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  2. Net Neutrality abolished in the states

    FYI for anyone concerned NOB we can demand review by Congressional Review Act. I would think it wouldn’t affect Mexico, for now. Luckily.
  3. I just got back home. Alex replied to my email a little earlier today. His dad lives in a rural area and does not have internet service at his house on the outskirts of town. Alex went to the local library and bought some time on their computer to access his email account. Alex says that his Mexican cell phone doesn't pick up a signal in the area. He'll be in Laredo January 8th through 12th. So, I'd contact him by email regarding a delivery/pick up in Laredo slated for January.
  4. I do, regularly, without issue.
  5. dental express

    Would it be more appropriate to ask.."anyone had work done by", You make her sound like a 12 yr old
  6. Net Neutrality abolished in the states

    Since this was supposed to regulate U.S. ISPs, I can't imagine why it would affect us here in Mexico.
  7. Best Pizza

    I thought it was adjacent to La Ancla. Did it move?
  8. Tuesday Market

    The thread is about the Tuesday Farmers Market which has produce superior to either of the local tianguis!
  9. Net Neutrality abolished in the states

    New York, and other, Attorney General has already filed suit against the Gov't.
  10. College Football Bowl Games

    El Barco for sure.
  11. He changed it a couple of months ago. Said both would work for awhile.
  12. I sent Alex an email to the address El Saltos listed above and got a very fast response.
  13. I hadn't heard that Alex changed his email. He may be staying at a place that doesn't have broadband. One time he had to go to town which he only did occasionally. I think this is the same place.
  14. anyone out there had any work done by a very young dentist (Dennisse Boanegia)at dental express???????
  15. Today
  16. Floor length mirror

    Floor length oval mirror in bronze metal frame - 73" high x 26". Custom made by the former Duke's. $200 US or peso equivalent. 76-62266
  17. Tuesday Market

    The huge Monday tianquis in Chapala also had the freshest produce and more economical prices than the Wednesday Ajijic tianguis. More choices, too. I assume that is still the case.
  18. Tuesday Market

    You missed the biggest Monday Tianguis in Chapala
  19. Tuesday Market

    Great description!
  20. According to TOB, they were mistaken and no owner has been found. Dog is up for adoption by the woman that took it from the Ranch.
  21. If you are looking for a NY/ NJ style thin personal pizza, at a good price, check out Jitomate on the lake side of the carretera next to Anchler in west Ajijic - just past the army checkpoint. it would make my neapolitan grandma happy! He is also planning specials, rabbit first. I am also talking to him about producing authentic Italian sausage. he is already doing a pretty good salami. Open 10 - 10 , closed tuesday and wednesdays
  22. College Football Bowl Games

    The date is a little confusing too, Saturday Jan16th 2017. I presume he meant Dec 16th, 2017. Assuming you are talking about this coming Saturday, I am sure there are several bars carrying US football. There is one bowl game this Saturday according to Yahoo stores section. It is the Las Vegas bowl between the Oregon Ducks and the Boise State Broncos.
  23. I am not sure if it will hurt Mexico internet users but just an FYI. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission voted along party lines on Thursday to repeal landmark 2015 rules that intended to ensure a free and open Internet, as protesters gather to oppose the change. The 3-2 ruling sets up a court fight over a move that opponents fear will recast the digital landscape. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5180015/Protesters-gather-U-S-regulators-meet-end-net-neutrality.html
  24. Tuesday Market

    I don't notice the social gathering. I"m busy shopping for organic eggs, lamb, chicken, and beef as well as better veggies than I can get at SuperLake or Walmart.
  25. I have done so. One was for US and the other for Mx calls. This was several years back. simply told them why and there was no problem. It might be a problem if they were still packed in boxes and looked brand new.
  26. College Football Bowl Games

    Can't imagine how this ended up in the "pets" section. Moved.
  27. I have to take two cellphones with me up to the States. Will MX let me back in through Customs with two cellphones? I just have one carry-on bag so everything will be easily seen. Thanks.
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