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  2. swimming in Lake Chapala

    its safe people were swimming in Ajijic next the malecon in front old posada. Also fisherman are near the shore waste deep casting their nets, water is cleaner then the east cost of the united states. Tod stong drinks the water every year in front of a crowd of 200 people with a little chlorine in it.
  3. The name is Los Milagros De Dalila. You can see it on the map along with the macrolibramento. look for the restaurant with a big triangle sign...The Burrito Triangle.
  4. I've been away from Lakeside for two years, but I seem to remember people, though perhaps not gringos, actually in the water at the beach at the west side of the Chapala pier. Does anyone swim there now? Is it said to be safe or unsafe? Has Dr. Strong had anything to say about it? I saw lots of footprints in the beach sand this afternoon, but no one on the beach or in the water.
  5. Thanks, all. I want to return to P.V. via the macrolibramiento, despite the tolls, because the road is so good. I understand that driving toward Guadalajara on the Guadalajara-Chapala highway 23, I take the returno after the "Burrito Triangle." I think I know what the Burrito Triangle is, near the junction of the highway from La Barca, but I can't remember its name, and it would be helpful if someone could tell me what its name is
  6. I tried a PM but it would not send. I’ll buy the coins if I can meet you in the Ajijic Plaza at the Black/White coffee shop. I’m there almost every morning. To be sure I’m Bob at 3317466080.

  7. I just went to his "new" shop. At first glance, all you see are dried fruits, nuts and seeds. I asked the woman there for yogurt and she went to the refrigerator to show me what they had. Cheaper to buy it there.
  8. The surgery went very well. Dr. Ladron was very receptive to my many questions and put me at ease before the surgery. Dulcecita and I arrived at 9 am and left at 12:30 with the 2 extra canine teeth in a cute little container. I thought the cost was very reasonable at 1400 pesos (they also cleaned her teeth and clipped the toenails). The staff was very professional and kind. I could not be happier with the service and the care they gave to my puppy. Thank you all again for the recommendation.
  9. Agree with the comments above - just a little more detail - - The contract will probably be sort of "boiler plate" and will often be drafted by the selling party's agent - but you can certainly provide input and pretty much anything is negotiable within reason. It should be okay but make sure you understand all the details and if you are not fluent in Spanish be sure you are confident in the person translating/explaining it whether in writing or verbally. Remember that an English translation is not enforceable so be sure you are clear how the Spanish version works. - While not directly addressing the sales contract be sure to understand how the deed you will receive works. This is especially important if you are married in regard to survivorship, heirs, etc. Definitely the same as what you may be used to. Just ask questions - your agent and attorney will explain that and any other issues. - In any case have it reviewed by your agent but remember that responsibility, licensing, liability, etc. for agents is vastly different than NOB. Also, agents and sellers here do not have the same level of responsibility to disclose previous problems/damage/issues as they do NOB. No matter which agent you use I would have it reviewed by an experienced attorney as suggested by all the previous responses. - A home inspection is not a bad idea but be aware that the folks providing those services do not have the same requirements or liability as those folks do NOB. We didn't have one done but we knew a lot about the house and the folks we were buying it form. - As the buyer you should be able to select the Notario as Maincoons says. We have also been completely happy with Luis Enrique in San Antonio for several needs including buying our house, our Mexican will, etc. - Don't overlook getting a finquito for any existing employees to be sure you are not inheriting any responsibilities you are not aware of. Get them in writing and have them reviewed by the attorney that reviews the sales contract. Be sure to preserve those documents. - Pay close attention to making sure that utilities are paid up to date to the extent possible and have a clear understanding about who pays for utility bills that arrive after closing. Also confirm that utilities are transferred to your name and you know more or less when to expect the next bills. A chronic problem as that you may not always receive paper bills - but of course you are still responsible for paying them on time. Our house and casita are on separate meters and we get two electric bills. Right after closing we received the bill for the casita and paid it. We didn't receive the one for the house, weren't very smart, and had the electricity turned off. Big hassle to get it turned back on but at least we could stay in the casita while we were dealing with that. Totally our oversight as newbies. - Same for property taxes - make sure they are paid through the most recent year and that there is a clear understanding as to how costs for the current year will be allocated. Not as big an issue as NOB since taxes here are very low but it sounds you are trying to reduce the possibility of any surprises. You probably won't receive a bill for your property taxes until it is past due for the next year. Be sure you know how, when and where to pay your annual taxes and water bill. - Select a good agent, attorney and notario and this should be pretty stress free. Don't let all these comments worry you too much. It will definitely be a different experience than real estate transactions NOB but for us it was quite painless. - And most importantly enjoy your new home. Welcome and we hope you are as happy here as we are.
  10. R.E. Offer to Purchase Contract

    The key part is a good Notario. Both the one in San Antonio and the one close to the water front in Chapala we've had excellent experience with. Before you sign make sure you know who the Notario will be and are satisfied they are competent. It seems to me since the buyer pays the Notario they should have final say on who they are. We have had the very best experience with Luis Enrique in San Antonio.
  11. R.E. Offer to Purchase Contract

