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  2. Take the dog as cargo animal and the cats in the cabin. The dog doesn't count against the 2 animal per flight rule and it would be travelling along with you so you could make sure it gets any connections. Double check that you have made your animals cabin reservations and you have to do that after you have your reservations so call first to make sure your preferred flights are available.
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  4. Apple and Microsoft data mine and sell their customer information just as much, if not more so, than Google and Yahoo. They have to pay for the free stuff somehow. Apple is a master at it. Just read their user agreements. Apple Mail is just as "free" as everyone else's. Every good business website does the same. It's not a question of who; it's a question of "oh, my!". Security with Apple is just as good as anyone else's; click here: Hackers claim to have breached hundreds of millions of Apple accounts (By the way, "data mining" is just a fancy way of saying "extracting information"...)
  5. We gave up on them a long time ago, food not consistant from time to time, and the owners stand at your table and never stops talking...
  6. Well it seems everywhere I go up north these days there are signs in shopping center parking lots telling you to lock the car and do not leave any personal items in sight. Also, keep in mind that some of those criminals being deported up there will logically find their way to places like this where they think the pickings will be better. Too bad the bag didn't have dirty underwear.
  7. Holdraja, sorry to hear about the theft, it's always a shock to one's system when one has been violated, even if it was just a wet swim suit. Ignore the trolls, blame the victim, yeah right. Been there.
  8. When I first used Uber in Miami before our cruise I thought I paid the driver. Wrong. Uber will debit the amount owed from your bank account. No money changes hands by yourself and the driver. If you do pay money to the driver-that is his tip!! You are quoted a price and if you accept it is debited to your account! I also found out that they-the Uber app- will tell you how many minutes it will take the driver to get to your address that you are calling from. If you miss the ride because you were late getting outside the driver can leave and you are still charged for the ride!! We found out this the hard way when we were in Paris!! LOL! maw
  9. A friend had her locked car entered with no evidence of entry - nothing was visible in the vehicle but there was stuff in the glove box. She learned later that there are a lot of master keys floating around out there which enable the bad guys to have easy access to our vehicles - so locking is not the preventative measure that it used to be.
  10. I think you got a dishonest Uber driver. The vast majority of Uber drivers in GDL are working for someone who actually owns the car. My nephew has 2. Your driver cheated you, Uber, and probably his boss when he took cash. The fare from the airport to the lake is well under $200 pesos
  11. Here in Seattle I am only 4 miles from Costco where their gas prices are close to if not the lowest in town, In Ajijic I have to drive 40 miles to the closest Costco and only go there maybe every other month. The one thing I know is that once my Guadalajara Costco starts selling gas I will try to fill up there every time I go, but I wont drive there just for gas. Well I had better stop posting as (No Joking) I'm about to drive to Costco Seattle for a few items and a great hotdog lunch.
  12. Is the Smoke House restaurant still open in west Ajijic? Thanks
  13. The best places for local moving boxes (not boxes with lids...) are Costco, Oxxco, 7-11 and liquor stores.
  14. One of you should take a different flight and take the 2 cats.
  15. Actinver Bank also has a brokerage house where they sell stocks and bonds.
  16. The source of this document is the CDC. Using Mr. Google, he told me that this stands for "Recreational Water Illness" and is a noun and it continues stating. " Illness caused by germs and chemicals found in the water we swim in. Recreational water illnesses (RWIs) are caused by germs and chemicals found in the water we swim in."
  18. The buffet is "All You Can Eat" starting with fresh squeezed orange juice, Fresh Fruit and Yogurt, a wide ranging variety of delicious dishes, including pancakes and eggs, and every possible Mexican favorite for everybody. Coffee is included. All for $110 pesos.
  19. Banco Multiva for banking and their investment arm MultiValores. I highly recommend both of them.
  20. The thunderstorms are slowly moving closer. Several about 100 miles east last night, first ime that close since the last rainy season. My best guess is 10-14 days until we start getting some rain. The haze is down some today. I can actually see the mountains across the lake.
  21. Thank you, Jackie. That information really helps us.
  22. Just a thought. Eldorado, Cielovista , Birds of Paradise and Riviera Alta are all gated and easy walk to Walmart and Superlake for few groceries. Definitely walkable to Ajijic. CVN is little further and hilly but we rented there couple of times and walked everywhere or took a bus. We knew the Guadalajara bus schedule going up libramiento and the bus always stopped for us in front of the gates. One has to wave for him to stop or ask when getting out because it is not a bus stop. Unfortunately, I do not think there is much in the price range of $500 to $600 in these areas in winter season. So probably no use to even mentioning them unless someone has a small casita on the property willing to rent for that price. it is not impossible but unlikely. Colleen, I would not be worry to rent outside of gated community. Most properties in town have high walls, decorative bars and are generally pretty safe . Good luck in your search. Ajijic is a very vibrant community. I am sure you will love it. Seems like you will fit right in. (from your description) Many times we had good response from this site. Most people here are very helpful (no matter what others say).
  23. I just got some good vanilla at "El Granero" next door to Gossip's. The display had bottles, two sizes I think, I got the smaller one 75 ml- it was 80 pesos. The ingredients listed are organic vanilla, alcohol and water. There were also a few whole vanilla beans for sale within the display. The brand name is "pacqui".
  24. Good information there. What are RWIs?
  25. Does Food Container have a full bar?
  26. If you value privacy I would avoid both Google and Yahoo! Their clients are advertisers and they mine and sell your data to them. Revenue is not from the users, you are the product. If you have an Apple device, try their email service, their interests are more aligned with their customers. You pay a premium upfront for Apple devices but I feel they are worth it with all things considered. Expecting good security from a free service is an unwarranted leap of faith.
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