Lake Chapala has over 100 restaurants catering to the foreign community, all in their own way distinctive. Greek, Italian, Argentinean, Chinese, American, International and Mexican are but a few of the restaurants that can be found. Some are outdoors, indoors, big, small, high-end, with views, with palapas, on second floors you name it. They are scattered all over lakeside, and what’s most important most of these outfits have low-end prices, considering the strict budget of the retiree. You can have a nice dinner with a glass of wine with what you pay for a combo at a fast food restaurant in North America, lunch is much less.

The big city of Guadalajara is less than an hours drive away, and features literally hundreds of excellent restaurants--but why drive that far when you can enjoy the finest dining right here at lakeside?

Treating yourself to a nice dinner will become much more frequent than up north. This is but one of the reasons why foreigners enjoy their life greatly at lakeside.


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