By Michael Warren

Lakeside boasts the oldest English-speaking theater in Mexico. Back in 1965, people interested in the theater got together and said “Gee, let’s put on a show!” They started out in the Chula Vista clubhouse, with an original production of “The Saddlebag Saloon” written and directed by the first president Betty Kuzell.

Then, a few years later, some alumni from the famous Pasadena Playhouse in California retired to this area, and set to work gathering funds for a permanent theatrical home. The current building – the Lakeside Little Theatre – opened in 1986 with a production of “Don’t Drink The Water” directed by Rocky Karns. It’s a splendid place that seats 112 people, a theater that any community group in any country would be proud to have.

Currently there are 6 shows every winter season. Each show has 9 performances, mostly evenings at 7.30 pm except for two Sunday matinee shows with curtain time at 3 pm. Sometimes a musical show requires one or two extra performances, due to popular demand. Anyone can audition for a part, or assist backstage with make-up, wardrobe, set design and construction, or any other job that the director may require. Of course there are some people with considerable show business experience, either as actors or directors, and they help by passing along their knowledge to others. And at the same time many retirees who never worked in the theater before have found a second career in the Lakeside Little Theatre. It’s demanding and it can be a lot of fun.


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