just to save a few peso... There are ways to save money, but this isn't one of them....
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    Alpha1, Ilox is an established business grade carrier that already runs a fiber optic cable ring that loops around Lake Chapala on its way to Guadalajara. They have wired up a few areas on the south end of the lake, namely Zamora, with a state of the art GPON network thats working well. Such networks are expensive but very reliable. For them, its just a question of running an extension from Jocotepec towards Chapala. On the other hand, they also learned purchasing power in these communities isn't quite what they thought. Bottom line, business services are more lucrative and after some of their residential investments, they were focusing more on that. Which would have been a tragedy for Lakeside, because the purchasing power here is a lot higher than in Zamora. So they told us, show us 300 people willing to prepay for a year, and we'll do the build out, which will cost a lot more than the roughly 3 million MXN that will raise. And we did. We're at 330 pledges today. Ilox is a federal carrier with many millions invested in their network. They're financially strong, but prudent. They're not going to risk their concession over scamming a couple of hundred residential contracts. Now that we have the signatures, they're working on the contracts, lakeside presentations, and implementation plans.. You're welcome to sign to the pledge form. If you do, you'll be prioritized for service and have the cost guaranteed for a year. You can also wait until they normalize their monthly offering and sign up that way. We have the signatures, they've seen the interest is there...Plans are to go ahead. I'm done. BR, Tom
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    Welcome. I took a look at your website and you have some really nice examples. I'm not in anyway trying to discourage you or trying to talk you out of any of your ideas. Sounds you guys would be very happy living in our area - and definitely seems like you would fit in and adapt (or "re-adapt" in your case - haha) very quickly. My only thoughts are on the amount of money you need/expect to make here. Most things are less expensive than in New Orleans but incomes are a MUCH different story. Some comments - There are LOTS of people in the area already doing what you are looking to do - and not all of them are busy all the time. It looks like you have a very high level of skills but you will be competing against lots of well established workers. The going rate down here for what you are looking to do is more like $500 PESOS per day (a bit over $25 dollars per day) - not $500 dollars. A very small number of highly skilled craftsmen might make up to $1,000 pesos per day but not that many of them. There are a number of places that sell handmade furniture right in our area with many more in Tlaquepaque, Tonala, Guadalajara, etc. I like your examples a lot but I think the market is relatively full. I could certainly be wrong but I think that is pretty accurate. Since you are Mexican I wouldn't expect that you would have a problem with working here - no visa or other requirements. If your wife is also looking to work in Mexico make sure you know what she needs to do so she can do that legally. Not really too difficult but I suggest you make sure you understand the steps - and the opportunities. Again - I hope I don't come across as negative or that I am trying discourage you in any way. Just trying to provide some thoughts as you requested. We have been here for almost 13 years and absolutely love it. Welcome to the web board and (hopefully) back to Mexico.
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    why not invest in the USA? There are many splendid investment vehicles...i.e. Enron--a utility with good government ties...I mean, a utility--what could go wrong? Or in a fund that pays out healthy dividends? I hear there´s one in New York..the Bernie Madoff fund. Or an old established investment fund, like Lehman Bros. Or an honest, frontier founded bank like Wells Fargo? And by investing in the USA you´ll help make America great again.....(edited by Mod to remove political content)
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    Sue, who cares what you are interested or not interested in eating? The guy is letting the community know what his restaurant is offering. If you are not interested in the offering just scroll on by. Your post is rude, insulting, and completely unnecessary.
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    That may be but you informed us you moved away from here 3 years ago. We are not talking about three years ago, we are discussing less than three weeks ago. Where you lived three years ago is irrelevant to this discussion. You haven't been living here in this neighborhood for this current round of concerts at the Lenzo or those of the last several years. Please, let's be clear about the timeline here. We can debate what a "rave" is. The concert I was referring to was held where now there are new playing fields, not at the Lenzo. They had to tear down the front wall to get their stage and sound equipment in. It went on for over 12 hours with many bands at ear splitting levels. There was only lawn seating and the event was characterized by packs of people wandering in and out of the grounds and more of the drinking and drugging which went on over at Seis Esquinas. Call it what you like, that was no normal length or set up concert. And not only did the organizers not repair the wall, the area was heavily littered for some blocks around. From what you describe it doesn't sound like you were here for that event either. La Floresta raised quite a stink over that one and it definitely helped to prevent more of same. We in the neighborhood greatly appreciated their stepping up and doing something rather than just "tolerating" the noise. You're right about that next to the last sentence. Some chose to "tolerate" or give up without trying, some chose to address problems and work to improve the community. Had we of the expat AND Mexican community taken the former approach, we would still be having raves or whatever you chose to call them. Had some of us and the local garden club tolerated graffiti pollution, this town would still be covered with it. Had others simply looked away from the plight of the street animals here, there would be far more of them and far more deaths among them. Had others ignored the plight of abandoned and sick children, things would be much worse for them. Those new noise laws in GDL didn't happen because people just gave up and tolerated abusively loud noise. They happened because people, Mexican people, stood up and demanded change. And they are getting it. We who participate in these and many more activities that seek to improve life here do not automatically "understand" we can't do anything. I invite you and anyone else to consider the possibility that we can all make a difference in this community, whether it be fighting noise, graffiti, litter and other forms of pollution, helping the needy folks and animals. If one steps up with the understanding you will win some and lose some there is great satisfaction to be had in the ones one wins and the difference one makes. Human progress and a more livable community are not about going around assuming one can't improve things without even trying.
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    From 3 blocks away at midnight on a Sunday we measured 85db immediately outside of our bedroom. That is acoustic thuggery and gross noise pollution in my view. Yes, we've had these concerts before San Andreas previously but never this late or loud on a Sunday night when people have to get up and go to work and school in the morning. Just more use and abuse of Ajijic by the Chapala government.