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  2. DNA testing

    I used My Heritage....took a while for it to get here....sent it back with friends driving up...you get the results via email. I think there is an outfit in GDL that will check your DNA for what drugs will work best for you depending on the illness but don't have name of the company. Google for the top 5 DNA companies and look for the one that best suits your needs/curiosity. There are differences.
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  4. Best days to cross at Pharr?

    Very simply this. If you are going north on 281 from the McAllen area, it is a straight shot from the Pharr bridge. Anzaldus is west of Reynosa and out of the way both coming and going if one is either coming south or going north on 281.
  5. Anyone Lose a Car

    I bet that if her car was towed that it would show on her map where it was, not where it is.
  6. DNA testing

  7. DNA testing

    It seems like it would be better to avoid sending it to the US. Can it be done in Mexico?
  8. Chili cook off - is it free?

    My cleaning lady offered today that no way would she be attending. She has to think about food, clothes, and school money. All I did was ask her if she was going.
  9. DNA testing

    Call the number listed on Ancestry.com and/or 23andMe.com and ask them. They'll give the definitive answer. I ordered mine several years back when I was visiting family in Texas so it was easy to get it and mail it back to the service during the trip.
  10. Luckily I had a hat for the sun and saw the events that were in shaded areas and saw many friends I hadn't seen for quite some time. I was offered free beer, samples of tequila, but I said no and rewarded myself with some great ice cream. My best visit was with my friends at Opiere Solar discussing some improvements I could make to my photo voltaic solar system, that part of my system I ordered in 2007 and had installed in 2008 by then one of the closer solar companies servicing The Lake Chapala area at that time (in San Miguel de Allende). Things have changed, now it is easy to find retailers all over Mexico. Opiere Solar, for example, is located in Ajijic, PV, GDL, and Manzanillo. and runs an adv. each week in the Guadalajara Reporter.
  11. DNA testing

    How does on go about DNA testing if you live Lakeside full time? Do you order from Ancestry or? I don't have a US address. Could you get it sent to iShop or ?
  12. Anyone Lose a Car

    True... I didn't think of that about bluetooth.
  13. Since you live in Mission you might be the best source about this, but.... Often it appears that 'trouble' is on Highway 40 just WEST of Reynosa. This deters some folks from wanting to drive into Reynosa from any direction. That is why some go a bit farther east to the Pharr Bridge.
  14. Anyone Lose a Car

    Bluetooth has max range of 100mtr. So outside that must be gps .
  15. Have been using Dilabim for many years, in the same center and have been very happy. Normal blood and urine test results are emailed the next day and cannot see how the costs could be much lower.
  16. Anyone Lose a Car

    Apps mentioned above require one to proactively 'mark' their car when it is parked. Probably sends a GPS signal which can then direct the owner when trying to find the vehicle. Daisy mentioned no such proactive 'marking' in her Post so car must be emitting bluetooth signals whether running or not. Either that or GPS coordinates being transmitted dynamically. Otherwise, I have no clue how that can be done.....
  17. Fiber optics

    Am in the same situation as hkrause and 15mins ago recived an email from them about the problems for developments and a suggested contact.hopefully you got this as well.
  18. I agree that this place will be great for a before or after dinner drink.For now they are planning to be open from Noon to Midnight 7 days a week! WOW! Not sure if they will be able to sustain that but it seems like they are working VERY hard to figure out what times and days make sense. Really great folks and they are really "stepping out" to make the place a success. So tonight is the Open House from 7-9. They are open all day before and after this "come check us out" offering on their dime but - tonight only. Last night they had 2 x 1 freshly made margaritas - 2 for $70 pesos. On Saturday evenings they are featuring fresh fruit martinis. Last Saturday they had passion fruit, apple and mandarina. Delicious! Their plan is to buy the best fruit they can find based on the season, ripeness and quality. So they are trying a few specials but their regular drink menu is extensive with first class ingredients. Stop by when you can and give them a shot.
  19. Where to buy a hide a bed

    A guy who works at the furniture store near Sunrise Restaurant in San Antonio.
  20. Mexican car imported to US?

    We had a 2005 Toyota Rav-4 and on the underside of the hood was the official sticker in Spanish. Funny thing, the Spanish overlay came off and under it was the official US Dot certification. Not sure not having a US Title would fare in the whole licensing process.
  21. So please share with us...a great time...It must have felt like hell walking about in this hot and sunny day
  22. Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

    Yep. Call Jackie. I've had mine for 5 years installed by him.
  23. Where to buy handrail for a pool?

    We bought our stainless steel handrail thru our pool maintenance person - Carlos Taylor. You may be able to order thru a local pool supply store.
  24. Restaurant meals delivered

    Some of the chicken places deliver. Pollo Feliz 766-3850 El Pechugon 766-0234 Dusty Chicken
  25. Just got back. As always I had a great time and it was so warm out that rather than buying a diet pop, I got a double decker cup of ice cream and broke my diet rules.
  26. Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

    I highly recommend Jackie of H2 Ole'. I just bought a new reverse osmosis system from him and as always am very satisfied. His office is in Plaza Bugambilias in Ajijic and the phone # on his card is 766-5999
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