Theater and Such

By Liz White

Everybody is wondering what LLT will have in store for us in the coming season.

I thought by being on the play reading committee that I would have first-hand knowledge, but I´m guessing just like everybody else.

There was only one musical and I won´t give that away, but if Anya Flesh directs… it will be the same kind of smash hit as Guys and Dolls. Based on the results of the public poll by theater attendees, comedy and drama were virtually tied and it was hard to make a selection from the ones that met all requirements. For the next season, Barbara Keener is going to go solo at being a full-fledged director. She got her feet wet being an assistant director last season. Winnie and Wally Waddell have done it again. They are crazy about the little theater and were so generous financially with the rehearsal hall that it was named in their honor. When Winnie was last in town she inquired about the needs of the theater and was told the lighting and sound were held together with spit and polish and an upgrade was long overdue. When she left town she gave Mardy Anderson 2000 dollars to give to Barbara Keener, the funds to be used for the sound and lights at Winnie´s request.

At the LLT General Meeting, a resolution was passed to spend 6000 dollars on the sound and light system over the next three years. At the time, no one on the board had a clue they were going to be kissed by an angel named, Winnie. Any more angels out there?

The board was elected for the next season will remain the same except for Liz White who will step into the 2nd Vice President´s shoes. Liz is no stranger to the workings of the theater both on stage and behind the scenes. It is not a well-known fact, but she also writes beautiful and moving poetry.

The Ojo´s Honor Roll for the best entertainment including who did what was scheduled, but due to lack of space did not appear in the May issue. Lakeside is getting so many high caliber things to go and see. Even though the winners will be decided by popular vote, it was especially tough this year to make a decision. A different kind of theater opened at the end of April with three first-run films. No need to make the long drive into the big city anymore, especially during the rainy season. The cost of a ticket is 25 pesos. A bargain compared to the States