    Why would anyone expect to receive legal advice on a chat forum? Seriously?
  12. Yesterday
  13. Now there's a route with some serious topes! Have tried it but find the Joco route seems to be the fastest. The Periferico also can be faster but it really depends on time of day. I generally go that way on Sundays when I also need to go to Home Depot.
  14. MC, Ever try this route?
  15. I don 't know what happened to it either. We have threads discussing pros and cons of fraccs here regularly. As noted the thread starter has the option to delete their own thread here, maybe that is what happened to it. Now if we could just get y'all to delete your duplicate threads using the same tool...
  16. I believe it is longer, it actually starts out by Zapotlanejo and there are three toll booths. If you get on at Lopez Mateos I believe there would be only one toll. Interestingly we found using it on the way home from Costco did not save any time and of course you have to drive on some of the worst parts of that bone jarring disgrace called Chapala highway. So ya takes your choice between topes via Joco and endless potholes via Chapala highway but at least with the former you save a 70 peso toll. This outgoing Jalisco government certainly presided over a marked decline in the "free" roads of this state. Chapala highway is but one example, basically all of them have declined significantly in the last few years. The one exception seems to be the road to Mazamitla which actually gets some maintenance and improvement. Tapalpa has not been so lucky and the "free" road to PV via ruta 70 has gotten downright hazardous.
  17. R.E. Offer to Purchase Contract

    Thank you Inter**** and Zer***, this is exactly the kind of info I wanted. Please if other posters could keep adding input, it will ultimately help us all. Knowlege is power and has been in short supply, around here, for awhile. TIA
  18. The macrolibriamento is 90km point to point. Two toll booth stops and then clear sailing at whatever speed you're comfortable with.
  19. Windows 7 Tower for sale

    $4,000p. Rebuilt. $12,000 new. 500 Gig hard drive. Gigabyte F-945/FXM-52C motherboard. Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 Dual core CPU, 2.40 GHz, 2MB L2 Caches, 800 MHz FSB 4 Gigs RAM; Intel 82945G Express CPU and onboard video chip DVD burner. CoolerMaster Case; heavy-duty 500W power supply 4 USB ports on rear; 3 on front; memory card readers; LG DVD burner. Brand new Windows 7 SP1 64-bit installation. This machine is a little rocket, and was my work PC until a recent upgrade. With 4 Gigs of RAM, you can easily do spreadsheets, word-processing, and PhotoShop. Mike the Computer Guy. 765-4156. mike-at-ajijiccomputing.com
  20. This screenshot explains a lot. From Ajijic Centro if you pick up the macrolibre via Joco to Lopez Mateos, 112 klicks and a ton of topes. If you go via chapala highway to the macrolibre 126 klicks. If you go via Lazaro Cardenas 112 klicks.
  21. The Lazaro Cardenas route is very dependent on time of day and day of week. Ninety minutes to Tequila is the best possible time. I've also been stuck near Lopez Mateos where it took well over 2 hours. The macrolibramento provides a consistent time to Tequila and points west. You also don't have to dodge cars that are cutting in front of you attempting to jump one car length and as MC says, spend less time looking out for potholes on the Chapala highway. How about all those topes in Nestipac before the cuota begins. No thanks.
  22. That's pretty amazing. Did you measure the kilometers of each route? What time of day did you drive Lazaro Cardenas? Often it is very slow. Almost sounds like the Macrolibremiento route would have to be significantly longer given you can drive it at 110kph. Also you are saving some wear and tear on the car as a lot of the route through GDL is rough.
  23. On a "normal" drive up to Guadalajara and west on Lazaro Cardenas, it is exactly 90 minutes to the Tequila exit. Taking the microlibermento saved 8 minutes. So paying $193p is not worth 8 minutes. It is worth it for the ease of travel and the avoidance of traveling across Guadalajara.
  24. I know that Jeffery Kay and Kiki moved north and that his penthouse was put on the market perhaps several weeks ago and that as of recently it was still available. And the other penthouse was recently sold by Eager & ###. but no one I have asked knows about the status of the rest of building, but it is believed there are vacancies.
  25. On my drive a couple of weeks ago from Guayabitos to Ajijic the total time was 3 1/2 hours to the light at Walmart. The trip across town took another 15-20 minutes. It's about an hour and 10 minutes from the PV airport to Guayabitos but the time on Hwy 200 can vary a lot based on the number of slow moving trucks and $%&/()s passing on blind curves.
  26. Love and Fishes

    I've eaten there a few times, and their food is good (for a moderately-priced restaurant). You aren't going to get fabulous wines and fine dining, but their fish and chips are very good! I think they season them with lemon pepper. They have indoor seating, outdoor covered patio seating, and seating out in the garden area as well. Very nice atmosphere!
  27. R.E. Offer to Purchase Contract

    The one I just signed was 4 pages of contract and 3 pages of inventoried items by room, included in sale. From a known Realty company with an established agent. I've done successful transactions with him before.
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