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    These kinds of posts really irritate me. Monica 40 posted asking for help but her question was very vague. People tried to figure out of what she was asking in order to help her out. Rather than clarifying what she was looking for she pretty much said "never mind" because she had gotten her answer somewhere else. Rather than enlightening the rest of us as to what she was looking for and where to find it so everybody could learn, she signed out of the conversation she started. To my way of thinking that was very rude. This webboard is a community where we can all help each other and learn. Monica40 did nothing to help anybody but herself. I say kudos to those who tried to help this newbie and shame on her for her selfish way of handling this topic. Hopefully she will learn and be more considerate of other participants in the conversation in the future. The same sort of postings bug me on the pets forum. People post about a lost or found animal or one needing to be adopted but then never follow up with updates or resolutions. It is not right to tug at people's heartstrings to get them to care about the welfare of these animals and then leave us dangling. Please, people, finish the story!! Just my humble observation and opinion.
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    I don't think it is so much that Virgogirl complained but with how much bitterness she complained and how generalized her anger was. Maybe she was just having a bad day. However, to say it is INSANE that a business would be closed on a major holiday, part of a three day weekend, shows a lack of cultural understanding and a sense of entitlement that rubbed some people the wrong way. I live in Chapala and avoid going to Ajijic whenever I can due to even ordinary traffic and parking issues. However, calling the place many people live in and love "Ajjifreak" and "filthy" was unnessary and rude. You reap what you sow.
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    More absurdism via Chapala.com. A national holiday / three-day weekend that started Friday-ish ending this Monday-ish. Celebrating Benito Juarez birthday (look at the 20 peso bill in your wallet, lakeside7). Yes, traffic has been awful, but not just today. Restaurants have been busy all weekend.
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    I believe it is still 12 inches.
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    It sounds like you did complain, and just from your original post, I would imagine you like to complain a lot. I'm sure the decision to cancel your order was not made lightly. There is a notice on their webpage that clearly states there is an extra store charge if items comes from another store. And, I know in the weekly emails I receive that clients are reminded repeatedly to review the information page or to ask questions. 50 pesos seems like a reasonable amount to pay for someone to go to another store to buy something you ordered and deliver it to your home. What would you charge someone to do this? I think your post was totally uncalled for and spiteful on your part. I have used their service for several years and found them to be honest, caring, dependable, punctual and thoughtful. In other words, they offer a wonderful service with integrity! She went out of her way to find several items I'd been looking for but couldn't find. When I ordered an item by mistake, they were happy to return it with no problem or charge. You said you weren't going to use the service again, so just move on. Your post was just trying to hurt their reputation. Shame on you! I hope you have a wonderful day!
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    And this is from the master of snide remarks..
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    Hi everybody we closed for a long weekend because we went to a weeding party in Cancun!!! Yeahhh!!! But tomorrow we will start with our regular hours. (edited to remove political content)
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    Hotel Perico is a lovely, quiet place. However, it is aways up the hill and as far as I know, there is only one bus that goes past there, the directo bus to Guadalajara. I`m not sure if it would stop anywhere near the Hotel. Someone please correct me if I am wrong about this. The local buses certainly do not go there. Your husband would have to walk a mile or so down the hill to get a bus into town. I would suggest Hotel Villa Samary in Chapala as an inexpensive and highly accessible alternative. It is on Morelos in Chapala Centro, a half block from the main street and from the plaza, where one of the main bus stops is. It is charming, clean and beautiful and only $25 a night. That`s the price now, it may be less in the slow season when your husband arrives. As to being interracial, the prejudice you experienced is unknown to me in my 5 years experience here. I apologize on behalf of the entire lakeside area. That kind of bigoted attitude is very rare here and absolutely unacceptable. You should not expect to encounter it again. Your presence here is very welcome!
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    Dr. Mireles is a hero and his treatment since he became a political prisoner is a disgrace. Many, many people are following his legal case and supporting the plea for his immediate release. The real criminals in Michoacán were released from custody years ago while Dr. Mireles lies closer and closer to death.
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    That's your "truth". Not necessarily everyone's. My truth is that buying a tired old house and slowly making it into a thing of beauty which no landlord can remove me from has been very rewarding. "Investment" can be about money, or it can be "investing" in the pleasure of daily life in one's own nest, and having made it "your way".
