Administrative Staff


I am Richard, a Canadian, I have lived in Mexico for over 4 decades. In 1983, I founded the "El Ojo del Lago." It all started out when my real estate company (now Coldwell Banker Chapala Realty) decided to print a small pamphlet to showcase its listings. Soon thereafter several businesses knocked on our doors wanting to advertise with us, as this was the only magazine at lakeside. At the same time the need to keep retirees informed on cultural and social events was becoming a necessity. And so this is how the Ojo was born and eventually mushroomed into a full size business. We are very proud of the service our magazine provides, it is now Mexico's leading English language monthly publication.


My name is David, I am an associate publisher of “El Ojo del Lago.” One of the objectives of our magazine is to get you to love and appreciate our little corner of the world, we believe once you know the area you won’t want to leave. As for myself, I went to elementary school in Ajijic, studied one year in Canada and did the rest of my schooling in Guadalajara. I have a marketing and business administration degree. I like living at lakeside because I get the opportunity to meet people from very diverse cultural backgrounds that come from all over the world.

My biggest gift is to have the privilege to arrive every day to such a beautiful place! I have an administration and marketing degree and have now worked for 10 years in advertising. I love my work at the Ojo del Lago, it is a great publication with an enviable team. It is because of the Ojo that I have met incredible people, all with great stories and even bigger hearts, they started out as my clients and now I am lucky enough to call them my friends. I hope you can become one of them. Tell me how I can be of help!

My name is Roberto, I am the Ojo’s office coordinator and graphic designer, I am also the webmaster of, lakeside’s most visited website. I have been working for the Ojo since Aug/02. I’ve lived in Ajijic all my life and am now a proud grandfather. Living in such a calm and beautiful place is the ultimate reward after a hard days work. Your opinions either positive or negative are always welcome this way, please help us in our constant search for improvement.

Hi my name is Jazmin, I am a graphic designer. I’ve lived all my life in the artistic town of Ajijic, growing up in what used to be a very small town was lots of  fun. Playing out on the streets was very safe and knowing half the village by their first name was like having hundreds of people care for you. I’ve worked for the paper since Sep/07, working in what I’ve always wanted to do is a privilege, specially in the lakeside area.


Hi my name is Iliana, I am a native of Ocotlan, a neighboring lakeside town. I am the Ojo’s secretary, I’ve been working here since April of 2006 and have been a resident at lakeside since 1984. I enjoy working for the publication because of the diverse people I get to meet and because it is rewarding to see all my hard work tangible in our monthly issues. Walking through out this beautiful area is what I like to do in my spare time. 




I have lived in the US and in Mexico, Mexico offers greater living than up
north, I am lucky enough to work in what I love, and even luckier to be in
the Lake Chapala area. I am out shaking the bushes everyday in this near
perfect climate, boredom is not on my list.



Hi, I’m Irma, I was born in Chapala, I love my job, I am the one that is out of the office in the street helping out with any kind of job, I know a lot of people lakeside, I am highly social, I love the nice and warm environment that all the Ojo staff has created.



Editorial Staff
Alejandro Grattan Dominguez is our first Mexican-American Editor-in-Chief. A former screenwriter and film director, he is the author of several critically-acclaimed novels, The Dark Side of the Dream, Breaking Even, Only Once in a Lifetime, The Stuff of Dreams and Hollywood & Vine, Against All Odds and Whereabouts Unknown. His feature film, Only Once in a Lifetime premiered at the Kennedy Center and later was chosen as an Official Entry at the Deauville Film Festival in France. His novel The Dark Side of the Dream has been optioned by the Wolper Organization. Two of Grattan's recent screenplays have won top honors at the Ajijic Film Festival.


James Tipton lives in Chapala with his Mexican wife Martha and their daughter Gabriela. For more than forty years he has been publishing poems and short stories as well as articles and reviews in hundreds of magazines and anthologies. His collections of poetry include Letters from a Stranger (1998)—with a Foreword by Isabel Allende—and winner of the Colorado Book Award in Poetry; Proposing to the Woman in the Rear View Mirror (2008); Washing Dishes in the Ancient Village/Lavando platos en el antiguo pueblo (2009); and All the Horses of Heaven/Todos los caballos de paraiso (2009). He is currently working on a collection of short stories about expatriates in Mexico: Three Tamales for the Señor. Jim writes our monthly column Hearts at Work.


Kay is our Special Events Editor and directly in charge of putting together our "Lakeside Living" column each month. She also writes a similar column for the Puerto Vallarta Tribune. She has a strong background in Business Administration and is a free-lance book editor.


