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    Sometimes you need to admit you need help. That you can’t do something all by yourself. That realization came to me this week and I wanted to share my thoughts. My husband has been ill for several months. The last few weeks he has been getting markedly weaker. Unfortunately he is macho and stubborn and refused to use a walker because by damn he wasn’t an invalid. After falling more than a dozen times in a 5 day period, his back and hips were so sore that he couldn’t get out of bed or sit up. I finally admitted I couldn’t take proper care of him myself. With help from Dr Sam and his wonderful wife Mari, I put my husband in a residence home for a hopefully short period of time. We chose a new facility, Happiness Care Residence in Riberas. He actually listens to the pretty nurses when they tell him to drink liquids. (Me he ignores) He is having a great time flirting and retelling his favorite stories. And his back is getting better. I like the fact that this is a small casual facility where they encourage him to eat when he wants – no breakfast is served from 8 – 9 only – and offer the flexibility we need right now. They offer daily and weekly rates and will help me get him to his doctor appointments. So if a loved-one needs care you are not able to provide, especially short term care, don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Know that there are a variety of options available locally. And if someone is so ignorant as to say, “you put your husband in a nursing home? How awful. I kept my mother at home. I would NEVER put someone in a nursing home.” You have my permission to slap them silly. http://www.happinessresidence.com/
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    Four sentences. And each one contradicts the Mexico, and Mexicans, I know.
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    A little empathy would be nice here. If you haven't walked in the OP's shoes, and have nothing positive to contribute, please stay out of the discussion.
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    Sonia, thanks for the great synopsis of Andrés Manuel López Obrador's time as jefe de gobierno in Mexico City. He did more good for the city during his term than any prior head of government. It is thrilling to have participated in the presidential election of this great man. Yesterday was a tremendously emotional day all over Mexico; I and everyone I know were weeping as we saw the election results start coming in at about 8:00PM. The caption on this photo tells the tale: the drawing is a representation of a Mexico City Metro stop sign with a caricature of AMLO. Above it is written: Next stop... And below it is written: HOPE. I was proud and happy to cast my ballot for him and the MORENA team. His new Secretary of Culture is a friend of mine and I hope to work with her team during AMLO's 6-year term of office. One detail about how the AMLO team will proceed: the Secretary of Culture's slogan for the next six years is: "Up until now we've lived with the culture of power. From here forward, we will live with the power of culture." AMLO represents a radical (his word, meaning to the root) change of thinking for the entire country. Today is the day we stand on the first page of the end of despair.
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    Gents, Yesterday Ilox informed me they have received enough paid in sign ups and have decided to go ahead with the project. They will offer service all along the highway from Jocotepec to Chapala. They are in the process of opening an office in Ajijic. Construction will start at the end of July. Services will turn up no later than 6 mo after that... Yeah!!!
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    As you pointed out before, some points of view are tolerated and not shut down. Knowing that, I try to resist pointing out the logical disconnects and general error of their ways. (grin)😎
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    Nobody wants to play with you Hud. May as well take your rope and go home.
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    Smaller cars, smaller houses, smaller refrigerators etc... The only thing they have that is bigger is TAXES!
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    I believe that it is called compassion for humanity. Too bad that the US is the ONLY industrialized country where medical care is not a human right.
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    And you wonder why some people get confused. This thread is supposed to be about the Smoke House restaurant, not a carniceria! If you want to have a discussion on cuts and price of meat, start a new thread!
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    6 of us had lunch today and 5 out of 6 were not impressed, I had to go home to find something to eat. 3 of us had the grizzle arrachera salads with maybe 4 small slices of fatty meat, I had to spit it out it was so bad. Lettuce, orange peppers a couple of tiny grape tomatoes and hot zucchini. $75p for iceburg lettuce, not even a fancier lettuce, no dressing. Menu limited. Service boys were good. Our group won't go back, I felt bad because it was my idea.
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    Mexico is democratic republic. So is the United States. Anyone trying to tell you different is playing at semantics. Here's a great quote: We often hear people argue that the United States is a republic, not a democracy. But that’s a false dichotomy. A common definition of “republic” is, to quote the American Heritage Dictionary, “A political order in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who are entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them” — we are that. A common definition of “democracy” is, “Government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives” — we are that, too. The United States is not a direct democracy, in the sense of a country in which laws (and other government decisions) are made predominantly by majority vote. Some lawmaking is done this way, on the state and local levels, but it’s only a tiny fraction of all lawmaking. But we are a representative democracy, which is a form of democracy. And indeed the American form of government has been called a “democracy” by leading American statesmen and legal commentators from the Framing on.
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    I think they are referring to "foreign" politics. But, IF discussing foreign politics, it helps to be on the same political side as the moderator. THEY don't get chastised.
