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  2. Pots without steam vents in the lid

    I tried a little bit of everything with short grain rice with no luck. El Torito sells a long grain rice, looks almost transparent. I cover it well with cold water, put on high heat for 25 minutes. Then drain the water, put back on high heat 20-30 seconds covered and then let it sit a few minutes to finish steaming Works great. Nice fluffy, rice.
  3. I've lived in Ajijic, GTO City and now San Miguel. San Miguel is best city in the world; -) http://www.businessinsider.com/san-miguel-de-allende-voted-best-city-in-the-world-2017-7/#the-views-of-parroquia-de-san-miguel-arcangel-from-the-city-center-look-straight-out-of-a-fairytale-1 PM me if you want some perspective on each.
  4. Pots without steam vents in the lid

    I will share a much simpler recipe with you.
  5. Robbery Prevention

    Good idea, but only 12 followers, the last post was 55 minutes ago, the one previous, April 23
  6. Golf Cart Warning

    There still is. http://www.lakechapalagolfcarts.com (I'm the owner of Lake Chapala Golf Carts ... thanks for announcing its early demise?) In order to be "street legal", a golf cart needs a license plate, AND insurance, which you need a license plate to get. In order to get a license plate for YOUR golf cart, you must have a FACTURA from the purchase. Very, VERY few local golf cart owners have a Factura since most are bought via private sales, and NOT from a company that can issue a Factura. (A Factura is just like the one in your car if you bought it in Mexico - the original receipt from dealer - the "title", effectively.) A "bill of sale" or "receipt for purchase" is worthless. Just to be clear and to eliminate JayBearll's unfortunate announcement, I am the owner of Lake Chapala Golf Carts, and all of my carts have license plates and insurance. They are legal in town. (They are NOT legal to be driven on the carretera, but it's legal to cross...best/safest at a light!). Lastly, I'm not currently renting golf carts because I have too much personal business that requires my attention. Perhaps that is why JayBearII is confused. I get inquiries daily, thanks for your patience. Will be back open Sept./Oct. Thanks!
  7. Shipping Pets

    In and out of Mexico I would not ship a pet as cargo due to where the pet arrives at the destination airport to go through customs and how long that delay may be. However I have brought three dogs into Mexico over the years as checked baggage in the flight I was on as well as bringing a puppy back as carryon in a Sherpa bag for a Mexican family. I've never had problems with the handling of the animals. But check with your airlines as some (maybe United and American) ONLY transport pets as cargo, not checked baggage, if they are too large to be carried aboard. Again that means they do not arrive with your baggage but rather at the cargo terminal to clear customs. That can mean you have to go to a different terminal to get your pet and long delays in the animal being cleared and I personally would never ship my dog that way. And check seasonal restrictions, especially during summer months.
  8. Anyone coming from US?

    My stolen one was a 6" billion t I would like to replace it with a 7" with more memory. What model is the one you have and what are you asking for it?
  9. cost of cremation ??

    My partner who just died in June had signed up with Casa Funeral San Miguel in Zapopan. We both did this through the LCS shortly after we arrived in 2010. Elizabeth took care of everything including picking up the US reports of death for me and delivering ashes to Chapala. Cost was $12,000. I would certainly use her again...and likely will some day.
  10. Robbery Prevention

    We have thought about many of these things already. Have 3 companies coming over to give us estimates.
  11. Robbery Prevention

    Now you have my interest, what kind of Booby Traps?
  12. Good for you! I'm hoping to renew mine in Chapala on Monday. Was yours done at one of the mobile units that occassionally roll out to the provinces? Or done at a permanent facility?
  13. New Indian Restaurant

    Lassi is good with hot curries or other food. The yogurt cools the heat immediately. It can make the really hot food bearable.
  14. Golf Cart Warning