Paul Jackson came to Canada after serving three "very undisguished years" in the British military. He then "rose up the ranks" of almost all of Canada's major daily newspapers, eventually interviewing many, many times all of Canada's 10 most recent prime ministers. He has also interviewed President Richard Nixon and President Ronald Reagan, Prime Minister Yitshak Rabin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, and was the first Canadian journalist to interview the Soviet Unon's Mikhail Gorbachev. In 1978, his exposé of a Soviet spy ring in Canada caused international headlines and resulted in the expulsion of 13 Moscow diplomats from Canada. He describes his one-minute waltz with Fred Astaire's dancing partner Ginger Rogers as being as "undistinguished" as his military service. Jackson specializes in political and international affairs, but his main addiction is to Turner Classic Movies (TCM)


Mildred Boyd was born in Ranger, Texas on April 20, 1921.
Since then she has gotten around quite a bit and had lived and worked in cities all across the United States from New York City where she worked as a showgirl and model to San Diego where she helped design Hewlett Packard’s first hand-held calculator. She started writing while living in Salt Lake City and the first of her five books was published in 1965. She has lived in Mexico for 25 years and has been writing for the Ojo since 2001. Mildred is our Resident Historian and writes our Magnificent Mexico column.


Maggie Van Ostrand started her "OP-Ed" for us back in 1995.
Subsequently, other publications picked up her column, which is now syndicated. In addition, she's a regular contributor to The Chicago Tribune and her articles have appeared in The Boston Globe, The Sun-Sentinel, and other major newspapers and magazines. She is now wealthy beyond her wildest dreams. We feel, since we're responsible for that success, we shouldn't have to pay her.

Bob Harwood, holds degrees in Economics and English from UBC. He served as President of the National Federation of Canadian University Students. During his career he marketed major appliances throughout Canada and the United Kingdom. The Harwoods have been seasonal residents of Lakeside since 1990. In addition to articles for national and local Canadian publications Bob has authored two books. Seeking COMMON GROUND in a troubled world was published in 2004. Under the umbrella title "This World of Ours," Bob writes on world affairs and social issues for El Ojo del Lago.


Joy Birnbach Dunstan is a licensed professional counselor living here at lakeside with her husband and two dogs.  Before coming to Mexico, she managed a treatment program for chemically addicted women and had a busy private practice in Portland, Oregon.  In Mexico since 2001, Joy continues practicing psychotherapy from her office in Riberas. She sees clients from teenagers through others well into their eighties, individuals and couples. She focuses on helping people achieve complete life-pattern changes rather than merely alleviating outward symptoms so they can live life intentionally rather than living a life that just happens Her column "Joyful Musings" is one of our most popular monthly columns.


Allen Turner and Judy Boyd were introduced to birding during a field trip to Southeastern Arizona in 2000. They enjoyed the experience so much that they went on to earn certificates in Field Ornithology from the University of California. When they arrived at Lakeside in 2004, they brought with them their enthusiasm for birding along with their interest in preserving bird environments. They organized the first Laguna de Chapala Audubon Christmas Bird Count in 2006 and schedule monthly bird walks in the area. They also created and maintain, a website devoted to the birds of Lake Chapala. Allen and Judy write our monthly column Find Feathered Friends.


Gracias a la vida  in my beloved Mexico. For over 30 plus years this country has bestowed so many riches upon me. In addition to writing for the Ojo and other magazines and websites, I'm an innkeeper (Los Dos B and B) gardener, birdwatcher, traveler, reader, animal aficionado, and am especially fond of the people and places at my west end of the lake. I speak fluent German and Spanish and my dream is someday to add one more language to the mix. Phyllis writes our monthly column Notes from Nestipac.


Bill Frayer is a native of Philadelphia who earned his B.A. from Brown University and his M.S. from the University of Southern Maine.  He married Pixie, a Maine girl, in 1974, and they spent 33 years living in Maine and raising three children, Eric, Wendy, and Cassie.  Bill taught writing, critical thinking, and other humanities courses at Central Maine Community College for 31 years.  Bill has written a textbook in Critical Thinking, Figuring Things Out,  and a volume of poetry, Sacred Lake.  Bill and Pixie are especially proud to have their first grandchild, Isabelle, who made her appearance in March 2008. Bill writes our column "Uncommon Common Sense." 


Judy Baehr writes the column Planting for the Future on behalf of ACÁ, Asociación Comunitaria de Autosuficiencia A.C., the non-profit agricultural education association at Lake Chapala. Prior to moving here with husband Jim Barkley, she lived in the Boston, Massachusetts area. She has been an independent consultant for many years, writing and producing health insurance and retirement plan communications fpr major U.S. employers.


