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  2. I like Pat at Doglandia in San Antonio across from Sunrise Restaurant lakeside on the side street. 766-4170
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  4. I found it on Google..376 0764
  5. Does anyone have their phone number?
  6. She comes to work on time, works hard, does not steal, is honest, does not break my things...seriously is this not what a maid is supposed to do? I love this comes on time and comes when she not most employees do that, I know I did. Is honest and does not so that makes a good employee...where are we folks.? 50 pesos is usually the going rate roughly now and the USD exchange rate has nothing to do with wages in Mexico.
  7. That has been my experience also. I prefer to go on non-market days when it's easier to get to the established stores that sell more authentic Mexican goods.
  8. I studied in Guadalajara in 1975 and would come out to San Juan Cosala to the balneario. I remember taking transportation to Chapala then catching another bus to SJC that definitely took the carretera that still exists and obviously has for at least 40 years. If I remember correctly, Chapala's main street wasn't paved back then.
  9. For those that are worried our tax pesos are going to be missued, tonight I saw a new banner hanging from the kiosko in the Chapala plaza from the Chapala government that should put those worries to rest, it said "Gracias por sus pagos, ya podemos empezar a transformar a Chapala." Or thanks for your payments, now we can begin to transform Chapala.
  10. Ferret, I love the "whipped to death" comment as it is for sure true. However I just seen a recent solution to the whipping. Around each sprinkler head was installed a piece of 3 inch PVC pipe where the head is protected against the wicked whipper and lawn mower where the gardener does not see the head. Simple, cheap and effective. Each piece of PVC #40 might be no more then 4 inches, 2 or 3 below ground, I inch above. Good luck
  11. We live in lower Brisas. 1.3 max. For a little over a week, we lose connection every night between 6:45 and 7:00 for 3 or 4 minutes.
  12. I have a couple of questions related to this thread: Like the original poster's wife, I have dual U.S.-Mexican nationality. My Mexican passport is very old, so when I've come to Mexico in the past it seemed simplest to enter as an American. But my wife and I are now thinking of moving permanently to the Chapala area. If I can jump through the hoops at the Mexican consulate in the U.S. and get an updated Mexican passport, and then enter Mexico as a Mexican, would I have to file Mexican income taxes if I have no income from Mexico, but receive all income from the U.S.? How should we deal with our U.S. registered car if I enter Mexico as a Mexican? As a Mexican, I believe (but maybe this isn't true) that I wouldn't be allowed to drive a U.S. plated car in Mexico, even though it is registered in my name and my wife’s. Or is there a way I could drive our U.S. plated car in Mexico, given that I also have U.S. citizenship? Would we be able to purchase Mexican car insurance for this car if I am on record as a Mexican who also has U.S. citizenship? Many thanks for your advice!
  13. Has anyone had any problems using a U.S.-based mail forwarding service address in order to satisfy U.S. brokerages that you reside in the U.S.? I've read that the big brokerages will sometimes terminate brokerage accounts if the account holder indicates he or she is living abroad. So in order to maintain a U.S. brokerage account, it can be expedient to use a U.S. mail forwarding address if you don't have a U.S.-based friend or family member who will let you use his/her address. Many U.S. mail forwarding services give customers a street address followed by a "unit number," for example, which can suggest that the address may not be a real physical address. Also, it wouldn't be hard for brokerages, if they wanted to do this, to keep a database of mail forwarding service addresses, and then deny you a brokerage account. Any experience with problems like this, or have you been able to satisfy the big brokerages by using a mail forwarding service address?
  14. He is (as you said) just past Casa de Waffle. Immediately west of the Autobody Shop as the parking lot ends. I believe the sign says Garden Centre. You have to ask at the counter for the parts and they will order for you if they don't have what you need. The hard water is brutal on the sprinkler heads and I did have some success soaking them in vinegar. The ones that have been whipped to death by string trimmers have to be replaced.
  15. Moroccan kebabs with vegetables and turkey Ingredients 8 wooden or metal kebab skewers 4 large cloves garlic 3 Tbsp olive oil 2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice 1 tsp ground coriander 1 tsp cumin cayenne pepper, to taste cinnamon, to taste Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste ½ kg boneless, skinless turkey breast (or chicken breast) Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste. 1 lb. boneless, skinless turkey breast (or chicken breast) 1 medium green bell pepper 1 medium orange bell pepper 1 medium yellow bell pepper 16 cherry tomatoes 1 small onion ½ cup plain Greek yogurt Directions · Soak wooden kebab skewers in water. · Line 2 large rimmed baking pans with foil (1 pan if grilling). · Mince garlic. · In medium mixing bowl, combine garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, coriander, cumin, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and salt and pepper to taste. · Remove 2 tablespoons marinade and set aside in large bowl. · Cut turkey breast into 16 equal size chucks. Add turkey to medium bowl with remaining marinade and toss well. Set turkey aside to marinate. · Cut and seed each bell pepper; cut into 8 pieces and add to large bowl with reserved marinade. Add cherry tomatoes and toss to coat with marinade. · Cut onion in half lengthwise and then each half into quarters, making 8 wedges. · To assemble kebabs on skewers slide on tomato, green pepper, turkey, half an onion wedge, red pepper, other half onion wedge, turkey, yellow pepper and tomato or in preferred order. Lay kebabs on baking pan. · If broiling, position oven cooking rack 6 inches from broiler and turn on high. If grilling, prepare grill. · Broil or grill kebabs 6 minutes. Turn kebabs and cook 6-8 minutes or until internal temperature of turkey is well cooked. Serve with yogurt
  16. Wow! One the size of your head! That is enough to invite all the friends. It's true, some wild potatoes grow in the area, some people make ointments. My father-in-law prepared a lotion that called the square root, ha ha. Has anti-inflammatory properties. Not as potent as drugs but uses the common anti-inflammatory chemical pathways.
  17. From Lazaro Cardenas, exit Rafael Sanzio and turn left, south. Costco is on your left and Galerias is on your right. It is a lot more complicated going up Lopez Mateo from Joco. If you insist on going that way, just proceed north on LM, past the Perifico and at the second glorieta ( you will have to be on the lateral and not the express lanes), take the 3rd exit (270 deg) and you will be on Patria. Proceed and at the next major intersection, take a left and the next major road will be Rafael Sanzio. Take a right. Proceed on RS until you see Costco on your RIGHT and Galerias on your LEFT.
  18. You can text on any cell phone.
  19. Yes, and that is the problem (not upping the pay). Gas has just gone up, CFE rates, everything that depends on transport will, etc. It costs your employees just as much to fill up their cars as it costs you, but they are less able to afford it. My maid, who has been working for me for 4 years and does a fantastic job, told me in Dec.that she needs to have her hourly rate increased by 10 peso/hr. in 2017, which I thought was totally fair. Altho she doesn't have to drive to my house, as she lives just up the block, she has 3 kids to ferry around and 5 mouths to feed.
  20. I second that.
  21. Same thing happened to me last week. I had sold my old car, deposited the money then wrote a much larger check for the new vehicle. I was told 3 letters had been added to my RFC # which designated I was self employed. An accountant said to do nothing since I don't have a business.
  22. Yes we have helped people through this, many times the bank blunders and cashes your US dollar check and then deposits cash pesos therefore triggering the reporting requirement due to their odd accounting and procedures.
  23. Beer Garden in Chapala
  24. Yes, I wanna start a fight. Which restaurant at Lakeside DO YOU THINK serves THE best guacamole? The quality of the totopos can be factored in. BUT PLEASE do NOT reply with your favorite recipe or by telling me how easy it is to make it myself at home. Read the question please and thank you.
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