    I have spent over a year trying to register and plate my golf cart. I do not think it is possible to register and plate it. Do you have any suggestions?
  15. Everclear, which is alcohol from corn, and cane alcohol do not have to be dangerous. Rum is a form of cane alcohol, made from molasses. It sounds like what is happening here could be the use of non food grade alcohol or other things being used to "cut" the more expensive stuff. After reading your citation, Michael, I am still unclear as to exactly how the alcohol here is being adulterated that makes it unsafe. So exactly what is being used here that makes the stuff unsafe? One story reports this: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/07/21/contaminated-drugged-liquor-may-be-responsible-for-womans-mysterious-death-at-mexican-resort-dad-says.html And from here: https://www.vallartadaily.com/
  16. Adding to what the others have said, there a lot of arroyos running from the mountains to the lake. They fill and sometimes flood. Sometimes they've been blocked or built over. When you look at any home here, you want to ask about arroyos and drainage. I wouldn't be thrilled to be right by an arroyo. The high curbs on the streets turn all the streets into open drains to the lake, as WideSky explained. Just be aware that water needs to go somewhere and look around for natural drainage. Also, when you buy property, look at how water will drain from it. My contractor thought I was crazy for insisting on drainage from my enclosed back yard. It's important, even if the convention in your area is just to drain into the street. I build a drainage cistern, but I don't know if that's common.
  17. Mazda 3-S 2015

    Mazda 3S 2015 for sale, automatic, 45,000 km. Metallic Blue. Inf @ 5527183984. Mr Rivera
  18. Flood prone areas in Lakeside

    If the street is potted then I agree. My street does not and I do live in lower Riberas. I agree with ComputerGuy and WideSky.
  19. Flood prone areas in Lakeside

    Flood prone areas lakeside - Have you been here? We live in the mountains, when it rains water flows downhill, which can bring all kinds of sh*&^t with it. The streets can really flow during a heavy downpour and there are certain 'paths' the water takes. Easy to tell after an overnight shower and people are shoveling sand, gravel, garbage out of the way. Yes the water table gets pretty high particularly closer to the lake. Check out the rainfall chart on http://www.chapalaweather.net/ You can see we get quite a bit of rain in a short period of time (8.69" so far in July) Soil here has a lot of clay in it, so lots of water retention. If you are thinking flood plains, like NOB, then no ComputerGuy and I think alike but he just types faster than I do.
  20. Robbery Prevention

    Vigilant Neighbors, @Facebook this forum was created in order to publish suspicious cars or people in Riberas del Pilar.
  21. Flood prone areas in Lakeside

    "Flooding" around here comes from heavy rains, and it is not what you would associated with "floods". Yes, heavy rushing water, streets filling up for brief periods. Always driveable, goes away shortly thereafter. Problems come more on the mountain side, when rocks and loose detritis get pushed down onto the streets. But apart from the odd highway office suffering damage, houses along the shore have not been prone to danger for many years. That is not to say it is never going to happen, and certainly the water table is higher, causing shifting of structures, almost none of which were ever built on tolerant foundations. At one point the lake was up near the highway, long before I moved here. I imagine we will get plenty of warning about that ever happening again. Guadalajara is much more susceptible, as their drainage systems are pathetic. Here, everything just goes into the lake. One reason many people throw their trash out of their car windows... they know it will get washed away.
  22. Robbery Prevention

    No wonder people say they feel safer here than they did NOB!
  23. Pots without steam vents in the lid

    Honestly, I use my one and only vented lid pot specifically FOR rice and nothing else. Everybody's way of cooking things is different but this gets me perfect rice every single time. 1 cup of long grain brown rice + 2 1/2 cups of water. Bring the water to a boil. Add the rice. When it comes to a boil AGAIN, turn down the burner until barely there and cook for 50 minutes. When timer goes off, remove pot from heat and move to another burner that is off and let it sit for 15 minutes. Remove lid, fluff and serve. Makes 3 cups of (imho) perfect rice. You have not peeked or removed the lid since you added the rice until you go to serve... but that little vent hole has been spewing steam throughout the cooking.
  24. puerta Arrroyo

    Don't buy in the bottom 2 rows, especially the lowest row. The evento centre beside it can be deafening at that level. Up higher or on the west section would be much better. There are not many places in town safe enough to live without bars on the windows but that is one of them.
  25. Flood prone areas in Lakeside

    Lower Riberas often has water standing in the streets.
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