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An Open Letter to Donald Trump


donald trump

Mr. Trump:  I’d like to give you some input, although, from my own observations, you don’t take to well to suggestions.

First of all, I’d like you to know that there is a big difference between being “politically correct” and manners.  You, sir, have no manners. It is possible to make your point without hurling insults and venom.

Your immigration “policy” is flawed.  It is not clear to me that you understand that immigration to the United States is global. On some level you must see that.  After all, your mother came from Scotland. Two of your three wives are immigrants.  Immigration isn’t just people coming through Mexico to the United States. It isn’t all about keeping “illegals” out. Are you even aware that the net immigration with Mexico is zero, and has been for the last several years? Do you even comprehend that most immigrants to the USA right now are Asians, followed closely by Africans.

Recently while speaking to a Wisconsin group of supporters, you stated that you would make Mexico pay for “the wall” by ceasing cash transfers to Mexico.  Many USA citizens send money to Mexico for a variety of reasons.  Not all cash transfers are from Mexican’s living in the USA.

Recent changes in USA banking rules have made it nearly impossible for expats to deal with their own finances.  Most Mexican banks won’t even take a check from the USA.  Western Union is also cracking down on cash transfers. Do you, Mr. Trump, have any concept on how your brash statements can impact not only the Mexicans, but also American expats who live here in Mexico?

You’ve been bashing the Mexican people, and now they are literally bashing you with piñatas made in your likeness.  As a culture, Mexicans are polite, helpful, very proud of their country, not criminals at all, and don’t want a wall.  Look at the Berlin Wall, built and later torn down. You’ve insulted our Northern neighbors for no reason.  Do you think before you speak or do you just regurgitate “tough talk” to please your audience?  We’re listening Mr. Trump, and we don’t like what we hear. And don’t get me started on your comments on Muslims.  My Congressman is Muslim!  Let’s not repeat past mistakes.

Have you ever sat down to figure out how much Mexico contributes to the USA economy?  “Mexico is a major producer of petroleum and other liquids and is among the largest sources of U.S. oil imports.”  According to the Office of the United States Trade Representatives, “The U.S. goods and services trade deficit with Mexico was $49 billion in 2012.  Mexico is currently our 3rd largest goods trading partner and the U.S. goods trade deficit with Mexico was $54 billion in 2013. According to the International Monetary Fund, as Europe weakens, Mexico will be in the Top Ten in the not-too-distant future.”

Now: does it make sense to alienate your business partners? Mexicans are savvy business people. Do you think they will take your threats lying down?  Absolutely not!  And Mr. Trump, until you’ve lived in Mexico, you will never understand the true meaning of a Mexican standoff.  Believe me, you won’t  win.

Each time the USA changes immigration in a way that Mexico sees as negative, Mexico changes their immigration policies.  Are you aware of how many USA immigrants are in Mexico?  The Washington Post says “anestimated 1 million.”  Oh, and yes, we vote!

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Column: Welcome to Mexico




Victoria Schmidt came to Mexico with her husband, in 2007.  She is a graduate of Moorhead State University, Minnesota and graduated Cum Laude  with a BA degree in Radio, Television and Film.  At 23 she was hired at multi-national media corporation, where she worked 10 years as their Director for Operations and Finance. She then ran her own business consulting company.  She has won multiple community service awards. Writing has been a passion of Victoria’s since Junior High.  She has been active in the writing and publishing business for over 40 years and has been a columnist for the Ojo del Lago since 2008.

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#2 Marla Santy 2016-06-07 04:06
Victoria, I am not sure if " insulting" and "tough Talk" are anywhere as egregious as the embarrassing lying of Hillary
Clinton. As an American living in Mexico and before that in
Costa Rica, I can tell you both peoples have asked me "how
can Americans allow such a candidate to run?" I have also had
my local Mexican friends confide to me that they agree with much that Trump says and resent the Mexicans who take advantage of things such as running over to birth their kids. These people have green cards and work off and on in the USA and such behavior they say has effected their reputation
when doing so. Further Victoria, your last article made me actually gasp out loud as I read the last sentence where you insinuated that Americans are thieves. Since so many people tromp through your home just how sure are you that an American robbed you?
I am wondering if and when we will be seeing an article about all double talk coming out of Clinton's mouth these days.
#1 Gabrielle Blair 2016-06-06 00:27
You have summed up the situation very nicely. It's difficult to know, however, how much of Mr. Trumps grand-standing actually is what he thinks. I wish he would get to read your letter.

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