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    Tingting is absolutely right: EVERY one of us got taken upon our arrival in one way or another. That's why it still goes on. It is no different than being shaken down by a transito during your first months. Or finding out that some gas delivery trucks are pretty shady. We quickly learn. There is no point berating someone who has been fleeced. Learning the value of the peso is key in all this. We have to train ourselves to not think in terms of dollar exchange rates. 20 years ago, a car wash on the street was 4 or 5 pesos. 13 years ago it was still under 10. The fact that it is 45 and over now is nuts. I refuse to pay more than 35, which is still insane for the amount of work involved. In fact, I generally just don't ever do it, and go to the car wash instead, where the water is clean and the work is better. It stopped being about "helping a poor guy out" a long time ago.
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    Good grief! A whole bunch of BIG hospitals are 30-40 minutes away in Guadalajara,pop. 6 1/2 million same as any city NOB. No more crime here than anywhere with the same demographics and pop. NOB,probably less. The vast majority of us are not affected by this alleged corruption now are we? Don't some of you get tired of constantly mumbling about this? I think I'll go on my patio now and contemplate my navel and the birds and bees while enjoying a bit of tequila and watch the neighbourhood kids actually playing real games on the safe street other than diddling with electronics in their basement.
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    Pros: Great weather, big selection of restaurants, excellent air service north, involved community, vibrant arts scene, beautiful scenery, great touring within a few hours, amazing local businesses given the size of the place, very friendly and helpful locals, affordable and competent domestic help, decent and reasonably priced medical and dental services, quick access to GDL for everything that isn't here. Cons: Lousy roads and sidewalks, those damned topes, very poor municipal services, lots of traffic, very wet rainy season, lots of loose dogs and dog crap, can be noisy and trashy.
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    I agree - keep them on the golf course where they belong unless you are prepared to equip them with appropriate lighting and seat belts for road use.
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    Wow and no politics allowed except when it suits the moderator. So much overt racism and misinformation. I suspect some of you are here simply for the cost of living and weather and while you grit your teeth filled with anti-Mexican feelings. if you have an issue with "Mexico style corruption" then maybe not the place for you. And while you speak of corruption did YOU pay taxes on the mortgages you loaned? Did you register with SAT? How many of you rent homes and pay no taxes; how many have EdoMex plates; how many pay bribes; how many have full time employees and pay no social security? And to see so much misinformation such as Mexico having an agreement to let through those from Central America is sheer stupidity. Every day at INM I see those caught being sent back to Central America and INM staff away from the office for weeks at a time while they work the borders sending back illegals. Some of you have no clue. Google .. US Involvement in Central America and get informed as to why so many have been fleeing Central America. Now the greatest offender and pot stirrer will close this thread which should have happened at the beginning. Enough with your racism, myths and lies. Sonia
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    Wonder what that means? It means the majority of Americans are totally ignorant about anything outside their own little realm. Most couldn't name their own local or state representatives, let alone inform themselves about anything having to do with another country. But they can tell you what Kim Kardashian wore last night or who won the latest play-offs.. The average European 18 year old can speak far more knowledgeably re world history and current events than most adult Americans.
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    don't understand your diatribe against ajijic, who is the victim of this mismanagement. seems to us that you are part of he very problem that you are railing against. we buy locally and either walk or take a bus. sure, it takes more time and effort,to arrange your life to live like this,but then again we aren't swearing on the carretera either. we do agree on the absurdity of the quest for pueblo magico "status". its the old ploy to sell out our soverenity to a group far away for a few cans of paint and some advertizing so they can tell us to get rid of our artists/vendors to make this place safe for the corporations...
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    it took me 1/2 hour to get from riberas to the cyber in ajjifreak today. trinidad copy center was closed. INSANE. i have sworn off ajjifreak for everything from soup to nuts. the insanity of driving and navigating to and from puts me right over the top.it's nothing more than a filthy, congested little village that is slated for pueblo magico. now THAT'S absurd.
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    Looks like there will be parking in front of it and the driveway will exit in the same place the previous one did, onto the Carretera. Good luck with the last part given the very frequent gridlock in that stretch these days. Can't imagine assisted living in a location that is going to be very noisy from Carretera traffic. The other place on the north side and east of this one is definitely going to be a pawnshop, "FastCash" which I believe is a franchise. The good news is you won't have to go very far to look for your stolen stuff.
