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  2. El Gallo Gallery will be showing Paintings by Ken Gosh and Dan Williams, Fantastic creations by Diane Pearl and Deena Hafker, and unusual jewelry by Richard Stromberg, #9 in the ticket book and map, We still have a few tickets left at the gallery, 30 Guadalupe Victoria, Ajijic Centro, also Ken has some spaces in His Wednesday watercolor class
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  4. Dr. Todd Stong is going to speak on the lake water quality, etc. at Open Circle Mar 5. If you really want straight talk about water issues, he is your man.
  5. I would not ignore the statement about being west of town and the traffic. After a few months, you start dreading any trip that takes you through all those stoplights to get anywhere east. An errand becomes a major chore because of the traffic that we now have here year round which worsens with the snow birds. I stuck it out 10mos, and even used O'Campo/Constitucion often to avoid the Carretera, but the traffic was still a major distraction for me and not worth it.
  6. It's a price increase. They are banking on the public being so stupid they can't figure that out.
  7. A great deal less inventory than there used to be. MLS listings are 1/3rd what they were during the slowest time of the market.
  8. I'm curious... did this 911 originally come from the US (and had been imported into Mexico at some point) or was it originally sold in Mexico? If originally sold in Mexico it would not have met US standards. Assuming you claimed to Maine that you did not have a title (that's one reason Maine will give you a bond), did they just accept that info to give a bond and then after obtaining the bond you were then able to turn that around to Maine and get a Maine title and plates.... or is there more to the story than that?
  9. Lakeside where Benno was.
  10. Alan, I'll believe that when I see it!
  11. Thanks for the correction. Today's matinee had several empty seats as well. Valerie
  12. Thank you all for the help.
  13. The E-Mail I got from Volaris about the new international checked luggage charge was explained as "sreamlining". They say the fare will be lower because if you do not need to have checked luggage and only have 2 carryons [they don´t mentión they are undersized carryons they allow for free] you will save money from previous fares that included 1 checked and 2 carryons.
  14. And don't try it for Mexican visas. I think something about the ink not working with the laminator.
  15. Can't place it. Mountain side or lake side of the carretera? Open hours?
  16. And in my Ukrainian-Polish-Russian cookbooks, they are perohy......... but delicious no matter how you spell them!
  17. If you are Canadian, DO NOT try this. The photos (which are a different size than for US PP's) MUST have Foto Studio stamp on the back..... and (I think) the date.
  18. There are a lot of properties that are overpriced on MLS that sit there for years. There is also a portion of sellers that NEED to sell quick. Those are usually better priced and sell faster. Also it's not uncommon to offer low and see who will accept. After all there's so much inventory on the market. Find an agent that is honest and will present the offers you give them.
  19. It's not only dumb, it is unsafe. You want the guy in front of you to see you clearly in his left hand mirror because that's the one people look in by far the most. Motorcycle trainers teach not to ride in the blind spot which is on the right hand side of the lane. I don't see any riders of motorcycles, not scooters, doing this and I don't think they stop people for it. Scooters are hard enough to see as it is without them not positioning to be seen by the driver in front. But a lot of them seem to do this which makes it even harder to avoid them.
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  21. I have a friend who has just returned to Ajijic and would like to buy an electric golf cart. If anyone knows of one for sale you can PM me. Thank you.
  22. Totally not needed. There is an international agreement stretching back decades. Unless your licence is from japan china saudi etc .then you will need one You will not have problem ! dont waste your money.
  23. There are many clinics in Guad your Dr. should be able to give you a choice. Big difference in price so check it out.
  24. You need what the rental company want. If the rental requirements say you need one why not comply.. All you need is the person behind the rental desk to be having a bad day and refuse you a rental car... I had one many many years ago so long ago I don't even recall the cost, if there was even a cost for it.
  25. If it's only your knee they are scaning then You go into the machine feet first instead of head first... about up to your waist, The rest of your body stays out side, at least that's the way they did it when I had my scan..
  26. Just an aside, but if you look at all of Starbuck's blends, none use any of the Mexican beans. Must be a reason... Also, my first coffee maker was the Melita ceramic 2-piece that you poured boiling (or whatever temp you want) over the freshly ground coffee. That would be a coffee maker to go back to.
  27. I used to have a good auto mechanic in Vancouver. He used to ride a crapped out old Honda 350 to work. He said the muffler rotted out, and he didn't want to replace it - he was amazed to discover that with no exhaust, automobile drivers were actually much more respectful and less dangerous. Mind you, I hope these local bikes don't start removing their exhaust baffles - safer, but more noise, more smoke.
  28. I would like an answer to that as well.
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