Michael is a poet and playwright, and his play “The Perfect Alibi” was performed as a reading at the LCS in January, 2009. Michael’s poetry has appeared in many publications, including Granta, Pawn, Prism International, Poetry Toronto and Blue Asterisks. And of course in El Ojo Del Lago.  He has been interested in the theater for many years, both in London and Toronto, and has appeared in several plays at the Lakeside Little Theatre in Ajijic.  For the last few years he has been writing the theater reviews for El Ojo Del Lago under the byline Front Row Center.


Jay Raymond White, grew up in small towns across Texas, in a family that followed the oil and gas boom trails of the 1940's and 50's. After tours of duty in the Marine Corps, Army, and Navy, Jay took a BA from UT Dallas (English Lit.) and an MA from UT El Paso (creative writing). He spent the next thirty years as a troubadore professor of English composition and creative writing at universities and community colleges across the southwestern United States and in Mexico. He has published poetry and short fiction prose in magazines from Leatherneck to The New Orleans Review. His novel, The Rattler of Zacatecas, was published in 2001. Jay writes our Havoc in Motion monthly column.


Judit Rajhathy, BA, RNCP, D.Ac. is a nutritional consultant, acupuncturist and environmental health educator whose specialty is identifying and treating food and environmental sensitivities.  She has appeared on numerous national tv and radio programs across Canada and spent several years lecturing coast to coast.  Judit has produced and hosted two television series on holistic health, Health Talk and It’s Your Health.  Judit’s main claim to fame is her Canadian best selling book, Free to Fly: a journey toward wellness which has helped transform the lives of thousands of people.  Judit presently owns Change of Pace Fitness Center here in Ajijic and is enjoying the Mexican experience! She writes our column New Lease on Life


I was born in Guadalajara, and I moved to Ajijic three years ago.
I have a diploma as a wine connoisseur from the “Univa” (Universidad del Valle de Atemajac). I worked 20 years for the main wine wholesaler in Jalisco. For  years, I have been teaching wine  in the premier culinary school in Guadalajara.  I continue to give courses to restaurants staff in understanding the important differences in wines, pairing with foods, wine tasting and the history of wine to assist restaurant staff tin providing a better understanding  of the importance of the best wines and a most pleasurable dining experience. Currently, I write the monthly column The World of Wine for El Ojo del Lago.


Lake Chapala resident for five years, formerly from Asheville, NC,
native of St. Louis. B.A., M.A. in Spanish language and literature.  1962 - New York University's Junior Year Abroad, Madrid, Spain.  1964-1966 Peace Corps Volunteer, Colombia (teacher training).  1968-76 Assoc. Professor of
Spanish, Simpson College, Indianola, IA.  1983-85 - lived and traveled
in Spain. Writes the  Child of the Month column for the Ojo, profiling one of
the many children at Lakeside who is being helped with medical expenses by Programa pro Niños Incapacitados.  Serves as Clinic Coordinator and Board Member for said organization. Teaches the "Intro to Spanish" class at LCS.



Ken Masson has been playing, teaching and writing about bridge for more than 35 years.  Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Ken has been living in Toronto since 1967.  He and his wife and bridge partner, Rosemarie, are now coming to the end of their third winter in Lakeside.  This past season, Ken has been conducting bridge lessons in the Riviera Alta clubhouse in Ajijic, with the proceeds being donated to the Cruz Roja. These classes have been very popular amongst intermediate players and Ken looks forward to expanding on his teaching program in the fall. Writes our monthly column Bridge by the Lake.


Bob Haynes, B. A., M. Ed. Bob has spent some 50 years in Organization Management involving education, the private sector and the public sector in Arkansas and Oklahoma. He is married to Marcia Jane Boone, an artist well-known in Ajijic. Together they have four children and eight grandchildren. He can be reached at Bob writes our Of Fables and Faith monthly column.

Victoria has a BA in Radio, TV and Film and has worked in management systems for Creative Services. She is a member of the Ajijic Writers' Group and a founding member of the Group's Film Forum. She writes our Welcome to Mexico
monthly column and is the Editor of Roll Call, the monthly magazine put out by the Chapala branch of the American Legion.

Cindy Paul began writing her monthly play-reviewing column, "Front Row Center," during the 2002 theater season, as well as the color centerfold called "Lakeside Living." A lifelong writer, actor, musician and artist, she's well suited for these jobs. She and her husband, Lonny Riddle, are long-time Lakeside residents and together won awards at the Ajijic International Film Festival for Best Screenplay and for "They Call Me Vida," the documentary that endures as a passionate portrait of our beloved Lake Chapala.


Ilse Hoffmann has written newspaper articles in Spanish since 1975 in Torreón, Coah., La Opinion and Noticias newspapers, El Informador and Ocho Columnas in Guadalajara. She has published two books and currently is working in her first novel in Spanish: "Contra el Viento" (Against the Wind). She works as a tourist guide and enjoys showing newcomers and future retirees the way of life in the lakeside area and Guadalajara.