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    I heard it will be a free dog hotel, where stray dogs can be taken to have a shampoo, a massage and a free meal. But they have to listen to a sermon first.
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    What bothers me are the bitter, angry "old timers" who want everyone to feel about living here the same way they do. They always say how unsafe they feel, how Mexicans are out to screw them over, how kindness will be met with disrespect, and refuse to believe that other people could possibly have had different experiences from them. I personally could never live the way they do and can not understand how a world such as theirs makes them "happy," smug, and self-satisfied.
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    Just curious, why can't you just post your experience without a sideways slap at the other members of this board?
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    First, if WalMart gave a rat's fanny about their customers, they could do something about aggressive car washers. It's their parking lot after all. A few years ago Soriana threw all the car washers off their property because several of them were drinking and hassling customers. And haggling is only appropriate for car washers and tourist junk. Elsewhere it is rude and unacceptable. Please do not try to lower the prices on items in a tienda or from the berry people or any other small business. It only gives the rest of us a bad name.
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    Don´t call the pólice. Reporting it to police could cause a person much more than they bargained for with the type of people involved. Here is not NOB. IMO
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    VERY kind of your ibbocat! Denise, you can expect a lot more of people like ibbocat here than you can that racist butthead you encountered. Definitely check the bulletin boards at LCS, El Torito Market, Superlake. Might be a good idea to repost here what you all are looking for on a new thread. Welcome and good luck!
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    PM me and he can have a room in the village for free
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    This is hardly unique to Americans. Shall we do a head count and compare numbers?
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    It is said that if you don't like something change it; if you can't change it change your attitude. Frankly I think they should be limited to the village/back streets and the cyclopista but I am not in favor of big brother legislation.
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    Jim Bowie, the answer is yes and no. I decided it is of general interest to the larger community so it remains here. Whether you have pets or not, this community effort benefits all. A reasonable question, hope you all find this a reasonable answer.
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    1600 HP are never going to be quiet , plus , fuel cost nowadays will make it an expensive ride for those interested.
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    Ok, lets have some fun, please post names of consulates doing this, I will force them to give me evidence of the decline in permanentes and then offer them the choice of a criminal investigation and sanctions or they can prove they are not guilty buy issuing permanentes, if guilty then the people discriminating will be out of a job and no more discrimination, if they know they are being watched they will follow the law. For those that arent my fans, why isnt your fav attorney doing this to stop the injustice? I am guessing I should see results in 1 to 3 months.
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    Hmm. Have you tried getting through San Juan Cosala on a weekend when the restaurant strip is humming? How about the half mile long backups that occur regularly on Hildalgo from the traffic light in the center of Chapala, stretching back west to the edge of town? How clean would all of our villages be if we had the services here we did just a few years back when, BTW, taxes were a lot lower? How clean would they be if we did't have so many weekend visitors who seem to have no idea what a trash can is for? Since Monday was a holiday I would have thought it prudent to try and check first with the copy center before trying to go there when this area was full of three day weekenders. We find it a great stress saver to apply a little scheduling sense and do our shopping and other errands when the Tapatios aren't here. Like it or not, the Tapatios have returned to this entire area in force and one either learns to live with it or one probably needs to relocate. I suspect neither the Tapatio flood nor the totally inadequate and incompetent response of local and state government to it is going to change. Better get used to it. You're obviously very frustrated by the changes. For us, they are a two edged sword. One now has to plan around holiday times and put up with traffic year round but on the other hand so much more is available here than was the case just 8 short years ago.
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    Just another puente. We can thank the local Presidente for his over-zealous approach to attracting tourists: spending every last centavo on concrete infrastructure and advertising, while letting the actual villages go to rack and ruin. It will only get worse. Sadly, the vast majority bring their own food, or stock up at the 7/11 and Oxxo, and only a very few local businesses and restaurants see any uptick in sales. And we are left with the fast-food wrappers and bottles littering our lands.
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    Unless you get your questions answered in writing and signed and witnessed any answers to your questions are meaningless and have no legal status. You must assume full responsibility for verifying the veracity of the answers you are given. There are no consumer laws in Mexico to help you as a homebuyer. There isn't even any licensing or mandatory training and education for real estate agents here. This is truly a different world and you have full responsibility for protecting yourself.
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    Let's tell everyone that it's going to be a bordello......just to stir the pot a bit....
