Closest to San Antonio

At the entrance of Upper Chula Vista there is a lovely 9 hole golf course with a club house that is on the left side of the cobble stone road and on the right hand side is a tennis court. As you wind your way up the mountain you pass by beautiful homes and flowered gardens with well manicured lawns. One might think there were walking or driving through a fairy tail book.
You can either go straight up the mountain or make a 45 degree turn and keep ascending to the top of the mountain (and do not get nervous) you will see homes with domed or flat top roofs. At the top of the mountain you can step out of your car and stand at the edge and can catch a birds-eye view of the world below. Many people hike to the edge to watch the sunrise or sunset over lovely Lake Chapala. Winding your way down the back roads of Chula Vista there are homes that have a great view of the golf course and the mountains behind. Every home in this area has a breath taking view of its own.
Many of these homes belong to people from all over the world. Upper and Lower Chula Vista both are 35 years old. Upper Chula Vista has its own potable water system. Come and experience that area for yourself.

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