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  2. Canadian butter tarts

    JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA, when i read this to my dad he just cracked up, by the way, do you do graduation parties?
  3. The San Antonio guys have tried their own hospital for years. I would bet on the fellows who have done it successfully someplace else. Even if it is primarily an elective procedure facility the recent growth spirt shows it is probably a timely endeavor. Now for a real ambulance.
  4. Since good bagels seem to be really hard to get, I may just bake some. I have done it before. It is a bit of work, but I make bread anyway (bread machine totally unnecessary).
  5. Toilet paper flushing

    Funny stuff.. who would have thought a thread about toilet paper flushing would still be going !! 5 pages worth !
  6. Toilet paper flushing

    100 posts. Is this thread circling the drain yet?
  7. Don't know if he has a tag...a big white older dog breaking his owner' hearts! Led away from the hotel by someone who didn't bring him back.....PLEASE if you see him call the hotel! I cannot imagine someone would not return him!!!!
  8. Toilet paper flushing

    Nice packaging but it just wont go a way.
  9. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    Working for a non-profit arts organization in Canada, I used to have to explain to the artists who volunteered to make posters for an event that the purpose of a poster was not only to attract attention, but that the printing had to be quite legible, because if people couldn't actually read where and when the event was taking place, they wouldn't come. Some of these artists did beautiful work, but the printing was so artsy it was impossible to decipher.
  10. Toilet paper flushing

    Now that's some REAL SH**t!
  11. FMM sample filled Out Forms

    I think they were indicating they had to present a letter at the consulate where they made their application. Maybe some consulates require and others not?
  12. Today
  13. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    The Poutine is quite large, and comes with a separate lovely salad. A decent price for what you get.
  14. We've lucked out with landlords Mexican and gringo who allowed cats over many years of renting. So have our many cat-loving friends. Not a big worry. Lexy
  15. Toilet paper flushing

    For all those non-flushers:
  16. Are cats welcome in rental situations?

    Am I replying correctly? I seem to be circling back to myself. Well, if you got this message, Xena, then I guess something is working. First of all, this web board is amazing. How generous of everyone to be supportive, even of a newbie like me! It really gives me a good feeling about moving to the area. Do you have any suggestions for finding out about rentals from local landlords prior to arriving in Aijic? If not, what is the best approach once one arrives. I have a place to stay through February.
  17. Cat Friendly Rentals

    Six cats? That's fantastic. Such great news, Natasha! Could you tell me where I can find local landlords who are flexible in this way? All I know are the big real estate rental agencies. I'm hoping to be in Aijic by the end of November and have a place to stay (with my Foxy) through February. It's incredibly kind of you to help. Thank you! Margo
  18. FMM sample filled Out Forms

    We were at IMN today to find out what needs to be presented to them. There was no mention of the letter that is shown in the above post. At this point they were requiring the printed copy of the online form, the bank receipts, the photos and the copy of passport and copy of FMM form which says CANJE. Perhaps they will require the letter in the next phase. Any thoughts.....
  19. Toilet paper flushing

    Izal have to think about that. British humor and far too complicated to try and translate for our American cousins.
  20. Not at all.... especially if you stick to Mexican owners. We have 6 and our landlord could care less.
  21. Margo with another Foxy (fat white Maine Coon) question: Will it be difficult to find an inexpensive small apartment or casita that accepts cats for long term rentals?
  22. Here is is in all his Falstaffian glory! And, yes, if you must know, that is his furry belly (all muscle!) hanging out roundly below the rest of him.
  23. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    Possibly joco ! But my first language is English so I could be confused.
  24. Toilet paper flushing

    Now the question is "Will it get backed up?"
  25. Toilet paper flushing

    I am out, waaay out, in the jungle on the coast, and I have a French drain, so paper is a beeeg no=no. Only had to excavate the French drain in 20 years, and then only about 10 meters..Quite happy with the expense of the system vs the maintenance fee.
  26. Toilet paper flushing

    Not sure about toilet paper, but this post has sure gone down the toilet.
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