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  2. Need my internet line checked

    I am glad I have been very fortunate over the last few years ... Never had any thing but help when calling them. They have also been extremely patient with me as I follow their instructions as to what to do and communicate in order to solve the problem.
  3. Telmex Internet Speed

    I have been on the 599 program sine I started and today my speed is 1.7. never varies much.
  4. Yeah, I just can't wrap my head around this. Does anyone know whether the poisonings are more prevalent in certain villages or gated communities? Or is it an entirely widespread problem? We're looking at moving down with two dogs and, jebus son of binky, if someone poisoned them...well, look at Rambo Part I to get an idea of the carnage.
  5. Perry's Pizza

    Ran into Perry at Ajijic's plaza today and asked about the loss of his cooks. He said that his new chef is experienced and works cheaper that the old one(s) due to less time on the job.
  6. Telmex Internet Speed

    Interesting. I know several people in Chapala Centro who have been gettign 20 for a while now; it seems to be the best area lakeside.
  7. The Snowbirds are back

    You are absolutely right and we're looking forward to the permanent arrival of Canadians who, like some of my friends, are nice, polite, low key people who are asset to the community.
  8. Telmex Internet Speed

    It was a solid 10 Mbps here in Chapala Centro.
  9. The Snowbirds are back

    I'm a snowbird. I would like to politely request that the entire group not be lumped together as one large, loud, rude, uncultured mass. I have owned a house is Ajijic longer than many full-timers have heard of the place. Our personal family situation means that a] I have had to delay my retirement, and b] still cannot come down full-time. Yes, there are many people who have no sense of what Mexico is about, make no effort to change or learn the language, and want Ajijic to become Carmel, CA. I wish they would leave, regardless of how much time they spend in our wonderful aldea.
  10. Today’s paper. 8 animals, cats and dogs, poisoned on Hidalgo in Ajijic last week. The owner of the Thai restaurant and several others. Please Share and be alert.
  11. Need my internet line checked

    It was Ferret on this board who hired a guy who found the physical problem, when TelMex guys could/would not. As for TelMex support staff in Mexico City, which is Wookie is referring, they do have a pile of excuses, but there are a couple of tech support people who can often help.
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  13. Telmex Internet Speed

    TelMex must have monkeys in the room where they type up the plans. It changes so often. Now, looking at their display page, it says, as Angus pointed out, "Up to 50" for two months, then the price goes to $599. BUT the 599 plans says only "Up to 40". Does this mean they are going to ratchet back? Wakey wakey, monkeys. And, it is true that the $389 plan was "Up to 20" for quite some time, and now it is back down to 10. McT, what was your speed before the upgrade? I'm curious now if perhaps TelMex has expanded their VDSL service, and others who have been struggling with the "not in your area" line might be able to move up, too. If I may ask, in what part of lakeside do you reside?
  14. fiberglass

    Puffed up, or squashed?
  15. Superlake

    His return may depend upon the seriousness of the rift. It might even be possible that a Super del Lago might be on the horizon; a more modern supermercado with parking galore and loaded with “expat food“, available via online ordering and delivered to your door; or, maybe even a lakeside alliance with Aladino, or another Guadalajara importer of NoB goodies. Who knows? Could he be in talks with WM and take over the local store? there is a real fantasy for speculation.
  16. Restaurants and lobsters

    You are really trying hard to be picky, since homarus americanus is the scientific, biological species name for the atlantic lobster, in the common terminology that you seem to prefer. Note that the European relative, still in Atlantic waters, is a different species with smaller claws, etc. Here is an article that will explain it for you: Atlantic Lobsters, Homarus americanus ~ MarineBio.org marinebio.org/species.asp?id=533 Description & Behavior. Of the 30-odd types of clawed lobsters worldwide, Atlantic lobsters, Homarus americanus (H. Milne Edwards, 1837), most closely resembles Homarus gammarus, a related European species with slightly less robust claws, or chelae.
  17. Superlake

    Pancho may not own it, be he built that place with his own sweat and tears. He is still the guy who goes into the Abastos before dawn to get goods.
  18. Butternut Squash

    Sad, but most definitely true. The days of farmers bringing their goods to the market lakeside are long gone, except for a spurious attempt now and then. Just looking at the produce is a dead giveaway.
  19. I just signed up. I am so tired of these slow speeds. We are in Las Quintas (12 houses and two lots) in west Ajijic between Los Sabinos and Rancho del Oro so we are right on the way to Ajijic and Chapala.
  20. Tapered Candles

    Superlake has red tapered candles today--isle 12.
  21. Telmex Internet Speed

    Well this is my internet speed (I live 2 blocks east of lower la floresta.) currently and has been for quite sometime I have spoke to Telmex repeatedly. Telmex just does not want to know about it.
  22. Uber in Puerto Vallarta

    If taxis hadn't abused their monopoly, there would be no need for competition. A nice late model car, with a/c, and no cheating on the route beats a beater taxi with no a/c. I have read about the dishonest taxis in PV that take you to their buddy's restaurant and not the one you wanted to go to.
  23. New study on Monsanto's Glyphosate

    “The main point in [Wines & Vines’ article by Andrew Adams titled “Arsenic, Herbicide Wine Scares Put in Context — www.winesandvines.com/template.cfm?section=news&content=171152] is this: The EPA reference on glyphosate is 0.1 mg/kg per day, and to reach that level of exposure, the same hypothetical male would have to drink 2,500 glasses of wine per day for 70 years. But, isn't it strange that no one talks about the 130,000,000 or more parts per billion of a known cancer causing chemical found in wines: alcohol.” Jeff Havlin, Havlin Vineyard
  24. New study on Monsanto's Glyphosate

    I'm going to apply George Carlin's view on statistics. and how meaningful they are. 67% of people will succumb to cancer from GMO's. I just made that up. Really, only 12% will succumb. I just made that up too. 50% of you will worry about things like GMO's even though you are still here to worry about it. I ned small, just made that up. Actually,the worry will kill you.
  25. fiberglass

    Fiber glass insulation.
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