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  2. Alert

    "People would like some real information." It sounds as though that is what ComputerGuy is attempting to do -- for which he should be thanked. I appreciate his being willing to put in the time and effort to find out what is happening.
  3. US Plated Economy Car

    Looking to purchase and take to the border a used economy US plated car to keep at my vacation home. Prefer a Texas plated car. Leaving in one week.
  4. Permanente Status

    I agree wholeheartedly with Spencer. This may actually be the only immigration document you will ever need. There are many ways to experience the culture here. Messing up on a legal document, not having everything filled out correctly, etc., etc., then getting frustrated with the system, the language, the employees, isn't a good start to your new life in Mexico. Be wise, hire someone qualified, like Spencer for this process. Then relax and start enjoying paradise.
  5. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    It is the same street as the bus station is on heading to the main drag, I don't know my streets in Joco, I just know how to get around.
  6. Alert

    There was a group of 6-8 dogs that hung out on the Ajijic plaza until recently. Suddenly they disappeared. If you were a morning patron of Black & White Coffee, it was very dramatic. Several people were concerned and tried to find out where the dogs were taken. Someone said "to the Ranch", but further inquiries did not find them there. Attempts were made to talk to Chuni, but he is in Costa Rica with a cultural exchange group...A neighbor on the plaza found their small white poodle-ish dog missing too. People would like some real information...
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  8. Emergency Preparedness SCAM

    That alone says they are scammers.
  9. Does anyone know where you can get bagels around here?

    When I went there about a month ago, the Srta. Told me that their bagels came from Costco.
  10. On November 9, 2017, the Country Club de Chapala will host the 14th Cruz Roja Golf Classic. This is a Fun Day of Golf, Food and prizes galore!!Join us to help the Lakeside Community in an especially difficult year....We need another ambulance on the road and ready to go at all times and the medicine cabinet for the clinic is seriously stressed!!The tournament is an ideal way to enjoy a day of fundraising and every peso counts...Don't play golf , join us for the bar-b-que and win great door prizes...Can't make it out that day??...maybe a raffle ticket?? For information call Don...766-4990 or drop in to the Pro shop at the country club....Cruz Roja somos todos!
  11. Emergency Preparedness SCAM

    Its not a scam. Its a religious sect with a promotion to send you using disaster preparedness as diversion. SunFan
  12. Permanente Status

    Michael Boltons real name is Michael Bolotin. I went to school with him in New Haven, CT. Wonderful mom. Two beautiful daughters.:)
  13. Libel

    We didn't allow anything. We don't read every post on this board. If you saw a problem post you should have reported it to a moderator or to admin. Closed.
  14. contacted LCS several spaces on bus still available
  15. Visa for 92-year-old aunt

    Thanks, Natasha. I tried to find it just now to see if l read it. I usually respond when I get responses or questions, so if I didn’t, I probably didn’t see yours. All of these sites work a little bit differently. Where should l look? Thanks!
  16. Libel

    You allowed (someone) to use the people's names. Moderators you know that's libel. Did anyone check out her story! Shameful, people maybe nasty but that doesn't give anyone the right to talk about us like that. Yes, I said some rude things out of frustration and you all should be embarrassed to talk about race the way you did. We have all our credentials to prove our 30 years of service to our careers. I know I will be banned from this site,again ,but after I was told what was being said about us I had to look. Shameful behavior. I may not be right ,I may be witchy and rude but I would never slander anyone like you all did. (I am investigating) (Update: found and deleted. we should have dealt with it sooner, sorry. Usually we are very strict about not letting people wash their dirty laundry on this site. Lesson learned.)
  17. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    Hey, your restaurant, you can set your own prices. But 80p for poutine? Not for me. Seriously: less expensive in Ontario or Quebec at pretty much any chip wagon. It's potatoes and gravy with a little cheese. It's not a fancy meal. In fact, it's an invention of the common man. I can go up by Salvadore's and get a good-size shrimp cocktail or salad for that price.
  18. Permanente Status

    It may be the only immigration document you will ever need. You can do it yourself or hire someone. Why take risks. We see alot of people who mess up and then are in a bind. The people at LCS are facilitators like we are only they have no office so you get zero local support on a daily basis. My firm has a bit of a guarantee, if we handle your papers and you did your part correctly and you are denied or immigration makes a mistake, we file the appeal for free, and we win our appeals which means you dont have to leave the country. I stand by my advice. If you are short on cash it is one thing or if you like to do things yourself like wash your car, change the oil, do your tax returns. In can be an experience, some people dont do frustration well and others would rather sleep in or play golf or go to a Michael Bolton concert or the dentist, anything but dealing with the government.
  19. Any recommendations for legal representation?

    US numbers in Chapala 805-563-3300 / 805-256-8053 US numbers in Guadalajara 805-563-3300 Chapala we have 3 attorneys, 2 law students, plus Luis and Denise Guadalajara 3 attorneys plus law student
  20. Drivers license

    You get a certification of license to show you had one then do a renewal.
  21. Or she can stay in Toronto and go to the Bagel House and many other places in that city for both styles which were probably developed around Kensington Market before they hit Montreal and New York. And if you're a Westerner,you could probably get both in Winterpeg. Contrary to popular belief, not everything Jewish was invented in New York or Montreal. Montreal smoked meat was invented there though.
  22. Alert

    From Milenio (well-respected newspaper) from 2013 it states 200 a month are killed in Zapopan http://m.milenio.com/region/mes-animales-sacrificados-Zapopan_0_209379106.html From Universidad de Guadalajara tv more than 21,000 killed in the last 3 years. They are kept by animal control for 72 hours, then killed. http://udgtv.com/noticias/jalisco/en-tres-anos-sacrifican-mas-de-21-mil-perros-en-guadalajara-y-zapopan/amp/
  23. New residents driving tips

    It was one of the instructions in the driver's manual given to me by the transito in GDL when I went to take the driver's test. Perhaps it isn't law, but it's in the book as one.
  24. Emergency Preparedness SCAM

    This is GOOD all u folks are great
  25. Shaw eliptical dish c/w double LNB

    Remember that there ae two sizes of Shaw Direct elliptical dish. the smaller 60 E work great in Canada, but the larger 75E which measures about 39 inches wide by somewhat less high which is needed here. Could I be wrong or is that the smaller 60 E elliptical dish which is too small to be used down here. If you have questions about what size Shaw Direct Dish you need here, you can confirm the information I have given by checking with your local satellite dealer like Ajijic Electronics here Lakeside or CP Electronics in Guadalajara
  26. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    We have 2 different menus, breakfast and meals, para llevar for sure! sorry for the font I don't choose it, we are working on making it better! locating next to Maria Isabel La Vieja Posada, I will send you another format
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