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    Yes, that's a democracy. A democratic republic doesn't work that way. 50.1 % doesn't get to tell the other 49.9% "how it's gonna be". The group of old white guys that were the US Founders basically despised pure democracy and really despised a strong central government which they believed would constantly try to gain more power and control over the citizens. They set up a system that tried to limit that "central committee" type of power and keep it more in the hands of each state. The idea was for states to try different approaches to solving problems for their residents with the thought that the best ideas would be noticed and spread naturally, rather than an authoritarian central government telling everyone how to act and live. You can like it or dislike it but that was the idea. I have two friends, Bob and Sally. Bob voted for Trump and Sally voted for Clinton but they are still best friends because they are both adults. Maybe we should all be like Bob and Sally.
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    I hope it happens again.
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    My experience in comparing colonoscopies Canada vs. Mexico is the reverse. My horror story was in the Vancouver General and a nasty Anglo gastroenterologist. Give me San Javier and Dr. Valenzuela any time.
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    I'm just wondering how valuable any advice you might get on this chat board would be to you? You pose a medical question and then ask it of mainly non-medical people. For what little it's worth, and a non-medical opinion for sure, if you don't trust the Mexican medical system then don't use it. Then, as Al said, decide if at your age this test is really worth having, and if you answer yes, get it done in California. Just realize that if all goes well with the test there, you will feel vindicated in your choice. If not, you will second guess yourself for choosing the way you did. The same is true if you choose to have it done here. Best of luck whatever you choose.
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    You really are a nasty piece of work. And to think we've seen you exhibit this 3,197 times is just pitiful
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    I hesitated about responding to your post because I'm sure there will be a series of posts following with horror stories about Mexican medical care which will scare you into more doubts than you have already. However, I've had such good experiences with it that I'll offer something on the positive side of the issue. I've been an expat from California in Mexico nearly 15 years and have had a number of medical issues over that time period, including two serious but successful surgeries. I've had doctors who spoke fluent English. If you want a recommendation for a good English speaking G.P., I'd be glad to give you one if you PM me. There is at least one medical group that caters to the expat community: Quality Care in the large mall, with a number of specialists. Many posters on here have recommended it. As far as accountability is concerned, it does us no real good to know that we can sue the doctor or hospital where mistakes are made, since we are stuck with the physical result and money cannot replace whatever damage was done. However, worry isn't good for your health and if you feel more comfortable with medical care in the U.S. (which is far down from #1 on the world measurement of care) then you should probably return to CA for your peace of mind.
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    I’m betting that the “President” is definitely going to look forward to all us old NOB foggies calling him to ask about something that is just a Forum Buzz for 99.9% of us.
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    You haven't even heard mine. All I provided was minimal details. Wouldn't that be fun or do you just want to start an issue here? I have an extremely ill person in my household and I don't need criticism. I need help. He wrote a prescription for pain meds which we could not fill as the pharmacy was out of it. I nicely asked for his assistance in locating the medicine. This is a hard scrip to fill and he knows that. We had JUST left his office. He made me wait through an entire other patient's consultation and was going to see another patient while he kept me waiting some more. I stepped in to please ask if he could rewrite it, and he got irritated telling me how busy he was. This was urgent. The worse part was his tone of voice. We will relieve him of one patient and lighten his work load by going to someone who is polite.
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    Pain patients are committing suicide because they cannot get help. My topic is about getting help with a serious medical condition, not about addition. If you want that discussion, please start your own topic.
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    As a 30 year part time residents of Ajijic and Chapala we appreciate the variety of food and restaurants that are available locally. Last week my wife and I were in Orlando, Fla. for 5 days and made reservations at what are touted as some of the finest restaurants according to Trip Advisor ratings. Some were excellent as advertised while the #1 rated restaurant was terrible. It was the bevy of tuxedo dressed wait staff and an impressive menu. My wife had a fresh grouper entree I had their signature large bone in rib eye plus sides a bottle of wine ($75.00) and 1 desert..The bill was $500.00 including tip...There are a dozen better eating places in and around Ajijic without visiting Guad..Be happy my friends..we are in heaven were we are in Mexico..
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    Also, the problem with a smoking area outside is that the smoke inevitably finds it's way into the interior of the restaurant where it hangs in the air. For someone like myself that is allergic and absolutely can not breathe when around smoke it is impossible to continue eating. I have to get up and leave and my husband then has to have the food bagged and we continue our meal at home. By then, it just doesn't taste the same. So, yes, we tried this restaurant when it first opened and really liked the food but had to leave and will never be back. Our loss but when you can't breathe you can't eat either. That, Gcaschetta, is what the big deal is.