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    Wait, you're going to make a blanket statement that because someone is an accountant, then his business practices are justified no matter what?
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    I can't fathom handing 3500 pesos pesos to a car washer just because he asked for it. I'd have handed him 300 (about what a construction worker makes for humping 5 gallon pails of cement up a ladder all day, so more than generous for half an hour's work) and driven away.
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    One of many survival skills one needs to learn in Mexico is that Mexicans do not just get "mad", they get "revenge". Bear that in mind in your dealings with them. Remember, less than 10% of those that commit a crime(and that includes murder) are ever charged and serve any jail time. This truly is NOT Kansas, Toto !
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    We and our dogs, have been in this area for a few years. We came here to heal from life's extremes. It is a well earned retirement. On streets, we have adhered to an on leash walk, with of course picking up our dog poops. We even carry an ample supply of small grocery bags, picking up trash and poops which are not ours. Shortly after moving to the Lake Chapala area, we had the heartbreak of losing a very young dog (from a vet product), and everyone suffered from that loss, including the other dogs. Overcoming the above loss of our young dog, we sought to find peace with a walk, high into the mountains with our dogs. Once we reached the area which was without travelers, a good half hour up, we would unleash our dogs for exercise. Then, in 2016, the worst happened to our family and our souls. Our other young dog died after consuming chicken stuffed with rat poison. Sadly, there are demented mentally ill souls in this Lake Chapala area. This person or people is/are mentally ill and have no control of themselves. They are sick and craving this damage they do to the owners and dogs alike. Truly, these people are parasites in paradise. It is a heartache to be sure and has affected the quality of my life. I will never forget that good natured sweetheart whom we love dearly. In addition to that, the streets are doused with horse crap and thus we did experience a recent and severe parasite infection for our dogs. One way around all the above is a poison muzzle. This is not to be confused with the heavy weight leather or metal muzzles. There is no need for a sweet animal who is not a threat to humans, to wear one of those other extremes. It has been a very long sizing up of muzzles for our one remaining dog and our/his newly acquired companion. Surely the muzzle sizing, was a daunting process, and I for all dogs benefit, would be willing to help you size up your dog for a muzzle which is custome "modified" to that dogs specific needs which: Does not restrict his panting. Does not press against his nose annoying him. Has an additional soft fore head strap so the muzzle point is able to be moved further from his nose. Is good for active frisky fun loving dogs. It is just an offer and I have oh so many muzzles to help you size up your dogs need, so when you purchase yours off of Amazon, you will know it is a fit when it arrives, vs one of many muzzles which will stay in a drawer! Been there, done that. Not charging any pesos for my helping of others. Just a goodwill gesture in the name of safety for our beautiful fur souls. This will protect your dog from parasite infection and poison ingestion. Feel free to contact me via PM.
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    Tell her to go to the realtor who has the listing and register for her severance pay when it sells. Maybe he or she can explain the situation. The snowbird might have died and the kids are selling the house. Who knows?
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    Mañana always has various meanings: Maybe-Never–Not today-I dare not say No, etc. Scorpions do exist. I saw three in 13 years. Stepped on them. Problem solved. Internet seldom failed in either Ajijic or Chapala centro. First years were on dial-up! Weather was always pleasant. Even when it occasionally rained in the daytime!
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    Personally I'd like to see more golf carts and less speeding cars on village streets.
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    Because I can not guarantee to park close enough to where I need to go, obviously I drive a car for distances. But I fail to understand the problem people seem to have with a golf cart. Two reasons , it is MUCH smaller than most NOB type trucks and cars ie similar in size to the type of vehicles the village roads were made for, plus a golf cart travels at the speed of all other traffic on the village roads. Can some one please explain what all this fuss is about?
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    That article, linked (theoretically) from El Informador or Excelsior by the OP here, has been debunked on another board. What idiocy.
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    At least I have a thought process, bubba ! Your jealousy is showing again !
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    The engine noise is only half the noise, even if muffled, it's still loud, but the noise created by the props is almost louder and that you can't change. Think about a sizable floor fan, when cranked up does the motor actually make any noise? - but smacking the blades into the air sure does. I notice they enclose the operator in a cab, convenient.
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    April Fools' Day is early this year?
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    I have always maintained that only boring people get bored.
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    Living and actually using one`s brain are two different things.