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  2. Pfeffernusse cookies?

    Dang. I had to google it. They sound wonderful. https://www.daringgourmet.com/pfeffernuesse-german-iced-gingerbread-cookies/
  3. Tuesday Market

    Except for the fact that I don't think anybody in this thread is talking about the Wednesday tianguis in Ajijic. So many markets, it get's confusing. And they're all social. I think they go this way: Monday: San Antonio Tuesday: La Huerta Evento, west Ajijic Wednesday: Traditional Ajijic Tianguis on Revolución
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  5. Residents using the On-Line FMM on Mexican Departure

    https://www.inm.gob.mx/fmme/publico/en/solicitud.html It is asking you to fill out your information only to enter Mexico and recieve a 180 day tourist FMM card. Why not simply fill out a FMM card the correct way for legal residents of Mexico [not as a tourist] at the airport. It takes about 3 to 5 minutes and guarantees you are not getting screwed around by filling out an enter into Mexico by airplane 180 day tourist FMM online? Does everyone have to do things the online way now instead of the old fashioned way with a pen? You only have to fill out the smaller top portion when leaving and then fill out the larger bottom portion when arriving back in Mexico. You don´t need to fill out the whole FMM card like tourists do when entering Mexico.
  6. Oh no! I wish the same fate on the culprit....only worse and more painful! Condolences to the fur parents.
  7. This question to legal Residents: Have you had any issues arise at the IMN Airport Desk when using and printing off the On-Line FMM for departure from Mexico - and having the top half accepted on return at GDL or PVR Airports?
  8. Tuesday Market

    Interesting observation, it also carries over to our local church, complete disrespect for coming into the church...please leave your chit chat gossip outside
  9. On Monday a husky was poisoned in Chula Vista Norte. Dr Luis confirmed that he died from poison.
  10. Tuesday Market

    Haha, nothing has changed since we first visited the Ajijic tiangus in 2001. Super Lake also, they think they're at a social function.
  11. American notary

    Yes, very true. When we signed up for a mail forwarding service in the US, the provider insisted our signatures be notarized, to protect them from any problems with the USPS. I pointed out that by treaty they had to accept a Mexican Notario. They politely responded that we would have to return to the US or visit the Consulate for the notary service or they would not provide us with an address. Not snotty but very firmly let us know their terms of service. Fortunately we were going back to Houston anyway and had our good friend do it for us. You can stand on principle but the other guy that you want something from has the hammer, as they say.
  12. American notary

    "Yes, we have notarized documents for signers all over the country and the world." That they have notarized them doesn't necessarily mean they were accepted.
  13. Tuesday Market

    As my Momma used to say...you can't swing a cat in that place! Not to mention the people that can't go to a table or out side to visit instead on blocking the aisles.
  14. Better go tomorrow...government offices closing Fri for the holidays.
  15. I just found this link, maybe it will help. http://www.retirementinajijic-chapala.com/drivers-license-renew-chapala-save-time/
  16. Lexy, you don't have to own a car to have a driver's license so your question about the sticker isn't relevant. No renewals in Chapala. Most of us go to Plaza Las Torres, 8 Julio and Lazaro Cardenas in GDL. Need originals and copy: current utility bill, curp #, permanente or temporal card, take your passport and a copy just in case, take your driver's license. If you have DIF or INAPAM card, make a copy of it too as you will receive 50% discount. There is a bank in the mall to pay the fee or you can pay at local bank before you go. Office on the 2nd floor, the guard will direct you to the proper line. I suggest you arrive when they open, 8 :30 I think, whole thing will take around an hour.
  17. Tuesday Market

    The problem with the Tuesday market is that many vendors have the same products. Vegetables and breads are paritcularly over represented.
  18. AT&T Office at Laguna Mall/Ajijic?

    Gracias Angus y Ferret!
  19. Yesterday
  20. Always taken my US based Capital One Visa there too. Never a problem.
  21. AT&T Office at Laguna Mall/Ajijic?

    Yes, it's across the road from WalMart and its full name is Central Laguna Mall.
  22. AT&T Office at Laguna Mall/Ajijic?

    That is correct. And the AT&T office is directly opposite Telcel.... both open to the inside walking area of the mall.
  23. Tuesday Market

    Only problem is they have a completely different selection. e.g. no meat or veggies. Mostly prepared food.
  24. AT&T Office at Laguna Mall/Ajijic?

    Thank you Angus! Just to make sure I'm not completely confused; Laguna Mall is the one across from Walmart in Ajijic correct? Thanks! pm
  25. AT&T Office at Laguna Mall/Ajijic?

    There is an office in Laguna Mall, but I don't know if it their main office.
  26. We are currently State side and our AT&T service runs out shortly. I've read here that there is a main office at the mall across from Walmart? If this is true, exactly where is it? I know of the Telcel office but have never seen the AT&T office there. We signed up with Alejandro out of the small office in Chapala couple years back. My understanding is that he is no longer an employee of AT&T because of improprieties? If someone could be so kind as to confirm the location of the main office in Ajijic, we would be grateful. Thank you! pm
  27. Need to screen in back patio.

    As RV says the heavier "pet screen" might be better.
  28. Car key cutting

    Where did you get it done and how much?
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